Wednesday 15 October 2014

Anwar's probable finale

The PKR headquarters today issued a statement on DS Anwar Ibrahim's nationwide road tour ahead of the final appeal of his sodomy conviction at Federal Court on Oct 28 and 29.

The road tour will start with a Deepavali function in Klang on Oct 21, followed by other functions in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Terengganu, Pahang, Malacca, Johor, and Selangor.

The climax of the "Himpunan Solidariti Bersama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim" will be at Stadium Kelana Jaya on Oct 27.

It's an obvious attempt by Anwar to pre-empt the possibility of the Federal Court upholding the decision by the Court of Appeals which sentenced him to a five years imprisonment for sodomising his aide.

The Court of Appeals had in March overturned a lower court's decision which had acquitted him of the charge.

The road tour will be Anwar's attempt to whip up public support for him, which he hopes will damage the ruling Barisan Nasional and to a certain extent influence the court's decision.

It is the same strategy which he employed when he was sacked from his deputy prime minister post on Sept 2, 1998.

Anwar had then went on a whirl wind tour of the country to galvanize support for himself.

It triggered the Reformasi movement which resulted in a string of violent street protests in downtown KL before Anwar was arrested and jailed for abuse of power.

BN took a severe blow at the 1999 general election, with Malays' votes for the coalition being reduced to just about 37 per cent.

The Chinese community, spooked by the violent Reformasi protests which participants were overwhelmingly Malays, went all out to support BN, thus saving the coalition at the polls.

This time, Anwar is hoping for the same to happen again...except of course the part where the Chinese community's votes save BN.

It is however doubtful that he will get his wish.

Back then he was only 51. Now he is 66.

I don't think that many young people are fanatical about Anwar now.

How many of them are willing to go to the streets just to defend him?

Are young DAP supporters willing to clash with the police over Anwar?

How about Pas people? Is it going to be a jihad to go to the streets to prevent Anwar from being jailed for committing sodomy?

I don't think so.

The Pakatan people do not say it out loud but I think most of them are actually glad that Anwar may soon be out of the picture.

He is actually a liability to them now.

I had talked with many Pakatan supporters about Anwar and his political baggage, including his sexual exploits.

Most of them said it's not that they do not believe in those unsavory things BN people said about Anwar, but the overriding objective of getting rid of the BN government necessitate them to overlook all that.

In any debate I had with my Pakatan friends, the best way to silence them was by asking them whether they believe that it was Anwar who was featured in the sex tapes.

" Anwar can screw a donkey for all I care, but BN must be toppled," said a DAP friend once when I asked that question. And that ended the debate as we then laugh about other funnier things than the mental picture of an old man having sex with a donkey.

I actually believe that Pakatan will be stronger once someone younger and with less baggage such as Azmin Ali takes over the helm of PKR.

The Pakatan coalition actually has a number of capable young leaders from all three component parties of DAP, PKR and Pas.

BN leaders should in fact be more worried once these young people took over from the old Pakatan leaders.

I believe BN itself has less of such capable young leaders.

Umno in fact, only has two whom I can think of at national level - Khairy Jamaluddin and Mukhriz Mahathir.

So, I don't think BN should be too happy if Anwar goes to jail.

As for Anwar, it's the end of the road for him if he goes to prison.

By the time he came out of prison, the country's political dynamics will be very different from what it is today.

He will no longer be needed by Pakatan as they will by then have the young leaders fully entrenched at the top.

They are not likely to give up their position for a spent force that Anwar will be by then.

And the likelihood of these young Pakatan leaders at that time already occupying Putrajaya should not be totally dismissed if BN continues to flounder and fail to clean up its own act.

I don't think Prime Minister Azmin Ali will be willing to hand over the post to Anwar, no matter how much he love his mentor.

Whatever it is, Anwar should realize that this coming road show may likely be his last hurrah, and that it's the end of his dream of being the country's most powerful man.


  1. Hi, girl hope you fine and dandy! I will belanja you Pahang Laksa if he goes to SB with enhanced duration.
    I dah janji will fast for 3 days NOT becoz I'm pro-BN. Its what he deserves, for what he (and Azizah/Nurul) did to TSKI and the mess in Selangor!
    Hope they throw away the keys too. Najib (and Rosmah) can be toppled by UMNO itself!
    PakLah went! So see what TDM has in store to Match `Rosmah's Power' come 25-29November!
    Just as Anwar `craved the Selangor Rm 3.4billions, Rosmah needs the RM 711million!

    1. I like what you say. But Rosmah's Power? Don't understand what. Can say some more?

  2. Anwar's lawyer, Ramkarpal Singh, told reporters in July that there were three issues in the Appeal to the Federal Court, the highest court in the land:

    1. Anwar's appeal against his sodomy conviction
    2. the prosecution's cross appeal for a heavier sentence
    3. Anwar's appeal to disqualify Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah from acting for the prosecution.

    The last one above has just been settled some days ago - Muhammad Shafee is allowed to appear for the prosecution. The last two issues remain and will be dealt with in the coming Federal Court hearing. Whatever decision made will be final - no more appeal allowed after that. Hence Anwar is jittery, to say the least.

