Monday 6 October 2014

BN needs to fix itself first

Someone told me yesterday to stop fooling around and get back to the business of whacking Pakatan.

He felt that of late I have been too pre-occupied with criticizing the Johor BN's State government and writing silly stuff about my nonsensical personal life.

Well, first of all, I am not being paid by the BN people to write this blog.

So, why should I spend so much time and energy whacking the Pakatan people for them.

I think they have enough cybertroopers to do that....not that I think they make any difference.

Anyway, I'm of the opinion that whacking Pakatan day and night is not going to help BN.

For instance, the recent Selangor MB mess caused by PKR's Kajang Move.

Do you think that changed anything? Do you think the Selangorians now want to switch to a BN State government?

Do you think the Pakatan's infighting in Selangor makes Noh Omar more handsome or intelligent?

Think again, okay.

By the way, Noh Omar can never be more handsome or smarter than Azmin Ali.

So, no matter how hard you attack Azmin, people will look at the alternative that BN is offering, that is Noh Omar, and they will decide to stick with Azmin.

BN leaders should get it into their thick head that most people who voted Pakatan did so because they hate BN.

It is definitely not because they really love Pakatan.

They just hate the obnoxious, crooked, ugly people in the BN leadership.

Really, there are so many of them.

So, to me, instead of attacking Pakatan, BN need to clean up their house if it ever wants to regain the people's support.

When I criticized the administration of Khaled Nordin in Johor, it was because I wanted it to change its ways for the better.

It's because things are very bad now for BN down there.

Ignore criticisms such as mine at your own peril, Khaled.

Let me tell you, that your administration is being viewed as worse than that of all the past BN's state governments in Selangor.

That's not me talking, but people on the ground in Johor.

The people are watching and they are quietly talking about all the excesses which are happening under your watch.

If the palace is the problem, then go and fix it, Khaled.

Don't be such a whimp of an MB.

But Khaled, fix your people first. Stop them from behaving like greedy pirates.

You also need to clean up your acts. Come clean from all those talks that you also got vested interests in all sorts of projects.

That is it.

If BN is clean, people will return their support to it.

DS Najib Razak should know this.

His multi-million ringgit worth of consultants should have given him this advice.

Think about it, okay.

But seriously, I don't think the BN leaders are bothered to think.

After all, other than Noh Omar, they got Ku Nan, Ahmad Maslan, Rauf, Shahreezat, Sabri Cheek, etc etc up there.

How to think when you are led by such a bunch of people?

Oh, and BN also got Indian leaders like that clueless Palanivel guy.

Let's not even talk about the Chinese BN leaders whose followers mostly voted for Pakatan in GE13.

MCA leaders, for instance can't even seem to realize that their The Star newspapers which made up half of the party's RM2 billion assets are working for DAP... or they realized it but pretended not to realize it as they themselves believe that all Chinese need to unite under DAP.



BN got just three years to fix all these mess if it hopes not to be defeated in the next general election.

Yup, if BN wants to attack Pakatan, it definitely needs to fix itself first.

Otherwise, they will just make themselves look even more silly then what they already are now.

What's the point for pro-establishment bloggers like myself attacking Pakatan leaders like Azmin when there are BN leaders who continue with their crooked ways.

Do you all really think that I blindly support BN?

Think again, okay.


  1. Yeah, you BN Whacker...Don't Slacken Uh?? Whack them Opposition.
    Whack Whack Whack Sampai you muntah darah!

  2. Sapa tahu kita bergelut pertahankan BN tapi Najib dan Anwar berpeluk di belakang, tidak mustahil.

    1. Kalau berpeluk belakang, habis bocor le siapa di depan, hehe.

    2. Ya mungkin itu telah berlaku . . . diaorang saling menutupi rahsia2 mereka. Sikap liberal dan pergaulan rapat mereka dengan si pembangkang evangelista itu adalah dalilnya

    3. PM dan isterinya dah pun capai cita2 hidup masing2, cuma sekarang habiskan sebanyak waktu kesempatan sebelum tersungkur. Najib dan Anwar sebenarnya kawan, di depan kita mereka berdua bersandiwara. Jgn kita tertipu.

  3. dlm umno ramaei teflon face dan daun keladi...

