Sunday 26 October 2014

Best way to a Nordic country

I actually envy this person,

Ali Abd Jalil keeps tirade against monarchy going

Not only that he get to insult the Johor and Selangor sultanates, now he got to go to Sweden because of it.

Yes, and on top of that, he was hailed as a hero.

Really lucky bastard.

I wish I can insult, especially the Johor sultanate and get to go to Sweden too.

It's a nice and beautiful country.

And the food is also good. I eat some at the Ikea's restaurant every now and then. My favorite is the meatballs.

Seriously, I don't mind spending a few years in a Nordic country, tagged as a heroic "prisoner of conscience" and when the time is right returns to Malaysia and be respected by the young ones as some sorts of "pejuang".

All that despite actually being so full of shit, ya.

Something like that basket case Hishammudin Rais.

Well, this Ali Abd Jalil is a basket case too. It's the only way I can describe him.

But of course he get to go to Sweden, while I can't.

It's because he got the money to pay for the trip to Bangkok and the flight from there to Stockholm.

I don't have that kind of money.

Yes, life sucks, sometimes.

Whatever it is, I wonder what this Ali Abd Jalil does for a living that he has that kind of money.

The reports described him as a student activist.

What kind of job is that?

Is he really a student?

And how is he going to live in Sweden?

Is he going to take up the job of student activist once more while in Sweden so that he can support himself there?

The job seems to pay well.

I wish I can apply for one.

Like Ali Abd Jalil, I am not very fond of the royalty too, especially those who are involved in excesses.

But in my case, I do not desire the demise of the institution.

The institution of Raja-Raja Melayu is part of the Malay cultural identity.

Sebahagian dari Jati Diri Melayu, so they said.

I just wish for the Malay Rulers and their families not to misbehave.

They have to be responsible and remember about their duties to the rakyat.

Being members of the kerabat diraja does not mean they are lords and masters of the rakyat and that they can do just whatever they want.

If the kerabat diraja still refuse to accept these facts about the real relations between the rakyat and themselves, then people like Ali Abd Jalil has already won.

The days of Kesultanan Melayu is indeed numbered, as more people begin to hate them for their misdeeds.

Anyway, for Ali Abd Jalil's information, Sweden has a king too.

His name is Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

I hope Ali Abd Jalil will not go around insulting the Swedish king pulak once he got his asylum status there.

You know la these basket cases....can never tell what they are going to do next.

Well, if I'm in his shoes, I would actually rather try to seek asylum in Finland.

It is also a Nordic country but a republic.

It's a bit dumb I think for a Malay to flee from his bad Melayu king and only to run to a country with a Mat Salleh king.

Makes one very much appears like a self-hating Melayu with mentality enslaved by white men.

Ya, I definitely prefer Finland if I have to flee to one of those cool Nordic countries.

After all, Kimi Raikkonen is indeed more handsome than King Gustaf,


  1. Sadly the prerequisite to being a prisoner of conscience, is a conscience.

    1. There's a famous saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him:

      "All the prophets from time immemorial till now have brought this message: 'If you have no sense of shame [a good conscience] then you will only follow your own desires'. "

    2. To the lubang cacing, I hope. Like Ali the son of a gun. He follows the Pakatoon desires.

      Damn him and those wanting to cause instability and anarchy in this country.

    3. The authorities should charge the Rakyat Post for publishing such words as "he will continue his fight to abolish the monarchy."

      That is menghasut. Seditious.


    In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

    Woe to every type of scandal-monger and backbiter,
    Who piles up wealth and hoards it,
    Thinking that his wealth would make him last forever!
    By no means! He will surely be thrown into that which consumes him.
    And what will explain to you that which consumes all?
    It is the fire of the wrath of Allah kindled to a blaze,
    Which leaps up to the hearts:
    It shall be closed over them,
    In outstretched columns.

  3. Let it be damn loud and clear. Those like that bastak Abd Jalil can get lost, good that he gets lost, should otherwise be made to get lost. Berambus. Irrespective of the shortcomings of members of the royalty in this country. The law is the law. No two way about that. Ancient custom and tradition is another. Breaking those is a no no.

