Tuesday 14 October 2014

The war Umno is not likely to win

I'm writing this sitting and leaning my back on one of the pillars outside the Dewan Tun Hussein Onn, PWTC.

This is where all the makcik-makcik Umno usually sit on the floor watching the proceeding of their party's general assembly on a big screen.

This is a picture I took just now from where I'm sitting,

It's mostly empty now.

End of next month, this place will once again be jammed packed with Umno people.

Their general assembly will be from Nov 25 to 29, if I'm not mistaken.

I'm attending to some work here today.

This place have the Melayu feel about it.

I'm not really sure how to describe it....but it has the ambiance of one of those Melayu places - Arked Mara, Kompleks PKNS, Hotel Seri Malaysia, Puteri Pan Pacific Hotel...something like that.

There was quite a crowd just now at the entrance of Level 4 at the Menara section of the building.

It turned out there is an Umno supreme council meeting going on at the 39th floor of the PWTC tower.

I happened to be entering the building from there when DS Najib Razak arrived at 3pm sharp.

He looked cheerful.

The usual characters were there to greet him. Ku Nan and KJ were among them.

Bumped into one of my journalist friends who is covering the meeting.

He said the meeting is likely about the recently tabled budget and preparations for the coming party's general assembly.

"Kena tunggu Press conference dulu lah. Tu dalam pukul 5 ke 6," he said before joining his colleagues for drinks at the Riverside Restaurant not far from where I am sitting now.

The Umno media people were seen busy ushering the journalists to the restaurant. There are quite a number of them. All smartly dressed in the Umno media shirt which look like any other high quality corporate shirt.

"Umno belanja minum," I said in my heart.

I hope the Umno media people's job is more than belanja minum the media people.

I hope they are also involved in the planning of media strategy to counter their rivals in the Pakatan coalition.

As of now, I am not very satisfied with their work.

The Pakatan media people have been running rings around them for so long.

They are totally outclassed and outmaneuvered by the Pakatan people in cyberspace, which is now one of the most important political battlegrounds in this country.

But I don't blame them.

Their bosses are that clownish Ahmad Maslan and not so clever Sabery Chik.

When the generals are incompetent, the troops are bound to get slaughtered.

If it's naval warfare, the media war is akin to Umno and its BN allies using grand but obsolete battleships against Pakatan's aircraft carriers and Aegis missile cruisers.

It's no match.

And Umno and it's BN allies are still using the same media strategy as prior to the total loss in GE13.

Ya, I know, the orang kampung still watch TV3 and RTM and what not...but for how long?

I don't know....sometimes I feel very frustrated about it all.

Hopefully Najib and gang who are meeting at the 39th floor of this building as I am writing this are discussing a bit about this matter.

I'm a bit tired of going to Google News to check on something about Malaysian politics and found that all the stories listed there come from the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today, Malay Mail Online and even that trash portal Malaysian Chronicle.

I simply can't find news by pro-establishment media.

Okay, there's some news by the Star, but you know lah, who the newspaper really supports.

If you don't believe me, just try Google the word "najib" at Google News and see the stories listed there coming from where.

Try la.

Ahmad Maslan, Sabery Chik, can you all do something about it?

If can't, can you all resign from your post and make way for more competent people?

I know, it's just my fancy thought. They will never resign. To them they are doing a great job.

Tak pa lah, Umno dah terlungkup nanti dia orang resign lah.


  1. What to do Annie. All the pro-UMNO bloggers are still going ga-ga over Anwar Ibrahim for all his wrongdoings.

    Anwar Ibrahim is already a spent force. Him going to prison again will further make PR popular not because of the sympathy votes like last time but more of a sense of "good riddance, now we can move on with the young leaders."

    1. Him going to prison again will further make PR popular? What kind of logic is that? What sympathy votes, what "like last time" you are referring to? Remember the number attending the last function he was addressing?
      Or you are a Pakatoon, will forget reports of only 100 turning up when 1000 were expected?

      And not saying what and how "we can move on with the young leaders". Is this the kind UMNO bloggers are supposed to address?

      Bet you he is a hit and run. He doesn't explain what he means, he'll not even answer when we ask.