  4. Yea, yea, yea, "get back to the business of whacking Pakatan." I'll call for that, too. And I'm not even a BN or any party member. I just detest them Pakatoon sodomist, racist and seditionist blokes.

    You are mixing with the wrong people again, Annie. Who said you've been "too pre-occupied with criticizing the Johor BN's State government" - you should have written tons more against the Iskandar, Forest City, Dangar Bay etc projects. All those that will mean an influx of Singapore or mainland Chinese, upsetting the population ratio in Johore an in this country.

    And who says you've been "writing silly stuff about my nonsensical personal life"? The little you do helps break the serious mood of whacking them buggers, baby.

    1. just control your ego-lah Annie . . .

  5. I agree with you one hundred percent frankly after Najib I can only see KJ as a serious contender to Umno leadership, he is suave, debonair, good looking, multi-language and I could see him at the UN podium giving speeches like Najib. His only problem with me is he s still a good friend of Kalimullah. So for now I am sticking with Zahid as Najib successor, another suave, charismatic and . debonair and good looking and muti-lingual. But your right BN needs a serious house cleaning!

    1. Be careful with KJ. In the past he has had one foot in his mouth. Zahid is good. After Muhyiddin, he is the best. I wish Najib is replaced by UMNO soon.

    2. suave, charismatic debonair? Pasquale are you into personal grooming for high flyers or what?

    3. pasquele is either a pas man or a queer or both

    4. Dear bros., the best leaders of democratic countries are described as "trustworthy, intelligent, courageous, just and compassionate" -
      suave, debonair, good looking people do not necessarily serve the nation well.

    5. pasquele is either a pas man or a queer or both.

      He might be a third kind - who can't count up to 40. That's the age KJ said he wants to be PM. And who agrees with that? All those whose names have eee. Like Azeees.


    KUALA LUMPUR: The relevance of maintaining Chinese vernacular schools should be discussed in the upcoming Umno General Assembly next month to address racial sentiments that have painted the government in a bad light.

    Petaling Jaya Utara Umno deputy division chief Mohamad Azli Mohemed Saad said the assembly should also discuss whether the vernacular school system should be continued.

    “Many are of the opinion that Chinese vernacular schools have been exploited by opposition parties to incite hatred towards other races, and spread racial and anti-government sentiments.

    “We should debate on whether Chinese vernacular schools should be abolished, or to increase the intake of Malay and Indian students, and teachers to 60 per cent (in such schools).”

    Azli added that Chinese vernacular schools should be under the Education Ministry’s jurisdiction.

    This, he said, was important to eliminate all forms of racial sentiments that were often politicised by those who lacked political understanding.

    1. When talking about Chinese schools, avoid saying close them and such. Use the words "absorb them (or serapkan)" into the Sekolah Kebangsaan system. Sounds less sdeditius like that.

      Just direct them to use BM as medium of instruction and the Sekolah Kebangsaan syllabus in full.

    2. The world economy is in a mess. The EU, the US and China - the main drivers of world economy - all have serious problems, and the worse from them is still to come.

      So yes, while the Malaysia economy is not good - falling sales being reported in all sectors of the economy, unemployment increasing, cost of living increasing, and now a petrol price hike and next year's GST implementation - we should do what we can for the economy rather than give our country more problems in the form of unproductive ideological quarrels. As for the Malays who voted against BN, I'ld say most had done so because of their deteriorating economic circumstances.

      For the next few years, I'ld say generally any money flowing into our economy, which gives it more activity, is good.

      Education has to be a long term plan. Sometime in the 1970's we voluntarily disadvantaged ourselves by replacing English as the main medium of instruction. To regain that advantage lost requires us to navigate a tough going road ahead, and it will take time.

      As for a single school system, we got to put our SKs in order first. What Azli suggested is akin to asking MAS to takeover Air Asia.

      So far as I know, locally, over 60,000 Malays study in Chinese schools, and many Malays send their children to international schools. Pagemalaysia is one organisation which understands this situation well.

      I'm a BN supporter; in particular I support PM Najib. I certainly hope that he'll continue to be PM for many years to come. However, that requires UMNO to remain as the dominant political party. That means don't create unnecessary problems for PM. The Selangor MB saga is a good example of a fiasco for Pakatan though I don't think it's fatal for them.

