Saturday 11 October 2014

Work harder instead of bitching

The 2015 Budget tabled by PM DS Najib Razak yesterday looks okay to me.

It looks like an election year budget.

Lots of goodies, to appease a lot of people.

The increase in BR1M, income tax cuts, better access to affordable houses for more people, civil servants' half month bonus, and many more.

I don't really care much for some of the program or schemes such as BR1M as I think the government may not be able to sustain it. But then again, it is better than nothing in light of the recent shits such as the 20 sen fuel price hike.

Apanama has the whole thing here:

BUDGET 2015 by PM Najib Razak – FULL TEXT

But I'm not going to analyze it. For that you better buy a newspaper and read the analysis of real analysts.

My opinion on the budget may be skewered due to my biases. So, you better read what the professionals think instead.

Anyway, for myself, the good thing is that, the budget is not really going to hurt me.

I believe my life is going to continue as usual.

Okay, maybe things will be a bit more expensive due to the GST and other stuff like that, but I think my life is going to be relatively fine.

It's not as if I am going to suddenly starve to death or something like that, okay.

I simply have to work harder and try to increase my income so that I can afford to retain my current lifestyle.

That's all there is to it.

Work hard and most likely you will succeed.

Just bitching is also good to relieve stress but working hard is even better as it may actually solve things..

Bitching is fun, but working hard got things done.

Something like that.


  1. Just got back to your blog after more than 1 year I think. Just like you, the budget doesn't affect me, tak layak untuk BR1M pun dan tak pernah apply. To me it is still a window dressing on their part. What hurts me was the 20sen fuel hike.

  2. I don't like Najib because he wants to abolish the Sedition Act. But give credit where credit is due. The 2015 Budget appears - on a quick reading - to be ok to me. Not shitting it outright is a credit.

    The devil is in the details. And in the implementation. One History Professor spent one solid hour dissecting the policies of Akbar the Great of India. He ended it up by saying, "Ladies, and gentlemen, as I have explained to you, theory always differs from practice".

    I see Najib dwelt a bit on the Malay and Bumiputera agenda, being a part of the national egenda. Of course he did not call it NEP. His is the New Economy whatever he/ the consultants called it.

    I'm gratified that Budget 2015 makes special effort to look after our Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputera cousins (Hj Zain used the word, correctly, re the book "The Malay Civilization" published by The Historical Society of Malaysia). They are BN's Safe Deposit and must be looked after. Having ensured that, we whack the secessionists and the Oppo Hippos. Ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP, especially.

    1. The Cina Bukit pendatang in Sabah and Sarawak, DAP whatever, sure would want secession. Because then it'll be easier for them to reign supreme over the Bumis there.

    2. Sabah and Sarawak to get RM70 million hill padi subsidy
      AsiaOne - ‎14 minutes ago‎

      Way to go, mate.

  3. Aiyyo Apenama, surely you can do better than that. After you whack damn well in the previous post.

    Sure we all work hard. Wake up at 6 am every morning and start whacking, hehe. In the internet or in the field potong getah, kelapa sawit, whatever.

    But right now I'm wondering what do kampong people get from Budget 2015 apart from BRIM. Yeah, yeah, they can eat pucuk paku, pucuk ubi, kangkong and the like. But many are earning below the minimum wage. Some been eating rice mixed with tapioca. Anne, please tell your friends at PMO.

    1. Am from a kampung.Do not underrate us pls.Whatever we eat isn't your business.Whether we eat pucuk paku or what is our choice.There're found in abundance in our jungles.

      However,I agree that our earning is a mere portion of what u earn.But we're contented.Of course,we too want better incomes,better opportunities in business and so forth.BR1M is a blessing for us.So are the programmes to help alleviate our well-being.We thank the BN govt.


    2. What happens when an estate bans kampung folks from collecting pucuk paku from under the oil palm trees? Or purposely spray herbicide on the paku? I know this actually happens. Coz the kampung people objected to the Estate Christians trying to convert the Orang Asli near there.

      I am also from a kampung. I eat all those. Despite the Red Beans laugh at people eating kangkung before PRU13, remember?

      But I am not contented. Being contented no progress. So must have more benefits from the gomen. Why not? So much kena songlap by the bloody crooks.

      Kampung people don't ask much. Give benih ayam, benih kambing, benih lembu like done a long time ago lah. And tell Vet Dept to go round checking lah. Increase their Budget a bit can lah.

  4. I like Annie when she's displeased. She calls them "the recent shits such as the 20 sen fuel price hike."

    And Tun Dr Mahathir has called BRIM "cash handouts". More than those, can Najib not call foreign consultants to devise schemes for the kampong folks, supervise their implementation until they can stand and progress on on their own? Like the Indian Muslim (was it Bangla) economist who was awarded a Nobel peace prize for organizing rural industries among the women folks, small loans buying sewing machines and doing tailoring for their and next door communities.

    Wonder how many kerepek pisang and the like are done by the Malays now, right down to their distribution across district and state lines.

    Fine, promote the hybrid or special car (Proton to do it?), but more for the poor, please.

  5. Should look at the core issues. fuel subsidies amount to 22 billion per year. Impossible to sustain in the long run.

    Reducing subsidies in stages may create some savings and this saving in turn given out to the needy.

    The short and medium term effects on inflation is real and the 2015 budget is aim to cushion the increasing inflationary.

    1. Sustain or not, it's up to interpretation, determining priorities. Until you get the poor taste higher income, why remove the subsidy? You hantam the foreigners taking advantage of the fuel subsidies, lorr.

