Wednesday 8 October 2014

Not yet giving up hope on Najib

There has been quite a number of comments in my previous posts which suggested for PM DS Najib Razak to be replaced.

My question about it is this : What happened if Najib's replacement also fails?

And I believe, fails he likely will be.


Because, in my opinion, when you topple a leader who had tried hard but didn't manage to meet your expectations, you will likely cause his replacement to also fails.

It's because you will put the bar too high for the replacement to achieve.

That was exactly the case when Najib took over from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the so-called sleepy head PM.

BN supporters, or to be more accurate, Umno leaders, members and supporters, expected Najib to turn back the tide following the losses of GE12.

Najib tried very hard, that's a fact.

But the results of GE13 was similarly dismal, or in fact even worse than the previous general election in term of number of seats won by BN.

But one thing people tend to forget was that in GE12, there was yet a Chinese tsunami like in GE13.

That was why Najib looked as if he had failed in the first general election that he led BN.

The Chinese negative sentiments toward BN was then at an all time high.

Considering that, I never really blame Najib for trying hard, or maybe trying too hard, to win back the Chinese voters.

Unfortunately, the plan didn't work out at all.

The Chinese tsunami did happen, and there was nothing anybody can do about it.

Should we blame Najib alone then for that?

Well, I don't think so.

Everyone in BN should be blamed for it, particularly MCA and Gerakan whose members mostly voted for Pakatan.

Yes, those obnoxious, arrogant and stupid among the Umno leaders should also be blamed too.

Now, some blamed Najib for what they described as still pandering too much to the Chinese community despite being conned by them during GE13.

But let me ask you this: What other choice that Najib has?

Yes, only about 10 per cent of the Chinese voters supported BN in GE13, but that small percentage was actually crucial to be maintained or even expended.

Every vote counts, right?

And the Chinese community is here to stay in this country, no matter what you think of them.

You cannot throw them into the sea or tell them to balk Tongsan, okay.

I don't believe that Najib is doing his best to win the Chinese support at the expense of the Malays and Bumiputera as accused by his detractors.

Najib is not dumb.

Okay, I don't agree with some of his plans and methods, but that does not mean I want him out of office.

Nobody is perfect.

Not even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

When we criticize our leaders, it's because we want them to be better.

We want them to realize that we are not happy with what they are doing.

We should at the same time give them a chance to mend their ways.

That, I believe should be the way, unless the leader's foolish ways had reached a point of no return.

In Najib's case, I think he is still listening to our complaints and is trying to do the right thing.

Some of you may disagree with me and I accept that,  but I have seen things that Najib did to correct things which have gone wrong...of course in his own subtle ways.

In the case of problems in Johor, I believe he tried, and is still trying.

For instance, the recent criticisms by mainstream media, which almost directly putting the blame on the Johor palace and MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin's administration for the excesses over land matters in the State.

That I believe was initiated with the green light from Najib.

Otherwise, newspapers like Utusan and NST wouldn't be so daring in matters related to conduct of Malay Rulers.

I know for a fact that a close Najib's aide was very upset over what is happening in Johor and had conveyed the PM's wish for the nonsense to be stopped to his other influential friends.

These are among the things which make me believe that it's not yet time for Umno to topple another of its leader.

Anyway, how many of its leaders Umno needs to topple before it gets what it wants?

For me, criticizing Najib is okay.

Constructive criticisms help a leader to check himself from doing the wrong things.

I am doing it too.

You may think that I dare to do that because this is an anonymous blog, but let me tell you that some of the top PMO people know who I am.

Yet still, they have not try to stop me from criticizing the administration.

They know that my criticism was not personal or malicious, and that it was meant for the administration to do better.

They appear able to listen and accept my criticisms for now.

That's why I believe there is still hope with Najib.

After all, the guy is still trying and he is yet, as far as I am concerned, a gone case.

Hopefully, things will improve in the coming days.

Hopefully, at the coming Umno general assembly next month, Najib will be able to convince everyone that he is doing the right things and answer all those difficult questions about the conduct of his administration.

On top of that, I hope Najib will be able to convince myself and everyone else that Umno and its BN coalition partners have the right plan and are well on their way to prepare themselves for the next general election three years down the road.