      However, can we assume that UMNO can do whatever it likes and will still remain in power after the next GE?

      For now, let's keep talk which alienate the non-Malays to a minimum. Instead, let's talk more on what could be done to make Malaysia better economically.

      So far as I know, the Chinese are practical people. They will support the government that they believe can manage the country (but especially the economy) better. With a school system which has English as the main language of instructions also teaches Bahasa, Mandarin and Tamil; competent and non ideological teachers and administrators; SK will again be a school of choice for most of them.

    3. Disagree with you Anonymous6 October 2014 13:24.

      Sorry, I don't have much regard for economists. Najib is said to be one. He did manufacturing economics degree or something like that in UK. I confess to not understanding economics. But if the economy is not good now, after giving allowance to international factors, isn't the PM also responsible?

      And surely the answer is not just accept any money flowing in. Sure hot money and ill-gotten money is not acceptable. Same as the kind of money that'll throw our socio-economic situation into jitters. Doing projects like those in Johore that'll bring an influx of Chines into this country does that.

      Surely the kind of money that we should encourage is that which brings in factories of all sorts. Those that'll provide employment that you talk about. Especially those that the locals want to work in. Those that involve technology transfer. Not building houses and condos. But even factories manufacturing condoms are acceptable. As the population is increasing, sex hunger does, too.

    4. As for a single school system, why do "we have to put our SKs in order first"? Why can't the single school system be implemented and at the same time improvements be made?

      We differ in opinion. But I insist that my opinion is better than yours. More so when Article 152 of the Constitution states the position of Bahasa Malaysia.

      Even if 60,000 Malays studying in Chinese schools, it should not be the impediment to implementing the single school system. It's a tiny % of the total school children population in the country.

      In any case, that came about partly due to the hate everything Malay propaganda that the nasty DAP and others did, that the SKs are associated with the Government and the Government is associated as Malay majority, that the Chinese tsunami was against.

      So much hype on the so-called goodness of Chinese schools. But I have seen many Malay children in Chinese schools not performing well also.

      Apart from the hate-the-Establishment mentality of some Malay parents, the curiosity bit also played a role in the enrolment of Malay children in Chinese schools. Like Lee Kuan Yew when in Malaysia. People turned up in droves to hear him speak. But they did not necessarily vote him. In Singapore he even used the courts - suing the Opposition - to ensure he had huge a majority in the Singapore Parliament.

    5. Anonymous6 October 2014 13:24,

      You said, "That means don't create unnecessary problems for PM."

      You tell PM don't create problems and anxieties for us lah. He wants to abolish Sedition Act, waaaaaaa, huge problem and anxieties for us lah.

      And you mean rakyat serve PM ha? Not PM serves rakyat? What man, you.

      And learn to give links to your statements lorr. And quote the authorities who said those things you put out.

      Otherwise they appear as your opinion only. And your opinion is ..... no need to rub it in la, innit? No problem you saying it. But we have a right to disagree. Where sounding ridiculous or unreasonable, we may pooh pooh it lorr.

    6. One Nation should and must have one school system ,if everybody is serious enough talking about 1 Malaysia ,there is no other ways .

    7. This Ah Jib Gor is supporting Dong Zong full Chinese school system. Tao thia ah! Mana akal kesatuannya?

    8. Anonymous6 October 2014 23:59,

      If like that, let's shout out to UMNO endlessly to remove Ah Jib Gor from the UMNO Presidency.

  7. We know you are "not being paid by the BN people to write this blog". But one huge wrong you said - "So, why should I spend so much time and energy whacking the Pakatan people for them." Great necessity to do so to avoid sodomists, seditionists and racists reaching Putrajaya, Mem.

    No, BN will never have "enough cybertroopers" to do the whacking of Pakatoons. BN just rely on volunteers whereas the DAPigs pay the Red Beans operating under Tokong Lim's Press Secretary in the Komtar Building.

    And you are wrong in saying that they don't make any difference. Pakatoons got lower majority at PRK Kajang, lost their own seat at PRK Teluk Intan (even when DAP put a so-called pretty young Malay punk as candidate), and BN gained a bigger majority at PRK Pengkalan Kubor.

