Friday 3 October 2014

Superhero I am not

Yesterday, I wore my best outfit.

Someone was to have dinner with me.

But it was not to be.


Made me felt like an idiot, especially because I had even put on some make-up which is something I hardly do.

I had even hurried up my staff to finish work so that I can get off early.

Ended up eating alone at a warung in front of my office.

Nasi putih, sup tulang, kangkung goreng biasa and teh O limau panas.

All that cost RM14.

Normally, I don't eat that much at night, but, since I was feeling crappy, I just don't want to give too much shit.

Actually, I am still feeling not so good deep inside as I am writing this.

Well, never mind.

My pathetic self pitying condition however reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with a friend.

She said to me that sopo bloggers are akin to superheroes.

I told her that's so full of shit.

They are not superheroes, okay. And not that many people read blogs anymore. People nowadays got Facebook, Twitter, Wassap groups, Instagram, etc etc etc.

But she insisted that they are at least a bit like superheroes, as they were fighting bad things and wanted to uphold the good things - democracy, moderation, free speech, good governance, bla, bla, bla, bla.

Like Anas Zubedy, I guess.

If Anas Zubedy is a superhero, then he should be Ironman.

Rich, famous, good looking and knows how to market himself.

Okay, whatever.

I still think it was stupid to put it that way.

However, that conversation also reminded me of the late Bernard Khoo aka Zorro.

I believe he must had imagined himself to be Zorro when he started blogging.

Fighting evil and corrupt people in power like Zorro, the swashbuckling hero  in some Mexico province a long time ago.

I think that Bernard really believed in what he was doing and was being idealistic about it.

Bernard probably had choose to be known as Zorro, because that was his favorite superhero character.

It must also had been fun for him to feel like Zorro.

Well, may he rest in peace.

I don't know.

Maybe, if I am to be a superhero, I must be more like Spiderman.

Anonymous, poor and complete with emotional baggage.

Yup, whenever Spiderman was feeling crappy, he can't do his stuff properly.

Like when Mary Jane treated him, as Peter Parker, like shit because his life was in a mess and he was not successful enough as a normal person.

The poor sod can't even stick to the wall for a while because of that.

Mary Jane can be a cruel bitch sometimes.

Similarly, I can't write properly when I'm in an emotional turmoil.

See, I know, this posting sucks.

I'm writing this just because I can't think properly. I feel that my heart is breaking apart bit by bit at the moment.

By right, I should be writing about the 20 sen per liter price hike of Ron95 petrol which got everyone upset the past few days.

Instead I am writing about Ironman, Spiderman and other nonsense.

Who cares about some stupid fuel price hike when one has a broken heart.

So, therefore, I better stop before I start to write about Wonder Woman, Incredible Hulk etc.

By the way, I still think equating sopo bloggers with superheroes is stupid.

They are not superheroes, okay.

(p.s Please don't write bad things about the late Bernard Khoo in the comment section)


  1. I was with Puteri Gunung Ledang last night and we quite intimate . . . . may God bless the good souls of the super-bunians.

  2. You really are not keeping good company, Annie, not having the right social circle. Got stood up time and again. Drop that sod, woman. Throw him into the sea where they are building Forest City.

    You must widen your circle of contacts. Join a club or something. Learn to assess characters, identify the right man. I have done that but land up with Tokong Lim .. but never mind me, let's talk about you.

    Otherwise you date me. But problem is I don't want to be identified. I'm a sopo insect, moving in dark corners, alleys and crevasses.

    Gottogo, talk to you another time, k?

  3. You shouldn't FEEL Like an IDIOT....YOU ARE AN IDIOT with your IDIOTIC Political Comments!!!

    1. Oh yeah? And u r a fool?

    2. Annie is a Wonder Woman, man... u know what ? She always make u wonder...

    3. Yes, making one wonder is great fun. Heard of the fler who wakes up in the morning asking, "Have I married the right woman?" Or man?