  1. undi2x org cina tu yg penting..mereka penyumbang ekonomi terbesar...melayu tahu cakap je..buat keje hasilnya tak berkualiti..bile dikritik melatah tak sudah...baguslah dijaga kepentingan org cina..kan annie..nasib baik you ada darah cina yakin dgn darah separuh cina tu you masih ada semangat kerajinan cina tu..darah melayu you..mmh no komenlah..cuma bapak you memang bernasib baik kawin dgn mak you..kalau kawin dgn perempuan melayu...aduhai

    1. rasisnya komen saudara..

    2. "Yes, those obnoxious, arrogant and stupid among the Umno leaders should also be blamed too."

      Yang bodoh sombong dan keji antara mereka itu telah meninggalkan usaha muhasabah diri akhlaknya:
      Patutnya menolak sifat2 tercela semacam tamak haloba dan hasad dengki; adapun mereka sepatutnya memupuk ciri2 terpuji seorang insan selaku tawadduk, murah hati, adil dan daya menahan diri atas nafsu shahwat.
      Kenal dan cinta pada Allah dan berkebajikan sesama manusia. Kalau tidak begitu maka pencapaian kuasa politik itu akan makan diri sendiri dan melalaikan jiwa pada hakikat akhirat yang terpenting sekaligus.

  2. "When we criticize our leaders, it's because we want them to be better. We want them to realize that we are not happy with what they are doing."

    Persolaannya adakah Najib peduli tentang rintihan rakyat bawahan yang mati-matian mempertahankannya di bawah yang berhadapan dgn dakyah pembangkang. Yang jelas punahsihat2nya lebih diberi keutamaan. Sebab itu Najib perlu berundur ....

    1. Prof. Dr. Hamka: DARI GELAP MENUJU TERANG

    2. Sokong Anonymous8 October 2014 08:21

  3. quote..''I don't believe that Najib is doing his best to win the Chinese support at the expense of the Malays and Bumiputera as accused by his detractors.''....hehehe yelah tu..ingat kita org melayu bodoh sgt ke?.

    oh yelah memang pun kan..lebih2x org kampung kan...bagi je brim 500 kat dorang..kan elok kalau engkau bagi naik taraf pendidikan sekolah kebangsaan...maksimumkan sains dan teknologi..ajar kritikal thinking...ajar subjek sejarah sebenar bukan sejarah pick and choose...kuatkan penggunaan bahasa melayu..tanamkan semangat patriotik.

    cukup2xlah dgn lambakan ostad ostazah jual kismis skrg byk masalah betol dgn generasi muda negara ni..senang kene jual..berat bontot utk hormat lagu negaraku..jadi pemgebom berani mati..pelacur jihad mcm2x..majoriti melayu..oooi najib kau dgr tak..sekolah cina berkoyan2x kau bagi peruntukan sblum pru dulu ape engkau dpt ah jib ngok.

    1. Amat setuju dgn Anonymous8 October 2014 08:24

  4. Najib tried very hard, that's a fact???? Come on Annie. Najib should not tried very hard or work hard, just emaulate DR M stlye. WORK SMART. THINK, PLAN and EXECUTE. Problem now it seems he execute others 'think' or become 'his brains' and plan for him. You know who are the others.

    1. Good point. Banyak bebenor punsihat nya. Puanh jadi nya.


  5. Thanks to Social media now, adinda Ms Annie
    our beloved DS M Najib, and DS Rosmah have no option but to listen, kan?

    Let him carefully turn through all advise and criticism from close advisers and outside to make the best balanced decisions.

    We and Tun Dr M should continue to comment for the good of our nation
    but We are NOT always right, kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  6. Replies
    1. Hahaha, jenaka awak Kuangman. But I like your message.

  7. What strategies BN has to win GE14? GE13 was won mostly by undi Melayu and Bumiputra Sabah and Sarawak. What strategies being put forth to ensure these poor people will still vote for BN?

    Reducing petrol subsidies? GST? Giving cash handouts will further strain the economy. Can the government afford to pay BR1M for the next 3 years till 2018? To most people BR1M is an entitlement.. BR1M should be given to the poor folks who voted for BN, the sheer luck winning in GE13.

