Wednesday 29 October 2014

Fighting with clean hands

A friend called earlier today asking why I appeared so worried about

The need to convincingly explain 1MDB 

"I don't think you should worry too much over such issues. BN should be okay as Pakatan is in a lot of trouble now with Pas, DAP and PKR quarreling with each other. Anwar is also likely going to prison soon," he said.

I told my friend that Pakatan being in trouble is not going to change the negative perception of many people towards BN.

I believe that

BN needs to fix itself first

if it wants to regain the same amount of support it used to enjoy prior to the 2008 general election.

BN, in particular the Umno people, need to understand that they cannot afford to ignore calls, especially from within its own side of the political divide, that they need to change the perception of themselves being corrupt, selfish and uncouth.

For instance, Umno people need to realize that Bung Mokhtar Radin may be popular in his Kinabatangan constituency but his not so nice image had caused considerable damage to the party elsewhere.

Then there's Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who may be the most popular Wanita Umno chief among members of the party wing, but the negative image that she carries after the lembu condo fiasco has stuck with her and it's hurting Umno quite badly till now.

There are many others in Umno similar to those two.

Seriously, the young and educated, in particular Malays don't want to be led by such people.

They despise such people and don't want to be associated with Umno because of that.

Umno in particular could never hope to regain the middle ground being represented by them.

The party needs to clean up its image from all the dirts, real or perceived, if it's really serious about what its president DS Najib Razak described as a "political transformation".

It also can't afford to be embroiled in any other major scandals.

The 1MDB issue may likely be one of those and thus needed to be cleared up properly before it spirals out of control and ended up similar to the Shahrizat's lembu condo fiasco.

Once it had reached that level, then all may likely have been lost.

Shahrizat may not be guilty of anything, but the perception against her has been so negative that no matter what were done to correct it, people in general still believe that she was involved in getting her family members the lembu deal.

As for the Pakatan's troubles following the Selangor crisis, I don't think it will hurt them that much.

Chinese support for DAP is still as solid as ever.

Pas recent saber rattling in the face of DAP may even won them some extra support from the conservative Malay ground.

PKR on its part is set to be rejuvenated soon.

Yes, if Anwar is really going to jail, it may actually help PKR rejuvenates itself.

The young ones such as Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah Anwar will no longer be dragged down by Anwar's political baggages once he is in jail.

As I had written previously, Umno and its BN allies can only win the fight against Pakatan in future if they can show to the people that they are still the better option.

And to do that they must go into the fight with clean hands.

They must convince the people that they are the good guys and prove that things that they initiated such as 1MDB is actually good for the rakyat.


  1. Annie, once orang tua itu hidu sesuatu yang busuk, tidak mungkin najis bagus untuk rakyat.

    Sebagai doktor, dia lebih tahu pesakit sudah kena kencing manis yang perlu dipotong takat mana...kalau dicadangkan takat lutut..masih mahu menafikan..akhirnya melarat kena potong sampai pangkal paha..akhirnya mati.

    Kecuali tindakan segera, kaki dapat di selamatkan..tetapi nampaknya tiada tindakan seperti itu.

    Tunggu 23 nov..mahathir janjikan suatu ucapan di majlis perkasa yang pasti tidak dilupakan sesiapa! !!!

    1. Tak sabar menunggu apa yang Tun nak memperkatakan, 23 Nov.
      Saya masa Tun jadi PM dulu juga tak sabar tunggu setiap ucapan beliau dalam PAU. Sekarang ni, meluat nak ambil tahu siapa yang berucap pada PAU, lebih-lebih lagi bila perasuah masih dipilih semula oleh perwakilan.