  8. You have our 100% support for speaking out, adinda Ms Annie!

    You can Disagree with the message, but don't shoot the Messenger.
    -- US politician RF Bennett

    Healthy for UMNO or any political party to invite more bad news, for 100% integrity insya-Allah of our beloved Malaysia.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. I agree with you that BN leaders should realize that most people who voted Pakatan did so because they hate BN and not because they love Pakatan.

    But not just because they hate the obnoxious, crooked, ugly people in the BN leadership. Also because they got influenced by the hate, hate, hate campaign by the DAP. And bastards in Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chonicle some of whom have been charged for sedition.

    More of the seditious Oppo hippos should be brought to court for sedition. No matter 2-3 times, like the PKR Vice Chairman Sivarasa. Kasi dia rasa. Especially bila masuk penjara.

  10. Yes, BN need to clean up their house if they want to win big again. Get back the 2/3 majority in Parliament.

    Maybe UMNO should get rid of Najib first. He removed the laws that made the DAP and Pakatoon buggers emboldened to say what they want to being seditious and often are with "seditious tendency".

    Now Najib still talking about removing Sedition Act. So many BN people also fedap. Let alone non party members, even UMNO party members got fedap. Clear now that at least 170 UMNO Divisions out of total 191 Divisions want the Act retained.

    Najib should announce retention of the Act at the coming UMNO General Assembly.
    If he does that, he'll score high marks not only from UMNO members but also from the Malays at large. Because the Act protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution. Those that protect the rights and interests of the Malays, also the Special Position of the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Who, together, they form 70% of the population of the country.

    1. 3 Realities That Must Be Born In Mind:

      1. Many native people of Sabah and Sarawak are not happy with the current political arrangement, Generally, they do not like interference from Putrajaya. They prefer their states to be run by locals. Thus the assumption that we could get majority support from them is shaky.

      2. UMNO gets rid of Najib? For a start, most if not all the top UMNO leaders know that they are not as capable as Najib for PM. Furthermore, any such attempt will weaken UMNO internally and badly. For now, the biggest foe of BN is not Pakatan but THE ECONOMY. Because of the deteriorating economic outlook, there is even talk about bringing forth the next GE to next year!

      3. The Chinese are practical people. They will vote for whoever can provide a healthy economic and social enviroment. Surely we can remember how Chinese votes affected GE 1999's outcome?

    2. If Najib doesn't, UMNO should replace him. Better to do it now. Still 3 years to PRU14. If later, it might be too late. And UMNO might lose power.

    3. Anonymous6 October 2014 14:49,

      What may be realities to you are not necessarily so to many of us.

      That's just your opinion - that many native people of Sabah and Sarawak are not happy with the current political arrangement. They have been the BN Fixed Deposit. Have you not noticed the attention Putrajaya gave to them? Financially, politically. Only the seditionists and secessionists try to drive a wedge. Including nasty DAP, of course. Now the Police are hot on the heels of the secessionists. Including the woman residing in UK.

      "Most if not all the top UMNO leaders know that they are not as capable as Najib for PM." That's your opinion. Balderdash. My opinion is better. Especially when at least 170 out of a total 191 UMNO Divisions have spoken up against the Sedition Act.

      There is talk about bringing forth the next GE to next year? And nobody else says it except you? And you not providing any justification, even indication, of who talks that? Again, unless there is such, my coffee shop talk is better than yours.

      The problem with talking with people like you is that you don't justify what you say. Not only that, you are not even giving a few hints to your question "Surely we can remember how Chinese votes affected GE 1999's outcome?" Talking in riddles, ha? How do you expect readers to believe whatever you say?

    4. The next GE will be very dangerous for UMNO. Even TDM said so.

      The reason: Severe Deterioration of The Malaysian economy made worse by the coming World Economic Crisis, causing more Malays to blame the government even though it is not the government's fault.

      Is This The Beginning?

      PETALING JAYA: Alarm bells are ringing among developing countries in Asia as potential huge outflow of foreign speculative funds threaten to wreak havoc across financial markets in the region.

      A taste of what is to come was felt last month when the ringgit took a big hit, falling 4.1% against the US dollar, in tandem with sharp declines among regional currencies against the US dollar.

