Monday 13 October 2014

Najib's pleading twisted to threatening

I am now resting at this posh hotel room courtesy of a friend.

Yesterday morning I felt so stressed and unhappy that I decided to take a break from my routine.

As I had previously wrote, I am not an invincible superhero. I got problems like everyone else.

I was actually unsure where to go until a friend suggested for me to rest at this hotel.

My friend has a room here which he is not occupying and told me I can hang out there until I feel better.

I thought of forgetting everything and just rest.

However, another friend called in the afternoon and asked me if I had been reading the news.

I said no.

"They whacked Najib, left, right, and centre for threatening the Chinese," he said.

Reluctantly, I checked the news and there they were at all the pro-Pakatan portals,

Don't make demands if you don't support BN, Najib tells Chinese

Be the PM for all, not just Barisan supporters, Najib told

Chinese Malaysians not 'beggars', DAP MP tells Najib

There were others.

The pro-Pakatan portals were having a field day, quoting Najib as saying this :

“I’d like to do more, maybe one day I can do more. But I also need the Chinese community to support BN. Come on. You have to do your part.

“You can’t demand and then support DAP. You can’t demand and then support PR. You demand, you support BN, we will be fair to the Chinese,” 

The angling of the stories were written in such a way that what Najib said sounded as if he was threatening the Chinese that they will not get any help from the government if they don't support BN.

From what I know of the prime minister, he is not the type who threaten people.

Does he look like a Malay gangster who has a habit of threatening Chinese?

Not to me.

I think he is too much a gentlemen to do that.

That's the picture of him beating Chinese drums before last year's GE13 as part of efforts to show his sincerity to the Chinese community.

As I said, he tried very hard.

I really pity him, every time I see that picture.

Many Umno people these days even consider Najib as "lembik" because of it. You can read samples of that in the comments at my previous postings on the PM.

They even wish they can topple him for still pandering too much to demands by the Chinese who betrayed him in GE13.

So what actually happened at the MCA's AGM?

I called a friend at the PMO to find out and our conversation went like this:

Me: What the hell happened at the MCA AGM today? They are making your boss sounds like a gangster?

PMO guy: The bastards spin the PM's quote out of context la. You have to listen at how he said those words.

Me: How he said them?

PMO guy: He was actually pleading to the Chinese to support BN so that he could do more for them. He was not in any way threatening them. You have to listen to the tone in which he said those words.

Me: You all should advise him better la in the choice of words. Don't let all those Pakatan portals find room to twist the whole thing.

PMO guy: My boss was speaking off the cuff la.

Me: Argh!!! Come on la, don't tell me you all have no plan to prevent these sorts of thing.

PMO guy:.....(quiet)

Me: So, how now?

PMO guy: We will discuss about it.

Okay, hopefully the PMO people will discuss the matter well and come out with a proper plan to prevent another public relation disaster like that.

They should know the pro-Pakatan media people who dominate the country's cyberspace are all ready to pounce on Najib at every opportunity.

As for the Umno/BN cyberwarriors.....well, I don't count on them to go and fight over these sorts of things.

They are after all totally outclassed by their Pakatan rivals, who have portals such as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

Are there any plan by BN cyberwar bosses to fight those Pakatan portals?

I don't think so.

They don't even seem to bother.

It's more than one and a half years since GE13, yet BN still has no answer to those Pakatan portals.

Ya lah, penyokong BN kan orang kampung, mana ada baca Malaysiakini dengan Malaysian Insider.

Peduli apa kita. Upah je blogger-blogger mana yang ada tu suruh lawan. Jadi la.

Nak bagi gempaq, adjust sikit hits counter tu, bagi nampak juta-juta orang baca blog geng kita.

Ok apa macam tu. Papa Gomo dulu kan popular.

Sometimes I really pity Najib.

He is being whacked by the Pakatan gang and also nowadays by many Umno people.

I wish he is getting better advise from his people.

The next general election is not that far away. Three years from now, the most.

I'm honestly worried.

Well, I am not sure why I am feeling that as Najib's people themselves seem confident. They are still busy running around doing I don't know what.

I wish they are worried too like I am.

If they are worried, at least they are in the position to do something about those worries.

Myself, if I am worried, I can only just go somewhere quite like in this hotel room and sleep.

Okay, I really need to rest now.

Hopefully, tomorrow no one calls me, telling such disturbing news again.


  1. How damn lucky you are, Annie, getting a room at a posh hotel "courtesy of a friend". And a male one, too. Yet complaining of no inspiration or lost inspiration, eh?