    2. Saya juga, hampir tidak miss ucpn Tun M dlm PAU... tp sjk Pak Lah n Najib, tak pernah berminat lg..

    3. Daripada dengar NAJIB and PAKLAH CAKAP KAT PAU LEBIH BAIK AKU PERGI ZUMBA.... LAGI menghiburkan DAN melalaikan.

  2. dear Annie,

    for the malay community, the only main concerns is that the umno party is becoming very liberal. this is the one and only reason why umno is being despised by the malay, which is the reason why isma and perkasa is gaining more and more support.

    we can deal with all sort of image, as long as it is just a perception. but no matter how good a leader is, when he lacks the perjuangan a, ba and ta, then he is no good to us. and this is assuming that he is a good leader. if you read outsyed the box, I think it is quite the opposite and I am inclined to agree with him.

    we despise the elites who couldnt even comprehend the hardship or the people and we prefer someone who is coming from the similar background like our dear tun M. He understands and he knows. whts more he lives in the era of war and understand the history well.

    people like najib, i dont know if he has the perlembagaan at heart, or if he even understand it. it seems to me that the umno people need to revisit the past, because they dont know what they are fighting for, or why.

    1. “Upon every dishonest man, there are two witnesses: his possessions and his way of living.”

    2. Anon 07:44

      I can't believe that the Malaysian Malay community is as "blinkered" as you seem to imply in your post.

      Are you even suggesting that there's no such thing as competition and that Malaysia will continue to attract investments and create jobs because of some divine right?

      Oh, wait - maybe "special rights", "privileges" and "affirmative action" will be the carrots that will entice investors to put their money in Malaysia instead of other countries!

      Maybe it doesn't matter to you, because you think it's irrelevant or inconsequential.

      But for our children, and children's children, and subsequent generations thereafter, they will be left to count the cost of such "tidak apathy" down the road.

      As the saying goes, there's no point in bolting and locking the stable doors if the horses have already fled....

    3. What competition u talkin' about?
      Not the China kind of investments to build expensive houses in Johor, lah.

    4. anon 15.36,

      I must have explained this thousands of time, kinda tired of it. If the non malay defend their interest it is to be understood that its their rights and privilege, freedom of speech and what not.

      and as soon as i talk about what i believe is the malay sentiments at the moment, suddenly it is ridiculous. well if this is not the malay sentiment, tun M wouldnt be so vocal right now. isma and perkasa wouldnt have gained so many support despite being condemned by the liberals umno as racist. the malay wouldnt be so concern as to suddenly show support to BN to ensure the opposition woudnt win last pru. or perhaps you just couldnt care less about what we might feel, for as long as your demand is entertained?

      sometimes i wonder if the lot of you really dont understand or u just pretending that you dont know, or perhaps you just couldnt handle the truth.

      well for starters you make it sound like the non-malay has been treated so unfairly. really? I would have to go at length here but id rather you just read halen ang's blog.

      As much as you might be offended by my comment above, i wont be apologetic for it. it is the malay right yes, to be more precise it is the bumiputera rights which we all uphold as one of the core of our constitution . remember? Kedaulatan undang2, keluhuran perlembagaan? and if u have to ask why, i could probabbly suggest couples of books regarding our nation' history. if it is not because of the constituition, which was agreed upon, you wouldnt be here in Malaysia. but now that you have gained everything here, you would like the bumi rights removed? well u maam have no standing ground to preach to others. so much about justice and fairness.

      What makes you think i don’t have my future generation’s best interest at heart? it is exactly because of the bumi interest that our forefathers make damn sure that the bumi rights be preserved in the constitution. it is because of their concerns for their future generations. and now it is up to me or the rest of the bumi to ensure that the bumi right be respected and remained within the constituition. and so on (yeah) and so on. until the time when we can finally fully trust you then perhaps maybe. and let me just be frank, you guys as you are right now, doesnt earn our trust at all. after just 50 years gaining citizenship u starts to question everything.

      for as long as malaysia going to become like singapore or penang under the likes of you, i wont budge, no maam( u sounded like a maam) not one bit.

      for Any people in the world, if their rights is questions, or challenge they would react as I would. And who says we are afraid of challenges. challenge is challenge, and the bumi rights is the bumi rights. they are not the same. I would be foolish to have my bumi's rights or privileges thrown away just because of the likes of you taunting us twisting facts around as you do it. no we are not afraid of any challenges, but our bumi privileges must remain nonetheless.

      look at the malay reserved land now. slowly we are becoming like the palestinian. just like the zionist calling other people who are opposing them as anti semantic, you would have us called racist? see if we care. Everything we have fight for is just and within our right based on facts and history. there is a reason why the constituition is written so, it didnt just happen to be like tht and If you couldnt handle the truth and learn to respect one another then i suppose you can keep on pretending that you dont understand our sentiments at all.