      Hahaha, we'll take this post of Annie's in the spirit of cheering her up, shall we? And we cheer ourselves up also in the process.

  4. Whoever did the no show to you was a piece of bloody Shit. Bloody hell.

    1. Bloody this and bloody that, must be that part of the month.

  5. Sopo bloggers write. Not just scratch 1-2 lines like those on FB, Tweeters etc.

    Sopo bloggers have things to say. Not just spill bits of opinion like the others.

    Sopo bloggers are serious people. When fedap, they go eat kangkong. Not splash on steak, beriani, kambing and all those fattening gluttonous and glutinous foods.

    They are okay so long as don't be like that mongkol turned-turtle ex-Barisan now DAP-chopped bloke.

    Note the word "bloke" is commonly used in Englaaaaand. And that among the definition of the word bloke is a ship's captain. But they don't say under what circumstances the sailors use the word on their captain.

  6. Let me were stood up by a Chinese guy....
    The Chinese are useless....unreliable

    1. No, they are fantastic. Ask Rainbow. Or Betty. When an astray is on the ready for Tokong Lim's forehead.



    Risks of religious
    fervour in S'pore .
    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about the four challenges facing Singapore in his National Day Rally speech on Sunday. Here is an edited version.
    Aug 18, 2009

    1. If you have an idea to sell, just giving the link won't do the job. You should tease readers a bit by telling the sexy bits in the linked article.

      If not, do an Alvin Tan. Put out your naked photos here and we'll ask the Police to go after you, hehe.

    2. Anon 9:54

      Your post is matter of fact.

      The Singapore PM's speech is matter of fact. Middle of the road.

      The Singapore system works because it is Realistic, Forward Looking and adopts Univeral Values. It anticipates problems and opportunities. It also put national resources to best use.

    3. Anon 12:45

      Your comments encourages social media entertainment. Particularly sexy ones. Which I suppose, is Fun!

    4. Do compliment Annie the entertaining woman. When one post is heavy sounding with comments that'll break even the Pentagon, she switches it to makan kangkong.

      The only problem to me is that there are those who laugh at people makan kangkong. Cheap, they say, growing even in the wild. Only they don't know that the high class asparagus tips are organic manure-tipped before being cut and delivered to the grocery.

      And do people know what organic manure is? It includes chicken and cow manure. Yeah, you'd say yukkkk. Don't blame me, it's those blokes laughing at Annie and me who like kangkong.

      Kongkang? That's another story.

    5. We talkin' about Singapore or kangkong? Ultra kiasu ha, wanting advert for Spore FOC.


  8. your love life is a train wreck la.......kinda morbid for me to find it interesting hahahaha

    1. He'll be a train wreck when Annie grabs him by the neck and place it on the rail just before the train passes by. It's called hara kuru. He'll be dead like katak puru.

  9. Anas Zubedy is a superhero?


  10. Annie ,

    Just be yourself ,that's all , you have been good all this years .

    1. Annie been blogging here only 1 plus years. And you know her being good "all these years". I'd like to know you. To get to her.

  11. Kenaikan yang minima dan rakyat tidak harus tertekan kerana PM akan umumkan insentif dalam bajet 2015 - Hassan Malek Menteri KPDNKK
    Kalau alang2 naik minyak tu, jual lah minyak ikut harga pasaran. Tak payah bersubsidi lagi. Jimat berbillion2 duit "kerajaan". Boleh bagi kat 1MDB melabur dlm projek2 mega

    1. Takda nama yang lebih panjang ke? KPDNKK apekebende nye?

      Pahal pun, jangan jadi mcm Khalid gagap. Simpan RM3 billion, tak buat projek untuk faedah rakyat. Rupa nya dia gunakan naikkan gaji dia, EXCO, ADUN dsbnya. Naik beratus persen, beb.

