Tuesday 28 October 2014

Anwar better than Mandela, is it?

Others in this room are already asleep.

Some are snoring rather loudly.

I can't sleep yet, thus I decided to write this posting.

Been receiving reports about the commotion at University Malaya last night.

Supporters of DS Anwar Ibrahim had forced open the university's gate to let their idol deliver a speech there.

It's the last push to galvanize support before Anwar's final sodomy appeal at the Federal Court today and the day after.

I had actually wrote about the whole thing earlier here,

Anwar's probable finale

I honestly don't get it that there are people who still actually believe in Anwar's bullshit.

Do you really believe that Anwar is fighting for the rakyat?

Or is it because he needs to pre-empt the court, just in case his appeal is rejected?


Anyway, the best part of the whole thing was when Anwar said in his speech last night the Turkish prime minister had told him that he is better than Mandela.

Why la Anwar, you said it that way?

Just say it point blank that you think you are better than Mandela. No need to say that the Erdogan fella is the one who said that.

Now, who is going to check with Erdogan whether he had actually said that?

Next time, do try not to be so shy one, Anwar.

Ehh...I'm sleepy already....need to knock off now.

I know, tonight's posting is a bit tiresome. 

Anwar is after all a rather stale subject, nowadays.

Will try to do better next time.


  1. Hah, "Others in this room are already asleep"? You not single arr, Annie? Yet talked about 2 gay guys mengurat-ing you in CH. Or maybe you still in the East Coast. Sleeping with grandma etc. Holidaying beyond the weekend. And why me kepochi? Coz you said the above. And I've been mengurat-ing you since day one in here, hehe.

    Now, on Anwar Al Juburi. Not too many people at the gate as shown in the photo innit? Not like for a victorious Rorman General entering the city of Rome in olden times! What, 40-50 people maybe? And sure they are all UM students? No chartered bus nearby importing paid demonstrators or "professional students" like Hishamuddin Rais whose business has been attending strikes, demos and rallies in London and elsewhere and not getting any degree, I read somewhere.

    Never a tiring subject, baby. Until he goes into prison. Hopefully 10-15 years. 2nd Sodomy offence. Sodomy I Appeal Judges allowed his appeal "on technical grounds" but recorded their finding that he did sodomize. Now Sodomy II. If not put away, he'd do Sodomy III,IV,V, XXXV, hehe

    1. Saying he's better than Mandela - a slip of the tongue lah.

      But doing Sodomy II - a slip of his dong.

  2. Those people "believe in Anwar's bullshit" because to them it is sweet. Many of them are the angry young men type. They disagree with the Establishment simply for the sake of disagreeing. Don't be surprised how many university students are not the thinking type in such instances.

    Many like the attention. Some just joined the crowd. Some want a break from serious and tedious study. Some go there just for the fun of it, wanting to see any drama, scuffles and what not. We were students, too, once in the past. We know the thinking, the psychology, the whatever. Really, the activists and the active supporters are only a small number.

    1. Many of them disagree with the Establishment but, after getting a good degree, a responsible job and seeing the complexities and the demands of the government or company job they hold, realize that the Establishment is not as bad as painted by the Oppo Hippos.

    2. A human being possesses three natural animal characteristics :
      1) Instinct 2) Anger 3) Self-importance

      Above all these is a blessing from God called the "intellect", which oversees these functions. All the physical and spiritual powers of human nature are under the command of the intellect. Hence, if a person's intelligence is overwhelmed by its animal instincts then its behaviour becomes animalistic and capricious. If his intelligence is overwhelmed by rage then he will turn aggressive like a wild beast. If his habit of self-interest overwhelms his reason then he will become deceitful, cunning, to cheat the gullible and oppress the weak, like a devil in human disguise.

  3. Do you really believe that Anwar is fighting for the rakyat? That's not a RM60 million but a 20 sen question. In that the majority of the rakyat know he is not.

    When we minus the Chinese tsunami voters and those influenced by the DAP hate hate hate campaign at PRU13, the vast majority of the population spit on Anwar. Remember, the title Al Juburi that Mat Sabu conferred upon Anwar before Pakatan Rakyat days has stuck on the power crazy man.