    The bloke is kurang ajar of the highest kind. Menderhaka kapada Raja dan sistem pemerintahan berRaja. It has been pointed out somewhere that about 10% of the Constitution of the country is about the Monarchy. And the system of Constitutional Monarchy that this country practices. Democracy of the Westminster kind. That which has existed for hundreds of years in Britain. 57 years in Malaysia. And the system of Raja has been in existence for 500 years since the Malacca Sultanate. Even nearly 2,000 years since Langkasuka, a kingdom in the north of the Malay Peninsula. Read the books "Tamadun Alam Melayu" and "The Malay Civilization" to know. Available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

    Tun Dr Mahathir has tried to control the excesses of members of the Royalty. By introducing laws curbing wrong doings and irresponsible acts even of Rulers that are committed in their personal capacities. We will wait for another strong and courageous leader for more of such acts. But in the meanwhile we condemn those who try to take the law in their own hands, become seditious, biadap and kurang ajar.

    1. I wish him good luck.

    2. A name like Ali Abd Jalil doesn't sound like being well brought up. If any upbringing at all.

      Abd Jalil is not a respectable sounding name. That's why I don'e even use a name, hehe

      Ali is so common a name. Given by hardly educated, not highly imaginative kampong folks of old times.

      That's as far as it goes. But the bloke's kurang ajar goes far.

      Ahoi, Your Majesty, King of Sweden, be careful, the Ali fella might go seditious against you oso. Tell your Ministers dun give him asylum. Let him rot in a mental asylum.

  4. Annie,

    I think you are wrong this time. You should not envy or praise the bloke Ali Abd Jalil. He should not be allowed to "keeps tirade against monarchy going .. insult the Johor and Selangor sultanates .." It's seditious to say the least. Especially when the Sultan of Selangor is well liked. For example, in the Menteri Besar Selangor issue that has just been resolved.

    Like it or not, the institution of Rulers is a sensitive matter. Just as citizenship of the pendatang is sensitive when telling them to get lost from this country for no valid reasons. But telling Ali to get lost for the reasons explained in the Rakyat Post article is certainly valid. Even though he is a Malay.

    No such thing as "hailed as a hero". It's plain and simple: no biadap and kurang ajar can ever be a hero. Independence fighters of the 1950s, Dato Sagor and his men of the 1870s kerissing dead the first British Resident JWW Birch who came to rule under the Treaty of Pangkor that was signed under the barrel of a gun in 1874 were heroes. Shitting Mat Sabu for saying communist terrorist Mat Indera a hero for leading a band of terrorists to kill Policemen and burn the Police Station at Bukit Kepong, Muar, may be heroic. But certainly not breaking laws cursing royalties, going on a tirade against them, however much you dislike some of their actions.

    People may bring up their grouses to the politicians in power. Ask for amendments to the laws that Tun Dr Mahathir had passed by Parliament to further curb excesses by the royalty by more ways than said in the existing laws. Taking the law into one's own hands certainly entitle the bloke to be called bastard. Not lucky. But plain bastard.

    1. The following describes it very fittingly:

      Ali said he was seeking asylum because he claimed that both the Malaysian government and sultans were treating him like “rubbish”.

      “I have been threatened with gangsters and racist Malay groups in Malaysia. Malaysia is not safe for me, police and gangsters are following me all the time,” he alleged on his Facebook page.

      Well, what else should one say? Good riddance.

      Pssst, is he Pakatoon?

    2. Case of action and reaction again.

      He acts seditiously, others shit him shittingly.

  5. Another born loser.. what a pity of new generation

  6. You don't have to "wish you can insult, especially the Johor sultanate" to get to go to Sweden. You can just get a sugar daddy to get there. With the right sugar daddy, you might get even a private jet.

    Wonder if Khoo Kay Peng is not one now. If not, he can be one for you. He certainly
    is a gone case from the former beauty queen wifey. Now going to get half of his wealth as the divorce is being heard in UK. Imagine, half a billionaire or more she'd become. Bloody smart that girlie. Or old womany. See, fearful of being defamatory, I won't call her a bitchy.

    We'll continue bring out and saying against the excesses of the royalty. And others. Like the Menteri Besar. Especially those that damage the interest of the people, the state and the country. Like in Johore. But we need to be careful about what and how we say them.

    Yes, it's sensitive. Damn it, I wish it's not. That's about the most I'd go to express my disgust at those excesses. Having condemned about sandy matters, digging sand, exporting sand, building islands out of sand etc in the past and in the present. It's abrasive when dealing with sand, d'ya people hear?

  7. I don't think in Sweden you get sued by seditious act even of you insult their king!

    1. Yeah, of course lah, Mister. They don't have a Sedition Act that spells out what sedition in the Malaysian context is.