      Sekatang Azman fellatio dlm toilet nak posong gaji naik tu. Pulak nya dia posong juga duit untuk orang tua dll.

      Bengong lah Pakatoon tu semua.

      Nanti Jijah posong Anugerah Tuhan punya, baru tau. Apa? Korang ngata aku lucah? Korang yang pikior lucah. Aku maksudkan Bang Nuor punya .... aaah, takpa lah, korang nak pikior ape pun lantak lah. Asalkan korang dan Jijah bahagia.

  12. I think you're a Spiderwoman, Annie. She's hot and gorgeous. Unfortunately, Marvel cancelled the series.

  13. Aku tak kisah sangat dia nak jual minyak, nak buat minyak, nak sapu minyak ke. Tapi kalu dia buang Akta Hasutan, aku nak sapu dia.

    1. Jangan jangan dia nak main minyak. Cakap sama dia jangan main minyak. Lebih baik main sabun. Senang nak basuh.

      Main minyak, nanti hilang undi baru tau.

  14. Dear Annie,
    Sometimes I feel like want to 'quit' you after a 'pityful' posting like this one. But then I know you have also written many things that worth reading. So never mind la, I'll stay with your blog. But please gal, I know you are better than this. I am sure you realize that your blog isn't your diary right. Please know that you have readers from the other side of the world who care about the 'real issues' and are counting on you for that. FYI, yours is the only blog that I bother to read and sometimes share my thoughts. If you know me, you will be a bit proud that I even make time to 'drop by'.

    1. Waaaaa, you must be a big gun. You got one for me ah? I mean some. I mean time. hehe

      Don't quit Annie, will you? I'll try to crack some jokes to brighten things up, ok? If I don't get masam and sullen in the process, that is. hehe

      Heard about comedians being the loneliest lot? Poor Robin Williams eveb committed suicide. Poor guy. He should have seen the shrink.

  15. he..he.. I read all the comments. Good. Rasionalisasi - thats what !

    1. You talking about the minyak, the sabun, the kangkong, the kongkang or what, maae?

      Good that you enjoyed what's written. Me, too.

      Though I wish I can wring the bloke's neck for Annie. Then I can date her unhindered.

  16. In fact I find this post very unique and interested. I have never seen anyone portray superheros in that way and it certainly make my day. You are such a creative and unique writer

    1. There you go, Annie. For a Grand Marquis to complement you, you must be really class.

      So don't be sullen and broody, k? I know you are not when you are on the kangkong menu. We just pooh pooh those fellows who laugh at us liking the kangkong.

      Have I got the right word there. Broody or brooding. And how can Annie be breeding when the boyfriend bloke stood her up. I tell you, I'll get him turned into an ugly bulldog breed some day. That drat.

      And whoever thinks bulldogs are nice looking and worth to have even as pets. Yukkkkkk.

    2. The kangkong belacan with wan yer at the Lake Club is great, what. Or with ikan hantu or ketutu @ RM90 a kilo at the good restaurants we also do. And they want to scoff at us for liking kangkung, there is a lot about which they have no clue

      They don't know the special qualities the kangkung has. Better than aphrodisiac, better than smoking stuff that gives you the blast. When you eat kangkung a lot, you feel like yongking the clods. Sending the scoffers to the toilet pot.

      Do they rhyme there, guys?

    3. Anon 19:34 get a life la. No need to squat at Annie's blog and commenting at all the the other comments that ppl sent to Annie

      Either Red bean operative or the Johor crooks operative

  17. Be not broken-hearted dear, who will put the pieces together again but LoVe?

  18. Annie there seem to be 1 particular idiot who is commenting on ALL the comments sent in. He might think he is funny but I just find it annoying.

    1. In addition to the counter-comment to the above that I submitted a few minutes ago, I want to add that the bloke at 3 October 2014 21:14, 3 October 2014 21:31 and 3 October 2014 08:14 cannot even read properly - NOT ALL the comments above are commented on.