    When he appealed against the 5-year prison term, he was taking a gamble, knowing that the prosecution might ask for a heavier sentence, which they did and he lost that gamble.

    Desperate, he now tries the "court of public opinion". So-called road show. Alas, Karpal Singh, his lead counsel has gone dead, on the road. Not sure which lawyer is going to lead in his show at the Appeal Court this time, Sulaiman Abdullah previously said to be ill. Sulaiman, an Indian Muslim convert, was his lead lawyer before Karpal Singh and is familiar with his case, and it's not clear why Anwar changed him to Karpal at that time.

    Road show or not, I don't think the Judges are going to be influenced. Especially Federal Court Judges, well experienced ones. They will decide on the facts and arguments presented before them and nothing else.

    I hope - and pray - those facts and arguments will lead to a longer prison sentence.

  3. The case for a longer prison sentence is clear -

    For Anwar's Sodomy I final Appeal - to the Federal Court, too - the Judges allowed the appeal "on technical grounds", but did record in their Judgement their opinion - which has become a fact as they were the highest Court in the land - the fact that he did sodomize.

    Sodomy II is therefore a REPEAT OFFENCE. The previous Appeal Court had ruled that he did sodomize - A SECOND TIME - and handed down a 5-tear prison sentence. It's not enough but the Prosecution kept quiet. But Anwar appealed and this is HIS appeal against that. Because he appealed, the Prosecution "CROSS-APPEALED".

    I do not expect any new evidence presented by Anwar's team in this final appeal. The last Appeal Court comprised of three Judges, not just one. If I remember correctly, it was a unanimous decision, so less of a possibility of any error in judgment. The veteran lawyer, Muhammad Shafee, will of course rebut any defence argument suggesting otherwise.

    On those reasoning, I do expect it will be a decision favouring the Prosecution. On that basis, the 5-year prison sentence should be increased to a minimum of 10 years, even 15 years, out of a maximum sentence for this offence of 20 years.

    Remember, it's a REPEAT OFFENCE - the Sodomy I Appeal Judges having recorded in their judgment that Anwar did sodomize in that case as well.

    1. re: "I don't think Prime Minister Azmin Ali will be willing to hand over the post to Anwar, no matter how much he love his mentor."

      canot cannot! his sister already said old donkey screwed his wife!

    2. Hahaha, old donkey sodok Azmin's wife.

      The sister Umi Hafilda also said a lot of assets that Anwar reported amassed during his Finance Ministership were placed under Azmin's/ Shamsidar's names. And Anwar arranged for the wife getting a cushy not-much-work job at his cony's bank with car and driver - Allied Bank or what. Maybe terima kasih kat Anwar tak terhingga. Hingga Anwar sodok bini pun tak kira?

      At least some commission for those "holding of assets" Azmin must have got. But if the assets not yet transferred into Anwar's/ family's names, Azmin can now return the gesture - sodok the MB aspirant pulak. Ooops ....

    3. Sodok there sodok here...not should of beautiful women to sodok, but why chose to sodok man backside......just wondering!! hiuhihi

  4. Pembicaraan pertama kes Sodomi II dia, Anwar nmpak nya telah menjangka dia akan kalah. Dia umumkan suatu road show juga, bermula di Seremban, minta rakyat do'akan dia di dapati tidak bersalah. Tambahan pula, orang orang dia mengkerumuni kwasan Mahkamah di hari bicara itu. Berdemo juga, di kawasan letak kereta.

    Tup tup, Hakim mengumumkan dia tidak bersalah. Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) nampak nya belot, tak mencuba sedaya upaya mengalahkan barisan peguam Awar. Tak lama selepas itu, DPP itu telah bersara. Tup tup di beritakan bekas DPP itu duduk di barisan peguam Anwar di suatu kes berlainan. Bodoh punya DPP, tunggu lah lama sikit, supaya tak nampak sangat, tak senang sangat khalayak ramai menuduh dia pembelot Kerajaan. Tup tup punya DPP.

    Di rayuan pertama bagi Sodomy II nya, Anwar tak dapat DPP Pembelot. Pendek kata, Peguam Negara tidak mengguakan DPP Pembelot lagi, mungkin takut ada lagi DPP saperti itu. Dia pakai peguam veteran "orang luar", bukan setaf di pejabat nya. Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee. Menang. Terbalik keputusan pertama tak bersalah itu. Di hakimkan bersalah. Di kenakan hukum penajara 5 tahun.

    Sekrang rayuan terakhir Muhammad Shafee sebagai DPP juga lagi. Anwar cuba bantah supaya Shafee tidak menjadi DPP. Lawan punya lawan, sampai Mahkamah Tertinggi juga. Mahkamah Federal baru saja hakimkan bahawa Shafee boleh jadi DPP di Rayuan terakhir akan datang ini.

    Maka rasa nya Anwar pun fikir dia akan kalah. Tapi dia masih mengharapkan berlaku "miracle" lagi. Saperti yang dlu berlaku bila dia mulakan road show nya. Gamak nya, itu pasal dia buat road show juga kali ini.

