Wednesday 1 October 2014

Stopping crooks

How do you stop someone from stealing something?

Let's say you know for sure that a bad boy wants to steal a cake and eat it.

Do you wait until he had stole and ate the cake before you try to stop him?

Or do you do something before that happened?

Of course you can't accuse the boy of stealing and eating the cake before he does so, but at least you can warn the owner of the cake to be careful, because that boy may steal and eat the cake.

This is especially so if the boy has a record of stealing and eating cakes in the past.

The bad boy may deny that he wanted to steal and eat the cake, but at least the owner had been alerted of his intention.

I think that's better then doing nothing until the cake had already been stolen and eaten.

As for this blog, some of my postings are actually quite useless as they changed nothing.

For instance, this posting,

Meanwhile in Johor...the song remains the same

which received 78 comments at the moment and now one of the top five of this blog's most read posts.

It highlighted the coastal development of Tanjung Puteri on the land where the former CIQ of the Causeway was located.

The land was converted to freehold status and sold to a developer from mainland China under dubious circumstances.

The post was fine and good.

But, it's useless and served no real purpose.

It's because the land had already been sold and you can't do anything about it.

Now, all you can do is watch and curse the crooks who had sold the land.

Well, the crook himself doesn't give a shit.

He already got his money.

Quite useless, isn't it?

The same goes with the other coastal reclamation projects given to the mainland China companies.

Those were all gone case too.

Done deals.

You can't reverse it.

That includes the massive Forest City project near Pendas, Gelang Patah.

You can't stop it.

So, forget about the eco system, and all the other environmental concerns.

They are gone case.

That seahorse breeding ground near the site of the project, which the environmentalists have been protecting all these years?

Gone, okay.

That project will go through, by hook or by crook.

It supposes to make hundreds of billions of ringgit....for the crooks, of course.

I believe even the nearby Port of Tanjong Pelepas will be affected by the project and there's nothing that can be done about it.

Now, look again at the map of this project,

Do you seriously believe that the crooks are not going to do, or already had done something to get their hands on the land north of the project
site ?

Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin in defense of Forest City said,

"The blueprint of the project did not indicate any forms of land acquisition from the villagers. This includes land for the construction of an access road from Forest City which will pass by the villages."

Err, Khaled, which way will the roads to the Forest City will go through if not through those kampung north of the project site?

Well, never mind, let's wait and see.  

Since Khaled talked about blueprint, let us ask him about the hundreds of blueprints of Iskandar Malaysia?

What happened to those?

Were all those land converted to freehold status and sold to the mainland China companies part of the Iskandar Malaysia blueprints?

If you find it difficult to ask that question to Khaled because he is MB, then you can ask this guy,

Datuk Ismail Ibrahim is the boss of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda).

He should know.

Datuk Mail is friendly and handsome. I am sure he will answer your questions truthfully.

So, Mail, ada tak dalam blueprint korang convert tanah jadi freehold lepas tu jual kat Cina buat kondo harga juta-juta ringgit?

Blueprint tambak laut dulu baru buat DIEA report ada tak?

Tak pa lah Mail, dia orang dah buat pun. Cerita pun tak guna. Aku saja je usik engko sikit, okay?

Jangan emo tau.


Blueprints are bullshit, okay....well, at least in Johor, that is.

Anyway, as far as what I am doing, I am just trying to limit the damage done by highlighting these issues.

This is one of them,
Eight Malay villages worth one golf course in Johor

Of course the crooks involved will deny it and had in fact denied it.

What? Did you expect them to own up once people get to know about their dastardly plan? Don't be naive, okay.

But if by making some noise enabled me to change the mind of the crooks from turning some Malay kampung into a golf course, then I am glad.

At least that's mission accomplished....sorts of....

How long the fishermen kampung folks can resist the temptations of later attempts to buy their land is another matter.

After all, their source of livelihood will be gone soon due to all those reclamation works.

But that one will come later.

Let's fight one battle at a time.


