Monday 13 October 2014

Full text of Najib's speech at the MCA AGM

The New Straits Times online had published the full translated speech of PM DS Najib Razak at the MCA annual general assembly yesterday.

I think it's good that the newspaper had done that as it helps the people who read it to understand better what Najib was really trying to say.

The bits and pieces reports by pro-Pakatan media had manipulated the speech as I had tried to explain in my last posting,

Najib's pleading twisted to threatening

I believe the full text of Najib's speech should be read by especially Umno people who are angry with him for what they perceived as him being too soft on the Chinese.

The Chinese should also read it to understand better how the PM had tried so hard to convince them that he does care for their community and is still trying to help them even at the risk of incurring the wrath of the Malays following the Chinese tsunami in GE13.

I am republishing the full text of the speech here as I know most of you will be too lazy to even just click on the link to read it. I hope NST doesn't mind me doing that without seeking its permission.

Najib had delivered this speech "off the cuff" and there is no official version of its text.

I believe the PMO should assign someone from its huge media handlers team to record such speeches by their boss.

This translation of the speech which was mostly delivered in Bahasa Malaysia was done by Adrian Lai, a young NST political journalist.

Full text of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's speech at MCA annual general assembly

13 OCTOBER 2014 @ 10:40 AMI would like to thank MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and the entire leadership for inviting me once again to officiate the 61st MCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year. As mentioned by the president earlier in his speech, I arrived at Wisma MCA today to see the murals that were set up by MCA, which give a picture of MCA's journey from its inception in 1949 until today.
I congratulate MCA for trying to remind all its members and us of not just MCA's journey, but also the history of the country's formation. The MCA had played a very big role since its formation in these two momentous events.
Therefore, it would be apt for me to say that the birth of the nation and contemporary Malaysia is due in part to the role of MCA and the Chinese community, couple with the efforts of the bumiputeras and other ethnic groups. That is why our success as a nation, given its multiracial, multi-religious, and multicultural makeup, is some very special.
In whichever country I visit, I get reactions from foreign leaders, saying they are impressed with Malaysia. They ask me: "What is the secret to Malaysia's success?" They don't see how a complex community can live in a peaceful and harmonious environment.
In U.S. President Barrack Obama's speech at the United Nations recently, he recognised Malaysia as a country that is fast developing towards becoming an advanced economy. That is why we cannot take for granted the things we have achieved so far. We must appreciate the sacrifices of past leaders.
Our forefathers helped build the country from scratch and laid the foundations of the country's uniqueness. In fact, the social contract forms the bedrock of our country. The social contract has since been translated into many kinds of laws and policies, and the social contract is enshrined in our Federal Constitution.
That is why when we learn about history, we will learn that the constitution is the pillar of the country. The constitution cannot be challenged by anyone because it enables our complex community to not only become successful, but also transform the country into a developed nation in the next few years.
I was asked by journalists recently when I was preparing the Budget. The journalists asked me: "What challenges do I face as the Prime Minister and Finance Minister?"
I said, there are two major challenges. The first is, how can I be fair in the allocation of resources to all races? How do I strike a fine balance between and cater to the needs of the various ethnic communities?
Secondly, how do we balance between populist policies and what is necessary in terms of economic and business imperatives?
Sometimes, the two form an inherent contradiction. These are the two major challenges in running the country. But for the most part, we have more or less got the balance right.
However, we always have seen, and listen to the views of the people. That is why I always say we must feel the pulse of the people. We must listen to the grassroots; we must hear what the people are saying.
By doing that, we can not only do what we think is right, but also further improve those plans. We cannot hold the notion that everything we do is absolutely right. We have to strive to do better and better.
I will not be too defensive as a leader and say all is perfect, but as I said, we got everything more or less right. But there is still room for improvement. The problem is how to satisfy everyone. We listen to what is being said during MCA's AGM, but when I enter MIC's AGM, I hear other things. And when I go to Umno's AGM, I hear other things. But as a leader. I must be fair to all the component Barisan Nasional (BN) parties.
I am confident that trust that the country is on the right track towards becoming a developed nation. I want to see, in particular in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), that the Chinese feel they are playing an important role towards that goal. We cannot deny the entrepreneurial skills of the Chinese. We cannot deny that they have contributed a lot to the development of the country, towards the increase of our country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and our success in the export market.
Therefore, I will review all roles that can be played and tweak them so that the Chinese feel that the new economic model and ETP are inclusive. It's not just about Bumiputeras; it's also about the Chinese and Indians. It's about us as Malaysians.
In this year's Budget, I tried to do my best by holding an underpinning philosophy. I have said that we need to look at the capital economy. We need to increase our GDP, we need more investment, we need our composite index to increase. We need innovation and we need infrastructure so that our economy growth is between 5 and 6 per cent.
But if we focus entirely on capital economy, what will happen is that the income gap between the rich and the poor will widen. It's not just about the Bumiputeras and the other ethnic groups. The income in general will get bigger and bigger.