    Tapi, dengn veteran criminal lawyer Shafee sebagai DPP, yang mahir dengan selok belok menghujjah melawan hujah hujah peguam Anwar, saya amat berharap DPP menang dan Anwar di beri hukum penjara tambahan - 10 atau 15 tahun. Sebab ini kes kedua dia menyodom.

    1. kena ingat juga, roadshow pertama kes sodomi 2 dan juga zaman reformasi ada ramai org2 Pas yg join skali.. untuk kali ni setelah apa yg geng2 pkr n dap buat pd Pas, rasanya diaorg takkan support punya

    2. ELOK LA TU.

    3. Silap tu. Pengkhususan penulisan kesusateraan Shakespear(e)...hehehe.

  5. Well said!


  6. If guilty Anwar should be jail longer. 15 years.

    I don't want his blood. I just want his white blood not enter other people backsides any more. Or other people white blod enter his. Which ever which way or both ways these people do.

    Plus, he is big nuisance to society. Divides people. Like the Malays. No unity possible as long as he free to do all sorts. On no principles, too. He even pally pally with "NeoCons, Jews and Zionists" in US to get funds to put down government in this country.

    1. "Plus, he is big nuisance to society. Divides people. Like the Malays. No unity possible as long as he free to do all sorts. On no principles, too."

      He is a stampeding spermatozoa

    2. Hahaha, I like that one, brader.

      stampeding spermatozoa, hahaha.

      I tell you, I'm really enjoying this blog coz, after serious serious talk, got jokes also.

      Well done, folks.

  7. Do you know the reasons why only Indian lawyers are defending Anwar in his sodomy case? If you have an answer you may save Anwar from going to SB. Unfortunately Kalpar Singh knew but he is pleading his case to GOD, either in hell or heaven in order to save his next life!!!!

    1. Why only Indian lawyers defending Anwar?

      Let's face it, he has Indian blood, nothing wrong with that, we even have Negro blood, according to some theory on the origin of mankind. (Note the N word is not allowed in USA, you think only Ambiga can hate the word pendatang?).

      So, Anwar thinks Indians are great lawyers, arguing type, so Sulaiman Abdullah became a Muslim convert, lost his Indian stature, perceived as Malay at least in name, and Anwar sacked (?) the fler in favor of Karpal Singh.

      Can I say the rest is history? No. Remember Zaid Ibrahim, ex-Minister and well sought-after PKR member at one time, he owns the largest Malay law firm, some 100 Malay lawyers are there. But Zahid bo tahan with Anwar, cabut from PKR disgusted with the party election procedures when he was interested in the Deputy President post. After he cabut, you think any of the 100 Malay lawyers would want to take Anwar's case? Or the friends of the 100, which means almost all the Malay lawyers in KL.

      Chinese lawyers? Do they want to serve him? I no think so. They only want to use him. Or, better said, they just want him to serve them. Like the Bar Council members on Bersih committee. They made use of Anwar.

      So, he ended up with Indian lawyers lah.

      Logic or not?

    2. To be fair to Sulaiman Abdullah, he was not sacked by Anwar. He pleaded ill heath and withdrew from the case. Although not long after that he was in the news defending another case.

      Perhaps he was not in tune with Anwar's finding each and every excuse to delay his case for reasons that include his wanting to exploit it and embarrass the Government far and wide of having and using "archaic laws" to stifle the Opposition, though the Government was merely trying to stop him from stifling pretty young men's anuses.


    An Umno MP today told Putrajaya not to send ministers to Sabah to threaten its people who are sympathetic to a movement calling for the state's secession from the Malaysian federation.

    Abdul Ghapur Salleh (BN-Kalabakan) said instead, the government should look at their grouses which led them to advocate such a cause.

    "We cannot take them lightly because they are made up of intellectuals. Perhaps they think there are some things Sabah are not getting, that Sabah and Sarawak are not getting its fair share.

  9. I don't think Anwar has ever had the "pull factor". Most of those who supported him have been the disgruntled, dissatisfied - even possibly never will be satisfied - lot. In PAS and PKR. PAS after all were formed by those in UMNO who were dissatisfied with UMNO's Islamic agenda at that time.

    Plus those who bought DAP's hate campaign against the Establishment, ungrateful for their citizenship right that the Malays have agreed to, not respecting the quid pro quo or Social Contract as reflected in the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    Some of the young may not be concerned about the above but many carry Islamic values, intolerable of sodomy and China Doll acts - however much doubt expressed about Anwar's sex video, they have seen Sodomy I Federal Appeal Court saying Anwar did sodomize, and then there is Sodomy II.

    So, those who support Anwar do so not because his ideas on running the government are good and attractive. It's because they just dislike the Establishment. Anwar did not have the "pull factor" all along. How can he, when he even supported the Zionist Israelis, saying he supports "the defence of the security of Israel". It's a big no no to most Muslims who, apart from the Jews being the traditional Muslim adversary, see the bullying of the Palestinians and the Arabs all these years. Even to the non-Muslims many of whom see that as a betrayal of the interests of the majority of the population. The non-Muslims of various faiths have no particular interest in Israel as they are Jews. And Zionist at that. Expansionist, endlessly building Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories.

