Tuesday 21 October 2014


I'm going on a trip tomorrow.

Tired of KL and my routine.

Need to rest at a quiet place for a while.

I actually wish I can go abroad, but can't afford to do so.

So, I'm going to take a three-hour drive to the place where I believe I can have some peace.

I will do only light postings while I'm away from this haze-chocked city.

Need to take a break from the heavy stuff because they are making me all stressed up.

The political scene has not actually been very healthy.

It's actually been like that for quite a long while, but of late, I realized that I have little patience for all the nonsense.

I need to recalibrate my thoughts so that I can stop being angry, frustrated or bitter about the whole thing.

That way, I believe I can write properly again.

As for now, I feel that my writings were rather stiff.

There was little fun in them and it worries me that I may bore you all.

I was actually surprised that you all still want to read them and even left comments.

Thanks for that, anyway.

I also need to restart my book project.

It had stalled because I was not in the right mood these past one or two months.

I have actually been weighted down by several personal issues which sometimes spilled into my writings in this blog.

These issues have actually yet to be resolved.

Sorry for that. I will try to limit such personal nonsense to the minimum in future.

Hopefully this few days break can fix my brain and mood.

Okay, do excuse me for the night now.

I need to sleep early.

Will be leaving early in the morning.

Cheers and good night.


  1. Have a good trip, Annie. And have a good rest. Rest assured that you are not alone in feeling the way you do. Tens, even hundreds, of thousand others do.

    I have been feeling unhappy with the political situation since Tun Dol's time. Worse under Ah Jib Gor. My regular doctor even told me to stop blogging years ago. And I read so many medical websites - the reliable government ones like our local Ministry of Health and the US Institutes of Health - they all say, not in those words, that, to avoid stress, you avoid the things that stress you. That means living the life of a recluse. I once wondered whether the billionaire Howard Hughes became a recluse because of that but I became satisfied that he was a psycho.

    You'd want to avoid the corrupt, the rude, those lacking in decorum and decency, the traffic violaters, the racists - which probably include my own self, because there are so many racists around that, in reacting, I have become one. Action and reaction, remember.

    But, whatever you do or don't do, please don't stop blogging, or, specifically, don't stop your blog. I like it. Very much. You write well, you allow Anon comments and I'm so damn lazy to be writing name, email address etc when commenting. Don't even like the war time code among soldiers - when arrested, just state your name, rank and serial numbers, haha.

    And arrested I have felt. Every time I wank Najib in my comments. Can't help it coz I think he is leading this country into chaos. Would be so if he removes the Sedition Act. Tun Dr Mahathir said so, Tun Hanif said so, and at least 170 UMNO Divisions have indicated so. Worse if under Anwar Al Juburi. So, no alternative but to keep on wanking. Sad for you if you find such comments unpalatable. But I believe you are democratic in your stand, allow pro and con views in here. That's why I love you.

    See, that in itself is quite frustrating, Annie. Loving you but unable to meet you.

    OK, have a good rest, my dear.

    1. Don't be a recluse or you'll become a psycho.

      Howard Hughes saw endless reels of films. If you recluse and see endless pages of Annie and nothing else, mebbe psycho lah ...

    2. Damn right. If you're being alone at your home without much contact of outside world, you're fast becoming weirdo. You're pretty much living with your head most of the time. And you'll develop strange and nasty habit which is hard to get rid off once it becomes a habit. That's why marriage or having a buddy always a good thing. It prevents you from falling into strange and dark world of extreme loneliness.

    3. hey who are you...you writes very well and it isvery interesting...and not only that...you gives a very good advice too...encouraging...

      *....You'd want to avoid the corrupt, the rude, those lacking in decorum and decency, the traffic violaters, the racists - which probably include my own self, because there are so many racists around that, in reacting, I have become one. Action and reaction, remember.....*

      you...there is something about you....(wonder i you like the movie 7 psychopath)


    4. Thanks for the compliment, SS.......

      I'm just a love forsaken man, driven to write love notes in here but not responded to, not even any indication of acceptance. By Annie.

      Love can work in mysterious ways, motivating some to poetry and songs, propelling others to expression of acute desires to be together, yet, when ignored, may like a matador challenge the bull and, if not lucky, be gored.

      Annie, going to Cameron Highlands alone, has made me suicide prone. But suicide is unmanly, cowardly and sure would make me lose Annie. So here I am banging on the keyboard, because, for the love of her, I'll never be bored.

      And my endearing words to her remain ...

      Pssst, please don't tell Annie I said those.

      Gud nite folks.

  2. Some food for thought while you are away, Annie. When you feel like it, ask yourself what is the meaning of life, what is the purpose of life.

    I like what one German philosopher, Korzybski I think his name was, who said that when we are born, there are so many things past generations have done for us - invent electricity, cars, airplanes, air conditioning, (bumpy roads and roads with bumps, haha) and so many other amenities in life. Our purpose in life should therefore be to contribute whatever we can for future generations. The payback thingy.

