Saturday 11 October 2014


I was actually in a foul mood last night.

Got stood up again.

This is for real, okay.

I am not making up this story.

The guy promised to buy me dinner since last week but at the last minute told me he had to attend an Oktoberfest party organized by one of his friends.

"Free beer la," he said.

Can arr like that? Stood me up for free beer.

Too much la this guy. He is the same one who stood me up the other day....and those all other times in the past.

Sometimes I don't know why I am putting up with him all these years.

However, I have become so used to being stood up that I was okay after a short while.

I went about as usual. Finished work, had dinner alone at the warung in front of my office, went home, went to sleep.

But about 3am, I was woken up by a bad dream.

It somehow made me miss that bastard so much, that I sent him a single very short Wassap message.

Just to tell him how lonely I was.

Of course he didn't reply. Probably sleeping like a pig after getting drunk at the beer party.

Nonetheless, it helps to have that connectivity with someone at a time like that.

After a while I was okay again and managed to go back to sleep.

Just now the guy replied my message, telling me not to be too gloomy.

But he still can't see me this weekend.

A close friend is in town and he has to hang out with him.

I know the friend. Really nice guy. So, I don't mind the whole thing too much.

But really, being neglected by the bastard is starting to tire me down.

I told him I'm fine and hope he enjoys the weekend, but in my heart, I was actually still very upset.

"Fucking useless bastard...I will dump him one of these days," I cursed in my heart

Then he did something which really made me hate him so much at that moment.....

He sent me an old picture of himself.

It's a picture from the time when I first met him.

He is so cute in the picture.

It melted me.

It reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place and tolerated all his nonsense.

That's it.

How can I dump him now, right?

I think I will still be in love with him even if he stands me up a thousand more times after this.

Ya, I know....I am pathetic.

What to is fated, I guess.

Eeerrrr....why I am telling you all these shit?

Simply...maybe its because I am tired of you all whacking Najib in the comments section.

Of late, I write anything also you all will find some excuses to whack the PM.

Kesian la the fellow.

Maybe, my pathetic love story will be able to stop it kut :-)

Okay, here is a nice song for the weekend,

Cheers everyone.


  1. My guess is your lover is non muslim.

  2. Take me Annie; I'll treat you better than a pint of beer. But what if you're not the tall, slender girl that I imagine you to be. Maybe I should just leave you in my imagination. After all, cinta is only skin deep.

  3. Hey, small world. I was at d Octoberfest party too. I think it was a 2007 pic. Ya he was and still is, super cute. Gud luck to you both mate.

  4. Dear Annie,

    Cheers for the write-up..

    The way you had gone about and put it, I can only smile and say "..Chomeiii!!"..

    Though I opine, were it happen to any other lady, she would certainly had 'flipped,-up-&-left' eons ago. Buy a tommy-gun even. But not you. Chomeiii...

    You could be the one to personify the adage of 'loving every fibre' of the f@#!%*g b&*!#*d..

    May you do find love, peace and solace soon.



  5. You are a magnet for a jackass. Suggest to get treatment from Bomoh Karpet Terbang.

  6. Just ditch him. He's not worth it

  7. Ok, ok, now I know, u change the subject when so many comments hit Najib, eh.

    Whatever happens to free country, etc, Annie.

    Ok lah, I accept it, it's your blog. And me so lazy to operate own blog, not smart to draw so many visitors also.

    Psssst, not sure if the above is true story. Coz you repeated

    This is for real, okay.

    I am not making up this story.

    Hahaha, me incorrigible, always criticizing, innit.

    Put out some Red Bean stories larr, then see if I don't hit hard, Annie.

    1. In case yours is a genuine hard luck situation, you have my sympathies, my dear.

      And a little advice: next time he wants something from you, make it difficult to get for him. Whatever it is he might want.

    2. Ya! quit the foul language - it sears hearts. And leave the booze alone - it messes up emotions. And if you're not slender then you have something to work on isnt it?

      Warning: don't try this without your ibu bapa by your side!

  8. Yes we all have a little more to go, kan adinda Ms Annie ?

    Narrated Abu Umamah, the Prophet SAW said:
    ( Hadith sahih, translated from Kitab 41 al-Sunnah No 4664 )

    If anyone Loves for Allah's sake, Hates for Allah's sake, Gives for Allah's sake and Withholds for Allah's sake- he will have perfect Faith.
    -- Sunan Abu Dawud

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. Annie,

    Why don't you put out as many pro-Najib articles in here as you like (your own or others') so that we can discuss them.

    Win-win situation. You get to put out the good things about Najib, others can say their minds out. With decorum and decency, of course.

    I promise to be sympathetic to him the moment he says the Sedition Act stays.

    About love - dangerous lah. We may fall in love with you, not returned, frust big time worr. But sikali sikali ok lah.

  10. Just follow your mother foot step, eventhough she is a Chinese, She married a Malay man!

    I am really sorry to say this, this friend of yours ia not the man for you!

    Allah swt shows you from times to times all the negetives aspect of him such as not good at keeping his promises. Your relationship is not going either 'here' or 'there'

    For his drinking habit and eating pork, it is not our right to say anythings. The Muslim are prohibited to drink alcohol and eating pork but not to their religion dan culture.

    So Annie, it's your choice now. But whatever the outcome of this relationship you are the one who are going tom pay for it!