Friday 24 October 2014

Admitting reality

Took a walk at the nearby town with two guys who befriended me at the hotel we are staying.

One of them is a rich Singaporean in his mid-40s, and the other an artist in his late 20s based in KL.

Nice guys.

I suspect that they are lovers.

Well, I don't mind gays as long as they don't do their gay stuff in front of me.

A man kissing another man is gross, okay.

I don't even want to imagine beyond that.

Lesbian stuff however is not so bad.

Well, I don't mind it that much if two women start kissing in front of me.

It's weird but not as gross as two men kissing each other.

In fact, when I was young I did try it once with my best friend to know how it feels.

I know it's haram and all but I was really young and curious at that time.

It's not so bad actually, but at the same time it didn't make me want to be a lesbian.

My best friend also didn't turn into a lesbian.

Anyway, the night walk was nice.

It was quite cold. Something like early spring in UK.

The two guys had wanted to try the charcoal steamboat which is very popular among those who visit the town.

I'm not sure if it is halal, so I just ordered for my drink, telling the duo that I'm on diet.

We spoke mostly in Mandarin as the Singaporean guy insisted that he wanted to practice the language.

It was good company.

Well, when I got back to my room, I weighted myself.

The room got a good weighing machine.

Ya, it is official : I AM FAT.

Despite not taking dinner for most of the past week, I'm still at 52.64 kg.

Need to think of a new strategy if I want to be cute again.

If I continue to be like this, I'm afraid I will end up like DS Rosmah Mansur.

I mean, it's a fact that the lady could do with a better diet.

That is the reality.

Ignoring reality will only harm oneself.

I wish others accept the reality about themselves, and in the process saving precious time and energy we otherwise spend on trying to process their bullshit.

Examples of what could possibly be ground breaking admission of reality:

Anwar : Yes, I am an irritating bisexual liar.

Najib : Okay, Rosmah can be quite scary sometimes.

Guan Eng: True, I was in love with Rainbow but scared of Betty. And I miss seeing Regina at my PCs....

Kit Siang: Zairil is a fucker.

Zairil: Ya, I am a fucker. So what?

Dyana: I dig Chinese guys or guys who look Chinese. It's the K-Pop thing.

Ahmad Maslan: I'm the ugliest and dumbest Umno info chief EVER!!!!

Malays: We fucked up for being too nice, too lazy, too indisciplined.

Chinese: Our forefathers were indeed immigrants (pendatang) who were welcomed into this country by the Malays and other bumiputera.

See, much easier it is going to be from here onwards.



  1. Love the last few paragraph of your writing. 52.64kg is not fat unless you are 4 feet tall.

    1. Cult of skinniness for some time already among the females. Not just the fashion models, even Rosmah follows that cult.

      Alas, niat nak panjat gunung, apakan dia gemuk tak sampai.

      The hazards of being politicians / politicians' wives. They even make fun of communist Vladirmir Putin. Recently on his relationship with a woman he gave a big post or somethin'.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Anon 00:47
      Your comment can't go through because it's tantamount to instigating Malays and Chinese to KILL each others.

  3. Waaa, my heart beating fast reading you and two guys. Until you said they were gays.

    And photo of men mouth kissing ... yukkk. Dirty. Ugly.

    Rich guy staying in a small hotel?

    1. This hotel is small but quite posh. Quite expensive actually.

    2. Must be Smokehouse Inn Frazers Hill

  4. Diet alone not enough, Missy. Exercise, exercise and exercise as well.

    30-40 minutes a day, most days of the week.

    Then come and see me ....... more tips, I mean.


    1. To reduce weight, must get rid of the excess fat.

      Dieting can prevent additional fat and carbo. But excess fat from before remains.

      So, exercise can burn the fat.

      Dieting controls, exercise burns the fat and carbo.

      Become slim as a fiddle. Unless you use the one Emperor Nero used when Rome was burning.

      Pssst, a few websites say sex is good exercise.

    2. Exercise, people, exercise. By sex, by treadmill, by walks, whatever.

      Now read this from the Daily Mail UK -

      One in six deaths is due to lack of exercise: Now Britain is worst in the West for inactivity

      A lack of exercise is as dangerous as smoking and is directly to blame for one in six deaths in Britain, a report has warned.