    We may not be able to do rocket science, but advising the young to be good is a contribution. Then came the DAP Red Beans. Telling everybody not to main belakang is also good. Then came Anwar Al Juburi's Sodomy II. Telling Ah Jib Gor don't discard the Sedition Act for the good of Malaysia, then he said at MCA general assembly he wants developed nation status in 2 days from now, no matter what.

    I'm not trying to clutter your mind on your getting-away-from-it- all trip by saying those, Annie. But, you see, the British philosopher Bertrand Russel, talked about the "insatiability of man's desires". Or woman's. Never have enough. That's started all the problems, haha. But, really, we are never satisfied, aren't we? In Japan, it leads to 14-hours-a-day work sloggers to lie on the railway tracks for the train to pass by because of some mistakes the fellas make and unable to achieve what they want. Or the samurai-blooded ones hara kiri with the sword, long or short type.

    Yet it's that very insatiability of our desires that make the world ticks. And the attendant heart aches, high blood pressure and falling down dead if not regularly checked. Really, it's interesting this thing called life. Just how we handle it. And you did the right thing by going on a trip when pressures built up. I do it by whacking those I dislike in your blog. It's quite pressure-relieving doing that, I assure you. And against my doctor's advice! To compensate, I try to exercise - wish I can go on the treadmill machine after every whack!

    Relax and enjoy yourself, baby.

    1. Can I say my purpose in life is hantam Pakatoon?

      See, we good lah, want hantam also ask permission.

  3. Pssst, when writing your book, could you find a way to insert some of our nonsensical views in? They might spice your writing!

    Careful, authors often reflect themselves in their writing. The British learnt Oscar Wilde was homosexual through his writing. The Americans learnt Earnest Hemingway was a drunkard also through his writing. And they learnt Monica Lewinsky was a ..... through Clinton's speakings!

    Tokong Lim of course reflects his biadapness through his sayings. And DAP blokes rant their anger at Tengku Aziz for calling him biadap until now. One bloke even did it in your blog.

    Aiseh, what's happening to me, trying to be light-hearted but sounding serious too, now. Damn politics. More specifically, politicians. Still more specifically, DAP politicians.

    Ok, hope to have amused you a bit for your long drive, Annie. Drive safely and God bless.

    1. Malaysians learn what through pro-Pakatan "news portals"?

      Half truths, twists, slants, seditious tendencies, rudeness .........

  4. What was said to the rose? . . .


  5. I believe some of the commentators have fallen in love with you without knowing you. I'm sure you'll find many suitors out there. How and why you're feeling lonely makes me wonder. Cheers yourself up and hopefully you keep cheering others with your blog. Have a nice day.

    1. She often says lonely to tantalize men on her blog lorr. What makes you so sure she is a female?

      So many men offering her company she no response, you tink sure she is a woman arr?

  6. Post another holiday bikini pics later k Annie? ; )

    1. Bikini pictures of you, the real you, Annie. Not of others.

      Otherwise I'm going to do a one-man demo. In front of the US Embassy, So that they can give me all sorts of the latest, hi-tech scanning equipment, c/w radar and stuff. That can scour Kuantan and all those places 3 hours drive from here.

  7. U need to keep up with Dyana hihihihi

    1. If u meet Diana, wd u give her a strong pinch on the buttock for me. For going with that useless fler what'sthename. BN fellows are much better la.

    2. If the Malays don't clean up UMNO's corruption and incompetence guess what will happen?


      We want the good guys in UMNO . . . . . . cos we don't want be the butt of Harry son's joke.

    3. Agreed. Also we want DAP not take sales commission for the sale of Baayan Mutiara lands. At RM1.07 billion, the commission alone is RM20-30 million.

      And kickbacks, profit shares etc in the RM1 billion Turn-Key project on the Penang Municipality land sPICE project.

      And no commission, kickbacks, kick heads etc from the Undesea Tunnel which increased in price from RM4 to 6 to 8 billion even before it starts.

      btw, who's Harry son? Not Joseph Tokong Lim's son ha?

    4. Noooo, is tokong Lim's budy-budy Harry Lee Kuan Yew lor!

  8. I Want To Touch A Dog - from 'Success' to 'Threat To Kill' - could you have imagined how events unfolded?

    1. Touching success at dog show for Muslims http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/10/19/touch-a-dog-event-attracts-over-800-people/

    2.Jakim to conduct probe on 'I Want To Touch A Dog' event http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/10/20/I-want-to-touch-a-dog-jakim/

    3. Touching dogs doesn't make you less Muslim http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/278179

    4. 'What's next after dog patting event, sex fest?' http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/278208

    5.Threats to kill, beat up ‘touch a dog’ organiser surface online - See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/threats-to-kill-beat-up-touch-a-dog-organiser-surface-online#sthash.21vd2AFr.dpuf

    Why has Malaysia come to?