  10. Why is he taking his own personal WAR to the rakyat? A funny man that MR Bean will never endorsed. I hope Anwar will be 'FREED' and May Allah S.W.T show him the right way for him to retire peacefully. Wallahulam.

    1. Yes, Wallahulam. Makna, Tuhan sahaja yang tahu.

      Tapi Wallahulam juga kalu dia tak retire, tapi membuas sampai ke lubang kubur.

      No, cannot be freed under any circumstances. I'll be damn disappointed if the Federal Court allow his appeal and disallow the Prosecution's cross-appeal.

  11. Akhirnya Nuar tetap jadi penghuni lockup.Tak kiralah 5 tahun atau lebih.Yg penting Nuar bersalah meliwat.Mahkamah dah buat keputusan berdasarkan hujah2 drp kedua2 pihak.

    Legacy Nuar berakhir di penjara nampaknya.

  12. Anwar started losing when terrorists from the West realized that they bet on the wrong horse in their pursuit towards re-colonialism. The question is who will these Western terrorists bet on now? Najib is silent all along because with almost every country including China fearing the Islamic state "nuisance " to them , it was better to keep quiet and strategise after the "religious" based wars in Iraq, Afghanistan,Syria,Bosnia where the Western terrorists were not clear winners. They got rid of the excess armaments that they have manufactured and got their returns from oil in these countries.
    Malaysia, well before they got tin, rubber but the oil reserves are not that much to be profitable for them to start waging a revolution here. Not that they did not try. It was not assertive enough for the fruits of their labor.The question is whoever the young leaders mentioned in this article that can get the support of the Western terrorists will be the next Prime Minister for Malaysia to allow the re-colonization of Malaysia. So look at the big picture in your intellectual analysis of where we will be in the near future. As it is now Anything but UMNO (ABU) or Anything but PAS or Anything but PKR sums up to Anything but Malay.Singapore is a republic, Penang is on the way.Pulau Ketam is already a republic, Pangkor Island ( save for a Naval base) would have been a republic. What is to stop West and East Malaysia to be Anything but Malay. The day we were born we have been classified and categorized.

    1. If "China fearing the Islamic state "nuisance " to them", what more the Chinese in Malaysia. They should be grateful that the Malaysian Government fights the Islamic terrorists and don't allow them in this country.

      Can we hear some thank you please. From DAP, for example. Still ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP?

    2. No unerstand where you heading in your arguments, Mister.

      Anything but UMNO (ABU) - Anything but PAS (ABUP?), Anything but PKR (ABUK?)

      "sums up to Anything but Malay"? Wat DO u mean, stu?

      Penang is on the way to Republic? Says who? DAP Red Bean? You wanna Malays react if you blokes start wanting that?

      Pulau Ketam is already a republic, Pangkor Island ( save for a Naval base) would have been a republic? Are you crazy, OTC?

      What is to stop West and East Malaysia to be Anything but Malay? The Malays, the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Police, the Military. You wanna hear more, you bloody anarchist bastak?

      No, the day YOU were born YOU were diagnosed as mental case, except the doctor delivering you didn't want to say, coz it was a difficult delivery, you were a DIFFICULT CHILD. UNTIL NOW.

    3. "will be the next Prime Minister for Malaysia to allow the re-colonization of Malaysia" -

      Re-colonization of Malaysia? Wat you talkin', Mista? Wat school you went to?

      No more talk of "Imperialist running dogs", "lackeys" and what now for so long lorr. The commies have gone. No talk of Imperialism, colonization etc.

      Which cave you come from?





  14. Wow Annie, this blog of yours appeared in RPK's website!

    Your blog is under RPK's radar now, he's reading your blog.

    You must have said many right and sensible things in your blog that have brought RPK's attention.


  15. Thanks for echoing my sentiment about the oddly brighter future of Pakatan Rakyat when Anwar Ibrahim goes to prison, unlike some "been around the world, lived abroad, have decent knowledge of the English language and of current affairs" fanatic with anger issues.

    1. O yeah? What anger issues? Wanking your nonsense left, right and centre? Didn't read Annie's post above? Heading says Anwar's finale, going kapputz. And anyone else here says PKR got brighter prospects after his political demise? Other than you?

      You haven't even explained how the prospects are better, despite repeated requests for that.

      You deserve what you got, though I don't remember really whacking you or feeling what you called "fanatic with anger issues".

      You the usual Oppo Hippo making the standard "wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations", eh? How for Pakatoon to have better prospects like that, man. Or woman.

      You flers can't even explain yourselves. Only demo jalanan and Red Bean-ism, eh? Be communicative, will ya. Explain, when stating your opinions. Especially when requested so. Then there will be less unpleasantness and distaste, like now.

      And you will get your points across if you explain well. Surely you want that, don't you? Especially when you come in here and spend some time writing. You want people to agree with you, butut tak?

    2. The story is this: every one can state his/her opinion. If that opinion is generally accepted, fine. If not, subject to walloping lah.

      To avoid that, try to justify your opinion lah. Give facts, quote sources, give reliable and verifiable sources of information, quote authorities and the like.

      If you quote Pakatoon blokes, they cannot be authorities. Coz they are not running the Federal gomen. Even state land matters, land rules are controlled by the Ministry of Lands, not MB Azzzmmiiinnn.