      They don't have a 30% pendatang population that the bloody British colonialists allowed in, that the Malays wanting independence quickly agreed to their citizenship and blokes like in DAP are ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit.

      Watch out, now Najib wants to quickly have developed nation status, may not act to drastically improve the lack of unity problem in the country. He even wants to throw out the Sedition Act. Mana boleh.

      Thank God, the Police authorities carry on with their job re the Sedition Act. And at least 170 out of 191 UMNO Divisions want the Sedition Act retained.
      Let's see if they replace him at the coming November PAU or earlier. Many have asked them to do that.

  8. It's bordering on sedition to praise seditious bastards as a "heroic "prisoner of conscience .."

    Who says such bastards can be allowed back in Malaysia? I think the rules and regulations say that once abroad for more than 5 years without registering and maintaining contact with the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate, such so-called citizens are treated as suspect regarding renewal of passports or issuance of new ones and are always referred to Immigration HQ for decisions.

    Should be so. If they register, they should be placed in the Black List I think the Immigration has, that which the Embassies and Consulates also have - if not, they should have.

    And if they have taken citizenship of a foreign country, sure they won't be allowed a Malaysian passport, and, if black listed, will be subject to the hassle of checking and counter-checking, inter-departmental referencing and long bureaucratic red tapes what have you.

    Worst of all, the bastards fear arrest if they return. The bloke Hishamuddin Rais did not return for decades. Fugitive Raja Petra Kamaruddin is still in London, despite turn-coating against Anwar Al Juburi, perhaps in the hope of getting leniency from the Malaysian authorities.

    1. When the fler has no conscience, how can he be "prisoner of conscience .."?

  9. And who says they "be respected by the young ones as some sorts of "pejuang"? No, Siree. No, Madam. Emphatically no.

    Remember, History is now a compulsory subject. Fail SPM and no certificate issued if no pass in History. Bloody good of TS Muhyiddin who did that. And TS Muhyiddin should be considered a hero, not the biadap and kurang ajar seditious bastards.

    From 2013 onwards, the "young ones" have been learning about this country having the customs and traditions of life as a community of human beings and an embedded sytem of Malay Rulers. Hang Tuah kerissed Hang Jebat to death for "menderhaka kapada Raja" irrespective of "kezaliman Raja pada masa itu" 500 years ago.

    No such laws as exist today at that time in the 15-16th century. Now that we have clearly defined and documented laws, those traitors like the Ali bastard must be given the brunt of the law. Unlike the Alvin Tan bastard who the IGP said will be chased until the lubang cacing, not sure what in this case of a bastard given asylum - if indeed he will be given. If not, I'm sure the IGP will do that, too.

    The "young ones" learn the history of this country year after year for so many years until they complete SPM level. The system in this country will be ingrained in their minds though in different degrees of effectiveness. But I'm confident the "young ones" of the future will know what is treachery and being traitors to the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Constitution and the country, and will not regard the likes of Ali whatever his name as some sort of "pejuang" at all. Traitor, Penderhaka si Ali. Bedebah, says Hang Jebat. Blardy bastak, says me.

    1. Make sure the school History syllabus is on track. Shit Ambigaga for opposing the word pendatang and not proposing a suitable alternative.

      Get the group of heroic and patriotic veterans to show their bontots at her house again. Like they did during Bersih 2.0 or 3.0.

    2. Ooops .. "Bedebah, says Hang Jebat." Should be Hang Tuah.

    3. History is written by the victors. If the victors become the losers, history will be written again.

  10. Haha, good of you to say

    "All that despite actually being so full of shit, ya.

    Something like that basket case Hishammudin Rais."

  11. Why, Annie, so sour grapes one, ah?

    Were you turned down for a "Green Card" back in the day?

    At least in the US, with it's lax gun laws and all, one can stand up in public and insult the US President. No problem.

    In China? In Russia? In Malaysia? In Saudi Arabia? Perish the thought.

    Maybe that's the common denominator between Malaysia and these countries - that their institutions and top guns are deemed to have immunity against criticism.

    Sedition, did you say?

    Mutter that to yourself the next time you ask the US to pull your testicles out of the fire because a certain country (no names mentioned) is getting uppity.

    1. Don't understand your last para, mate.

      Annie has testicles? Would you like to prove that, hihi.

      No want mention certain country's name coz afraid sedition?

      Don't angry ok, they say wen no understand, ask.