    1. Why? Because of people like you. Not respecting Article 3 of the Constitution which clearly states that "Islam is the religion of the Federation".

      And you didn't include in your list above the link to PAS Dato Nik Aziz saying those organizers have worms in their heads. At least give views of both sides lorr.

    2. Anon 10:44,

      Malays and Muslim are continuously being provoke ,cant's blamed Perkasa and Isma, if they retaliate but luckily their retaliation are still content to verbal retaliation .
      Sometimes make me wounder ,when the camel back will be broken ?.

    3. In the midst of these intense pressures, I wonder whether the malays that we have on top are really malays or are they just something else with malay sounding names and islam as their official religion in their ICs?

    4. Anon 10:44. All the published view are made by non muslim or muslims who are ignorant of islamic teaching. Islam is not against dogs but prohibit use of dogs as pet or playthings. I saw the video posted on youtube. The Ostad have good intention but I think he didn't get the full brief of the events when accepting the invitation to speak. Strange that they employ an indon to talk about cara sertu. Why? no malaysian with such knowledge? The orgyniser and the vet look like belonging to LGBT fraternity. Finally, why many participants were wearing shades of purple?

    5. Abang anon 11:55,

      Nik Aziz ada ulat dalam otak juga lah! His PAS VP is Mat Sabo the komunis sympathizer & wife snatcher, and his PKR ally is al-Juburi the zionist sodomizer. Nik Aziz want to promise heaven for pangkah PAS some more? He where he going akhirat?

    6. Dun say like that la, bro 14:32. He very sad man coz his buddy Karpal Singh already went far away. Cannot go over Karpal body already.

      He want pangkah we pangkah la, But diferent paper one. He akhirat also maybe diferent. Maybe got Karpal one. They sleeping same bed what.

      But I like his ulat dalam otak talk,

    7. 12:58,

      Those participants in purple are Tuaregs, a fierce AK47 wielding tribe from Timbuktu, in what used to be a God-forsaken oasis in the vast expanse of sand called the Sahara Desert, though not so far-flung and desolate now. They are known as people always dressed in purple. There have been TV documentaries on them.

      That precisely is the root cause of the problem - so many adventurous blokes go there, disturb them they went to Penang and turned up at the dog show.

      I heard that they wanted to pay a courtesy call on Tokong Lim, bringing their AK47 along. Maybe still there, camping at the Esplanade, waiting for the appointment.

      Will somebody go check, please. And check if Anwar al Juburi also has a purple dress.

    8. 12:46,

      I fear that some of those top blokes are not anything at all, may even be eunuchs, physically. That's why needs replacement at the very top.

  9. Well, I've always been a fan of the gorgeous Nasim Pedrad on SNL.

    It's amazing what modern Iranian-American women can accomplish, freed from stifling restrictions.

    If the PAS Youth guy talks about "rocks in the head", then I should have the right to talk about " worms" in what masquerades for his "intellect".

    Freedom of speech. Geddit?

    As for dogs, it takes a religious stricture to characterise them as "unclean".

    Are we going to blame evolution for putting dogs on the planet, or are going to blame the Creator God for "unclean animals"?

    1. You talk worms you copy cat Dato Nik Aziz Kelantan. He said that olely - for the dog organizers.

      Who blame evolution? People say no need show, popaganda touch dogs, touch cocks.

    2. No talk Iran values in Malaysia. They are Shi'ah. Malaysia is Sunni. Shi'ah not allowed here. That's the law.

    3. Plaza pelangi,

      Who is blaming the creator , but the creator has rules and regulation to be followed, that all it's matters . What your intention anyway, suggesting the creator is wrong ?.
      Very much appropriate, if you don't enter into something of you don't really know .

  10. Sometimes women need brooches on their apparel. Its nice and looks elegant ! Tighten up and keep the lose, that also may represent one's fashion.

    And my annie is going to do that ...

  11. Yo sister, may the hummingbird lift your spirits! sing along ....


  12. Annie,

    Stiff writing ok. So long as not stiff neck.For men, not stiff ..... ok ok, enough lah.

    And why this robot thing? Everybody kena ka? Or I only. If so, I'm considered jahat ka?

  13. Dun worry your writing stiff or not, Annie. We will read them and even leave comments. Even if you just type a just dot.

    Banyak admirers you tak tau ka? If only you know what we imagine you look like.

    Bikini photos? If in bikini, waaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Aiseh Annie, if those personal issues concern that bloke who repeatedly stood you up, tell us where he is and we'll blast him with a blunderbuss. That ancient shot gun with a trumpet-looking muzzle and using lots of broken nails and stuff as bullets.

    Then he'll be sure not to stand you up any more. Or his buttock so full of rusty nails, get toxic, he gives up and we'll take over.

    Cheer up, dearie. No one is so indispensable as not to be blunderbuss-able.