      Saying Anwar gone, PKR better prospects, sure questionable one. You don't give explanation or justification, sure kena kritik one.

    3. Anonymous16 October 2014 12:33,

      Is the moral of the story: you talk pro-BN, no need to justify, but if you talk pro-PR, need to justify?

      Ya lah, pro-BN guys in here won't let unjustified or unsubstantiated pro-PR comments get away without being challenged.

      Challenge saja le. They want to reply ok, they don't reply readers won't believe what they say le.

  16. WE are going to miss Anwar, just like we missed Karpal. Just think ogf it, life full of Najibs, Rosmahs, Guan Engs are no fun at all.

    1. You mean fun with Anwar around? Fun about his main belakang, main depan Omega watch, demo jalanan, Bersih 25,000 attendees he said 250,000, Padang Merbok demo only 5,000 participants he claimed 50,000?

      Aiyoyo, what man, you.

    2. Yeah! we will miss all those fun. What is life without salt and spice.

    3. Heard about salt and spice at the wrong places may cause some shrieking, hehe

    4. Or shrinking, huhu

    5. Naughty, naughty, naughty, some people might say.

      But careful now -

      The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars
      But in what we think other people mean - Shakespirun.

      And some people might mistake salt for powder, and spice for .... whatever. Especially in the middle of the night.

      Anwar of course did China Doll in the middle of the day. That clever sod.

    6. Did he used salt and spice, instead of vaseline or K-jelly?

    7. Hahaha, salt and spice, instead of vaseline or K-jelly.

      You guys are really funny. Melelas le, Bang.

      Hohoho, huhuhu.

    8. Being unorthodox and adventurous, he might have used salt and spice. Probably resulted in an exhilarating orgasm.

  17. "an obvious attempt by Anwar to pre-empt the possibility of the Federal Court upholding the decision by the Court of Appeals which sentenced him to five years" -

    He can't. I don't think he will succeed. The Federal Court Judges will not be influenced.

    Going by deduction: The High Court - with just one Judge - did not find him guilty. The Appeal Court - with three Judges - found him guilty. And they were unanimous decision, I think. So, most likely the decision will be in favour of the prosecution.

    Unless there is some new evidence. What could there be? That Thai specialist doctor Porntip (interesting name) not allowed to give opinion. Not necessary. So many experts in Malaysia. Malu lah if allow a foreign specialist of about same standing.

    Saiful also not likely to suddenly change his testimony. He has gone to Haji. And got married.

    Hopefully it would not be like the Kalimah Allah case where the lady Judge was a practising Christian. I cannot say more on this fearing sub-judice or contempt of court. The Chief Justice once said in Kota Bharu after a seminar that we can give our views on judgments after decisions are made. This one not yet. So I stop here about judgment.

    But I will say my hope - that Anwar will finito after the coming final appeal.

  18. I'm intrigued by the statement "1999 general election, with Malays' votes for the coalition being reduced to just about 37 per cent".

    I googled the words "1999 general election, Malays' votes about 37 per cent", it produced 6 pages of results but only Wikipedia gives figures like that and Lim Kit Siang blog says 33% Gelang Patah Malay votes. Of course has at times been unreliable and I didn't read the details there. One result says precisely what Annie said in her post above, but that was RPK's blog reproducing Annie's post.

    Googling "Malaysia Election Commission 1999 General Elections 37% Malay votes" did not produce any such results.

    Now makan time, unable to spend more time googling for the 37% Malay votes at 1999 GE. I'm unable to believe that until I see some reliable and authoritative source. Can any one help me with link to reliable and verifiable source of that, please, thank you.

  19. "has less of such" should be "has fewer of such."

    1. Waaaaaaaaaah, Okspod Englais ni nampaknya.

      Berkawan dengan Kerry ke? Bukan Kerry US, Kerry yang tu le.

      Btw, lu referring to which comment, arr? Coz "less" refers to undeterminable number or quantity, whereas "fewer" refers to determinable number or quantity, innit?

      Sometimes, people want to write fast, just tarok saja, after all this is not an Englais class, innit?

      Have a good day, baby.

    2. Substance, man, substance. Not form.

  20. re ,I don't think BN should be to happy,if Anuar goes to jail.

    It's not about Anuar going to jail , what most sensible people, believe that justice must be served.
    The drums of conspiracy was very loud in sodomy 1 ,and people might take it ,but, once beaten twice shy , sodomy 2 ,does showed that, he think that he could fools his ways around .
    He should serve his punishment , and the public are eager to see that our judiciary are not clouded by influence .

    1. It's also about incorrigible habit. About the nature of the man, his instinctive tendencies. So, how to allow him to be PM.

      Oscar Wilde main belakang, his business, he was an author. Elton John main belakang (or kena main belakang?), his business, he a singer. Got knighted Sir also (If kena main dia punya belakang, he should be given the title "Dame"?)

      But Anwar nak main belakang tak boleh, it's our business - even if he is not interested in becoming PM, coz "Islam is the religion of this country" and does not allow main belakang.