      He must be the loose gun type, shooting from the hip without even seeing properly what's ahead of him, jumps on anything not to his liking. He should be living in Belgian Congo and get shot at by the many AK47s of the rebels, or in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone of West Africa engulfed by the deadly new virus, or in Antarctica where he can shoot penguins all by himself as, he is likely to be unable to tolerate even penguins, too.

    2. Here's another one that found my comments OK -

      "Anonymous3 October 2014 13:33
      Anon 12:45

      Your comments encourages social media entertainment. Particularly sexy ones. Which I suppose, is Fun!"

      The bloke calling others idiot is really a misfit in society. He should see the psychiatrist if he wants to mix around without being sneered and jeered at.

    3. And further to the previous three comments submitted earlier, I want it on record and to sink into the bloke's head that not all the reply comments are mine.

  19. Anonymous3 October 2014 21:14,
    Anonymous3 October 2014 21:31,

    You are one and the same bloke. You really deserve a whacking.

    1. You are the only bastak who complained. For no rhyme or reason. Only reason is you don't find it funny. Others do. The comment under "maae" even said it out - said he/she read all the comments. Hehe he/she said. Good he/she said. Now what the hell is the matter with you? No sense of humour? No sense of tolerance? Dictatorial? Like ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit Dear Leader Lim? You are his goon?

    2. You used the word idiot. Anonymous3 October 2014 08:14 accused Annie, "You shouldn't FEEL Like an IDIOT....YOU ARE AN IDIOT with your IDIOTIC Political Comments!!!". Must be you also. And I whacked you back - Anonymous3 October 2014 12:38 saying "Oh yeah? And u r a fool?" So, you don't like me calling you a fool for calling Annie an idiot? What a nasty, stinking, born-loser you are.

    3. In this post Annie said she was "was feeling crappy ... still feeling not so good deep inside as I am writing this ... in an emotional turmoil ... a broken heart." Now, why the hell can't you be a bit magnanimous? Try to cheer her up a bit? Or just keep quiet. Instead, you called her an idiot. Yesterday at 08:14. And now you use that word again. At a person who tried to cheer her up. And cheer others, too, in here. And the fact that she published all the attempting-to-cheer comments shows that she does not mind them. Except you. Son of a gun.

    4. So, Mista, YOU are the one who must get a life. Comment all you like. This is a free country. And a free blog - damn stupid, rude and annoying comments like yours are also allowed in. But, for goodness sake, for decency sake, behave yourself. If you don't like, say so. But don't begin commenting by calling Annie idiot. As a third comment above. And more saying idiot now. Don't be a Cina Bukit Tokong Lim's goon, d'ya hear.

    5. You have a character defect. Needing anger management. Or behaviour counselling. Or mental treatment. You should see a psychiatrist. This is free advice. It'll be good for you. And others around you. And us in here.

    1. The chap making nasty comments may be the one trying to get free publicity for Singapore in here. Good that he got wanked prim and proper.

      Calling others idiot, yet nobody has called him biadap or kurang ajar. Like DAP Vice-Chairman Tengku Aziz called Lim Guan Eng as he bolted out of the party.

      Not yet, maybe.

  20. Good that despite the idiot calls, your request for no criticism against Bernard Khoo is being respected, Annie.

  21. Suker lepak sinin......terhibur...

  22. Annie, that booger resented anyone squatting in your blog. Because he got called a fool and got so many counter comments hitting him back.

    Whatever it is, should you dislike me commenting so often in your blog, pls tell me by a private email, will you. Wonder if mine shows on your blog dashboard as I didn't sign in when opening my computer. If not, just a gentle hint from you in the comment section here will do.

    For now, I'll continue subscribing to your noble objective of trying to right wrongs in our country. By giving my views, too. And echoing the good points you and others put out.

    I'm a free agent and self-employed, and will submit my comments any time of the day. And night.