    2. immunity against criticism? You no see what the buggers say in Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysian Insider etc?

      The laws, man, the laws. Respect the laws. Else, face the wrath. The Police are doing their job. Good at it, too. You not satisfied, go fight in the Courts.

      If kena after the Federal Appeal Court, go tertonggeng di Istana Sg Buluh.

    3. Why compare Malaysia with US? Despite them having Guantanamo Bay?

      Why not with China? They the 2nd largest economy in the world.

      Or with Russia? They a Super Power since the Soviet days?

      Give me any of those. I'll pick them any time, rather than you so-called liberal blokes who do not think about the history of this country, the racial composition, the background to the fight for independence, the ungrateful ingrate pendatang not respecting the quid pro quo for the citizenship right the Malays agreed for them at Merdeka, and not respecting the Constitution, especially the sensitive Articles that are protected by the Sedition Act.

      And the pendatang in US would volunteer and fight for their country no matter what, no matter where. In this country, those who fought for the country - the veterans - have to show their backsides to Ambiga in front of her house. A lawyer who broke laws, street demonstrations without Police permits before the PAA. All citizens should jolly well obey the laws or try to change the laws according to democratic processes.

      What you talking perish the thought? Why not those who have no sense of loyalty to King and Country? And no bloody idea of what nationalism and patriotism is?

      Don't know that they should not be asking what your country can do for you, should be asking what you can do for your country, as said by US President JF Kennedy. Only know, when the going is tough, the disloyal and unpatriotic get going - cabut lari. Good riddance to such blokes.

      What the ....

    4. Tebing Tinggi,

      You have no testicles not mentioning name of country you said is getting uppity?

      Scared when they only get uppity? No yet sakit hati? And whack you with Sedition or whatever laws that are mighty?

      Wat u tok, man.

      Go live US lah. In areas where plenty gun violence. According to FBI figures, 11,000 people were killed by gun violence in 2011 alone - Guardian UK. Just google those words and you'll get to so many such reports.

    5. Wow !, this Tebing Tinggi is coming in again.

    6. The uppity country? Well, let's just say that it is also known informally by the initials "PRC".

      Now, is that clear enough for you?

      Let's not forget how this country treats the Muslim Uighurs.

      Where is Isma and Perkasa in defending the rights of the Uighurs?

      Nope, all we hear is a discreet silence.

      Which is common to bullies everywhere - the realisation that there are gorillas too big to poke and anthills too big to kick.

      Likewise for Russia and how it is dealing with the Muslim Chechens.

      Nothing to say about that, is it?

      Or is it because these fellers want the luxury of being able to pick and choose their targets?

      "Guantanamo", did you say?

      I seem to recall that a Malaysian is still locked up in Guantanamo. Wwhere are the shrill voices of outrage over this?

      Lax gun laws notwithstanding, the Muslims in the US have it pretty good. Their womenfolk can choose how they wish to dress. Shallow as it may seem, they can participate in Halloweens and Oktoberfests. And "freedom of religion" is what it means, with no ifs or buts.

      Clear enough for you?

      Or do you need a crash course in regional realpolitik, including an appreciation of who not to cross?

    7. tebing tinggi 16:31

      Why, you gotta problem, mate?

      First dibs on your nick? Maybe it's the "lower case" syndrome. Hahaha.....

  12. Annie, r u being sarcastic. Like Tun Dr Mahathir. Envying and saying the guy is called hero when he is despised, himself say being "treated like sampah"?

  13. I don't care if

    Malaysians flee to get justice
    The Malaysian Insider - ‎2 hours ago‎

    Activist Ali Abd Jalil and blogger Alvin Tan are two Malaysians who have run away from Malaysia in search of asylum in Sweden and the United States respectively.

    No loss at all for Malaysia for the seditious and the incorrigible law breakers to abscond. In fact better.

    If seeking for extradition for them bastards to face charges in Malaysia, the US should be told they still have ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Sweden should be told ... let's google and find out their weaknesses, human rights issues, lack of freedom etc. No country in the world is perfect.

  14. just analyse the source of funding
    air ticket, hotel, daily food, rent, makan (halal food) allowance etc .


    Enough with ‘pendatang’, ‘penceroboh’ name-calling, Muslim NGO tells Malaysians

    The president of a Muslim NGO, Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia (Ikram) has urged Malaysians to stop calling non-Malay or non-Muslim citizens as 'pendatang' (immigrants) or 'penceroboh' (intruders).