    And now you got me riled up with an interesting new post I've just discovered after peeking into your previous post before going to sleep, after a long chat with a friend in a posh hotel room, too.

    So here goes my riled up opinions and pent up feelings, hehe - broken up, stuccato fashion:

    Much as I dislike Najib for wanting to abolish the Sedition Act, I agree with him fully and support him for his "off the cuff" statements you wrote above.

    So please note that the things good he does or says deserve support, the things bad like abolishing the Sedition Act deserve the call for him to be replaced.

    More views to come, my dear.

    1. Thats true. Najib's statement about the chinese was true and real. The chinese never accept the fact that they are the troublemakers / hooligans all year round - 'take away from the gov' and gave support to PR.

      Makan and Kencing ! What kind of people are they ?

    2. The historian C.P Fitzgerald said those from south China are descended from the hill tribes, one way or the other, over the thousand years or so. The Cina Bukit, a culture different from the Han Chinese.

      Save for a few, all the Chinese in Malaysia and SE Asia are Cina Bukit from south China. The clearest example is Tokong Lim who the DAP Vice Chairman Tengku Aziz scolded as "biadap" as he left the party.

      Tak tau berterima kasih yet want more, more and more. They are called ultra kiasu.

  2. Pls be informed that

    1. those damned pro-Pakatan/ Pakatan-owned so-called news portals you mentioned do not print anti-Pakatan comments, being terribly democratic, North Korean or communist China-style that they are. They are neither news nor portals, publishing half truths, twists, spins, slants and what have you.

    2. They certainly need be countered, pooh-poohed, stupified and made to look really dumb, seditious and anarchistic. But they don't publish our views. So many pro-BN bloggers have complained in pro-BN blogs so many times.

    3. So the alternative for the pro-BN bloggers is to come into blogs like yours. And I believe Pakatoons do visit your blogs, mostly just to hear what "the other side" say, only a few dare to comment, afraid of being walloped left, right and centre, like one comment "kena kerumun" by 4-5 stinging pro-BN counter-comments that I see in other blogs, even sometimes in your blog here.

    4. And I often wonder why BN - especially MCA - does not put up and finance such blogs as Malaysia Kuno, Malaysia Chronic News, Malaysian Outsider and the like, often using borderline seditious words and phrases, including in their so-called news headings. Using smart, well educated and well-informed blog operators like you, but using almost free-for-all, even including some harsh and provocative language.

    5. Anybody knows whether BN does any of those? Any proof or strong indications that they do? Which ones?

    6. You don't fight cyber terrorism of the Pakatan kind by being polite and priding yourself in being gentlemanly, and merely relying on Bernama and gomen news media. Since World War I, especially in World War II, governments have been using psychological warfare (psywar) and secret "dirty tricks departments" to shit the enemy to bonkers in their bunkers. Heck, the British colonial government in Malaya used psywar against the communist terrorists, setting up an unpublicized department under C.C Too (easy to remember his name, isn't it).

    7. It's written somewhere that Reuters and such news agencies that had their origins during the war carried out some of those functions. Those that later became known as intelligence functions, some, later became known as counter-propaganda or counter-espionage functions.

    So, would you tell your PMO contacts about those, pls, Annie. And tell us what they think about the above. I wanna see them Pakatoon buggers whacked prim and proper in the right media by the right people with the right access to the public or at least read by them Pakatoon blogs frequenters.

    1. Politics is not for the faint hearted. So no need to be polite and gentlemanly. MCA and Gerakan must be told those repeatedly. Whack them DAP buggers anywhere, everywhere, anytime, all the time. Kamon MCA and Gerakan.

    2. Yeah, you need to wallop DAP as much as possible, as often as possible until their supporters believe what you say.

      Remember what they say? Doesn't really matter what you say so long as you say bad about them so often that the time will come when their supporters will abandon them and support you.

      Don't aim at the hardcore, DAP members. gangster kind. Aim at the supporters, non-members who makan the DAP hate propaganda against you etc. They can makan your propaganda also.

  3. You and helen should geng up and setup a portal. Get quality writers to contribute articles. Sure millions of real hit page will view it. With ads coming in the portal. It can be self sustaining or even profitable venture.

    1. RockyBru and co have already done it with The Mole. It doesn't quite work out the way it supposed to. It does not really catching up with people. It seemed like his own blog together with other blogs on his blogroll (you included) are the only ones who managed to do the job effectively.
      The government should be grateful to all these bloggers. Without them, the government would go banana any other day.