      Like it or not this is how I feel. And if im right, im not the only malay who thinks so


  3. ...most popular Wanita Umno , ,most popular Wife and the most popular self acclaimed Ah Gib Gor, even the malays now addrss him as Ah Gib...think Annie! think!. Fact is GE13 UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, again GE13 UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and to make it clear again GE13 UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan 'RIP'. The youngs are not with them, they just want a clean and effective goverment no matter who they are ABU. They may even approve Anwar as PM. All the crap about BRIM, below RM10K eligible for petrol subsidies and other craps inclusive MRT as for the past one year when drive thru Federal highway after Batu tiga toll, nothing much happen, the tiang still the same frankly better for Anwar to take over. So UMNO the key element of BN mesti bangun dari tidur lah...

  4. 1MDB has been thoroughly explained by the PM and his advisers. There is even an article now in social media. Here is the link

    Please distribute this article to bloggers. dont fall for opposition trap

    1. I've read it but I can't understand his "technical speak" . . . and i'm no opposition supporter ok? I just want him to reply to Dr. M's questions about 1MDB - simple and direct!

    2. 1MDB being explained by a foreign funded pro-opposition mouthpiece!
      I'd rather read it from Utusan/Mingguan Malaysia.

  5. re: "The party needs to clean up its image from all the dirts, real or perceived, if it's really serious about what its president DS Najib Razak described as a "political transformation"."

    On the authority of an-Nu’man ibn Basheer (may Allah be pleased with him), who said:
    I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) say:

    “That which is lawful is clear and that which is unlawful is clear, and between the two of them are doubtful matters about which many people do not know. Hence, he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honour, but he who dabbles in doubtful matters will eventually fall into the unlawful, like a shepherd who grazes his sheep around some private property or sanctuary, short of grazing inside it.

    Truly, every king has a sanctuary, and truly Allah’s sanctuary are His prohibitions.

    Indeed, in the human body is a morsel of flesh which, if it is wholesome then all the body is healthy, but if it is diseased then the entire person becomes diseased. Truly, that morsel is the Heart.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

  6. As long as the election boundary lines are as they are, the corrupt BN only needs to win 35% of the popular vote to win GE14. Ridiculous, sickening, corrupt and obviously totally unfair, but BN have manipulated gerrymandering to such an extent that the opposition has realistically very little chance of winning in the near future. And you people still are silly enough to support them...go figure.

    1. Only the BN is corrupt? You must be Fred flintstone drinking buddy

    2. Fred flintstone drinking buddy,

      Figure what?

      Ridiculous, sickening, corrupt Pakatan Rakyat?

      Wht you can say, I can say, too, innit?

    3. Interesting how none of the replies have addressed the issue of gerrymandering whereby 35% is enough to win an election, but rather throw the predictable "but Pakatan is also corrupt" line. It's a typical response from BN people and it's getting old guys. Pakatan may or may not be be corrupt, but until they are given a chance to govern at Federal level, how ill we ever know? Corruption in this country is obvious to all, and it has stemmed from a government that has taken for granted its position, and forgotten that they are here to serve the people, and not their own pockets.

  7. Whenever Najib talk, I switch off. Watching Dibo the Dragon have more wisdom and benefit. How long can he continue to talk sweet while his anus is sitting smelly stuff.

  8. @Anon 10:57. Your concept of fair election boundary may be oversimplified. Let's say we proportion out 40,000 voters per parliamentary constituency. So all the major towns with voter population of above or slightly below one million will get between 20 to 40 wakil rakyats while rural district can hardly get one wakil to represent them. In short the rural population will be under-represented but the urban population will be over represented. Imagine if an issue or proposal which benefits the urban population but seriously unfair to rural folks comes to voting at the end of a parliamentary debate, do you think the rural population with their small number of wakil can ever win any decision by vote? On the other hand if they ever propose anything, their proposal will be thrown out as soon as it is introduced if it is seen not benefitting the urban population. And generally the urban population's income is far ahead of their rural counterparts. And to make matters worst there will be a serious racial imbalance in the composition of wakil rakyat as compared to the racial composition of the whole country's population. Do you think if this happens our country will be at peace?