The wealth of the United States is not enjoyed by 10 per cent of its population, but just one per cent. That is why I said besides capital economy, we must look at people economy. When we focus on people economy from the ground up, we can build the economy and yet focus on providing affordable housing, cheaper education and lowering cost of living for the lower income groups.
We give people tax rebates and they can still enjoy the country's riches. It is a compassionate market economy.
If we focus on the big figures, yes, the economy's growth is 6 per cent, but the people don't feel it. This is what I mean by the difference between the figures and what is felt by ordinary people. We in BN must make sure that every single Malaysian is much better off today that yesterday. This is the government's philosophy.
When we introduced subsidy rationalisation, we reduced subsidies and the people became angry with the government. But when the people saw in the Budget that the extra money will go back to the people. they understood.
Is RM2 billion in subsidies sustainable? Of course it is not. The Chinese community knows about business, you know about finance. You know that running the country is something like running a business. You cannot borrow money to pay your workers. If you have high fiscal deficit, you will be another Greece in no time. For us to become an advanced economy, we must address the structural problem: our tax base is too narrow.
Those who pay tax are two million working Malaysians. But the total number of working Malaysians is 13 million out of the country's 28 million-strong population. You cannot milk from just the two million.
In other words, even if you don't pay tax, you get to enjoy education and all the health facilities for free. You get policemen to patrol your neighbourhood for free. That is not fair. So, we widen the tax base based on consumption. That is progressive tax. 160 countries have implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST); can they be wrong? They cannot be wrong.
Plus, we are using a soft-landing approach, where many items are exempted from GST, including RON95 petrol. We want the people to understand that this is a restructuring measure. With this soft-landing approach, the people will accept GST as something that is for our own good. We will realise that fiscal sustainability is good for the people, good for the economy, and good for business.
I read the opposition's alternative Budget and they wanted to widen the tax base by introducing Capital Gains Tax (CGT). That means if you sell your shares, you get taxed. The stock exchange will go down and there will be capital flight. This will affect businesses and affect your income. That is not the right prescription.
GST is much better than CGT. CGT is not business-friendly. It will not create more wealth and Malaysians will invest in other markets. Meanwhile, our own market will be less competitive. You cannot stop the flow of capital just like you cannot stop the flow of information today. When money flows out, there is less wealth. Don't mention the rich; even ordinary people who hold Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) shares will be affected as PNB would not be able to pay high dividends.
That is why I say the opposition don't think carefully. Their plans are not well thought out because they themselves are not well. They want to do the Kajang Move, and then there is a fiasco in Selangor, followed by months of infighting. Why? Because the level of distrust in Pakatan is very high.
Imagine if what had happened in Selangor happened throughout the country. What happen then? The country will be very unstable and we cannot afford that. I say there is no better and more viable option other than BN. We must tell the people this.
The opposition have been tested and they have serious problems. You cannot afford these kinds of problems at the national level.
I endorse MCA's transformation programme as we need a strong MCA to move forward despite only two of its leaders are in the Cabinet. But that is not my fault. Only two ministers in MCA but they are playing their part to help the Chinese community.
That is why when Liow and (MCA deputy president) Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong approach me for help, I will consider their proposals.
As BN chairman, I try to be fair. I’d like to do more, maybe one day I can do more. But I also need the Chinese community to support BN. Come on. You have to do your part. You can’t demand and then support DAP. You can’t demand and then support Pakatan. You demand, you support BN, we will be fair to the Chinese.
MCA is our partner, and MCA, please don't fight among yourselves. I've had enough and I am tired of it.
I am also in a difficult position. One person tells me this and another person tells me that. They want me to choose this person to contest in the general election because he is on their side. Even if there is a better person, they will say: "But he is not on my side". As BN chairman, I don't know every single leader. I have to rely on the President of MCA to submit names of the most winnable candidates.
But if there are Team A, B, and C, I will get confused, We are all in difficult situation, including the BN secretary-general and the deputy chairman. So I say that the future of MCA depends on unity.
If we always argue, people will get fed up and tired of hearing about fighting. Just like Pakatan fighting in Selangor, people are tired. So, unite, be together. Stronger together. That is your theme.
The second thing I want to say is that, MCA must have a sense of direction because when you fight, you have lost your way. It is not I who say this but I am reflecting the views of the Chinese. They tell me MCA has lost its sense of direction. But under Liow's leadership, I am confident MCA has that sense of direction and purpose. I will support the current leadership.
Do your best. I support MCA's plan to implement the Medan Inovasi 1Malaysia. We can sit down and work out the details how to go about it. I am asking Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia (KOJADI) to distribute RM50 million to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). When the government approves an allocation, the execution is always the problem. If KOJADI can execute this plan, they can help collect the debts. KOJADI will be the agent for the government to help SMEs.
We can continue to have a bright future for everyone in Malaysia. I want to mention MCA's slogan "Stronger Together". And I want to add to it: "Stronger Together. Together We Can. Together We Can Succeed."
Together, we can win the next general election. Together with MCA, Umno and all the other BN component parties, we will be the party for all Malaysians.