  21. Aiseh, nobody comments on Anwar's appearance in the photo ha? That's part of Annie's post lah. Ada message Annie nak beri tu.

    Of course my comment is: rupa mcm penjangak aje. In line with the overall post message, what - probable finale.

    Tu lah, nak jadi PM jangan menjub.. plak.

  22. No running off to foreign embassies this time?

    1. The last time he did it, it didn't work.

      No handsome young men at the Turkish Embassy.

      They all wore beard. Upstairs and downstairs.

    2. Anon 16:14,

      Aii....Yaaa !, apa pasat mau tengok itu palas lupa maa aa , hansom punya olang pon atak manyak jahat lor rr , holoh punya olang pon atak baik punya maa aa .

      Itu , Bulayu atak cakap , 'wajah tatak cerminkan hati lea aa ' , itu Najib pon atak hansom , Khalid Nordin pon hansom jugak maa aa , Lim Guan Eng lagi manyak hansom loo rr .
      Aluar ea aa , wa tatak mau cakap maa aa .

  23. Ahmad Said, Anwar.... The trophies on Najib's wall continue to increase.

    1. Kononnya Najib is just as western-liberal as Anwar, want to bring in Jaringan Liberal Islam from Indonesia thru his Global Movment of Moderates. It's so religiously messy in Indonesian society

  24. Last time when interviewed as to how he passed his time, Anwar said he listened to the Beatlles while in prison.Maybe he should diverse his music sense, maybe some Rollling Stones "'Paint It Black"' ....sums it all up

  25. Early this morning I want to talk about sex. That which Annie brought up. Anwar and his backside sex. Gawwwwd, how unearthly. Unnatural sex. Not in the course of nature, says the law, Or something like that.

    Agree with Annie. Not so many of the young will throng to Anwar's road shows any more. Same with the Chinese. And less of the Malays compared to Reformasi days. But not because of his China Doll or natural sex. So many do it. In hotel rooms and in prostitute houses. But because his kind of sex. Sodomy sex.

    It's even gruesome to think of the dong penetrating the kong. With or without the nivea cream or the K jelly. Especially without. Bruises, man, bruises. On both people. The dong and the rear receptacle. And isn't it damn smelly and dirty, too?

    Wonder how in US, Britain etc where both blokes have dongs but marry each other. What do they do to deserve that kind of life. Yes, they say it's biological. It's wired in their brains to like doing that. I think only some, not all. Anwar is the gullible type. Will swipe anything that moves under a skirt. Including Scotsmen. What a world. What a bloke.

    Here in Malaysia Anwar and the likes of him will want to marry dong to dong if allowed? Hell hath no fury to women scorned and I hope they rise to de-dong such blokes.

    Thank God Islam is the religion of this country and it forbids acts of donging. Otherwise I shudder at the thought of seeing two blokes with dongs holding hands walking in loving fashion in shopping malls and the like. Phui to you Anwarul Al Juburi. Let there be only handfuls of attendance on your roadshows. And don't you dare say 1000 attended when only 100 do, d'ya hear?

  26. Wonder if Anwar pays people to attend his road shows. Or offer them free meals and goodies. Form what Azmin Ali's sister Umi Hafilda said, he has tons of money and assets that make paying such people only pittance.

    He begins the show with a Deepavali function in Klang. Do they give ang pows on Deepavali? Any harm if ang pows are given during Deepavali? It seems convenient that he chooses to start the road show with a Deepavali function. Ensuring there is a crowd, whatever the size, to kickstart the show.

    Of course all the PKR Branches will be told to gather their members at the road shows. Many will presumably be imported to the sites concerned by bus, rented cars and the like. So, let's not be fooled by the size of such shows. Mostly only PKR members and a smattering of supporters will show up.

    And I hope rains will show up on the days and times scheduled. Am counting on divine providence. And God not sympathetic with sodomists. Bad intention, ill feelings? Of course yes. Not just on this sodomist but also on this penderhaka bangsa and negara. Anyone wants proof of those, let me know.

    Have a good day, everybody.

    1. So, let's not be fooled by the size of such shows -

      Unless he brings 40,000 Banglas.

  27. Yeah, let's hope and pray that this coming road show will be the last show for him. Penjara Sg Buluh will be the next show. Sg Buluh will be near to Azizah in Istana Segambut. But even if in Kajang, it'll be good for Azizah as she can then be seen as the Wakil Rakyat visiting her constituency often.

    The evidence and arguments are all there for the Federal Court Judges to see. The Judges would by now have been chosen and all the files already on their desks. Oh God, please, don't let any unsavoury development taking place at the trial. And don't let any of the Judges think anything else but 10-15 years prison term for Anwar at the end of it.


    1. Anugerah Tuhan constituency, that is, hehe

    2. Moral of the story is: have Anwar, will travel. Often.

    3. Let's also hope and pray there will be no "technical grounds" for the Judges to allow Anwar's appeal. Like in Sodomy I Federal Court Appeal.

      And this time allow the Prosecution's "cross appeal", instead.