    Why all the subsidies cut and GST need to be crammed before GE14? BN will be on the defensive everytime fuel price goes up, inflation spiraling upwards...

  8. In Annie's recent post 'BN needs to fix itself first', there was alot of talk about Article 152, as if according to it vernacluar schools are illegal.

    So I looked up the Malaysian Constitution, and this is what I found:

    ARTICLE 152

    1.The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide: Provided that-

    (a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language;

    So, far from disallowing the teaching of languages other than Bahasa, Article 152 GUARANTEES the right of Malaysians to teach or learn any language!

    Thanks for drawing attention to Article 152!

    1. Read the words "(otherwise than for official purposes)" again and again, Mamat.

      Schools are the official purposes of the country.

    2. Did it say anywhere that the teaching and learning must be financed by the govt? As can be seen world over, a country will have a national language and the govt will finance all schools that use national language as medium of teaching. Vernacular schools have to finance themselves and worse still many nations won't even allow vernacular school. Here we are so generous in this aspect but the question is will it impede our effort to build one national outlook, one Malaysian

  9. Check out what the Prophet said about people changing. I do not share your anticipation Annie. Sorry. Had my hopes shot down so many many times.

  10. asyik2x fikir tsunami cina nanti kau tunggu tsunami melayu wahai najib dan UMNO..biar PR yg perintah..dan seterusnya Malaysia akan huru hara sbb PR memang tiada kesepakatan persamaan mereka hanyalah punya musuh yg sama..

    agenda nasional tiada yg ada agenda peribadi..yg satu berpura2x mengaku berjuang utk semua rakyat malaysia walhal cuma kaum cina saja dibelanya..yg lgi satu bekas ahli UMNO yg disingkir tambah melayu haluan kiri berserta minoriti cina dan india yg ada kepentingan sendiri dan yg terakhir peminat hardcore budaya arab..kalau boleh semua nak cedok idea arab..yg sungguh beraspirasi gabungan 3 jahanam ni.

    Tpi UMNO pun 2 kali 5 jugak perompak bangsa sendiri...merdeka jom huru hara biar semua susah.

    1. Kalau nak tsunami Melayu, bior Anwar masuk penjara duku. 10 tahun.

  11. There is a big difference between TDM and PM Najib's time.

    During TDM's time, the world economy was flourishing, the local economy was doing well, and the government had lots of Kontraks to give out, many by direct nego - which bought alot of obedience from the political ranks.

    Now, both the world and local economies are in bad shape and are getting worse. There are now much less government contracts. Thus lots of grumbling from the UMNO ranks as many of them earn their keep as contractors.

    On top of that, cost of living and doing business have gone up sharply because of the much higher oil price, the gradually reduction of subsidies, and the need for additional tax revenue (GST). Which cause the rakyat to be unhappy.

    But they won't blame the world economy - they'll blame whoever is in charge!

    1. Anon 10:36,

      Siapa kata zaman TDM tidak ada cabaran ekonomi?
      Jangan lupa serangan penyangak mata wang Geoge Soros di negara negara AT sehingga negara negara seperti Indonesia, Thailand dll terpaksa tersungkur di kaki IMF. Tapi Malaysia terselamat kerana kebijaksanaan TDM menghadapinya. Kalau Najib yang menghadapinya telah terkencing kencing dia dalam seluar!

    2. Sokong Anonymous8 October 2014 17:41

  12. '.......some blamed Najib for what they described as still pandering too much to the Chinese community despite being conned by them during GE13......'

    Tidak kah mungkin dengan cara Najib kelihatan seolah olah menagih sokong Cina menyebabkan mereka besar kepada dan 'menaikan lagi harga ?

    Semasa kempen PRU 13, Najib berjanji macam macam untuk Cina, bawa Psy lagi ke PP. TPM pula berkata selagi ada bulan dan bintang SRKK ( C/T ) akan dipertahankan.

    Ada Cina peduli? Melayu Melayu 'bodoh' yang tidak dijanjikan apa apa juga
    yang menyokong UMNO/BN dalam menyelamatkan punggong Najib di Putrajaya!

    Saya tidaklah menyalahkan sangat apa yang dijanji Najib dan TPM itu semasa kempen PRU ke 13. Mereka perlu mencuba kan!