      And if you want a lot sex, go to England - there is Essex, Wessex and Sussex.

    3. If you are concerned about a "slim posterior" and want to avoid a "3 ft spread at the base", read this:

      Pippa Middleton, Princess Kate Middleton's sister, dubbed Her Royal Hotness ever since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding in 2011, reveals "the secrets of my prim posterior", by four steps she uses to keep her toned behind in shape.

      She has decided to share the simple 30-minute total body workout that helps her achieve her toned behind - and keeps it in shape. The 31-year-old swears by four key exercises - ladders, plié squats, wall pushes and the 'classic plank' - that are 'quick and great for toning all over'.

      Unlike Anwar, I don't go for posteriors. I might be partial to a curvaceous interior.

  5. Allahumma ajirna min an-nar! fa hayyina rabbana bi salaam, wa adkhilna al-jannata dar as salaam ma al-abrar! Astaghfirullah al-azeem.

    Oh Allah save us from hellfire! Therefore grant us succour, our Lord, and admit us into the Sanctuary of Peace! I beg the pardon of Allah the Almighty.

  6. Aiyoyo, Annie, I'm being fucked up for being too nice, too lazy, too indisciplined. The first part I don't mind, the second I have to admit to a few.

    Yes, I'm too nice for saying so many nice things when mengurating you here, too lazy to even think of, write a name and email address when blogging.

    But too indisciplined? You got to try me to know. Then you'd know whether I bite or not. Bite what? That's the 60 million dollar question. Hell hath no fury like a woman wanting more. That's a quote by Najib. Regarding Rosmah.

  7. To balaskan budi you for mengata me, I want to mengata your female kind.

    Here's what's written about women's infidelity by a European survey, led by the website Gleeden, which specializes in extra-marital relations, in Guardian UK:

    "When women cheat" - (my comments in brackets)

    ... with their lover, they may favour lunch rather than dinner ... just like the traditional meeting in the hotel ... (in Cameron Highlands? hehe) ... expects from their lover passionate lovemaking (Careful of bruises here and there!), when romanticism is for the husband…

    Older, more mysterious, more adventurous men (Won't claim that I qualify as I don't know Annie's age and she has presented herself as single!)… Unfaithful women are looking for men who don’t look like their husbands. (To ensure not blurting out husband's name in ecstasy!)

    ... unfaithful women want a different kind of man to pepper their everyday life (using pepper instead of K jelly causes blisters!) ... 44 % wish that their lover would be more adventurous (doing it with head on the floor and feet up in the air!). For their husbands, it is the reliability and the sense of humour that are the most sought after qualities (Even crude sense of humour?), whereas the ideal lover will be mysterious and fearless. (Fearlessr? Or one who keeps glancing at his watch?)

    ... age is an important criterion. The ideal husband would be only four years older, more or less, than his wife. For their lover, the women prefer a man who is twelve years- older or younger than them! We told you that age gap makes women happy… (12 years younger? She does and he doesn't do the most exhilirating acts? Coz he doesn't know how?)

    Psst, I'd go for the 72 virgins in Heaven that DAP Red Beans often rather seditiously say are promised to Muslims. Anyone knows if that's true? My religious teachers didn't tell me that, honestly.)

    Have a good day everybody.

  8. There always will be bullshit, Annie. Tons of it in Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysian Insider, etc. We don't need to process most of them. We just shit them here and there. Add Anwar's shit, too, when hitting them.

  9. Kesian Ahmad Maslan. Kena ugliest and dumbest. Dia kena tonjolkan apa boss Najib mau lah. In the process, jadi Mat Tonjol pun takpa.

    Tengok lah, dia dapat jadi Timbalan Menteri. Ada Info Chief yang tak dapat jawatan di masa dulu.

    1. Malam tidur asyik membebel developed nation, developed, nation, developed nation. Nakkan besok pagi, nakkan besok pagi, nakkan .........

      Pastu do'a PAU, setujukan lah, Pau, setujukan lah, PAU, ......