    4. Hoping, praying and assuming that Anwarul Al Juburi will go to prison 10-15 years, we'll next hope for PKR to die out of infighting whatever. Political analyst Joceline Tan suggests huge fights, saying (summary) -

      Selangor has long been Azmin’s power base and that has been the basis of his claim for the mentri besar post all these years. But he may have to fight off two powerful women to hold on to his base.

      Those who got plum posts were the ones fighting for her to be the mentri besar. But since that did not happen, this group will now run the party as a parallel force against the group surrounding Selangor MB Azmin Ali.

      In other words, there are now two power centres in PKR – one revolves around Azmin and the other around the new secretary-general Rafizi Ramli.

      These two factions will tussle for supremacy from now until the next party election, which will probably be even more intense than the recent one.

      But the talk in Selangor is that Azmin is about to face another challenge to his leadership. Dr Wan Azizah is believed to be making a bid to replace Azmin as the Selangor PKR chairman.

      It is hard to tell whether the division chiefs will stay loyal to Azmin or sway to Dr Wan Azizah. Some division heads said that top vice-president Nurul Izzah had approached them to lobby for her mother. It is said that up to 12 out 22 divisions have agreed to endorse Dr Wan Azizah for the state chairman post.

      As mentri besar, Azmin can take care of their political interests but the party president can also insist on having her way as she has shown in the recent party appointments.

      For instance, the party polls saw those aligned to Azmin making up 60% of the supreme council. However, almost 90% of the appointments went to those aligned to Rafizi.

      There has been so much commentary on Rafizi holding dual posts as vice-president and secretary-general given the disastrous Kajang Move.

      It was quite astonishing that the man whose strategies almost caused Pakatan Rakyat to break up in Selangor has been rewarded with an even more powerful post.

      Dr Wan Azizah is not known for being a hands-on president and it is likely that the Pandan MP will be the one calling the shots.

      Rafizi’s controlling style was more than evident in an e-mail that he purportedly sent to Anwar and Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, laying down a string of instructions aimed at undermining Azmin.

      The e-mail demanded that Azmin must sign an undated letter to resign as mentri besar if he does not follow what the party says. It was also stated in the e-mail that the palace must be made aware that PKR regards the choice of Azmin to be unconstitutional.

      There has been no denial to date from Rafizi about the e-mail and if the leak is authentic, it means that the new secretary-general has enemies in the party.

      Rafizi has become a rather divisive figure in the party following his mastermind role to topple Khalid and then to block Azmin from the mentri besar post.

      Rafizi also has an image problem. Everyone still remembers how he told those who did not support Anwar and his family to leave the party.

      But regardless of how people may feel about him, Rafizi is here to stay. And if Anwar does not win an innocent verdict, Rafizi will become the most powerful man in PKR.

      Not President Azizah, not Deputy President Azmin. Very interesting.

    5. Azizah is believed to be making a bid to replace Azmin as the Selangor PKR chairman.

      Hang dah Presiden parti, awat nak jadi Selangor Chaiman pulak? Sebab Azmin tak hormat hangpa, nak ambik kuasa, nak tunjuk kuasa ka?

      Kalau betui lagu tu, nampak benaq la depa nak laga kepala depa.

      Yang ada tandok kot bolih menang. Tapi binatang yang ada tandok pun bila berlaga tak guna tandok. Guna kepala tempat yang takda tandok tuh. Tengok lah kambing ka, lembu ka, rusa ka.

      Mana tau di PKR yang pompuan tu pakai tandok. Aku nak tengok sapa yang tebarin ataih tanah.

    6. Aiyoyo, this one so good to hear -

      PRO-AZMIN NGO? Youth NGO Lensa tells Anwar to retire
      Malaysia Chronicle

      A NGO, which is often seen as leaning towards Pakatan Rakyat, has called on Anwar Ibrahim to retire, saying that the people are "tired" of him.

      Comment: If pro-Azmin, then the internal fights Joceline said above are hotting up lah. Gud, gud, gud.

  28. Anwar ibarat garam politik, kit siang dan LGE rempah ratusnya, tak lengkap jika terpisah mana2 satunya

    1. Tak kisah lah sama ada rempah ke garam ke. Asalkan depa masak nun jauh dari orang lain.

      Dan rasa masakan nya bersepai.

    2. Baguih la tarak sebut Hadi. Dia masak memang berlain. Cuba baca yang ni -

      Hadi The Stumbling Block To Pakatan's Putrajaya Ambitions, Say Analysts - ‎42 minutes ago‎

      PAKATAN RAKYAT(PR) does not look capable of conquering Putrajaya so long as Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang remains as PAS president, analysts say, citing the trust deficit that the conservative leader has built recently over ...

    3. Hadi baru tahu ramuan masakan PR tak sodap, mana nak sama dgn selera Pantai Timur....

    4. Hadi is an Islamist "has-been" He and his 1989 "amanah hadi awang" together with al-Juburi's happy Saudi liaison really split the ground from under the Malay people's feet, tear their religion apart and make family at war with each other because of PAS pronounce muslims who don't vote for them as kafir..

  29. Must every story have a moral? Sure. Why not?

    Except Anwar. He has no moral.

    And now he is in low morale.

    Bloody English word - with e one meaning, without e another meaning.

  30. So many judges in this forum giving their verdicts.

    Mostly political slander cos of bitterness and hate for a man just because their political masters say so.