  1. Who wrote this speech? Najib is just the newsreader, and not very good at it too*!

    1. Is that right? That's the whole trouble about the present administration - not being able to think on your own two feet.

    2. Hahaha, think on your own two feet.

      Ever heard of the yoga people thinking with their head flat on the floor and their feet upright in the air?

      Anonymous13 October 2014 14:32,

      Anwar Al Juburi would be doing those in prison after the Sodomy II Appeal.

    3. For Anwar it's not called yoga. It's called yogi. hihihi

      If you are wearing shorts, don't walk near him when doing the yogi. hihihi

    4. Anon 20:13,

      WHY shouldn't anyone be near him when he doing his yogi thing? hahaha . . . . dangerous for health kah? hu hu hu sodomic yoga

    5. 21:30,

      Dangerous because he has submarine telescope eyes.... you know..... can look up from below walk near him when he yogi-ing, own risk la, hahaha

  2. Ada ke tiada Najib dah tak terasa pd aku..kalau dia gi oversea pun msia ni boleh berjln dgn sendiri..cuma nasihat aku, rajin2 le melawat kwsan pendalaman tu, sekurang2nya benda2 yg disembunyikan penasihatnya akan terserlah. Duit dah bnyak, kuasa dan kedudukan dah dinikmati, jadi ingat siapa yg sebenar2nya menaikkan kita.

    1. Raikan Cinta kepada Manusia!

  3. Well, "Sinchiapore" has got a triple-A credit rating and a Dollar that's worth 2.5+ Ringgit.

    Not doing too badly, is it?

    As for all those protesting about the Singapore CPF issue etc, the fact of the matter is that the PAP has been voted into power in every election since Singapore gained it's Independence.