    5. It would be good if UMNO does lose power and become the opposition for awhile. then they will genuinely revamp themselves and work for the people instead of taking it that it is their God-given right to rule.

    6. Anonymous6 October 2014 15:47,

      If there is World Economic Crisis coming, Malaysian will not be the pnly country suffering. Not Malays blaming the government, its the Oppo hippos making the most nose. The Government can counter making explanations etc.

    7. Anonymous6 October 2014 16:28,

      Yeah, you'd like UMNO to lose power for awhile, don't you? You'd hope for it? Pray for it? No problem. Keep on doing so. PAS even sembahayang hajat to KO UMNO. But UMNO still intact, what.

      Revamping doesn't require "losing power a while", stupid. What school you went? What logic you learnt?

      Revamping can be done just by replacing the President, man. You dunno that ah?

    8. Anonymous6 October 2014 15:47,

      You know konomics or not? Why you scare scare people who dunno like me?

      I just spoke to an Accountant in the consultancy business a few hours ago. He said the economy is ok, the Stock Market Index KLCI is now at 1800 and he heard the Bernama Radio 1-2 days ago that the GDP of the country is above 6%.

      He said the above are strong indicators of the economic situation is ok.

      You talk about foreign speculative funds running out. But are they not, by its nature and name, always moving in and out? Like George Soros, causing the Asian Financial Crisis during Tun Dr Mahathir's time. Are you suggesting this is happening? Or you bullshit only?

      You ring the alarm bells but no say what source that info is from. No give link also. Aiyya, call you stupid, you angry.

      I think you are bullshitting. You deserve to be called bullshit. Bullshit.

    9. M'sia vulnerable to further outflows of foreign funds

      by izwan idris

    10. Anonymous6 October 2014 20:36,

      Who is izwan idris? Governor Bank Negara?

      Which country doesn't have outflow of foreign funds?

  11. To Matthew Boyle,

    please check even though you don't want to believe:

    i. Harry Potter songlap banyak tanah di kawasan bahagian dia, orang cakap lah;

    ii. dulu Mr. Matthew kata mahu stop Lam Kong Hong, sekarang ramai nampak dua-dua sudah berkawan; pasal apa? black magic ala orang asli? mahu tok bomoh tak?

    iii. Mail man, Din from Bahau, Kau Tim, Harry Potter, Rose Landau, semua keliling ketat siapa lagi dapat berjumpa dengan tuan Matthew?

    iv. KL young boys datang johor hanya mahu act pandai naik helikopter sini sana pergi macam CIA kawalan Obama, come on la......

    v. Kata mahu jaga orang-orang prince of land tapi yang nampak Mr. Matthew sama jugak tuan nuor suka hadir function tradisi Tamil Nadu Kerala saja, semalam hadir lagi tu, tapi yang ada main kompang pulak macam nak elak-elak?

    vi. Dulu kata Kesatuan Perompak Ratus Jin sangat jahat, tanah-tanah hilang diagih jin-jin tanah, apa yang tuan Matthew sudah buat? tukar tok bomoh ah moi lagi besar jin tanah.... aduh!

  12. rauf yusoh beli 2 plat nombor bmw sampai rm 50 ribu..kepimpinan melalui teladan..sila semak senarai nama pembeli di melalak harga minyak naik tapi pemimpin muka tak malu membazir duit beli plat number..dari blanja 50 ribu beli plat baik aje sumbangkan duit tu untuk repair jalan kampung..sampai bilalah orang melayu nak kena tipu dengan pemimpin sendiri

  13. Untuk saya hanya seorang calon sahaja yang layak menggantikan najib, iaitu TSKI. Ini kerana beliau membuktikan yang beliau seorang yang berjaya baik didalam politik mahupun korporat. Banyak berkerja dan kurang beretorik. Saya percaya beliau mampu membawa Malaysia kearah ekonomi yang lebih stabil dan berdaya saing

    1. Ko nak promot TSKI, lantak ko lah. Orang tak tau pun siapa dia. Ko pun malas nak eja nama dia. Ngapa? Ko malu ye?

    2. Ooooooo, 19:01, lu maksud Khalid Iblahim arr? Dia otang bank RM66 million sampai masuk court banyak kali horr. Politik pun dia kena tendang mah. Amacam lu bilang dia jaya politik, jaya korporat? Lu kipala talok kaki ka?

