Wednesday 22 October 2014

Enjoying a cosy moment

It's been raining since I arrived here this afternoon.

I'm wearing a sweater as it's quite cold where I am.

Tucked in this comfortable single sofa at a corner of this room, I feel quite relaxed.

Just had a steak dinner in the adjoining room. Very nice.

Got myself a mug of hot chocolate on the coffee table next to me now.

There are others in this room. All strangers - a Chinese couple with their two kids; a young Caucasian guy whom I believe is an American; three Chinese friends, two of whom I believe are actually lovers and a group of seven Chinese and Indian guys and girls, probably some college students from rich families.

Okay, I am actually in the coffee house of this small hotel where I am staying.

Everyone were having their drinks. It's all very cosy.

The Caucasian guy is sitting in the other single sofa reading a book while having a beer. He is probably waiting for his partner whom I noticed was with him when I checked in earlier.

The Chinese couple were having some hot drinks and pastries with their kids.

The three friends were having some sorts of martini or something. The two guys were talking while the girl who was sitting next to one of them seems contented to listen to them. I noticed from where I'm sitting that she got one of her legs pressed against the guy's leg next to her. The guy doesn't seems to mind that. Lucky guy.

The college kids were having beer and a bottle of Jack Daniel. They were talking animatedly about something in English. I don't think the two Indians among them were Hindus as they wouldn't be here if they are as today is Deepavali. If they are Hindus they should be with their family, I think.

Whenever I'm alone like this, I enjoy making such observations.

I'm always interested in understanding people and their motivations.

I among others always wonder what motivates people like DS Anwar Ibrahim.

I mean the guy is already 66 or 67 years old.

How much more time does he has? Did he ever thinks of that?

Is wanting to be prime minister such a powerful motivation?

Honestly, sometimes I feel that it's all so silly.

Life is too short to be spent on such things, I think.

I don't think I want to continue jumping around like him when I am already at that age.

Let other younger people have their chance la.

But then again, I'm just a simple person.

As far as I can remember, I have never been motivated by power or money.

I'm not claiming myself to be noble, just that I was not really interested in those things.

I sought money actually just for my sustenance and nothing else. Well, except maybe when I need to make someone I love or care about happy.

As for power, I don't think I ever really have it. If there is any little bit, it's more for me to protect myself and my love ones. I'm basically harmless except when people disturb me or my love ones.

Okay, maybe I'm more motivated whenever I have the ability to do some good.

Not that I am saying I'm a good person, but being able to do good for others did make me feel satisfied.

Yup, I'm a bit of the Spiderman type.

Nonetheless, as at this moment, I rather stay still and enjoy this peaceful moment.

I am going up to my room in a short while. Feel like sleeping early. It's the cold weather, I guess.

By the way, the Caucasian guy's partner just arrived. Very pretty lady.

Lucky guy.




  1. Listen to this oldie, david gates - goodbye girl. Help you make it thru the night... he..he..pleasant dream then.

    1. Not that Microsoft Gates issit? That one I wonder if he listens to oldies. He listens only to hitec, hitec, hitec. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Figures, figures, figures. Not the 32 24 35 kind. But the proliferating kind.

      But the fella's dreams made him a billionaire. And he gave huge sums to charity. Damn it, he forgot me.

    2. have some Bread, people?

    3. he..he.. the way forward. Be not in the wrong tunnel..

  2. Cameron Highlands.

    If true, watch out, Annie. Landslides during frequent and heavy rains.

    Don't walk along the jungle paths unaccompanied as a millionaire was reported lost doing so years ago. Never found, I think.

    If you see a handsome guy all alone by himself, debonaire but demure, that'd be me, haha. No harm blowing one's own trumpet, innit, coz if you let others blow it, it'd get dirty!

  3. There's a leg pressing girl, eh? You should have watched if her hand was moving. Or if HIS hand was. In the course of time. If in the daytime you could wear sunglasses and not noticed watching them. Or 3D glasses when it gets more interesting!

    And there are three of them. Presumably sleeping in the same room. Wonder who'd be pressing whom in the night. These days that kind of talk often leads to Dayana. She'd probably not do any pressing. Just her lips moving. And ....

    Aaaahhh, when you go for DAP all sorts of photos of you come out. Gutter politics? No, its she choosing to be in the gutter.

  4. Aaaaaaaaah, Anwar Al Juburi. That son of a gun even disturbs people holidaying. That's the kind of power the bloke has, making people remember him even at odd times. Luckily in not so favourable terms. In 67 years old and possibly in prison terms. At least that's how I wish you'd think of him lah. Jealous lah, madam. And politically vicious against him.

    But power some people would want even at 90 years old plus. Wasn't that General Pinochet of Argentina or somewhere in power at that age. Then he went to London and got arrested if I remember well. A coup d'etat occurred in his home country and extradition proceeding made for him to be tried against human rights violations.