    As for those who go to "Sinchiapore" to make money, do you include among them the Malaysian Malays who commute by motorbike daily across the Causeway to work as baristas, bus drivers, fast food delivery guys and security guards?

    Just asking, brudder.

  4. with respect you should know that speeches meant nothing. we evaluate him from wht he had done so far. all talk no effect whtsoever towards betterment. all transformation but in the end wht changes? and if theres changes, it is always for the worst (ISA, akta hasutan, MKPN to name a few)

    his actions suggest, even translated towards liberalism, all he has done shows this. us malay we hated this, in case people doesnt get this.

    so he can talk all he wants, he can shout as much as he wants during the PAU, but we know better. yes we are angry but not just umno people, more so for people who hated what umno has become now. a liberal party. and we are angry for a reason.

    "being soft on chinese?" what an understatement.

    and forget not, politics 101: action speaks louder than words. they all lie

    1. It's ok to be liberal. But must be strictly based on the Constitution lah. Not like that Mak Janda woman Nurul (divorce finalised yet?) saying Malays can choose on religious matters nonsense.

      Or like Ah Jib Gor. Not only not implementing the "Single-Stream Schooling system" that he said in his 1Malaysia blog "will be implemented when the rakyat wants it", he even gave all sorts of financial and other assistance to Chinese schools. Encouraging their existence, now reiterating it, contrary to Article 152 on BM, man.

      Or encourage any kind of foreign investment from China and Chinese-friendly policies irrespective of its effect on population ratio, benefits to Malays and Buiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who are left far behind economically etc. Or slowing the pace of the NEP, irrespective of Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras.

    2. sorry i guess you can say im more on conventional type, i believe in our value, we dont have to apply dasar look to the west and always looking for them for approval everytime we want to make policies regarding our very own nation.

      lately liberalist would always refer to their boss in the west, trying to change the very core of our values, becoming more liberal and more free (but base on whom and how according to whom?)

      why do take their value to be better than ours.

      this is wht I have in mind when talking about liberalist.

    3. Good on you, bro. Yes, our own values. Leaders like Tun Dr Mahathir dared to resist IMF, World Bank etc imposing their values on us. Fought the effects of the Asian Financial Crisis on us without them.

      We should be ok now but there's a scramble for developed nation status "in the next few years" for no rhyme or reason except for the legacy of it. You see, leaders often think of how they will enter the history books. Perhaps stupid George W Bush likes being remembered, especially in Zionist history books. as having dismembered whatever semblance of Arab unity there was by going to war with Iraq. Obama does not want a legacy of war but of bringing American troops home. His "No boots on the ground" policy has helped ISIS/ ISIL in the Middle East.

      I don't mind, even would like, the developed nation status. But not at the expense of the rights and the interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras to be at least somewhere near par with the Chinese economically, educationally etc. That happens when our leader rushes for that status.

  5. Bladder PlazaPelangi,

    Dun be ploud of Singapok lorr. Tiny Island only what. Indonesian President Habibie called it a Red Dot and it stuck.

    The longest road built is 25 miles, what. Iron hand rule, imported Chinese from mainland, made it 72% Chinese now. Lee Kuan Yok sued Opposition MPs until got only 2 Oppo MPs in Singapore Parliament. PAP very popular, he shouted. Now Tokong Lim monkey imitating the old monkey - I sue you, I sue you, he jumped up and down.

    So, people afraid, no spiak, easy to rule lorr. I'm surprised the Sing dollar not worth RM10 now. Why? Not got Malaysia hinterland yet, issit?

    Talk shit.

  6. "Come on. You have to do your part. You can’t demand and then support DAP. You can’t demand and then support Pakatan."

    Bloody well said, DS Najib. If you say that another 10 times, you'll get more support from everybody. Except from the ungrateful ingrate ultra kiasus. And their kuncu kuncu.

    "I’d like to do more, maybe one day I can do more."