    Tetapi apabila terjadi penolakan Cina lebih 90% saya anggap sebagai satu penghinaan yang amat besar pada Najib. Pemberian ikhlas 'hadiah hadiah'nya dibaling balik kepada muka Najib!

    Tapi malangnya Najib masih bermuka tebal! Terus menagih kasih daripada yang TIDAK SUDI. Hidung tak mancung pipi tersurung surung!

    Memang betul setiap undi amat berharga. Cuba buat kajian berapa jumlah undi Melayu Islam dan bumiputera Sabah Sarawak kepada UMNO/BN? .

    60% atau 65%? Alangkah moleknya usaha bersungguh sungguh untuk menarik 10% hingga 15% undi gologan yang tidak menyokong UMNO. Mereka golongan yang tahu membalas budi! In Shaa Allah! Orang berbudi kita berbahasa, orang memberi kita merasa' dan berterima kasih!

    Tidak perlu lagi undi dari pada mana mana Cina!

    Seperti Annie saya juga tidak percaya apa yang dilakukan oleh Najib untuk menarik sokongan Cina dengan mengenepi kepentingan Melayu, tapi itulah persepsi ramai orang. Mereka adalah golongan pengundi yang besar!

    Saya teringat semasa zaman Tun Abd.Razak (TAR) menjadi PM. Beliau antara PM Malaysia yang hebat. Masa itu saya juga merasa bimbang apa akan terjadi kalau beliau meninggal dunia. Cuma TAR bijak melantik Tun Hussien Onn ( THO )

    Keadaan pemimpin pemimpin UMNO ketika itu samalah seperti sekarang. Tidak ternampak kelibat mereka yang berwibawa. Yang ada nampak hebat King Ghaz
    ( Ghazali Shafie ) Tapi dia ni jenis cakap berdegar degar macam lah Zahid Hamidi!

    Tapi Alhamdulillah kematian TAR digantikan oleh Tun Hussien Onn ( THO ). Siapa menyangka THO akan menjadi PM kerana dia di luar hairaki kepimpinan UMNO.

    Saya yakin ada pemimpin yang hebat dan berkebolehan dalam hairaki kepimpinan UMNO. Tapi luaskan pemandangan jangan hanya setakat kepimpinan tertinggi. Malah lihat juga ahli biasa UMNO!

    Cara Najib cuba 'membeli' undi Cina dengan janji janji berbentuk kewangan dan barangan tidak akan berjaya. Orang Cina ini banyak DUITdan mampu menjaga kepentingan bangsa mereka. Tengok sekolah sekolah swasta Cina tanpa bantuan kerajaan, lebih hebat dan canggih dari sekolah sekolah berasrama penuh pun!

    Ikut formula TDM untuk meraih sokongan Cina. Beri mereka peluang buat lebih banyak wang! Formula ini ternyata berjaya pada tahun 1998 apabila TDM dipinggirkan oleh orang orang Melayu akibat peristiwa Anwar Ibrahim . Undi Cina menyelamatkan BN dan tetap menang dua pertiga majority!

    '.......some of the top PMO people know who I am....'

    Itulah kebijaksanaan mereka 'menawan' kamu Annie! Mereka tahu api tidak boleh dilawan api. Untuk menang api dilawan dengan air!

    Nah, nampak tak sekarang tulisan Annie lebih 'understanding' dengan keadaan yang dihadapi Najib!


    1. We know what the Chinese want Sdr Anon-10:44
      but the Chinese find everyday to be more bewildering :

      What more do the MELAYUs want (?)
      .. ai yaah in ONE voice, please?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Pemberian Iklhas Najib sama juga dengan memberi Rasuah pada Kaum Cina untuk mengundi BN dan Cina menolak kerana meraka tak mau rasuah. Sma juga BRIM seakan rasuah untuk mengundi BN. Apa yang rakyat mau ialah peluang pekerjaan, competetif business dan sebagai nya. You thing GE14 BN will make it? 50-50, 40-60,0-100?

    3. jangan lupa. ramai cinabeng yang kaya raya tu yang ambil BRIM. boleh tengok kereta2 mewah cinabeng menjalar2 di luar LHDN untuk ambil BRIM. cinabeng yang dah kaya raya ni sapu juga BRIM

    4. Wakil-wakil MCA memainkan peranan..semua borang permohonan orang cina, miskin, kaya, penyamun penyangak diisi dan dicop dengan "MCA"...lulus 100%...