  1. In Hong Kong, they cried for popvote. In the southern development, they cried for survival...

    Who wins ? I'm.handsome too, annie tapi dah masuk umur tua...he..he.. masih ok...

    The moral behind : They are happy when their families are very well taken care of. What they forget, to 'baca bismillah...' or their well being..

  2. I think you should just let it go (hmm, sounds like a song I know). Let Johor be controlled by PAS (please, not PKR). These PAS people are good fellas; they're god fearing and will definitely stone age that state, which will kill all the development that you are so against. Wouldnt that be better, Annie?

    1. Hahaha I like that "PAS ... will definitely stone age that state". No lah, Not PAS or any other. Except UMNO.

      Only that UMNO need to change the top people. At national and state level - those not protecting and promoting the Malay rights and interests that UMNO swore to do at formation over 60 years ago.

      Maybe, as Annie said, difficult to get them to change. If so, PRU14 might change things drastically. That time DAP will rule. God forbid. Jahanam lah kita. Jadi part of China lah kita. Amacam UMNO? Sanggup?

  3. Tak heran laa dalam diam tanah rezab melayu dah tinggal 12% sahaja. Jahat betul umno ni, duit punya pasal sampai lupakan bangsa.Kalu Dap yg buat kerja macm ni tak heran laa.

    1. Betul ke 12%. Mana source of that info?

      Tapi betul ke tak, UMNO nak kena do something to bring back the original %.

      Got to do so because now Cina getting increased % from land rising out of the sea, man.

      Wahai UMNO, kamu sedor ke tak ni semua?

  4. Don.wish for PAS please. What you're gonna get is DAP!

    All the best Johor. Melayu Akan Rugi Akhirnya (MARA)

    1. Setuju. PAS kena buli pun, masih dok tayang depa tu lagi. Karpal Singh dah mati, tarak cakap "Langkah mayat aku dulu" kpd Hukum Hudud PAS, anak anak dia dan geng depa masih ada bantah Hudud.

  5. Useless blueprint? But the person who draw that blueprint also got money what. So, they make handsome money by drawing that useless blueprints.

  6. I heard Forest City has a "Royal" stamp of approval.
    You cannot oppose it, otherwise you will be "Derhaka", in the same league as the DAPsters.

  7. Nasi dah pun nak jadi bubur. Selepas 30 thn baru bubur masak. Dah tak dak makna lagi

    1. Jadi bubuq kalau hangpa tarak buat apa pun. Kalau bangkit, pi kurangkan kayu api, tak lah jadi bubuq. Kot jadi nasi lenmbiq, tapi tak lah jadi bubuq. Makan masih rasa nasi jugak lagi.

      La ni kita ikut kondem lah depa yang Annie dok tulaih tu. Baru lah nampak ada buat apa sikit. Baru lah ada chan nasi tak jadi bubuq, jadi nasi lembiq saja.

    2. Bila projek ini dibuat dlm kepala masing2 hanya ingat fulus. Fulus tu, 30 generasi pun makan tak habis. Mereka rasa boleh tongkat langit selama2nya. Bila tak ingat nak mati, inilah jadinya. Buatlah apa juga cadangan yg baik untuk rakyat tapi akhirnya dibakulsampahkan begitu saja. Masalah di Johor sebenarnya dah jadi masalah keselamatan kepada negara juga nanti.

  8. Sekarang tiada lagi pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat dan mengutamakan kebajikan rakyat. Tak kira dari mana usul asal bangsa atau pegangan politik. Tidak heranlah kepentingan bangsa diketepilkan dan diganti dengan kepentingan peribadi dan sekutu sekeliling. Sesiapa sahaja yang diliph sebagai pemerintah, rakyat tetap akan disul a hidup-hidup.

    1. Ada, bukan takda "pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat dan mengutamakan kebajikan rakyat.". Tapi nak kena "sieve with a fine comb".

      Kita kena tengok pemimpin di ataih sekali nun. Kalau dia tak berjiwa rakyat, yang lain pun lagu tu jugak lah. Dia yang lantik yang lain tuh.

