Sunday 19 October 2014


Woken up about 4.30am just now.

It is Sunday morning, yet I have to work.

I was working too yesterday.

Wished I could sleep more, but once I am woken up like this, I simply can't go back to bed.

I shouldn't had slept too early.

Well, I was very tired last night.

I'm always tired at night these days.

Need to remember telling my doctor that for my annual medical check up next month.

Need to do something for my coughing too.

Really need to quit that damn cigarettes. Very hard. especially at work, when stressed.

Anyway, checked yesterday's postings,

US embassy wants Malaysia to follow its orders

and wondered who are those guys who commented on it. Almost 100 comments on a Saturday. That was quite a lot, actually. And the quality of the comments is relatively good. Thanks you all, for being interested.

I don't feel like writing anything heavy today.

Need to save my brain's bandwidth for work later.

Actually, I'm writing this just to while away the time till Subuh.

That will be in a short while.

Hopefully, I can get a break from work soon.

Then, I can really rest.

My work always reminds me of our country's rather messed up political system. It's really tiring, sometimes.

I need the occasional breaks.

That's why there were times when I just ramble on without any purpose in this blog.

Sorry to those who feel they had wasted their time reading this rather personal thoughts of mine instead of something about the latest on serious politics.

You see, sometimes I wrote in this blog pretending that I was writing a letter to a friend. I pretended that you all who read this blog are my friends.

After all, I don't have that many real friends and I can get quite lonely, sometimes.

And I don't have active accounts of Facebook or Twitter or Instegram or any other outlet to express myself. I think I had previously wrote why I only have this blog and nothing else to write my thoughts on.

And I don't keep a proper diary.

This blog is indeed a bit like my diary, and the possibly at least once a day posting being my thought for the day.

Okay, I think it's already Subuh now.

Need to do the necessary to start the day.

Hope you all have a good Sunday.

I leave you all with a nice song, okay.


  1. Allahumma anta salaam wa minka salaam wa ilaika yaudu salaam fa hayyina rabban bi salaam wa adkhilna jannata dar as-salaam

    Cheer up Annie, we're with you . . ....

  2. How come you posted at 06:49 but it showed on my screen only just now. Ok no need to answer, maybe my bloody laptop got wanked by virus or simply too old and neding replacement.

    I'm waiting for the latest with so many gadgets and new functions, which means, like the mobile, I'll have to replace every other day to be up to date and in fashion. Damn this modern technology.

    1. Cars using electricity, using battery, using sunlight power, using water.

      I'm waiting for the day when can use plain air. The usual air. If can use only unpolluted air, susah lah. No such thing in the whole wide world, innit.

  3. Forgot to say haha in my earlier comment but Annie would have barred any Red Bean tongong comments that might not understand I was joking when damning modern technology.

    You see they are all helping Najib achieve developed nation status no matter what by making us spend a lot, changing this and that, helping the economy grow. The bloody Americans go to war to boost their economy by huge defence purchases not just by them but by their enemy, too, maybe thru third parties, like secret Al Qaeda operators, haha.

    Sorry Annie, cannot avoid political comments even on a Sunday. Thank God I'm not a Christian, escaped hearing the political speeches said to have been done in some churches especially before PRU13.

    And I ramble, too. I like it, it's a release of some sort, sometimes gas. Hopefully sometimes amusing the readers, if not, well .. that's the beauty of being Anon and allowed by Annie.

    1. When gas is produced, thank God it does not penetrate the computer and reache readers. You people wait when inventors get to it in future.

      But watch out the kind of gas Anwar produce or cause others to produce. It may be followed by solids. He often smells, innit? hehe

    2. Saudara, will you please refrain from describing al-Juburi's rear machinations of the gay kind? The clown is already looking bad for his up-coming street circus.

    3. Hahaha, my friend, note that

      when the circus starts on the street, he'd like to have many in the rear
      when he pushes, he'd like it to reach the rear end
      when he attacks, naturally it'd be from the rear
      when that happens, he'd probably use a Rear Admiral
      when it's a formidable enemy, he'd have a rear guard as well

      But he is most afraid when BN rears its ugly head.

  4. Good of you to wait for and presumably do Subuh.

    But there's a consolation for those used to only a few hours sleep. They say geniuses and high IQ people are like that. Wonder if Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein didn't sleep much. Internet info says Leonardo Da Vinci slept no more than 5 hours.