    I'll continue to try and cheer you and others up whenever let known here. And whack any mindless, unsympathetic, unthinking DAP or other goon using foul language and showing no decency and decorum when blogging.

    I'll turn up here every now and then. I enjoy your blog and your writing. It's better than drinking at the Club or spinning yarns at the coffee shops. Or meeting Pakatoons or corrupt boons. Or driving on the roads where there are bumps every 30 meters, then see buggers breaking traffic rules - on the ordinary roads and on the highways.

    Meanwhile, have a good weekend.

  23. "not that many people read blogs anymore. People nowadays got Facebook, Twitter, Wassap groups, Instagram, etc etc etc."?

    I don't think so.

    I dunno how reliable are these figures that I picked up from elsewhere - "37 percent of Instagram users are under the age of 30, while another 18 percent are between 30 and 49. The trend is the same for Twitter." Even if true, a large majority of under 30s still go to blogs. And a huge majority of the 30s-50s visit blogs.

    So, blogs are still the way to go. No matter what.

  24. Is feeling sorry for oneself a superpower?

    1. Now it's my tea time pop in here.

      Looked at from one angle, the above appears an innocent, simple question. Innocent or not, to answer it, I'm reminded of the fool calling others idiots. But, having walloped the uncouth bastak to smithereen, I couldn't care less about him any more. I'll whack him again and again if he comes in with nasty comments.

      And here's my answer to the above question:

      Of course, feeling sorry for oneself is not a superpower. If you are referring to Annie, she has said no in her post. In fact she dislikes the suggestion her friend made that "sopo bloggers are akin to superheroes."

      Feeling sorry for oneself is natural as we are all human beings. Except those who are mentally sick, never admitting they make mistakes and should feel sorry. Some go to the gallows or die in prison never saying sorry. They say love is never having to say sorry. But crime sure like hell calls for feeling and saying sorry. Otherwise your entire life may wasted in prison.

      And you know what happens to them who don't feel and say sorry? They become fugitives, being hunted down to the wormholes, as said by the IGP. Like the Alvin Tan pornography actor bugger. Or being shoved into prison, released, then arrested again, charged and tried again, sentenced to prison again. Like Anwar Al Juburi. Never feeling sorry for his sodomy.

    2. I assure you that even those who own 1000 pairs of shoes feel sorry for themselves sometimes. We used to know only the wife of the Philippine dictator, Imelda Marcos, having 1,000 pairs, now another one -

      I OWN 1,000 PAIRS OF SHOES - Former beauty queen Pauline Chai, 67, wife of tycoon Khoo Kay Peng, tells divorce court

      Imeda Marcos has been harassed by the Philippine Government for her husband's ill-gotten wealth, her name and her husband's name have become shit for decades now. Pauline's and her husband's shit is coming out in the court out of rancour over the divorce - she already revealed her complaint that the husband sits on the toilet for 4-5 hours every day, reading, telephoning, doing business while shitting.

      Sure they'll feel sorry for those.

      PS: Maybe the old man has pile problem e.g damaged anus and difficulty shitting. So, even if you have a pile (of money), you feel sorry for having a pile (medical problem).

    3. Ordinarily, for 4-5 hours, you sure would have a huge pile - in the toilet bowl. hehe

    4. Is the old man a friend of Anwar Al Juburi?

      Anwar has a pile-ing problem - it lands him in prison.

    5. Imelda Marcos had 3,000 pairs of shoes....not 1,000


    6. The wife told the court that when the husband spent 4-5 hours on the toilet bowl every day, she bought him a covered toilet seat.

      She should have bought him the kind of toilet the Japanese have invented - automatically warms the seat in winter, even automatically washes the bottom after shitting.

      But mebbe the husband doesn't want that. Mebbe he enjoys sitting there without toilet papering himself even, enjoying the aroma, hehe

      Who says having tons of money is a superpower?