      Bangun pagi, maki, Cilasa korang 170 Bahagian, Cilasa .. (tak bolek pakai perkataan yang DAP Ayer pakai tuh) ...

  10. Gay are created by Allah as well.

    1. So is syaitan, Mat Sodomi and Sg Buluh Prison.

      God wills, Mat Sodomi doesn't see the ills, and so many rear holes he fills.

  11. annie
    am gay.. and i've kissed men one too many times.. nice, especially while they were preparing tea and karipap..

    1. Even take tea and karipap in Parliament cafe? Anwarul al Juburi, eh?

  12. Thanks for your How To Solve Malaysia's Problems for Dummies.

  13. Nak jadi apa pun itu pilihan diri sendiri dan harus sedia utk berdepan dgn consequences. Tapi yang paling utama janganlah menganiaya sesama makhluk Allah.

    1. Dan anda cakap fasal ........?

  14. Yes, a lot of the problems in the country will be solved if admitted -

    Chinese: Our forefathers were indeed immigrants (pendatang) who were welcomed into this country by the Malays and other bumiputera.

  15. The most important admission Kit Siang and Guan Eng can make is that they are racists and intend to change into fully respecting and abiding by the Constitution of the country.

    1. If nobody wants to admit to nothing (double negative to emphasize the seriousness of the problems), then everybody should engage in

      Middle-aged swinging, indulging in 'drug-fuelled orgies', fuelling a rise in STIs

      Dutch study found half of older swingers admitted taking illegal substances.

      Half had six or more partners in past six months but not used condoms.

      13 per cent of patients - with an average age of 45 - had chlamydia or gonorrhoea - similar to the rates among gay men and young people .

      A Dutch study found almost half of older swingers admitted taking illegal substances to boost their prowess in the bedroom and keep multiple partners satisfied.

      As well as erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, they are also using cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA), GHB, laughing gas, cannabis, poppers, speed, LSD and lysergic acid to help them perform - at levels similar to gay men.

      Are you all now awakened with this news on this sultry, sunlight lacking Friday afternoon?

      How about it, ha?

  16. The most important promise I can make is is not to be racist when Kit Siang and Guan Eng cease to be racists.

  17. Zairil is not only a racist, a fucker and a sucker, he is a liar, a cheat, a masquerader, no principle, no integrity, no air muka.

    He was 8 years old when no-gooder Khir Johari married his mother, his father said to be a Singaporean Chinese. He can't be going on with that charade, pretending to be a Malay, playing to Guan Eng's scheme of promoting him as the best Malay in the DAP, put up as a member of the CEC in a party CEC election that was complained on by many members and not recognized by RoS for a long, long time.

  18. I've always enjoyed your blog. Even told rocky about it. Maybe its beginning to get to your head. I guess its only human. Hoping for better stuff from you next time.


    1. Not even saying why? You should, as you are placing your comment in public domain and we don't know who the hell you are. What kind of a bloke are you?

      You sound knowing Annie. If so, you don't even have the courtesy of expressing your "hope" by phone, email or what. What the devil is your intention of writing the above comment in here.

      Signing yourself s AIB, you appear without 'aib in here.

    2. Who is rocky? What's so great about him?

      Would you stuff your attitude into your assol. Then walk bow legged with it.

    3. The bugger AIB is nobody, maybe a Pakatoon masquerading (they do a lot of this in blogosphere) he is in the elite circle that judges pro-BN blogs, tries to demean them in the process and hints at censure for allowing too much whacking and wanking of Anwar Al Juburi.

      He doesn't even read the many comments supporting Annie, some are even in love with Annie.

      Damn the fler.

  19. Dear, the Dyana part you said was not quite correct ...yes the part about "I dig Chinese guys...". It should have been, "the Chinese guy dug me....".hihihihi

  20. There is a fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility.
    Lesbian stuff is as bad. Some things we did as juvenile should remain within. I like many likes her posting and want it to remain that way. Cheers. AIB.

  21. I'm tempted to make a comic of this post of yours, Annie! I was laughing so hard towards the end. Not about your weight (also 50+ kg is not fat lah!) but the groundbreaking admission of reality XDDD that's gold stuff