    The Malays know he is power crazy. He goes for anything that'll bring him chances of getting to Putrajaya. Has become a no-principled man. They say he'd sell his mother if guaranteed of being PM. To get non-Malay votes, he'd talk about Ketuanan Rakyat, putting down the concept of Ketuanan Melayu that's reflected in the Articles on Constitutional Monarchy, the functions, roles and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council etc, that constitute some 10% of the Constitution.

    To get the non-Malay votes, he'd blast the UMNO-led Government that "prosecuted and persecuted" him, not realizing that he did main belakang, as recorded by the highest Appeal Court Judges of Sodomi I. Every thing the Government does is wrong by him. Including the PR-led Selangor Gomen led by Khalid Ibrahim. And got wanked by fellow Pakatoon component party PAS in more ways than one. They even sabotaged his wife from being MB, thereby giving the Al Juburi fella a huge slap in the face.

    Now Azmin the new MB has shitted bossman Anwar by saying he's sticking to the Water Agreement with the Federal Government that Anwar wanted reviewed if not thrown into the gutter. To Anwar, to hell with the no-water suffering rakyat of Selangor. He must show Putrajaya is not good unless he is there, Khalid is no good unless Azizah got to be MB. No Sir, he has no fcuking inerest for the rakyat. Interest only in his prospect of becoming PM.

    Alas, now his prospect is Astana Sg Buluh. Hence the desperation. And getting the students to force open the UM gate for his speech. I won't be surprised if the instigator(s) to the gate affair are not paid by Anwarul Al Juburi and his band of Pakatoon goons.

    1. He is not power crazy. He just wants to be PM. Been DPM for several years. So close yet so far from the post. Silap langkah. Lawan TDM. Silap lubang. Lubang China Doll and lubang belakang. MasyaAllah.

  4. TPM Muhyiddin has announced publicly that whoever breaks the law and caused security threat to the people and nation will be brought to court. Is he serious as we want to know whether Anwar and his cronies who had caused some disturbance and public disorder will be hauled to court in the next few days! Jangan cakap sahaja dan tak serupa bikin?

    1. Yes, yes, yes, kawan. Sure will be done. When it is clear, or the Police have evidence yang boleh tahan lasak di Mahkamah, sure diorang akan saman punya.

      Pasal paksa get UM di buka dek penuntut, Anwar takda terlibat hal itu. Dia ha nya di undang untuk bercakap.

      Pahal pun, Anwar telah mengheret diri nya sendiri ke Mahkamah - bicara beberapa hari lagi. Dia rayu keputusan dia di dapati bersalah dan di hukum 5 tahun penjara. Hah, Pendakwa Raya "cross appeal" supaya dia di kenakan hukuman lebih berat. Di harapkan 10-15 tahun.

      Pendakwa Raya special, pulak tu. Veteran lawyer TS Mohd Shafee yang di gunakan dek Peguam Negara untuk melebihkan peluang menang.

  5. It doesnt affect Istana Kehakiman at all. What they did just STUPID MOVE next to Kajang Move.

    The 'Move' still to Sg.Buluh hopefully....

  6. Anwar is a name dropper. He loves to drop names in every speech because the crowd likes it and stand in awe..oooh he knows this fella, he knows that fella..he's goood. He's INTERNATIONAL! He can pull strings whenever and wherever he wants to. In this time and age, why is it that people still fall for this?

    1. Latest report says he even drops the actor Mel Gibson's name. Claiming that Mel phoned him.

      But he did say that he is mentally prepared for the trial but has not much hope of winning.

    2. Ya Allah, kasi lah Pendakwa Raya menang, ya Allah. Teruk negra ini kalau Anwar tak di masukkan ke penjara bang 10-15 tahun.

      Kami mahukan aman, sentosa, pembangkang tak melanda landa nak ungkit hak dan kepentingan Melayu, Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Di galakkan dek Anwar yang cakap fasal Ketuanan Rakyat bila orang cakap fasal Ketuanan Melayu saperti di bayangkan dalam Perlembagaan. Bergaduh antara bangsa kalau Anwar di biarkan meredum ke sana sini.