      Kita kena lihat yang ataih sekali lah. Depa habaq dia tu liberal konon, aku tak atu apekebenda makna nya. Pada aku tarak Melayu yang liberal selagi dia tak ikut tujuan penubuhan UMNO dan Perlembagaan negara, termasuk Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Kalau tak, dia ha nya pseudo-liberal, atau liberal olok olok. Jahanam lah hak dan kepentingan Melayu lagu tu. Rakyat Melayu pulak nya majoriti (60%, dengan Bumi 70%).

      Jadi, kita mintak tukaq lah yang di ataih tu kalau dia tak berjiwa parti nya sendiri. Bila dia dah di tukaq, mana di negeri yang ak betui pun boleh di tukaq.

  9. Why don't you report to the Macc or police? Why the constant bitching but no action?

    1. Ye la. You also shouldn't be here reading and writing about lies and bitchiings. Why don't you make a police report about Annie. She might get a sedition charge.

    2. Aiyyo, wat you fellas talk one? DAP Lim sold Bayan Mutiara State land for RM1.07 billion, commission alone RM20-30 million into DAP pockets, why you no report MACC or Police?

      Then why you DAP fellas condemn MACC, Police and corruption when you do nothing to expose? Only yak tyak yak but no proofs also. Cakap tak serupa bikin?

    3. Anon 23.51

      What the flying fuck is wrong with you? Annie has been going on and on with not a single actionable step? Why bring Dap into this? If she has proof or strong suspicion, then report. If not, stfu. How hard is that to comprehend? Now why don't you fuck off back to you shell asshole?

    4. 12:30,

      Now you have become rude and vulgar. Where is your upbringing? You a Cina Bukit with no upbringing?

      Now here's my response:

      Anon 16:39 (who might be you) talked about reporting to the Macc or police. This has been the DAP Red Bean line for umpteen years. They have the secret societies, thugs and gangsters as members and supporters of DAP who ensure nobody dares to provide proofs of corruption, wrong doings of DAP, so they daringly challenge any one accusing DAP of such things to report to MACC or Police.

      Surely you know that DAP line. Are you daft, pretending not to know? Similarly Anon 18:11, who might also be you.

      So, when you ask why not report to MACC or Police, and the response is to point out the link with DAP wrongdoings that were also not reported, you cannot see that link? Are you so stupid? Or pretend you don't see and use the gangster tactic of offence being the best line of defence? And your offence by being vulgar, too?

      Going by your line of "has proof, report" you imply that nobody should talk about anything wrong people do? Is that not a dictatorial or communist line that people have also associated DAP with? That made people use the words Tokong Lim, Dear Leader Lim, etc? Again, you don't know? Or pretend not to know? Or offend in order to defend DAP and Tokong Lim? What utter Cina Bukit-ism in you!

      After the long explanation above, lu ada ngarti? Comprende? Wakaru? Maronong? Gubladuk?

      See, not a single word of fuck you is used above.

    5. Anon 4.46

      You once again illustrate what a complete idiot you are. Well keep it up and live in a bubble whilst the rest of the world moves on. This has got nothing to with the Dap and not everyone who thinks you're full of shit is a member of a political party, let alone Chinese. Now you try to comprehend that. And oh yes, once more, please fuck off.

  10. Why all this ranting against DAP and Chinese. Yang benarkan luluskan projek siapa, yang benarkan projek siapa, yang lulus ubah syarat siapa. Takkanlah DAP dan Cina. Anyway, pembangunan telah dizinkan, kondo mula dibangunkan. Masalahnya Cina sahaja yang mampu. Itu bukan masalah dia. Enviroment. Masa nak bangunpun tak object. So why cry now ? Duduk menyesallah. ask yourself did you stand up and protest, object ? tak ada kan. Sedap undi UMNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Terima kasih pada UMNOOOOOOOOOOO.

    1. Bukan Dr. Mahathir punya salah! Ah Jib Gor demo buat gapa hari-hari sampai croni bermaharajalela?


    2. Anon 18:34

      Lu cekap manyak betut ,tapi itu buat punya jam tatak tau loo rr , sikalang balu tau lea aa.