    3. :) tak sangka baru beri pendapat dah dihina. Manusia, salah ke saya memberi pendapat. Mungkin kurang kasih sayang. Saya doakan awak berdua menjadi lebih beradab pada masa hadapan.tak perlu nak jadi keyboard warrior memaki hamun.


  14. 1. Bumi cousins:
    Of course East Malaysia is BN's fixed deposit
    and our Dayak, KM-D cousins deserve higher $ allocation per capita, and the minister numbers too.

    This must be reflected in the 2015 budget.
    (big share of the RM54 billion for education already, in 2014)

    2. DAP cousins:
    What do you think is the biggest DAP Sarawak wish?
    To join Singapore la(?) ..

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  15. well said Annie

    To change, we must look at the mirror first

  16. How come every time I think of the country's current problems, Najib crosses my mind?
    How come every time I think of lack of understanding and ill feelings among the races now, Najib crosses my mind?
    How come every time I think of high crime rates and seditious tendencies among the population, Najib crosses my mind?

    Because Najib removed ISA, EO and RRA. So, thousands of criminals were released from prisons and the crime rate increased. Because Najib talked about removing the Sedition Act. So, those with seditious tendencies became emboldened. A few blokes even got charged for sedition more than once.

    So, UMNO must replace Najib. Then there's hope for real, substantive changes.

    Those defending Najib are welcome to continue doing so. But please put out meaningful and substantive comments. Not just saying the rakyat should not increase his burden like already strongly rebutted above. Those talking about the "bad economic situation" should put out figures and opinions of those in the know. And, state sources, provide links, quote authorities for those figures. Then we have meaningful discussions sans sarcasm, pooh poohing and belittling one another.

    How about that, folks?

  17. Thinking Citizen_1403620863: When I was young, I was sent by my parents to a government school with English as the medium of instruction.

    The next generation sent their children to national schools with additional tuition for English language at home. The current generation sent their children to Chinese vernacular schools with English tuition at home.

    Likewise, there are many Malays who send their children to Chinese vernacular schools and the more affluent ones to foreign-run schools with English as the medium of instruction.

    What does this development indicate? The public have lost faith in government-run schools. That's the truth and admit it.

    For your information, the students in vernacular schools have to study hard to meet the academic expectations of these schools.

    They go there to study hard in a hope of a better future. They have no time to ‘politic’ around amd no time to join opposition parties.

    1. Nonsense, mate. How many you talkin' about? How many in SKs now? You have skewed the "truth".

      For your information, the Chinese schools syllabus are not as hard as the SL. The BM syllabus in particular. The passing marks are much lower. Ask the Ministry of Education.

      You tell the DAP members and supporters not to "politic" around. If DAP ceases paying Red Beans, I might believe you.

    2. Anonymous7 October 2014 09:50,

      Do understand Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia. If you don't understand, do say so here and I'll explain it.

    3. Anonymous7 October 2014 09:50, Thinking Citizen and your like-minded,

      Look here -

      1 generation sent to government school with English as the medium of instruction.

      1 generation ("next generation") sent their children to national schools with additional tuition for English language at home.

      1 generation ("current generation") sent their children to Chinese vernacular schools with English tuition at home.

      3 generations i.e at least 60 years and how many in Chinese schools now, pray tell. Even among the Chinese, how many send their children to SKs now? How many send them to Chinese Middle schools? What percentage?

      Wat ya talkin' man?

      "The public have lost faith in government-run schools"? Talkin' from your arsehole? You Red Bean arr?

    4. ARTICLE 152

      1.The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide: Provided that-

      (a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language;

  18. Re. Chinese education, I used to believe what you said Sdr Anon-09:50.

    Other than strict administration/ Confucian values there was plenty rote-leaning. Guess what? MRSM now have tens of '000s of their SPM students getting straight As and beating the Chinese at their own rote-game.

    Are straight As and Confucian values now still relevant? We should be planning for the future to instead have more liberal and HOTS thinking.
    (Higher Order Thinking Skills ..)