    This one I'm concerned about what was in your mind as you were talking in front of the MCA delegates. If you were thinking about the Chinese, you may do more but make sure you do more for the Malays and the Bumiputeras who together form 70% of the population but are still far behind economically etc.

  7. "The constitution cannot be challenged by anyone because it enables our complex community to not only become successful, but also transform the country into a developed nation in the next few years."

    The first part I like him saying it. The second part I'm skeptical about.

    Rushing to "transform the country into a developed nation in the next few years" would likely disregard the capabilities of the 70% of the population (Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak) to participate economically and benefit sufficiently. This would mean sliding further backwards the objectives and targets of the NEP. That would mean disregarding the NEP. I won't like that at all.

  8. What ever it is , most Malay has lot interest in Najib .

  9. Hey brudder, since you asked hor, let me tell you ah we malysian go work in Sincheowpor so very lucky ah $1.00 = RM 2.50. wah my friend work in muslim coffeshop 12-hr shift can get $1400 - sleep and makan boss pow! He smoke cigarette little social -> $400 balance $1000 =
    RM 2500 wah fully simpanan every mth. Go back Malaysia see gomen doktor RM1 hehehehe; children go to school free! car so very cheap ah!

    Tapi if you Sinchiapor man earn $2000, first CPF cut $500, public transport expensive, see gomen doctor min $35, children K1/K2 $600/mth. tuition fees for the kiasu school system also tao tiah. nowadays 3-bedroom gomen flat cost $300,000 dollars. Don't talk about car lah. The COE valid for only 10 yrs. now cost about $64,000 for less than 1600cc cars. Pay gomen 64000 dollars first then can buy yr dream small car.

    So I say whether you Chinese or Malay, you Malaysians untung besar work in Sinchiapor. But if you thinking like some DAP PKR political goondo want to bring Sinchiapor gomen bisnes style into Malaysia habis finito bye bye to happiness . . . . hello to emptiness

  10. Annie, it was mentioned somewhere that the speech was delivered 'off-the-cuff'. Subsequently my reacting below will be based on this peculiarity.

    His speech shows indications that macro-wise, he has a rather full grasp of the situations, happenings and necessities of leading the country forward. Regardless, it is the views of a considerable portion of the population that he has not been up to their expectations putting words and policies into concrete actions. In other words he angers most everybody. It seems that he can do no right. The Malays claimed that he panders too much to those of Chinese and Indian descents while these people in turns thinks he has not been sufficiently fair to them.

    This makes one wonders whether he REALLY is listening to the grassroots as he mentions or it is merely feedbacks from all the people surrounding him. As it stands, based on this speech, we should give him benefits of the doubts and move forward with observing and judging him on his future actions.

    1. He REALLY is listening to the grassroots. But he listens to himself more. The man wants the legacy of a developed nation status within "he next few years" as he said it. Therein lies the problems.

      You cannot please everybody all the time, Not even some of the time. But in the rush to developed nation status, the Malays get angry because he doesn't care very much about their badly needing bridging the huge gap with the Chinese economically etc. The Chinese get wanked by DAP and ultra kiasu hate-Malay propaganda and gave him the Chinese tsunami at PRU13.

      Some Chinese realize that he is a "moderate" PM and support him. Others think Anwarul Al Juburi will be a better PM. Again, they are swayed by Pakatoon propaganda. Some may even be thinking that, if Pakatoon reaches Putrajaya, Anwar goes to prison, perhaps Lim Kit Siang or Guan Eng becomes Deputy PM, even PM. They don't realize that the Malays, the YDP Agong and the Malay Rulers will never allow a non-Malay as PM. Some Malays may even want Ibrahim Ali or his kind as PM.

    2. There is absolutely no reason to rush to a developed nation status. Other than personal glory. Wanting to enter into the history books as the PM who did it. And did it fast. Coz the way things are looking, he might not last long as PM.

