Sunday 12 October 2014

Take care

Just woke up.

Suddenly realised that I am not inspired anymore.

I need to go away.

I am not sure if I will come back.

Take care.



  1. Dont go away annie..Dont be heartbroken.

    Ten little fingers..
    Ten little toes..
    Two little eyes..
    Mouth and the nose..
    Put them all together..
    What have you got?

  2. Plum Flower

  3. Annie tak inspired lagi sebab Annie dah dapat AngPow besar dari Bajet kelmarin kot.

    Anyway, thanks Annie atas memeriahkan dunia blog dan take care to you too.

    Kalau benar what you said which I hope not, we will miss you Annie.

  4. Aiik, whats up annie? Anything bad lately?

    Theres a song - When will I See You Again

    Are you Ready For Love ?

    Maybe that will inspire you..hmm

  5. GOOD!!

    Dont Come Back for Your Own Good Mental Health. Stop Before Its Too Late...
    These BN Politicians will make you end up In Tanjong Rambutan!!

    1. don't be such a pathetic. mental health doesn't determined by politicians.

    2. And you Pakatoons having escaped from there somehow lost your way into here
      Shoo, you Lim Guan Eng running dogs and Anwar Al Juburi rod polishers

  6. why laa...:(
    i luv ur writings...pls don't dissappear annie.

  7. jgn putus harapan annie kerana hanya seorg yg x hargai kamu. pasti ada yg lebih baik buat kamu di luar sana.

  8. Here's what William Shakespeare said:

    The fault, dear Annie, lies not in our stars
    But in ourselves that we are underlings

    Here's what I say:

    He who hath no honour
    Hath Annie stood up again and again
    Doth not Annie deserve

    So, tell him to go to hell

    Pssst, if you really feel depressed, ring up the Befrienders or somebody
    Cheer up and tell yourself that nobody is indispensable, that he is not worth you going away for, and that there are so many others out there for the picking

    There are a few among your readers, just give hint, or your email address, hehe
    Cheers and take care

  9. Blog u Annie spt lagu P.Ramlee adalah "Getaran jiwaku" kerana itu "Jangan tinggal daku" dan jika u pergi juga seperti "Andai di pisah lagu dan irama...lemah tiada berjiwa...hampa"

  10. What ? Not coming back? You know I just read read a news about a lady doctor who was conned and parted with her RM1.5 mil in an internet scam. If you are that con artist, (read IF) I will be the first to part with a million or two. That's how much your writing touches my soul since I discovered your site. Noooo...don't go away. You always make my day.

    Anyway, to all readers, when Annie offered us light-hearted pieces, please do not use the feedback facilities to take out on your political and racial adversaries and turn this into war zone and thus change the tone and colour of the interaction that Annie is hoping for. This may be depressing to any writer. I am sure from the tone of Annie's writing she wants to keep things light hearted.

    So, Annie, please don't go. You will make many souls sad and heart-broken if you do. If you want a personal plea, you got my email add. Please say, "Gotcha!!! got you this time....I really am not going anywhere".