      Tapi itu UMNO tentu tau maa aa.

    3. 1 October 2014 18:34,

      I say you stupid, you angry. But why you talk stupid?

      Nobody said "Yang benarkan luluskan projek" tu DAP or Chinese. Although got Chinese who abetted. Even Chinese who went to see big guns to shoot sand into the sea. And DAP also guilty by their "elegant silence" - oops, silap, only Musa Hitam elegant, DAP never.

      And lu undi DAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ka?

    4. Aiseh, 18:34, you didn't read what Annie wrote arr? Made noise, protest oso, tak jalan lorr. Some decision made before noises made ma.

      But cannot just sit down and menyesal, man. Got to whack them larr. Like what we doing now. But you sorak only, taking pleasure out of peapole's pain, you sadist, ah?

      Don' sadis okay, lanti lu kena kudis.

  11. Definitely Menteri Besar at fault in this pasir island saga. Project approval, freehold title, etc etc. Whoever the Menteri Besar at the approval time.

    Never mind whatever pressure placed on him by anybody. If the MB has consulted or asked for help from Putrajaya, then Putrajaya also at fault. Possible in cahout because of wanting negara maju status as soon as possible no matter what.

    Now the Menteri Besar can still do something to rectify the situation. Review and revise the approval terms - make them do mixed development. Or call it elite development but allow at least 30-40 % low cost or affordable homes on the acreage approved. Put in the sales pamphlets the reasoning - so that the buyers of the elite units can get domestic help and other workers easily.

    The affordable homes can be in one corner somewhere on the project land, what. Properly landscaped to appear as a separate development also can. So long as it is on the same piece of sandy island.

    1. But even if 30-40 % affordable homes, there is the matter of upsetting the population ratio in Johore by the influx of the estimated 1 million moneyed Chinese into Forest City. More in the other developments in Iskandar.

      So, the Menteri Besar should stipulate a certain percentage be sold to Arabs, who as Muslims, would be acceptable to balance the numbers.

      The MB should review and revise the approval previous given. Placing conditions on housing project approvals has been done for decades in the past. E.g on Bumiputera allocation of the units to be built.

      Those conditions had not really delayed economic development in the past. Anyone alleging so should produce reliable figures and arguments pointing to those and state the sources of the information. The Rocket, Harakah, Suara Keadilan and the like are not reliable sources of info.

      And there is no justification for the rush to a developed nation status, is there?

    2. Affordable homes on the project must not be sold to foreigners. Only for Malaysians. Priority to locals.

  12. On the rich buggers buying up the land belonging to the locals, I don't care so much as the projects approved by the Johore gomen.

    From now on must watch every project being conceived and broadcast them here and there before approvals are give. Shout out as loud as possible if not in the interest of the locals or of the country.

    Don't talk about attracting foreign investments if they are to build houses or residential properties lah. So many locals can do it. Nothig to be proud of.

    Talk about foreign investments if they are bringing in technology transfer. Involving heavy industries, defence industries, precision instruments industries, etc. Don't be kucing kurap.

  13. Whatever mention here...we have already put on least itu lah sumbangan kecil untuk ingatkan pihak yang berkuasa supaya sedar kuasanya sedang terhakis jika isu isu rakyat tidak diurus dengan baik, berhemah dan bijaksana...bukan jalan menipu, rasuah, menakut-nakutkan, mengancam dsb.

    1. Ok, since you made your point and your rant, get a move on. Business jalan as normal. You ? boleh duduk mengeluh aje-lah.

    2. What made you think we duduk mengeluh saja? We are planning to to hit your head more and more the moment you appear in here. As we hit the heads of those irresponsible leaders.

      At least we have a purpose. You? Just cuba menghabiskan garam kat sini. Cuba, tapi tak jaya. Ada bertan garam kita orang, woi. Menyibuk aje ko.