  4. Honestly, Annie, I'm pro-BN thru and thru. UMNO especially, though I'm not a member of any party. Like you, I have also been concerned, even worried. I don't want and cannot tolerate Pakatoon, repulsive to the idea of them ever reaching Putrajaya.

    Especially DAP, said to be anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969, such "sayers" often pointing to the detailed facts given in the White Paper, "13 May 1969: A Tragedy" produced by the National Operations Council, October 1969.

    OK, I sympathize with Najib who you said has been working hard yet got the Chinese tsunami at PRU13, and now the unjustified and nasty recriminations on his "off the cuff" statements.

    But why must Najib want to discard the Sedition Act? Isn't he playing to the tune of those nasty Pakatoon buggers? Isn't he throwing away the very tool that could be used to get those buggers be reasonable in their words and actions?

    Why the bloody hell worry of being accused as not being liberal when even the US still has ISA-like detention without trial at Guantanamo Bay? Why the hell did he remove ISA in this country? He should revive it, like Tun Dr Mahathir said. Last I read (a week ago), there are still 120 detainees at Guantanamo Bay, USA.

    So, would you also say to your PMO contacts my above points, Annie. Would appreciate to know their thinking.

    I'll join you in bed now ... ooops, I mean, in sleeping ... I mean separately ... alamak, I'll just go tidur saja lah.

    Hoping you publish all my comments, see you later in the morning.

    1. Reimplementation of ISA is govt's prerogative, said the AG earlier in the year.

      He said, the decision to re-implement the Internal Security Act is entirely up to the government. "It is up to them to decide whether it should be revived or not," he told reporters after attending the opening of the 2014 Legal Year here. (Any one knows whether it was killed by an Act of Parliament and whether it can be revived without bringing it to Parliament i.e just by administrative decision, which is much simpler to do.)

      The AG was commenting on former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir's proposal to re-implement the ISA to deal with extremist minority groups out to destabilise the country.

      Dr Mahathir described these groups as immature and reckless for making hurtful and sensitive statements which jeopardised the harmony of Malaysia's multi-racial communities.

      Dr Mahathir's proposal was supported by the IGP.

      Going by those, the Sedition Act must not be abolished.

    2. This is the kind of bloke who deserves to be ISA-ed and he kind of so-called news portal whose editor deserves to be hauled in under the Sedition Act -

      We are not your colony to be exploited & controlled - Jeffrey flays Najib for giving ...
      Malaysia Chronicle - ‎11 minutes ago‎

      State Reform Party (Star Sabah) has described Budget 2015 as bringing little cheer to Sabah, affirming the state is a Malayan colony to be exploited and controlled.

      The bugger has been ISA-ed before. Still sounding subversive and anti-national. He should be ISA-ed again. And again. For so log as he keeps being subversive and anti-national.

      Maybe the Police are waiting completion of investigations into the group of secessionists for action to be taken on this bloke. I very much hope so.

  5. Yayyy... you're back... Feeling better I hope... Before I left my old workplace, I used to go for a couple of days retreat every month. Not necessarily a fancy place, sometimes even a rundown hotel will do. Just for me to be alone to breathe and to daydreaming. Most of the time I just sleep, wake up to smoke and a glass of water and then back hitting the bed. 80% of sickness started from stress...


    1. Another way is to tire yourself out. Physically or mentally. Perhaps physically for those with mental stress. Sleep is a very good antidote for stress. Can I say sex as another one?

    2. Sports is another venue.

    3. If you can't go to sleep what do you think will happen to awakening?

  6. adjust sikit hits counter tu, bagi nampak juta-juta orang baca blog geng kita. ;

    Visitors counter can be adjusted? Really?

    Visitors to pro-BN blogs need not be only pro-BN people. Many pro-Pakatan also visit, wanting to know what pro-BN people are saying.

    BN should approach and organize bloggers according to targets - the Red Bean followers, the housewives, the hardcores, the fence sitters, blogs in the the vernacular languages etc.

    Ada buat ka? MCA and Gerakan buat apa? Mau hantam UMNO on Chinese schools issue? Apa daaaaaaaa

  7. What happen cute little annie? Boyfren strain relationship? That is love all about, without strain that not love. PM look like Fong Sai Yoke in that costume as long as he dont choose to look like the 'beggar' skilled Kung Fu in Drunken Money in the tigeress eyes enouh r is it Brun Monkey in the tiger eye, cant remmender.

  8. Najib used the hard word 'demand' instead of softer ones such as 'request' or 'ask'. So I think he is absolutely right. You can only demand if you are a stakeholder in that you are a strong supporter.