      If by rushing to developed nation status, the interests of the huge majority (70%) of the population are not much attended to, instead, the interests of the 23% of the population, whose community is the richest in the country for decades, is well looked after, then UMNO must think hard about the objectives of the party formation, and say it out at the coming Perhimpunan Agung. In more ways than one.

    3. he mentioned Obama approval to Malaysia's economy ./... better watch out here comes the TPPA agreement which will open up the country to the giant multinational corps. from abroad. Singapore is no.1 supporter of TPPA.

  11. "Najib had delivered this speech "off the cuff" and there is no official version of its text." Bernama should have it.

    "I believe the PMO should assign someone from its huge media handlers team to record such speeches by their boss." No need. It's not their job. There is the Information Department - if they still exist, if not, what does the Information Ministry comprise of these days? At one time that Dept has scores of Officers (must be hundreds now) and they should have sent one bloke to cover the MCA Assembly, armed with the text of the prepared speech that the PMO must have sent them a copy of, and tape the speech the moment he saw that the PM was not using the prepared speech. Maybe that Info Dept bloke went to a small room somewhere (like you sometimes do to rest, Annie) and slept off, thinking that after 2-3 hours he could return to office, write a report based on the the prepared speech.

    Maybe the Info Dept bloke did not go the Assembly at all, presuming a Bernama man will be there. After all, the practice at one time was, the Info Dept Officers' reports, after clearance form their bosses, are sent to Bernama for dissemination country-wide and world-wide.

    And the Bernama man also did not tape the off-the-cuff speech the PM made? Maybe they did and you did not ask them, Annie. If the Information Department and Benama both don't have the full version of the off-the-cuff speech, they all should be hand cuffed. And thrown into jail. And I have always been having misgivings about "the national news agency" Bernama. More about that another time.

    1. Since there is mention about the Information Department up there, here is a bit of info on them:

      Noh Omar (BN - Tanjong Karang) suggested in Parliament a new Social Media Department in the Multimedia Ministry to replace the Information Department, which he claimed still used conventional methods to disseminate information.

      In response, Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery said he will consider setting up the new department, but to complement the Information Department to make it more IT-savvy.

  12. Anybody asked why he went off-the-cuff?

    The speech appears satisfactory. Reasoning of past actions and intended policies for next year and on.

    Really, Annie, wish you get a transcription of his full off-the-cuff speech. Some one, some where, must have recorded it - no need tape recorders these days, the phones can also tape voices.

    MCA must have it recorded. They want it for their party archives.

    Hope you get and print the off-the-cuff speech here. Then we can see if there is any difference between what was meant to be said and what was actually said. And why.

    1. The one published here was the actual Najib's off-the-cuff speech. It was recorded, transcribed and translated by the journalist. Najib didn't use prepared text.

    2. Point taken, Annie.

      I was taken up by the phrase "and there is no official version of its text."
      On that basis, my other points in the earlier comment stand.

      Good that you put out the full off-the-cuff speech. A lot of what he said is fair. On making demands but voting Pakatoon, it was even good. But I have reservations on points concerning issues close to my heart.

  13. I don't understand the mentality and the stupidity of such blokes as this one in Malaysia Kini blasting MCA chief Liow Tiong Lai "scrambling to cover up BN chief and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's point-blank insult and blackmail of the Chinese community".

    Alleging it's a "violation of the fundamental liberties of Chinese Malaysians guaranteed under Part Two of the Federal Constitution, which states that all citizens are equal (Article 8), have freedom of expression and association (Article 10), entitled to life and liberty (Article 5), no discrimination in education (Article 12) .."

    Are they so stupid not to realize that those are the general principles enunciated in the Constitution but that there are specific Articles that qualify elaborate on, and govern the general principles in the Articles and clauses he quoted?

    So stupid as to think that Article 3 on Islam being the religion of the country, Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia, Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah don't mean anything? That they break those clauses he quoted? Chhhiiisshhh.

    No other words suitable for them - ultra kiasus and misfits in this country.