    Many are just guessing what will happen to this man if he goes to jail.

    Who cares. His reform asli has already started and the young ones are already the ones reformed by his ideals.

    Just remaining unreformed are the old indoctrinated goons, paid bloggers and those in debt to the clutches of the ruling Govt.

    What a sordid group of people.

    1. Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hi hi hi.

      "just because their political masters say so"? And your political masters told you to write the above? Ho hum, man.

      "Mostly political slander cos of bitterness and hate" for Al Juburi? His main jubor been recorded even by the Federal Court Judges of Sodomy I you call slander? You got your brains in Anwar's al jubor?

      "Bitterness and hate" by us you think not justified? You blind to his divisiveness? Before, the Malays were only UMNO and PAS, then he divided them further by forming PKR, you no see? Then he brought the anti-Malays, anti-Islam DAP together to heighten the hate-Malays campaign, you had your eyes in smelly al juburi?

      He arranged funds from the NeoCons, Jews and Zionists of the Israeli Lobby in US for anti-national groups here and spoke about defending the security of Zionist Israel, you didn't read the papers?

      What a pathetic, idiosyncratic, lunatic bum you are.

    2. Hah, the fler uses one "sordid" got 3 kinds of tic. Naaaais.

      Pakatoons are welcome here. But no gerenti tak kena tic.

      Patut dia cuba defend le boss dia Nuor. Kot dah tak dapat nak defend lagi, semua yang orang godam tu betui.

      Padan muka depa.

    3. Anwar's reformasi call is nothing but a slogan aiming at massing the people against Mahathir. His call against injustices to a man who lived in a RM7 million palace and sodomize handsome young man is pathetic.

      May he do some soul searching in Sungai Buloh.

    4. Anonymous17 October 2014 09:58 said, ".. what will happen to this man if he goes to jail... Who cares."?

      Woi PKR blokes, the DAP bastak up there has no respect for your boss at all. Going to jail also he said who cares.

      Of course the bugger is DAP, saying young blokes are already reformed by Anwar Al Juburi's "ideals." Presumably such as him talking Ketuanan Rakyat instead of Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in all those Articles of the Constitution pertaining to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc. And the Special Position of the Malays that was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia. All those that the anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP wish to do without.

      But no, you talk cock only like that. The Malays, the Malay Rulers, the bureaucrats, the Police and the Military will not allow that. The Police and the Military have sworn oaths to protect the YDP Agong and the Constitution of the country upon their appointment.

      Remember that in Fiji where the British colonialists allowed the pendatang to become majority, when they won the election, the Army grabbed power to prevent the pendatang from taking power. In this country, nobody shall be allowed to implement such Cina Bukit DAP ideals that Al Juburi appeared to have subscribed to. The ideals entrenched in the Constitution shall persist at all times.

    5. the young ones reformed by Anwar's ideals?

      Who, when, how, what?

      No say arr? Only your opinion ha? My opinion is better than yours, lorr. Any time.

      And my opinion is: what you say is balderdash.

    6. Anonymous17 October 2014 14:17,

      Waaa, good la you, bidding him good bye to Sg Buluh in a polite manner.

      But last time 6 years he was there he didn't do any soul searching. Despite being Chief Librarian, with access to books etc.

      I think he is incorrigible. The only wish for him is 10-15 years there. If in for that period, it won't matter whether he searches his soul or handsome young convicts with whom to play foul.

  31. Ladies and gentle-men. Don't be so joyful. The old man have a few aces up his sleeves. There are many possibilities. His team of anak karpal lawyers may successfully argue for him. If the charges are politically motivated, negotiations may be underway towards a decision of mutual benefits. He may elope into a friendly foreign country, etc.. You all can dance and be merry after the decision is made. Just wait lah...

    1. Ye ke? Aces up his sleeves? Not in his rear receptacle?

      What politically motivated you talkin' man? Just remember lorr, Sodomy I Final Appeal Judges already recorded that he did sodomize, what. How to say politically motivated now?

      Where got negotiations of mutual benefits in criminal cases? This not civil case between two individuals or groups. This is between the Deputy Public Prosecutor and the crook, what. In US, they call it "The People Versus ..." Here the DPP is "The People", meaning us, the public lorr. Mana ada boleh kira, boleh runding kind?

    2. He may elope into a friendly foreign country, etc..?

      With Saiful? Cannot lah. Saiful already married. And gone to Haji.

      Foreign country? US, France? OK lah. But after serving prison term lah. Now maybe 10-15 years, they say.

    3. Strange things do happen. We may never know why.

  32. I was at my friend's son's wedding in Seberang Prai. She was a staunch supporter of Anwar. When Anwar arrived he immediately went around from table to table to salam with everybody. Some guests at my table, I guess, were Anwar's strong supporters looking at the sense of accomplishment and pride after they held Anwar's hand in both their hands and fervently kissed it with smiles of joy. That's normal isn't it? But what's abnormal was when Anwar was two tables away one of them remarked, "I really pity Anwar. With all the billions he has, he should retire now. If he retires now he can screw 10 buggers a day and no one will ever care". This is a true story