  25. Annie, I rest my is your blog after all

    1. Mind telling what's your case?

  26. Na noble though your intention to not censor comments posted here, when one person right to post is spoiling the enjoyment of others visiting your blog, I believe you need to exercise some discretion and start censoring or blocking. Reading your blog all this while I believe you don't believe in the tyranny of the minority

    1. Anonymous5 October 2014 01:22,

      You still don't get it, do you?

      You are just obnoxious by your calling Annie and others idiot and sure the person concerned has the right to whack you back in comment after comment.

      Now you are telling Annie how to run her blog? You really Tokong Lim kind, ha?

      Awwww shit, using high fluting language like "the tyranny of the minority". But we are facing the tyranny of ONE solitary person here - YOU!

      Only you are having your "enjoyment" spoilt. Because your nasty and tyrannical comments have been attacked and wanked. Even tried to "fait accompli" your idea into people's minds, saying " I believe you don't believe in the tyranny of the minority". The way you say things is also nasty, do you realize that?

      Woi, Mista, read the comments properly lah. Several have expressed liking and even enjoying the entertainment here. The last one being

      Anonymous4 October 2014 08:55
      Suker lepak sinin......terhibur...

      Lu tatak tau BM ka? Lu sikola Cina ka? Lu Singapore lang ha? Ultra kiasu ha? See, I don't accuse. Just ask.

  27. Let it be known that however disgusted one feels of the obnoxious calling-others-idiot bloke, one does not ask the blog owner to censure, block or ban him. Unlike the bloke, who has been proven to be a fool, has done.

    In fact one doesn't mind him coming in as he would provide fodder for more jokes and ridicules on him, and fun for readers here.

    Haha, trying out using the word "one" this and "one" that, like the British making fun of former British PM Maggie Thatcher using the word "one" referring to her when the Queen has lessened using the royal word "We" meaning her. I read that one from

    And here's a piece of clever statement to ponder on during this short holiday period -

    British wit and obnoxiousness –

    the narrowness of the territory that separates caustic British wit from tiresome British obnoxiousness.

  28. Haha I never called Annie an idiot. I was calling u an idiot.

    Any people who have been following Annie a long time will know last few days u have been posting entries as multiple person trying to apoear as if u have support.

    Guess u r a redbean ops trying new tactics to sabotage Annie's blog

    1. This Anonymous5 October 2014 12:51 bloke deserves only one shot of a reply. He's such a low and miserable creature that he deserves no more than that.

      1. He's the real DAP Red Bean bugger who says all sorts, denies the very act he accuses people of. The usual cakap tak serupa bikin Oppo hippo.

      2. He is not the bloke I have been whacking earlier on. His standard of English is far below that used by

      Anonymous5 October 2014 01:22,
      Anonymous3 October 2014 21:14,
      Anonymous3 October 2014 21:31.

      3. He comes in now pretending he is the one I was blasting because he saw the opportunity to exploit the situation, and in his own words, "to sabotage Annie's blog".

      4. He is the usual stupid DAP Red Bean who does not even see that only a few comments in here carry a nic or blogging name. The rest, including me, use Anonymous. How on earth can one be "posting entries as multiple person trying to apoear as if u have support", only the stupid bastard knows.

      5. And the stupid bastard says I have been posting comments in here in the "last few days" - not knowing that I have been doing so for a long time. The usual wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation made by DAP Red Beans.

      7. I don't use the word bastak on this fellow. He deserves more than that.

      I will not engage this Red Bean bastard any more after this. But I will engage the bloke I referred to above. He writes much better English though his head needs mending. The Red Beans are incorrigible, beyond redemption. I shall leave them by the roadside barking like mad dogs. Which they, in may ways, are.

  29. Hahaha all the post u referred to are by me and me alone. Seem like I hit a raw nerve huh?

    1. Anarchistic ha? Talking nonsense. Claiming shit. Red Bean shit.