    Anwar talked of coup d'etat in Malaysia but by the katak lompat kind. He promised the 16 September 2008 Pakatan taking power. Perhaps he'd even have a coup d'etat of the military kind if he is assured of power. After all, he likes being a Rear Admiral.

    Good night, Annie.

    1. Correction. If I'm not mistaken General Pinnochet is a Chilean.

    2. Jangan rendahkan martabat DS Anwar, wei. Dia dah banyak jasa kpd negara. Korang apa jasa? Nuduh dia main bonntot saja, takda lain kerja.

      Tubuhkan PKR pecahkan kaum Melyau ke? Nakkan Ketuanan Rakyat tak boleh ke? Apa pulak kata nak hilangkan Ketuanan Melayu?

      Nak pertahankan keselamatan Israel tak boleh ke? Kan itu pendirian UN? PAS tak mau, itu dia orang punya pasal le.

      Kita musyawarah dalam Pakatan. Dah gitu, pigi syorkan nama Azmin, apasal? Dah sekarang cerabuk air pun Azmin tak mau selesaikan. Ni apa plak Nik Aziz kata diaorang nak pegang anjing ada cacing dalam otak?

    3. Anonymous23 October 2014 10:59

      Txs for the correction.

    4. Anonymous23 October 2014 11:28,

      Siapa rendahkan martabat Anwar? Dia yang rendahkan nya sendiri. Main bontot orang di negara yang agama nya Islam memang lah merendahkan martabat nya sendiri.

      Kalau ia pun, siapa kata dia ada martabat sejak sabelom main bontot lagi? Dia korapsi kumpul wang RM3 billion, kata Murad Mohd Noor, bekas pegawai tinggi Bank Negara yang secara terus menrus di bawah nya sebagai Menteri Kewangan. Murad yang membantu dia mengumpul wang yang banyak nak mampus tu.

      Murad buat dan tanda tangan satu Surat Sumpah berkenaan itu, jangan main main. Siapa nak dengor kata kata nya di Surat Sumpah itu, cakap, saya akan keluarkan.

    5. Hihihi cacing dalam otak sebab cacing itu korek otak diorang sampai terlari sana, terlari sini nak cium anjing. Silap haribulan, tercium bontot Nuor.

    6. Kita orang hentam Anwar ni, berjasa kpd negara lah. Kalau tak, dia dapat kuasa, jahanam lah negara.

    7. 11:28,

      Korang tak tau ke cakap Ketuanan Ralyat tu sengaja nak kaburkan Ketuanan Melayu.

      Korang tau ke apa konsep Ketuanan Melayu? Tu, yang di lambangkan di Perkara Perkara dalam Perlembagaan berkenaan peranan, fungsi dan tanggongjawab YDP Agong, Raja Raja Melayu, Majlis Raja Raja dll. Takda YDP Agong sign surat lantikan, takda lah PM, takda Raja Raja sign surat lantikan, takda lah Menteri Menteri Besar dsb nya.

      Korang nak Ketuanan Rakyat apa kupra worak nya. Mengarut dan menghasut. Boleh di heret ke Mahkamah dan di tuduh di bawah Akta Hasutan, tau tak?

  5. Hmmmm... Are you in Cameron highlands?

  6. "Not that I am saying I'm a good person, but being able to do good for others did make me feel satisfied. Yup, I'm a bit of the Spiderman type."

    Well, that's plain old-fashioned Altruism!"

    1. How about doing good for me, Annie, your admirer, and pucuk di cita ulam tak datang. Tak dapat. Dah nasib.

      Mana nak progressive kalau asyik dah nasib. Itu pasal kena perang, esok. Dengan Anwar and all the coyotes.

    2. Doing good for others is ok. But not to the extent of being a do-gooder.

      Wanna know the difference? If you do too much and not appreciated, even rejected, yet do some more endlessly, even beyond what is necessary, that's a do-gooder.

      Wanna an example of do-gooder? Najib. Promised SJKC Rasa funds for renovation at PRK Hulu Selangor campaigning. PRK time, the ballot boxes of those fellows there showed they still voted DAP. Yet the ultra kiasus tarak muka asked Najib for the promised funds. Najib wrote a RM1-2 million cheque for them.

      Then did all sorts of good for the Chinese before and during PRU13 campaigning. Yet was given the Chinese tsunami. And is still do-gooding now. Being exploited to the maximum.

      And Rosmah saying people cannot get at Najib, wallop her. Where got one? You people deserve what you got. Keep quiet lah. Follow Tun Dr Siti Hasnah's behaviour when Tun Mahathir was PM 22 years lah.

    3. Najib has no idea what to do now with all the cronies in his cabinet, and the intelligent Malay guys are turned away at the door of UMNO.