    1. If this happens the ratio of Malay and non-Malay wakil will change drastically because non-Malays are majority residents of urban areas and major towns.

  9. "The young ones such as Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah Anwar will no longer be dragged down by Anwar's political baggages once he is in jail."

    Sigh. When I said something like this, people accuse me of being an Oppo Hippo & start manically ranting on God-knows-what. I'm just analyzing this based on projections on how the demographics would look like come GE14 and how it fits the profile of potential ADUNs and MPs of both BN & PR.

    By the looks of it, there's a scarcity of young talent who are given the opportunity for leadership positions in BN. Sure, current BN Youth Leaders have come out and said that they are okay biding their time in an apprenticeship role but this isn't like running a corporation. If the electorate demands leaders of their age, they will vote for the parties that can offer them that, not in the next 5 or 10 years.

    DAP, tired of PAS and PKRs' shenanigans, have decided to get young Malay candidates to be the front of their organization. If you read between the lines, it is a disgusting tactic but this is politics. It's all about the numbers game. If these Dyana, Rara & Melati can steal 3 seats from BN, then why not?

    Khairy Jamaludin has a lot to do to prop up his wing & I bet that BN will push for more youth candidacy for ADUN & MP seats come GE14 (Parlimen Belia & Demokrat Muda are a start) but time is running out.

    The post-Anwar Ibrahim GE14 dynamics will be very, very interesting.

  10. When govt servants engage in corrupt practices, the oppo supporters will blame the BN govt as if there is something in General Orders to instruct these people to be corrupt. AND most absurd is that they disregard the fact that many of those govt servants who are corrupt are great supporters of opposition parties especially idol Anwar. In short it means that corruption is a human weakness or disease fueled by greed and out-of-control lifestyle. Even if we change the govt; as long as this diseased staff are there, nothing will really change and the next govt will be a corrupt govt too or maybe even worst.

    Corruption is as active in private sector as in public sector. In politic sector, the design of democratic practice where people's rep have set duration of their term encourage them to make hay while the sunshine and to build up fund for election campaign. Unless we build a new outlook in the minds of Malaysian where corruption is despised and corrupt persons are shunned by the society and that citizens are glad to inform the authorities of incidents of corruption, we will never succeed. This spirit must be instilled in our population right from their schooldays. Although the oppo supporters say the govt is corrupt and demand that an independant commission be established but in their mind they expect this commission to take action only against the govt servants and ruling politicians which will give these oppos a platform to shame the govt. So when SPRM was formed they welcome the move whole heartedly, But when SPRM acted against their kind, they attacked the very entity that they demanded and welcomed earlier. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    Anyway, I was deeply disappointed with Najib when his budget did not show the seriousness in tackling this problem. I was expecting large manpower increment in SPRM ... none. Large budget for purchase of high tech investigative tools...none. How can you answer to the oppos how serious you are in fighting corruption when your budget itself did not reflect it. And this is the very assertion that the oppos used when telling Malaysians why we should change the govt. Najib over-reliance on Pemandu is not only destroying him but BN itself. I hope he opens his eyes very soon


    Growing Islamic fundamentalism seen pushing Malays to quit country

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — Malays could be next in line after the Chinese to leave the country, in a bid to escape the growing religious fundamentalism and authoritarianism that leaves little room for free thought and dissent, according to activists and observers.

    While Malaysia bills itself as a moderate Muslim nation, recent developments have demonstrated an increasingly conservative and hard-line approach to Islam here that is intolerant of cultures and practices not sanctioned by religious groups and authorities.

    Malaysians for Malaysia convener Azrul Mohd Khalib said the Friday sermons prepared by the religious authorities that paint non-Muslims as enemies of Islam, as well as the use of labels such as liberalism, pluralism and humanism to vilify fellow believers, have dismayed and scared Muslims.

    “Thinking Muslims are being marginalised and persecuted,” Azrul told Malay Mail Online yesterday.

    “It is creating a climate of fear, suspicion and prejudice. Because of that, Muslims who do not prescribe to that belief system do not see themselves as being welcomed or even tolerated in this country,” the social activist added.