    I read that successful lawyer R. Ramani, the first Malaysian Ambassador/ Permanent Representative to UN, usually slept only 3 hours. So did Tun Ghazali Shafie, former Secretary General, Minister of Foreign and later of Home Affairs. When overseas, at night clubs until 3 am, up bright and sprite at meetings at 8 am, his underlings delegation members must have suffered.

    Well, working on week ends, everybody has to do, Annie. Some more often than others. Console ourselves by remembering those at the battlefronts, both military, Ebola what have you, face worse conditions.

    Have a good sleep and enjoy your work later.

    1. Zombies also don't sleep much. When cannot get their stuff and cannot withdraw EPF symptoms. Siutak habit.

      Those not used to short sleeping hours must get the usual 7-8 hours. Otherwise they become zombies at work.

      Or start describing a drunk as corked-up or Cockeyed in front of Teresa Kok. She will jump up shouting seditious.

  5. On yesterday's posting, US embassy wants Malaysia to follow its orders, and comments, it'd be good if you could alert the US Embassy. Their Info Section only informs their stuff, more US propaganda.

    The Political Section should be interested on feedback to their uncalled for Chingkie US Ambassador press statement.

    1. The tension between individual rights and a government’s need to preserve and protect national security during times of war has represented a constant theme throughout American history.

      During the John Adams administration, a conflict with France resulted in the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts, laws that violated the First Amendment by limiting people’s freedom to criticize the government and encouraged fear of foreigners living in the United States. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson famously responded with the Virginia and Kentucky Resolves, which would later become the foundation for the nullification movement of the 1820s and 1830s and, more tragically, the secessionist spirit of the 1850s and 1860s.

      Congress passed the "Sedition and Espionage Acts during World War I". Both laws dramatically curtailed the constitutional protection afforded citizens. During World War II, Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps, and, more recently, Congress passed the "Patriot Act", which broadened the authority of the federal government to monitor suspicious communications.

      One of the most famous examples of the federal government exercising increased power at the expense of constitutional protections occurred during the Civil War. President Lincoln unilaterally suspended the writ of habeas corpus in April 1861 and a Maryland military officer, John Merryman, was arrested. Chief Justice Roger would issue a famous opinion challenging the authority of the president to suspend habeas corpus.

      Many students are unaware of President Lincoln’s handling of constitutional issues during the Civil War. The suspension of habeas corpus raises a number of important questions, including:

      What branch of government (executive or legislative or neither) possesses the authority to suspend the writ of habeas corpus?
      Was the Civil War actually a “war,” or was it really a “rebellion” as defined by President Lincoln?
      Is the system of checks and balances threatened when one branch of government assumes extraordinary powers, even if only for a short period?

      [ha·be·as cor·pus] : a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.

      eg. the legal right to apply for a habeas corpus.

    2. Glad we are not at war, civil or uncivil.

      We need to be careful with our words and actions to avoid situations that cause race riots and, God forbid, a civil war.

      That's why the Sedition Act must stay. And the undiplomatic diplomat called Chinkie US Ambassador should even be declared persona non grata for interference in our internal affairs. A Deputy Minister has said it as interference in our internal affairs.

      So, declare him persona non grata.

  6. Anyone takes offence at the word Chingkie? To me it's like the word Malai-kwan etc that the Red Beans often use in derogatory context that makes them appear nasty.

    And I have read those comments pointing the Chingkie to Chingkie association in this country that the booger may aim at. Obama sure made a mistake when appointing a Chingkie as Ambassador to Malaysia.

    Especially one who doesn't understand the Constitution of this country that has sensitive Articles that the Sedition Act protects. He seems to be in cahout with those who want to sabotage those sensitive Articles. Damn him for that.