  9. "advise from his people."

    U think he listens to advice? I takut dia buat ikut dia suka saja. Big agenda of being liberal, of liberalization. Nakkan legacy as PM who got developed nation status for Malaysia paling cepat.

    If so, he's digging his own grave. UMNO might join in the grave if they don't replace him.

    And Najib's people themselves seem confident of winning PRU14, u said. They are still busy running around doing u don't know what? Doing what Najib likes them to do lah. Saying what Najib wants to hear.

    It's wrong of people saying it's lonely at the top. Not when you have many court jesters around.

    God helps UMNO and the Malays if Anwar Al Juburi, Tokong Lim, Hadi, Mat Sabun and the likes of them reach Putrajaya.

    See what happens at the coming PAU.

    Meanwhile, have a good day everybody.

    1. More of the same at the coming PAU?

      No dramatic development?

    2. blur liberal king with a court of yes-men and keep the good ones outside

  10. You really pity him every time you see that picture of him in Chinese dress beating Chinese gong? That poor Ah Jib Gor.

    You yourself know that many Umno people consider Najib as "lembik" because of it. Not only lembik, Ma'am. Also condescending, willing to celup just for the sake of the votes. He doesn't need to stoop that low lah. Tarak martabat, tarak dignity. Laughed at, despised and treated as unwanted. They proved it by giving him the Chinese tsunami.

    Tell his advisers to drum into his head to change strategy lah. Bloody DAP hate, hate, hate campaign has jalan so far, dia tak tau ka?

    Concentrate on the Malay votes and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Things like giving RM70 mill hill rice subsidy. More NEP to those Malay and Bumi fence sitters or follow-the-crowd-ers.

    Help PAS in hantamming DAP re "over my dead body" to Hudud and whack PKR over curi 2 ADUNs' loyalties etc. Need not be via public statements lah.

    If 1999 got 37% Malay votes by now must be more, man. Increase by 15% will be good. The Chinese only 23% of the population and tell MCA and Gerakan sternly they must pull up their socks to get more seats at PRU14, and to quit bringing issues that sabotage BN in public, to use the proper BN channel instead of trying to appear like DAP. More Chinese votes will go to DAP if they continue doing that.

    We speak like this because we want BN to win, not because we dislike BN.

  11. With all these new legislation rhyming with calls by the opposition, I just wonder who is the highest ranked government man planted by Anwar in there. You guess as good as mine.

    1. Budak Okspod? Lebih tinggi lagi?

      Budak Okspod dulu terlari lari bawakkan paspot Si Nuor bila di lepaskan dari penjara. Padan le kekadang cakap bunyi satu mcm aje. Liberal sek Cina juge.

  12. Ex-Minister of Education and Cabinet Joker Khir Johari wore Chinese clothes, sent the photos as Hari Raya cards.

    The result? Zairil Khir Johari, the born-Chinese pretending to be a Malay in DAP that's known to be anti-Malay, trying to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. And his mother big court battle against Khir's children from the first wife who wanted share of Khir's property.

    Now Najib in Chinese dress beating the Chinese gong. The result? ........

    Can I ask this question? Is it true he had a Chinese wife (before Rosmah, has divorced her) and a son he sent to study in Peking University?

    If true, print this, Annie. If not, up to you.

    As they say in US and elsewhere, all politicians are subject to public scrutiny. No bad intention here, just wanting to know, for a better understanding of the man who is leading this country.

  13. Umno tak perlulah buat sandiwara pasal sek.vernikular lagi sebabnya najib sendiri jadi hero vernikular...
    Najib, yang pernah menyandang jawatan menteri pendidikan, berkata beliau mengambil "risiko politik" dalam memansuhkan Seksyen 21 (2) Akta Pendidikan, yang memberi kuasa kepada menteri menukar taraf sekolah Cina kepada sekolah kebangsaan. - TMI.

    Sekarang dia juga yg bawa masuk muka2 liberal songsang masuk JPM. Muka2 liberal songsang yg senada dengan Pakatoon maka muncullah kumpulan Voice of Moderation yg akan promosi idea leberal mereka ke instituisi pengajian tinggi.

    1. Teruk lah UMNO. Teruk lah Melayu. Haaiii ...

      Azmi Shahrom jadi Naib Chanselor UM, gamak nya. Jahanam le kita. Balik kampong noreh getah le kita.

  14. Annie
    Of course NAJIB is not a Malay gangster ,

    Then who is the Chinese gangster you have in mind. ?