  6. DS Najib said in his Budget Speech even the 30% Bumi corporate wealth not achieved yet.

    And why 30% only? Yes, Tun Dr Mahathir said it cannot be equal to the 70% population figures (Malay + Sabah and Sarawak Bumis), but why not more than 30%?

    And what about in other sectors of the economy? Like commercial and residential properties?

    1. Maybe 40% OK? But must be in all aspects of the economy. Including manufacturing and distribution sectors.

  7. "The ETP targets an increase in Malaysia’s gross national income (GNI) per capita to USD15,000 and mobilise USD444 billion in investment by 2020.

    Since 2009 ... Total investment reached RM219 billion and more than 437,000 high-paying job opportunities created."

    Over 1,000 billion Ringgit (US 444 billion dollars) investment targeted, now 5 years gone achieved only RM 219 billion - can the target be achieved by 2020, another 5 years ahead? I think not. Ah Jib Gor making airy fairy targets? Is that why any investments are welcome? Like for housing meant for foreigners in Johor?

    Kamon Ah Jib, surely the kind of investments is important. Those that will benefit the local population and the nation as a whole lah. Not those that will upset the population status quo, man.

    Target those investments bringing heavy industries, those high tech and producing labour intensive spin-off industries. Not fellas who build islands from sand - any stupid bloke can do so, innit. Not those who build houses and condos. Many locals can do those.

    1. No other reason rushing to advanced and high income nation status. Wanting his name smell nice in the history books.

      Pak Lah got name shitty there. But if in rushing Najib upsets the population ratio or worsen the economic disparity among the races, his name will be shitty also.

  8. Bitching harder is also good Annie. This is some of the outcomes when you bitching harder. Check and balance. But I think is still not enough. Crooks including some powerful individuals are still around the corner making tonne of money from public fund and some weaknesses of the current systems.

    1. Annie has suggested allocation for making clever the stupid Ministers. I think that allocation should be for some Supermen to wallop dead all those crooked bastards.

      OK lah, not Supermen but Spidermen - Annie's favourites. Wonder why the girl goes for Spidermen - you get caught in the messy webs, Annie.

    2. Good that the Police recently taking a lot of action on corruption - dozens of Customs blokes dragged to Court, some covering their heads with underwears. Wonder if those were washed ones.

  9. ".. in our efforts to achieve an advanced high-income economy."

    Fine, have an advanced economy, a fully-developed nation status. But you rushing it for your legacy to the PM who get that status very fast? Not careful, tunggang langgang and chaos, lorr.

    Especially if the vast economic disparity between the races not addressed satisfactorily and, on top of that, more of the wealthy race are allowed in, like in Forest City etc, in Johor.

    You think the kampong folks would also earn high income by then? Their 3-acre land lots given on the acreage size used by the British colonialists over 100 years ago, now split 5 - 10 ways after 2-3 generations, and new land alienation only 2 acres per person like in Batang Padang District, Perak? How to earn high income on 2 acres kampong land on the existing situation?

    Plan integrated rural industries for them lah. Ayam kampong, kambing breeding, milk production etc on integrated basis. And ensure the Vertinary Officers are dedicated, not melepaskan batuk di tangga saja when kampong folks call for help on kambing suddenly buncit perut and the like.

    1. Whatever happens to the Co-Operative Dept? Given good budget this time? What they doing now?

    2. Najib's advisers may tell him kampong people have migrated to the cities, now suburban dwellers. Don't stupid one ok, many still in the kampong, only the young moved out even some still there.

  10. 5 acres with oil palm can sustain 50 heads of kambing. The kambing makan the oil palm fronds when cut potong buah time. Kambing shit fertilize the soil also.

    My relative did that, sold the 50 heads, got about RM50,000 for the daughter's wedding recently. Now planning another batch of 50.

    2 fellas of 2-3 acres each of adjoining land can kongsi doing it what. One fella doing it, the other goes cari kerja elsewhere.

    Minister of Agriculture, you got good budget for 2015? Got allocation for your extension Officers to go around advising and nurturing kampong folks doing those?

    Btw, what are your Agriculture stations, dotted every 20-30 miles along the old road, for these days? What are the Officers there doing? Ever taught the kampong folks on bud-grafting etc? I see the Stations planting one cash crop after another. Do they invite kampong folks and show them the way to do so? Never heard of such.

    Really, what are the Agric Officers doing?

  11. work harder ??? No lah Annie cute, WORK SMART okay.

    1. If work smart means curi tulang, you'll be like many MAS employees, now thousands will lose their jobs.

    2. Please mind your words. Are u saying that curi tulang cost MAS employees their jobs? Mas employees work their butts out, you know.

    3. Anonymous11 October 2014 15:04,

      Otherwise what meaning work smart one?

      All 20,000 employees work their butts out?

      How about the lost luggage cases - got outsider thieves in the luggage dept?

      And the wrongly labelled baggage, reaching wrong destinations.

      Mesti tak mau ngaku, butut tak? Work smart one, issit.

    4. 15:04,

      The fler says "If .."

      You guilty conscious or somefin'?

  12. Here's what a crime watcher says -

    Budget 2015 funding for security timely, says crime watcher
    The Malay Mail Online - ‎2 hours ago

    Here's what stupid Lim Guan Eng says -

    "What we are disappointed about is that there are no measures ... even in terms of fighting crime," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby today.