    1. Dulu ada Duta Vatican sokong pakai Kalimah Allah. Apa jadi pd dia? Kena panggil ke Wisma Putra kan? Minta ma'af kan?

    2. Mungkin dia dah kena panggil balik ke Vatican

      Jadi padri biasa lah dia kan

      Hari ini di umumkan depa di Vatican tak dapat keputusan

      Untuk biskop biskop nak layan gays yang main belakan

      Paus dukacita bahawa depa juga tak luas fikiran

      Anwar Al Juburi dah meradang hampir gila se akan akan

    3. Mungkin dia dah di panggil balik ke Vatican

      Jadi padri biasa lah dia kan

      Hari ini di umumkan bahawa depa di Vatican tak dapat persetujuan

      Untuk biskop biskop nak welcome gays yang main belakan

      Anwar Al Juburi merdadang nak naik gila se akan akan


    4. Obama appoints people based on merit and relative importance of the country. More senior folks to white countries, junior folks to brown countries. Obama came and shook hands with Najib. Be grateful about that.

    5. Restore your faith in humanity in 4 minutes flat


  7. You've got a friend in me
    You've got a friend in me
    When the road looks rough ahead
    And you're miles and miles
    From your nice warm bed
    You just remember what your old pal said
    Boy, you've got a friend in me
    Yeah, you've got a friend in me ..

    -- Theme from Toy Story, 1996

    Wishing all a great Sunday with the family insya-Allah!

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Salaams to Tuan Haji and family,

      You've Got a Friend


    2. Wa alaikumu Salam and TQ Sdr Anon-21:13
      for my father's favourite artisses heheh.
      (and Annie's dad?)

      Yeah ageless, Ms King and James Taylor still sound/ look good.

      Haji M Zin
      ( just 16? )
      Alor Gajah DPH

  8. Your work always reminds you of "our country's rather messed up political system. It's really tiring, sometimes."

    You are lucky, only sometimes. For some, it's more often than sometimes. Even always. Those who are conscientious often do. Those having a strong sense of responsibility to their work. Even strong responsibility as ordinary citizens. Those "concerned citizens".

    There are so many penjangak, penjenayah politik, penghasut, penipu dan pemungkir janji. Hanya seorang saja politikus yang penyodok bontot. But he creates hell of a havoc in the country by his other sins.

    How I wish he's gone to morrow, the next day, the next month. Gone forever. Like Karpal Singh. It may be bad to be wishing that, But I don't semabahayang hajat to KO UMNO whatever. Wish only, not do more.

    Now I pray he goes into prison 10-15 years beginning soon. Nothing wrong to do that I'm sure. I think the country will be more peaceful if he is locked away that long. We will be less tired every day.

  9. You only have this blog and nothing else to write your thoughts on. I don't even have a blog and use others to scrounge on. Thanks Annie, otherwise I have nothing on ... I mean, to write on.

  10. Fine you don't keep a diary, Annie.

    Those who keep diaries have to be careful these days. So many snoopers and so many kinds of snooping around. They might even be able to look at what you write on the diary appearing on the computer screen. Ask the fellows who install CCTV in your home or office.

    Why CCTV in the home? To check whether the maid is doing her work properly. Or if she is monkeying with your husband who returns home claiming to leave his pen behind. Some kind of pen, the son of a gun!

    Don't you all sometimes feel you are being watched every time you leave the house? CCTV by Traffic Police on the roads, CCTV on buildings and shops you pass by, CCTV in the office, CCTV in shopping malls.

    Damn it, you can't even go out holding your girlfriend's hand, you'll get a note from the Health authorities saying careful, holding hands can cause pregnancy!

    Laugh a bit la, folks. It's Sunday afternoon, what.

  11. Yes, stress, the mother of all health evils, the cause of many illnesses. Both mental and physical stress.

    Often one needs the other. But be sure after mental stress, rest first. After sufficient rest, then have some physical stress. Meaning exercise.

    All health websites prescribe exercise. Most days of the week. To me 4 is most. 30-40 minutes, they say. But if easily getting tired, maybe some ailment. If blood pressure problem, best to check with the doctor before begin exercise program.

    Life expectancy has gone up. Every year they say. Modern medicine, new discoveries etc. Now 82 years, I read somewhere.

    Tun Dr Mahathir is 89 but looking spic and span. He uses the circulation of blood, some people say. Blood is drawn out, goes into a machine which cleans it and goes into the body again, done by a doctor. A relative of mine has done it. RM1,000 per treatment, he said. Less if more often.

    TDM exercises a lot, maybe still horse riding even at his age.

    So, have a good rest, Annie. Never mind sleeping early and waking up early. So long as you have your usual number of hours of sleep. Exercise as and when you feel you can. Best wishes.