    Its president Dr Mohd Parid Sheikh Ahmad instead called upon all citizens to focus their efforts in instilling respect and understanding among different races in Malaysia.

    "How can the non-Malays and non-Muslims, who helped develop this nation with all their heart and soul, be called 'pendatang' and 'penceroboh' when this country too belongs to them?

    "Name-calling such as this infuriates the non-Muslims, as their loyalty to the country is being questioned and they are stigmatised as pendatang and penceroboh," said the Ikram president.

    The Biggest Threat facing Malaysia now is ECONOMIC. Whether BN or Pakatan is the government now, the severe stress of the economy may cause it to be ousted in the next GE.

    The Touch A Dog event, the recent MU matter, and the flight to Sweden for Amnesty have seriously perturbed the more western (universal values) influenced Malays who had been almost apolitical but used to tend towards supporting UMNO in previous elections.

    Those in power now may use force, threat, etc to 'win' an argument, to shut people up. But those who 'lost' will remember and get back when they have the opportunity.

    In the next GE, EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Remember that in the previous GE, BN only collected 47% of the total votes against Pakatan's 52%. If 3% more vote Pakatan, the votes collected will be 44% vs 55% - and BN will lose power.

    So, rather than blaming each other, the country must close ranks. It is in BN's interest to do so.

    Being the government of the day, BN can do more in terms of accommodating and managing different views to win as much support as possible. It must also take advantage of its having a relatively popular PM. It will also enjoy the benefit of a next term should the combined effort of the people manage to steer us through the rough economic seas ahead.

    1. Does the Ikram bloke Dr Mohd Parid Sheikh Ahmad know the history of this country? Or the word pendatang? Has he any alternative word for use when referring to those who came to this country?

      He doesn't. Sorry to say his very name doesn't suggest he does. Normally the name is Farid but his is Parid. And where got last name Sheikh but the first name is not?

      Not insulting him. Just to point out he not the kind to know. Or bothers to know. And not realizing that there are those who don't accept the word pendatang even call the Malays pendatang. Don't try to take a moral high ground until you know and get others to know the history of this country, respect the Constitution and all the laws.

      What the fcuk.

    2. They are called ,'pendatang' because they still behave like one's .

      1,They prefer vernacular school (education) rather then going to Sekolah Kebangsaan ,and yet they scream's about Malaysian Malaysia .

      2, they don't even familiar with National Language , which many of them can't even speak of understand a simple vocabulary ,as normally shown on TV interview .

      3, They never mingled with the local Malay ,as they normally resort among their own , oop's how could they ,if they cant speak the language.

      The thing's can go on and on , but you figure the rest ,as we see everyday in our life around us .

    3. Pity that the Sekolah Kebangsaan got shown up good and proper in the latest Pisa rankings.

      Which is why, maybe, that that even the VVIPs and glitterati send their kids to international schools or schools overseas. To receive an English Language-based education, no less. Where's the patriotism, eh?

  16. Anonymous26 October 2014 12:09,

    How come Pakatan's votes at PRU13 are 52%? The records say 51%.

    And why talk about majority votes again? Not majority seats in Parliament. Ini subject sudah habis lah. Anwar's demo at Padang Merbok attracted only 5,000 prticipants. When he expected 100,000.

    Ok lah, every vote counts. But cannot allow the seditious etc to break the laws with impunity, man. And do you realize that those who detest the Alvin Tans, the Ali Abd Jalils and what's the name Gerakan old man alleging Malay pendatang are also many in number. That if they are not countered and no action taken against them, votes would also be lost?

    1. Lost to whom? Certainly not to Pakatan. These are UMNO die-hards, even though not very happy, their votes will stay with UMNO.

      To them, they will be most happy when BN is returned to power again in the next GE.

      PM is more popular than UMNO; don't periodically undermine him in his effort to win the next GE. KJ is smart, has his trust, and should be giving a larger role. Bring back Saifuddin. Also Tengku Razaleigh, in a position of honour (but not to replace PM). When the people see sensible people having more influence in UMNO, their thinking regarding the party will improve.

  17. Guys, how do you win over fence sitters or people who supported the opposition not because they are whole-heartedly with them, but because the shit mouths from BN?

    Do you expect these people, who tend to be more attuned to universal values, to grudgingly swallow the shit?

    Or do you calm down and talk nice?

  18. There are lots of Chinese who think Alvin Tan is shit.