    2. Kak Annie,

      UMNO should also remember about the Gen-Y. I mean the intelligent, opinionated, tech-savvy Gen-Y and not one of those stupid Mat Rempits that are being paid to tunjuk perasaan etc. These Gen-Y people are more critical, more opinionated, more expressive and obviously more assertive. The big problem is, many of them are closer to the Pakatan's orbit than they are to UMNO's. Pakatan knew this and evidently you can see how they actively approach these Gen-Ys via talks, internship programs etc. If 20 interns were trained, these may also train another 20 and come GE-14, UMNO would have to deal with an army of them. UMNO Youth and Puteri buat apa? Asyik selfie dengan Wak Doyok, apa impak pada masyarakat? The young ones will only see UMNO as an elitist party which only cater to rich people. Asyik nak seronok je, projek tak habis2.

      I think it's not only Ahmad Maslan and Shabery Chik, the entire machinery needs to be overhauled into a leaner, more responsive fighting machine. They also need to start 'THINKING' and learn to give 'INTELLIGENT' opinion and analysis, not just some inane, cliche statements like "Minyak di Malaysia masih lagi termurah di rantau ini" or "Rakyat perlu belajar berbelanja secara berhemah". They always say something like that and yet paraded their lavish lifestyles in Tatler, majlis kahwin etc. Their Hollywood-VIP-wannabe children can't stop showcasing their wealth on Instagram and yet these people expect rakyat untuk berjimat-cermat? Dah habis jimat dah bang!

      The print media is also very important because not all Malays can afford internet connection especially in the rural areas. Older generation in kampungs don't read tweets. Berita Harian is still tolerable to some extent but Harian Metro and Kosmo? These are totally rubbish publications. Orang Melayu takkan jadi lebih bijak jika mereka masih disajikan dengan Metro dan Kosmo. Asyik2 cerita kemalangan ngeri, orang mati, rogol anak, janda dan cerita2 artis. I mean who cares if neelofa wants to marry even the King of Gondor? artis mcm tu bukan good role model utk Gen-Y pun!

      So the big question is, UMNO nak buat dan dah buat apa utk tarik Gen-Y? So far, the programs like career-fairs and zumba, are not impressive at all. No real substance. Or UMNO is more comfortable with commanding stupid Mat Rempits? You see, just one tech-savvy, intelligent and eloquent youth working against UMNO in the cyberspace and in his/her local area can do more damage compared to 50 Mat Rempits or Minah Kilang yang pegang cardboard tunjuk perasaan against Pakatan dan dapat coverage Buletin Utama TV3.

      I hope Tun Dr. M will continue to whip these UMNO slackers into action.


    3. Anon 20:27

      Since you love to bombard your comments with short questions, let me break it up for you:

      Q:Him going to prison again will further make PR popular?
      A:Yes, don't your remember the recently concluded the unnecessary Langkah Kajang?

      Q: What kind of logic is that?
      A: Please refer above; and getting the Sultan Selangor angry does not help either.

      Q: What sympathy votes, what "like last time" you are referring to?
      A: Are you old enough to remember, even know, what happened during GE10 in 1999?

      Q: Remember the number attending the last function he was addressing?
      A: Yes, hence my saying "Anwar Ibrahim is a spent force."

      Q: Or you are a Pakatoon, will forget reports of only 100 turning up when 1000 were expected?
      A: I'm a neutral observer. I generally hate stupidity, whether coming from Anwar Ibrahim or Ahmad Maslan.

      Q: And not saying what and how "we can move on with the young leaders". Is this the kind UMNO bloggers are supposed to address?
      A: Move on as in push them into roles of leadership, what PR is doing quite effectively now. Sure they can be naive but they're aiming for the close to 4 million NEW voters come GE14.

      Q: Bet you he is a hit and run. He doesn't explain what he means, he'll not even answer when we ask.
      A: Sorry love, it's a she. Don't assume it's all penises here on the comment section.

    4. anon 8.39
      "..stupid mat rempit.."? Do not underrate your fellow generation.Give your comment/opinion on any matter u like but do not belittle your fellow manusia.

    5. Pwincess,

      Agree with your para 1,2,3,4,5, even your last para saying

      Looks like I'm smitten by you, too. Good points, Pwincess. More, please.

      I think KJ has been a big disappointment. Isn't Gen Y his area? He should get his band of those whose names have eee like Azeez to go around here and there under the name of UMNO Youth or Kementerian Belia, rallying the youth around the gomen in spirit and deed. Instead of just bodekking Najib all over the place.

      Pssst, bodek is not a rude word, is it?

    6. Anonymous15 October 2014 09:18

      Good of you to give answers and explain this time.