    1. It's the editors of Malaysia Kuno that allowed the stupid and provocative comments published. It's the kind that has been discussed in a recent post, that BN, especially MCA and Gerakan must counter because it's Chinese who lambast them.

      As been pointed out, no point trying to counter-comment in their so-called news portals - they won't publish hard-hitting views contradicting theirs.

      MCA and Gerakan need to select people with qualifications (there are journalism degree holders around) and with experience, pay them salary and perks to start similar "news portals", designed to counter the Pakatoon goons and Red Beans. In English and in the Chinese language. Take their points one by one and whack them like done above.

      If not, there will be another, even bigger, Chinese tsunami at PRU14.

    2. This is another kind of propaganda that the Chinese will buy and carry in their heads to PRU14 if not properly and SISTEMATICALLY countered. By Malaysia Chronic News this time -

      RM711 MIL & ROSMAH GETS NOTHING? Ahmad Maslan denies fuel price ...
      Malaysia Chronicle - ‎12 hours ago‎

      KUALA LUMPUR - Not all RM711 million allocated for childcare programmes under Budget 2015 is channelled into the Permata charity organisation helmed by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan said today.

      Very Pakatoon kind, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation and, with the gomen not even wanting to follow Singapore's actions against such "news portals", the buggers get away scot free to continue and continue their goonism.

    3. I feel sorry for Najib. Won't take action against the so-called news portals because want to appear l-i-b-e-r-a-l.

      MCA and Gerakan may want to appear "gentlemenly" in not countering the Red Beans by setting up their own Red Beans for PRU14.

      If BN goes kapputz at PRU14, Najib won't enter the history books as the PM who got a developed nation status very cepat. If because of that UMNO topples him, satu hapah pun dia tak dapat.

    4. Tengku A Rahman Father of Merdeka
      Tun Razak Father of Rural Development
      Tun Mahathir Father of Industrialization
      Datuk Seri Najib Father of ..............


    5. Datuk Seri Najib Father of Cinabeng biaDAP!

  14. If what the Star reporter says is true, it's good for MCA, it augurs well for PRU14 and good for DS Najib. Give credit where credit is due and pray hard that it's true -

    Feel-good factor is back in MCA

    The Prime Minister’s speech at the MCA’s 61st annual general assembly summed it all — under the new leadership the party is gaining strength as a force to be reckoned with in Barisan and with it, glory at the next general election is within reach.

    THE Prime Minister said “satu” (one) and the MCA central delegates responded loudly with “Malaysia” at Dewan San Choon in Kuala Lumpur.

    “I just want to test you,” said a visibly happy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in jest.

    He certainly endeared himself to the delegates who, in turn, gave him their full attention.

    Najib also proudly shared to all at the hall that his son also took up and was well-versed in Mandarin.

    Najib said he was confident that the MCA had found its direction again under Liow’s leadership.

    “Stronger together. Not only stronger together, we can succeed together. We can win the next general election, “ Najib said before leading the delegates in a loud cheer of “hidup Barisan, hidup MCA” repeatedly.

    The feel-good factor has returned to MCA — and hopefully the rakyat who had turned away from the party will consider giving it another chance.


    Yes, really hope so. They also must work doubly hard to get many more than the 7 miserable Parliament seats

    If they stop in fighting within MCA, they should also stop appearing fighting with UMNO/BN. Bring issues through the BN channel, not air them out in public.

    1. Now they are talkin'. Whackin' the DAP. Supremo or banono -

      MCA raps Kit Siang over 'you help me, I help you' accusation
      The Rakyat Post - ‎54 minutes ago‎

      MCA Penang State Liaison Committee deputy chairman Tan Teik Cheng said as a veteran in politics, Lim Kit Siang should have known better to check his facts first and not take statements out of context.


      More and more and more, please. Without fear or favour. Apa macam, bole?

    2. What out of context? He said it. Are you fucking blind or just plain stupid?