    3. Woi Mamat 12:01,

      Kasi fakta, angka angka dan hujah hujah lah.


    4. Bulayu selalu cekap itu , 'hangat-hangat taik ayam' masa panas manyak hot 's s s , sekejap sudah sejok maa aa.

      Mahathir ada cekap, 'Bulayu mudak lupa' hali ini manyak panas lea aa besok sutak lupa loo rr.

      Cina manyak paham ini dua hat punya ,tatak apa punya ,kasi minum itu kopi ice ,gelenti sejok punya maa aa .

  14. One of the saddest sight was seeing Malays in Kg. Pasir, Tampoi Skudai protesting sebab, tempat kumbahan untuk najis dari kawasan elit Country Garden kat Danga bay yang bakal didiami oleh golongan atasan dan orang dari China ialah di tempat Melayu di Kg Pasir.

    1. Manyak sedeh loo rr , itu busok punya balang kasi Bulayu punya tempat lea aa.

      Manyak kesian itu macam maa aa.

  15. Takda tunjuk perasaan besar-besaran? Nyata DAP senang hati sebab ada peluang tambah undi depa di masa depan. Melayu bangsat memimpin yang benarkan keadaan menghakis kuasa UMNO dan menghapuskan nya di suatu masa nanti. Di sumpah dek generasi akan datang bila dah hilang kuasa dan Cina Bukit DAP merintah membuli yang lain.

    1. People should listen, and the Johor leaders should always bear in mind, what TDM said -

      MELAKA, Oct 1, 2014 (Bernama): Tun Dr Mahathir said the concept of sharing political power and the economy founded by past leaders can sustain the prosperity and racial harmony of this country.

      On the other hand, the move to dominate all fields by a particular race can threaten the peace and stability as it can lead to rioting by the oppressed.

  16. Let's try more than just limit the damage done. We try also to change the mindset of those involved. We try to get them modify their plans, their blueprints, whatever. Easier said than done, yes, but we can continue to kutuk and kutuk until they go red in the face, cannot bear it and do something about it.

    Sure they read us. The busy ones won't have the time but their kuncu kuncu will, and relay the messages to them. We also provide suggestions in the posts and comments
    in here.

    Yes, those involved will continue trying to deny it. But we will continue hitting and hitting at them. Others reading this blog will mention it in other blogs one way or another and their names will not sound nice in the course of time.

    Either they engage us, send their PROs whatever to furnish facts and convincing arguments in here or elsewhere known to us, or they quietly modify their plans to suit the interest of the majority of the population.

    Heck, the principle is simple: what you move or change, you provide the alternative. Land elsewhere, be it in Mersing or Endau for the fishermen, provide them houses etc to replace their existing ones.

    But most importantly, address the population ratio issue. Bring Arabs or Indonesians if you have to.

    Let's carry on, Annie. Be assured of our support on this issue.

  17. Dia orang ni ingat sekarang ni abad 18 atau 19 ke? Zaman Melayu main angguk kepala, enggeh atau sengeh saja?

    Dah ramai Melayu yang sedarkan keadaan sekarang. Lori pasir berteraburan, tak demo pun, keluar jugak keluhan walau pun perlahan lahan.

    Tolong lah, Melayu atasan. Tukar lah pemikiran dan berjiwa rakyat lah kalian.

    1. Okay la tak payah kasi full names, tapi kasi sikit hints apa jawatan atau apa dia buat.

  18. Siapakah mereka dan apakah watak mereka?

    1. Dr BCH
    2. ZK
    3. MKN
    4. LKS
    5. LCT
    6. Dr ZAB
    7. MOY
    8. TAM
    9. SMAB

    1. Saya sedih melihat komen saperti ini.

      Bila menulis komen di sini, tentu lah dia mahu orang dapat apa pesanan atau essage yang dia nak kasi tahu.

      Tapi satu apa pun saya tak faham yng di atas ni. Kan rugi masa tu. Rugi masa dia meulis, masa saya membaca. Haiii, mengeluh saja le saya.