    This is alhamduli'Llah in the PPPM 2013- 2025.

    Haji M Zin,
    (1/4 decade PIBG veteran)
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Well done, Tuan Haji. More of such replies, please.

      Need to counter these fellows propaganda. They are nasty. Not respecting the Constitution Article 152.

      That Chinese schools have existed a long time does not mean that they are legitimate. They need to be told these kinds of arguments again and again.

    2. I read in Ridhuan Tee blogspot there's a Malay girl got PhD at 24 years old.

      Sure not from Chinese school one.


    3. Although not an educator Sdr Anon-15:53
      we've suffered fools for a long time with the old education systems and our childrens teachers ,, when they are not doing side MLM, huhu. We have since 2012 started paying them competitive salaries and can now pick from the best applicants.

      PPPM 2013- 2025:
      The best thing that has happened is the Ministry alhamduli'Llah admitted we are far behind some of the 3rd world countries and making systemic changes, that are also transparent.

      Just a suggestion, that you can download the easy to read PPPM 2013 complete education blueprint.

      Haji M Zin, PIBG Veteran
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Txs Tuan Haji. Yes we have our weaknesses but these fellows deserve some telling off for their so-called know-all, high-nosed views.

  19. Presently, the best education alternative for all Malaysians is the international schools. But they are expensive. This is where the Chinese schools come in.

    With Chinese schools, the students are not confined to cari makan in Malaysia. Infact, many who could not make it in Malaysia excel in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and elsewhere.

    They generally do no depend on the government for a living.

    1. Good they do not depend on the gomen for a living. But still, Chinese schools run counter to Article 152 of the Constituion on Bahasa Malaysia.

      If they want to attend schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and elsewhere., no problem to the rest of Malaysians. Study there and work here.

    2. Who said the best is the international schools? Just your opinion? Not even explaining why or how?

      How to believe what you say?

    3. Most top Malays have their children do their secondary education in the UK, or at least in international schools in Malaysia.

      The not so choice ones go to the MARA colleges.

    4. The SKs are for the masses (supporting cast).

    5. Anonymous7 October 2014 17:53's answer to why or how international schools are the best is so ... budak kecik.

    6. Anonymous7 October 2014 17:53,

      Talk about syllabus, teachers, examiners, standard of passes and the like la wei. Apa la lu.

    7. Fairnsquare The correct way is to get people to enrole in National Schools by having standards way above rthe vernacular schiools. These national schools should have high academic standards with medium of instruction in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. This with an option for students to learn Mandarin and Tamil depending their ethnic background. With the parents in Johor sending their children to Singapore's national schools, the government must realise that it is because of the dplorable standard of education. We also need to exclude religious and political matters. We will then see parents sending all their children to national schools with zero compulsion. Every government school must be tasked to reaching premier status. This will be the right direction. We need an educationist as a Education Minister. selected by Acadamicians with no political links reporting directly to the YDP Agung.

  20. MAS new ceo a foreigner

    PETALING JAYA: For the first time in its history, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) will have a foreigner as its chief executive officer, who will be given the mandate to chart the restructuring of the company as well as see through its results over the next five years.

    In what is seen as a move to send a signal to the various stakeholders that the Government is not leaving any stone unturned in its efforts to put MAS on a proper footing amid keen competition in the airline industry, it is learnt that Khazanah Nasional Bhd, MAS’ major shareholder, has given its tacit agreement to the candidate.

    1. This is a proposal to prevent more intrusion or intervention on our airline, a European in our system. Contardictary/ irony? This has been practised by the mid-eastern airways.

  21. May be instead of DG of Education, we should have a ceo found by a worldwide search.

    Probably he'll be American or European.

    Then see our SK standard fly!

    1. May be we should allow you to be DG? Then Malaysian education will be China or Taiwan education?

      Didn't read what Tuan Haji said above? Refuse to read that MRSMs produce thousands of straight As? That's not part of SKs? Using SK syllabuses?


    2. Do you know how many PhDs local U's produce?

      I understand the yearly number is as if not more impressive tham MRSMs straight As in SPM.

      Sorry, no interest in your DG post. Studied in UK since O level. I'm for the UK public school model.

    3. U r still in school ha? Sound like one.