    1. This fler

      Latest Videos
      Gangster Behaviour
      Gangster Behaviour0:36Lim Guan Eng behaving like a gangster

  15. Kalau lah DS Najib ikut nasihat Tun M dalam isu isu yang besau..........

  16. Najib kenalah kurang melancong. Kena bagi banyak masa di pejabat. Kenalah peka jangan jadi clueless sudah.

    1. Melancong takpa. Jangan melencong.

      Nanti kena melanc.......... ahhhh, dah lah tu.

  17. "The angling of the stories were written in such a way that what Najib said sounded as if he was threatening the Chinese .."

    That's what they always do, innit? It's called slanting. Those so-called news portals should be slanted across the South China Sea. Damn them.

  18. Woi, Annie, I wanna take you up on your statements -

    "As for the Umno/BN cyberwarriors.....well, I don't count on them to go and fight over these sorts of things."

    This has been replied in earlier comments that many tried to go into the so-called news portals, submitting lengthy comments but were not published.

    "They are after all totally outclassed by their Pakatan rivals, who have portals such as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider." I sense in that statement you are trying to provoke BN supporters into whacking them Pakatan blokes as much as possible.

    Note that where not blocked, they have been doing just that. You know examples of blogs which carry so many pro-BN and anti-Pakatan comments. Some like yours quite promptly moderated, others are not, but still publish those comments.

    Not outclassed, baby. Them Pakatan blokes often simply have no class. Products of Chinese schools, where got class. Let's not talk lengthily but just mention in passing their atrocious command of English or BM. But maybe they have "class" in being seditious. That BN supporters are not prepared to do, being mindful of the law, always.

    Note that for every one "seditious tendency" brought to court, 4-5 others may get away. Nevertheless there have been an increase in prosecutions in recent times. Only that there are so many of them seditious-tendency bastards around. That's why the Sedition Act must be retained. You can do your part - promote retention of the Act.

  19. "Are there any plan by BN cyberwar bosses to fight those Pakatan portals?"

    On this one, I agree with you. I also don't think so. Ahmad Maslan, UMNO Info boss bothers. But I have not seen proper organizing, streamlining and co-ordinating of those cyber troopers. Mainly because they are all volunteers. Not paid like the Red Beans of the DAP.

    Anybody knows of any paid BN cyber trooper? Despite the hugely frequent allegations by the Red Beans during PRU13 election campaign?

  20. I completely fail to understand why UMNO, MCA and Gerakan don't pay qualified and experienced people to put up similar "news portals" as Malaysia Kuno, Malaysia Chronic News, Malaysia Outsider etc to fight real cyber wars with the Pakatoons. Complete with editors, sub-editors, reporters and what have you. And paid Admin blokes who regularly update the "portals".

    Look at Malaysian Outsider. The Editor with a Taliban-sounding name is a former Reuters reporter. Trained in the art of getting information and whatever else that Reuters may have engaged in since their formation during the last war or earlier, possibly including psywar.

    They have financial backing, that's why they are daring, being sued, etc. Malaysia Kuno, which had admitted getting foreign remittances from NeoCons, Jews and Zionists of the Israeli Lobby in the US, arranged by Anwarul Al Juburi, was charged for sedition. They have lawyers taking up their cases pronto, gaji jalan, no wally tak cukup makan.

    Agree with you, It's more than one and a half years since GE13, yet BN still has no answer to those Pakatan portals. Suggest you mengurat your PMO contacts to get them to confide to you the real reasons why Najib/IMNO has not done so. If because of Najib being a l-i-b-e-r-a-l and wanting to be a gentleman, habis lah UNNO/BN at PRU14.

  21. Annie, regarding the comment submitted just now, to mengurat your PMO contacts for info on Najib/UMNO anti-Pakatan cyber warfare plans (if any) for PRU14, ajak depa makan lah. But don't the cheap nasi campur RM6 you often speak about in front of your office, ok?

    Ask your boss for funds lah. Remember, the footballer Pele asked for US50,000 per interview some 20-30 years ago. Now the Bomb-Iraq joint culprit Tony Blair gets paid RM1 million (is it more?) per public talk he is "invited" to. Anwar may get RM1 for talks in prison - that petite but tuding girl Faekah what'shername had announced sacking him from the RM1 salaried "Selangor Economic Adviser" post on Khalid's last day as MB.

    So, do let us know if Najib/UMNO has cyber warfare plans against the Pakatoons - Red Beans, Blue Beans, Green/Bulan Beans - for PRU14, will ya.

  22. Maaf....bila tin kosong bercakap...ckp tak serupa bikin...