  7. Al-Juburi has descended to the level of haiwaniyah and syaitaniyah. Dia mahu ajak manusia bersamanya.

    1. Dia dengki khianat pada bangsa dan belia Malaysia membawa padah dan laknat pada dirinya sendiri.

  8. "Anwar is after all a rather stale subject, nowadays." -

    Disagree. He is a menace to society. Until he gets locked up in Sg Buluh for 10 years or more, no such thing as a stale subject.

  9. thestar.com.my report says only "Hundreds break through" and attended Anwar's talk. Tak banyk, what. But wait, Anwar will say it's tens of thousands, haha.

  10. Former Federal Court Judge leading Anwar's defense team. Last minute change coz Sulaiman Abdullah not well - leg operation one month ago.

    Still no well after one month? Didn't he withdraw from Anwar's case last time befoe Karpal Singh came in?

    Don't blame me for reading it in 1-2 ways.

  11. Lead defence counsel says a person who do not want to be sodomised would not have bought a lubricant. “The presence of the gel is a matter of doubt," he said.

    Aiseh man, if the fler got the impression that he'd lose his job etc for not bukak belakang, sure he'd bring gel to avoid pain, lorr.

    Floks, don't worry about commenting on the trial now. The Court is already in session, the Judges are already there in the Court, nobody can influence them any more.

    The bloody Pakatoon so called news portals been commenting since yesterday anyway.

  12. "I honestly don't get it that there are people who still actually believe in Anwar's bullshit."

    Unfortunately .. there are still many dunggu Malaysians around. They will only believe Anwar is a sodomiser when he sodomises them or their sons. Any other evidence can't be trusted.

  13. Anwar is capable of anything. Like someone who made remarks in this forum that he dropped names. He even allow some Dicks to inject in before his droppings dropped.

    Noway! he his better than Mandella though both of them are controversial figures. Mandella was both stubborn and loyal. Anwar is just being stubborn and with no Loyalty in him, rather unfaithful maniac.

    Mandella fought for a cause. He was anti-apartheid revolutionary. Anwar fights for himself to make him free in doings things of desire and lust.

    Mandela was a internationally known leader, a philanthropist indeed he was. Anwar is known to rock the international hotel bedrooms of his choice.

    1. Hahaha, gud un, mate.

      The bed must be made of rock. Else his rocking will break it.

    2. He rock tak steady, takut!


    3. Anwar is championing to rock the cock on/of the rock. He is THE COCK of all cocks who cock of the walk. He even pecked the cock of woods. He couldn't careless, cock a poo. He is always cock a hoop.

      Pity Nurul who tries her best to defense her cock-a-doodle-doo. She could stomach the cock and bull stories by cock-walk.

  14. Accept photo of Saiful 'happily' serving tea, court told
    Malaysia Kini - 10 minutes ago

    That was said by the former High Court Judge Sri Ram Gopal. Aiyyo, I saw that photo. Looked at it closely. Where got "happily"? At first I even thought that the fler was a male servant at the house. What happens to Gopal?

    Good that the Chief Justice who's leading the Panel of 5 Judges pointed out that the photo was not submitted as evidence. And asked Gopal to submit why it should be so. The submission, if any on that, has not been published.

    Hope Gopal didn't make a submission. Maybe h realized that appearance of "happily" can be subjective. Not as if Saiful was smiling broadly. Or laughing. Cannot be laughing lah. Coz the bloke had just been sondolled.

  15. Bar Council is a hypocrite. It does not allow retired judges to represent clients but in Anwar's case it does not say anything when retired judge Sri Ram represents Anwar.


    1. What can you expect of Bar Council when their layers break laws - their former President Ambigaga and several lawyers were in the Bersih committee demonstrating without Police permit before the Peaceful Assembly Act.

  16. I understand that ex-Judge Sri Ram Gopal is Ambiga's uncle....like uncle like niece....dua-dua kaki putar alam! In fact all of Pakatoon's lawyers are kaki putar alam too....

  17. What do you think Annie? masuk dalam ke tidak si Anwar ni?