      Mereka memang mahu hakis duit kerajaan..undi tetap pada DAP

    5. Setuju dgn kata kata "Cara Najib cuba 'membeli' undi Cina dengan janji janji berbentuk kewangan dan barangan tidak akan berjaya. "

      Nampak kasr benor, mcm rasuah plak. Di ketawakan dekc Hina. Ambik duit, tapi undi DAP. Kan nampak dia bodoh. Hilang undi lagi.

  13. Salah satu teguran TDM terhadap Najib ialah 1MDB yg meminjam utk programnya.Sepatutnya jenis venture begini boleh dibuat jika kerajaan ada "excess money".

    Memang patutlah Najib merenung semula bbp tindakan2 beliau menerusi polisi2 dan rancangan yg dianggap "gagal".

  14. Does anyone else think that things might actually be quite good at the moment?

  15. interesting.

    but would they still vote for BN. and if they never gonna vote for BN should we still try to win their heart?

    what are the motive that they rejected BN ? does it really have something to do with economy or the governance?

    for me as a malay, theres a bigger agenda. if they want to have it all for themselves then whtever najib do wont win their vote. the tsunami was motivated by some other sentiments. this we notice and know.

    so since governance or econmy isnt an issue, why would najib still try to pamper them? theres something wrong with the approach.

    for me najib should just focus on those who would vote for BN and stop being apologetic to those who would never vote for BN. if he still doing that, either he did purposely or hes just that stupid.

  16. Chinese voters have been traditionally anti-BN. Even during the best BN performance in one GE, about 30% Chinese voters voted for BN. Some of the 20% Chinese voters used used to vote for BN but voted for the opposition in GE13 were MCA/Gerakan members. Najib doesn't need to look hard to find Chinese voters to vote for BN. He should give an ultimatum to MCA/Gerakan that the party members should vote BN.

    1. Fat hope. Najib will just let MCA and Gerakan to their own devices. So MCA been raising DAP issues occasionally. In public. Instead of thru BN channels.

    2. That's what I am very concerned about - "similar situation did happen, culminating in May 1969."

  17. During Tunku Abd Rahman times similar situation did happen, culminating in May 1969. One segment of the population try to grab political power.

    GE13 shows the same tendency. Chinese Tsunami or whatever you called it. For BN to continuously appeasing those Chinese majority who despised BN is a waste of time and resources.

    Forget about 2/3 majority...but how to win GE 14 with the onslaught of subsidies reduction, GST and increasing hardship by large segment of population that support BN.

    The priority is to focus on those who voted for BN.. One Chinese vote will not translate or equal to 100 Malay votes...why chase after someone that spit on you...

  18. Well, looks as if you've abandoned your quest to take on the "powers that be" in Johor and moved on to "softer" targets.

    Did you realise, or were you made to realise, that questioning the modus operandi in Johor is very much like Don Quixote tilting against windmills?

    Why, even Tun Dr Mahathir has been noticeably circumspect, reticent even, about developments in Johor, past and ongoing.

    So, in your perception, is the PM a "softer" target?

    And, if Johor is "off the table", then is the PM "fair game"?

    I just wanted to ask what rules of what game are you playing by?

  19. The Malay composition in Pakatan is more than that of non Malays. Without these Malays, there'll be no effective opposition. How come it's so difficult to win over these Malays, many of whom are intelligent and well educated. Even in the Kampong's there are those called BN Barang Naik. Yes, there was a small edge back to UMNO in GE14. But with the deteriorating economy and the accelerating price increase caused by the GST, the Barang Naik nickname will come back to haunt BN, and maybe drag it down. Thus I agree that BN's biggest foe now The Economy.

  20. The Chinese - it's ok to agree to their requests (after all, we do want their contribtions to tax revenue) which doesnt cost the gov money. Tax revenues must be concentrated on the Malays, esp UMNO supporters.