    4. Haaa, ni dia bukti bukti bukan ngentam Anwar saja di blog ini. Najib pun kena hentam. Rosmah pun kena hentam.

    5. Bagus lah Annie bagi komen komen begitu masuk. Dia ni adil orang nya, luas pemikiran nya.

    6. Iu pasal dia ni popular. Bila nak stand for election, Annie?

      Kalau di US, kena shake a few million hands, you know. Pakai sampul tangan putih ke? Bawak kipas ke sana sini ke?

  7. Politicians want power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. A cliche now. But true.

    Give Anwar power, he'd sodomize. To the maximum. The Police would be under his control. No Sodomy III, IV, V, XXXV. Just pretty young men under his bed who'd come out to serve him every night.

    Give Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng power at the Federal level, they'd have Dyanas, Mama Foo, and Rainbows all over the places. A string of concubines by each one of them.

    Give Hadi power, bang, Hudud. Not bang, actually, but chop, chop, chop. Note that the Qur'an does mention Hudud but details are not spelt out. That's why people often talk about "PAS Hudud" - their interpretation of Hudud. Those disputing this should quote the Surah and the Verse numbers of the Qur'an to support what they say for easy verification.

    But give Najib absolute power, he'd throw out Sedition Act yesterday and have developed nation status in 3 hours time at the expense of the majority of the population who are far behind economically.

    So how now? Be a recluse, anyone?

    But power or no power, have a good day everyone.

    1. I like power. MB Selangor power. You people bullied me, also I kept quiet, didn't cry, did punch anyone. Now I got it, I say Anwar doesn't run Selangor lah -

      Anwar doesn’t run Selangor, says Azmin – ‎22 minutes ago‎

      Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali says day-to-day administration of the state was handled by the executive councillors, who made collective decisions.

  8. "been raining since I arrived here this afternoon"

    Water, water, everywhere but none to drink. In Selangor. The lakes only 44% full. God doesn't like the Pakatoon gomen.

    And Azmin wants to un-secret the secret Khalid Selangor- Federal Gomen water deal. Ambigaga should now shout Throw out the archaic Official Secrets Act.


    1. Without the Official Secrets Act, tons of Anwar's shit secrets during his time as Finance Minister would come out.

      Then Ambiga would really go gaga.

  9. Don't wear the "sweater", Annie. You'll sweat.

    Why the bloody hell they call it sweater I don't know.

    Woi Englaaaaais, why you have funny words arr?


    1. Ladies don't sweat. They perspire.

      Gentlemen who don't like to sweat may soon expire.

  10. "this comfortable single sofa"

    Annie, annie, annie, always talking of single. Such a waste of a comfortable sofa.

    10 of us would fly there at the flick of your fingers.

    Btw, can you flick your fingers? Not everybody can.

    Ok, enough of pulling Annie's leg. To amuse her who complains all sorts in life. And you sullen readers.

    Me? Who cares about me? Annie doesn't.

  11. I must say one sensible thing Azmin does is to take the stand as reported in the Star below. Annie should be happy I quote the Star as she has shouted it having the largest circulation, in a few posts back -

    Azmin: Water deal stays

    EXCLUSIVE: Selangor Mentri Besar Azmin Ali wants to see an efficient and quality water supply in the state and has no intention of revoking the agreement between the federal and state governments

    1. The above comment should have gone under the Ambiga gaga comment. Bloody robot problem, forgot pressing the relevant Reply button.

      So much pressing problem lah, people. There's the girl pressing her leg that Annie spoke about. The problem is not to the right person!

    2. Anwar must be fuming. Fizi must be jumping. Hopefully into the 44% filled lakes.

  12. People say hitting Anwar only. Not dealing what youth want. Not answer youth questions.

    But answerd also. Many times. Example - why keep old laws like Anwar want to throw away. Because if throw away, maybe no laws. Then kelam kabut, lintang pukang.

    Many laws since British time. Kill people, get punish, it is same now. British time punish by send people out of country. Now jail them. Only how to punish change. Same law as before, do wrong, punish. So why say Sedition Act old law?

  13. Waaah, Annie, you master / mistress of suspense lah. Saying "Just had a steak dinner in the adjoining room. Very nice." Making readers wonder if it's a hotel suite with adjoining room, romantic music and all.

    Only after a few paragraphs you said "I am actually in the coffee house of this small hotel where I am staying."

    Pssst, boleh caya ka Annie? Kalau tak pun, it's your business lah. Only want to tease you a bit lah.

  14. Anwar is a very bitter man! He is going for revenge like the Malay proverb, "Dendam Tak Sudah" or "Unending Revenge". He is being used by his politic partners and he doesnt realise it. He will probably realise it when they chuck him aside to run the country instead. Or when the Day of Judgement comes. By then it will be too late for him and his staunch supporters. It's already happening. Just look at the Selangor debacle...