      Jaga, kot ada DAP yang maki mencarut, saperti Anonymous 2 October 2014 12:30 yang saya dah balun di atas, sabentar tadi.

    2. Kalau dia takut kena sembur sebab kasi nama penuh, tulis jawatan dan peranan saja, cukup lah.

      Tak payah komen atau kasi opinion pun orang boleh tau depa tu berkaitan dengan projek Forest City. Sebut fakta - nama dan jawatan diorang saja - tak salah.

      Pahal pun komen sebagai Anonymous. Tak tau pun sama ada email keluar di computer Annie - aku komen takda tulis email pun, nak masuk internet pun tak taip email.

      Kalau keluar email address pun, Annie tu professional orang nya. Takkan dia nak kasi readers/ "client" blog dia punya email address kpd orang atau kompeni yang dia pun tere.


    KOTA BARU: The Government should bring back the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) or the country will be left behind, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    The former Prime Minister said knowledge of science and mathematics was growing, and without a command of the English Language, the country would be left behind.

    "If we want knowledge, especially in science and mathematics, we must use English because most of the knowledge is in this language," he told reporters after delivering a keynote address on the importance of English in the 21st century, at the Wadi Sofea College (WaSC) here on Thursday.

    "We will become a race which cannot create anything if we fail to master science and mathematics, which are mostly in English," he said. - Bernama

  20. The buck stops at where? MB? Think about that.

    The person at the highest level. Administratively? Or what? Think about that.

    The lori pasir fellas - are they not responsible also? Think about that.

    Whatever it is, the MB cannot escape responsibility. Huge fingers have been pointing at him. What is he doing to rectify the situation? Just call a press conference to explain a bit? That's all? What in the name of Pak Mat, Pak Long, Ah Cheng, Kupusamy responsibility is that?

    Thank God we have one Malay who, the moment the MRT construction mishap occurred, took responsibility as managing Director and submitted resignation letter. Dato Azhar, if I'm not mistaken his name. And his Chairman said he was to continue. To investigate who had direct and immediate responsibility as to the cause of the accident. Which he has done. Very well done, Dato - a huge kudos and tons of admiration for you.

    Kamon, folks, surely there are more Malays and there are non-Malays of that kind of caliber, character and moral fiber?

    Kamon Dato MB, will you do like Dato Azhar did? At least rectify the situation on the huge disruption of the population ratio Iskandar, Forest City, Dangar Bay and the other projects will bring. And the worsening imbalance of economic development between the 60% Malays and 23% Chinese in Johore.

    We'll also heap you with kudos and tons of admiration if you also do what the MRT MD Dato Azhar did. And you have all the power, man. I challenge you. And your underlings.

  21. Mb kata berita di blog berniat jahat...tamo ngaku salah jln....

  22. why u still wanna kait datuk ce? leave him alone

    1. anon 16.15. ini balu cikit lor. gambo pun tadak cun....mau tengok itu cun punya ka

    2. gaji 60k ke 70k. kenalah pikul amanah takkan la tahunya sibuk pi oversea. main golf ditemani caddy2 cun jer. konon tarik pelabur. guna segala kemudahan. termasuk utk urusan peribadi semua atas wang rakyat. walau tak tau bape roinya.tu pun nak kata tlg jgn kaitkan dgn mail. please leave him alone. apa barang..tgk2 la isu2 di bwh sana tu. cuba la bantu facilitate massive dev tu walau ia takde dlm cdp yng kau buat tu.

  23. nape plak tak boleh kaitkan dgn mail. setiap pembgnan dlm iskandar dia kena amik tahu lebih lg yng massive. cdp tu pun dia salah sorang yng buat. kalau dh malas amik tahu berhenti jer la

  24. mail kena hati2 krn sejarah pengagihan kije n kontrak di bwh nya yng tak telus dan berpilih walaupun atas prinsip open tender pd kwn2 termsk spv yng spt 'biawak hidup'. ada pojek2 yng perjlnan tak begitu cantik dan perlu correction.CCTVs APs Sg Segget etc etc etc