  21. Anon 10:44 clearly and precisely explained the Chinese psyche:

    Cara Najib cuba 'membeli' undi Cina dengan janji janji berbentuk kewangan dan barangan tidak akan berjaya. Orang Cina ini banyak DUITdan mampu menjaga kepentingan bangsa mereka. Tengok sekolah sekolah swasta Cina tanpa bantuan kerajaan, lebih hebat dan canggih dari sekolah sekolah berasrama penuh pun!

    Ikut formula TDM untuk meraih sokongan Cina. Beri mereka peluang buat lebih banyak wang! Formula ini ternyata berjaya pada tahun 1998 apabila TDM dipinggirkan oleh orang orang Melayu akibat peristiwa Anwar Ibrahim . Undi Cina menyelamatkan BN dan tetap menang dua pertiga majority!

    But while Anon 10:44 described how Chinese value vernacular education as evidenced by their generous donations to their schools, he forgot to point out that vernacular education is very dear and close to their heart. It's not worthwhile to mess with their schools if we want their support.

    If BN wants Chinese support, this is what should be done.

  22. Beri lah peluang sampai GE14...
    Lagi pun tiada siapa yang menonjol dan boleh menggantikan beliau
    Yang lain tu semua dah buat baik dengan PR mana tahu kalau BN bungkus kan boleh lompat melompat
    Rakyat hanya dijadikan jambatan mencapai kepentingan sendiri
    Kedua-dua pihak PR dan BN sekarang tengah bergasak mengumpulkan kekayaan sendiri dengan
    anggapan kalau ditakdirkan kalah pada GE14 dah berbaloi kalau pun berlaku ketidak stabilan dalam negara maka boleh lari meniggalkan negara kerana dah ada akaun bank di luar negara
    maka kita rakyat marhaien jadi mangsa.
    Regime change or not mission accomplished...actually we are under US influence

  23. Many Chinese Pakatan supporters now distrust PAS as a result of what took place during the Selangor MB matter.

    Now this objection to Oktoberfest, wanting to close 'sinful' establishments, etc in Selangor. Not that the Chinese like to sin, but they certain resent such actions taken in the name of religion when none was before needed.

  24. "Najib tried very hard, that's a fact." What's your proof? And were there the right attempts?

    Why do the things 170 UMNO Divisions don't want him to do? He'd lose the votes of the Malay fence sitters. Malays gave him 88 seats at PRU13. Why doesn't he show he cares about the Malays? NEP etc. Instead of favouring the Chinese at the expense of the Malays?

    Can anybody prove or provide convincing reasons that if he takes a Mahathir stand re Malays interests, he'd go kapputz?

    Wasn't the Chinese tsunami the maximum the Chinese could do? That they cannot be persuaded any more? Give them goodies for Chinese schools etc, they still voted DAP? Isn't he paying good money chasing bad money?

  25. "let me tell you that some of the top PMO people know who I am."

    I have an idea who you are. But let it rest there.

    Suffice to say that on the matter of Najib, we disagree. A lot.

    1. That's because you have been bought... :)

    2. I had lunch with a MCA (partner in a bumi class A contractor) and a DAP (consultant) friends a few days ago.

      Both admitted that the Chinese already lost political power because of they form only about 25% of the population. Both believe that Chinese cannot be too idealistic with regard to their place in Malaysia; they should instead be practical in outlook.

      Both have no qualms about doing business with UMNO members - I should know, as we often work together. They recognise that in Malaysian business, we often need each other.

      Both distrust PAS the party, in that they believe the image projected to the Chinese is only for convenience. In this respect, they are very much in disagreement with Chinese who support PAS.

      The MCA guy realise their Chinese support is very much lower than that of DAP's. This is because many Chinese are simply too idealistic.

      The DAP guy has respect for the more modern minded PAS members but realise that those are in the minority in PAS. He totally distrust the ulama group, and feels that if they one day gain power, they will be much more willing to project their religious ideas without caring how other races feel. He consider PKR, somewhat like UMNO, is more acceptable than PAS.

      They recognise that the current animosities is caused by big mouths ob both sides.

      When I asked them what they thought of a national unity government without PAS - they were both for it!

    3. wow idealistic ! you make it sound cauvinism a noble course to pursue:)

      wht it is that you not satisfy yet here in malaysia? ade x cukup lagi ke?

    4. Anon 17:57 pretty much sums up the Chinese psyche.