      1. Still don't understand your logic - how is your statement "Anwar going to prison again will further make PR popular" linked with "the recently concluded Langkah Kajang". The Kajang Move did NOT make him popular - Azizah got a lower majority at PRK kajang than the previous PR candidate there. And Azizah did not get the MB post, many in PAS, even among PKR, getting fedap with Anwar as a result.

      I have tasted quite a bit if salt, been around the world, lived abroad, have decent knowledge of the English language and of current affairs, but cannot see the link. You wanna try again on that one?

      2. Also do not understand the link between your statement ""Anwar going to prison again will further make PR popular" and "getting the Sultan Selangor angry does not help either." Will further make PR popular? You have not explained how, even this time around.

      3. Awwwww, kamon man, or woman, you don't answer a question (sincerely asked) with another question. You should instead have said a bit what was of GE10 in 1999 that you referred to. Never mind the person asking is young or old? What's with you? Never heard that nobody's perfect, that nobody remembers everything about GE10, especially when your logic above was questionable?

      4. Only this one I see the logic - As the number attending the last function he was addressing was small, your saying "Anwar Ibrahim is a spent force" is logical.

      5. On the question: Or you are a Pakatoon, will forget reports of only 100 turning up when 1000 were expected? You answered:
      A: I'm a neutral observer. I generally hate stupidity, whether coming from Anwar Ibrahim or Ahmad Maslan.
      That's not answering the question, is it?

      And on the question how "we can move on with the young leaders", your answer is "Move on as in push them into roles of leadership, what PR is doing quite effectively now", that sounds better, as "move" on can mean all sorts.

      On the final point, good that you came back to answer, not the hit and run typical of many Pakatoon, especially Red Beans. We can assume "all penises here", Missy, as it's on the comment section of blogs, not in Facebook or Tweeter where their handles - or whatever they are called - are shown.

      The short of it is: let's try and be a bit more explanatory, shalle we? At least to the extent of making our comments clear as pro-BN and anti-Anwar, otherwise we are fighting among ourselves and the Pakatoons will have hell of a toon time by us.

      Have a good day.

    7. "they're aiming for the close to 4 million NEW voters come GE14." -

      Any verifiable figures of the numbers they now have? Going by Anwar's figures can be a ridiculous fantasy - Bersih 2.0 had only 25,000 attendees as estimated by the Police, but Anwar claimed them to be 300,000.

      Nevertheless, support the idea that Pakatan must be thwarted from getting a big number of the Gen Y by BN with sound planning, effective implementation and not stupid implementors.

    8. To Anonymous15 October 2014 09:30,

      That is my opinion and my opinion is they are 'stupid Mat Rempits'. Unless you can convince me why those young people (majority of them being Malays), spend their hard-earned money on breaking the law by modifying their motorbikes in the vain hope that their small motorbikes can be relatively faster that those of their competitors' similarly small motorbikes, in illegal racing activities that not only put their lives in danger but also other road users, including our boys in blue? If they do not have driving license, then they will resort to just ramming the police roadblocks (if not the police officers) and again putting innocent lives in danger including themselves. Some of these stupid Mat Rempits also complained upon arrests, that they don't have any money to pay summons or call their parents because lack of mobile credits, and yet have no qualms spending on modifying their small motorbikes? What level of education do they have? Working experience? Takkan nak harapkan BR1M sampai mati? Please don't let me start on detailing other activities associated with Mat Rempits. Yes, it's a bit of a broad sweep at them but they are Mat Rempits and they fact is, I am not belittling them, they had already successfully done that to themselves.

      So please, kindly enlighten me why should I not call them "stupid Mat Rempits"? Everybody is stupid before they turn into clever clogs.

      To Anonymous15 October 2014 14:12,

      Yes, to some great extend KJ has been a big disappointment. I thought he can do better than that. Popular sahaja belum tentu dapat tarik sokongan dan dapat terjemahkan kepada undi kepada UMNO/BN. This is a worrying trend especially when Pakatan seems to be working hard even a day after GE13.

      KJ talked about changing UMNO's DNA, to make it more progressive and liberal. If that is his goal, then one would assume that he is courageous enough to leave Rembau and take on Nurul Izzah at Lembah Pantai in GE14? That is a good litmus test to everything he had said in the past. But then again, I'm still watching with interest what KJ can do and whether he can change what he set out to change.

      Azeez? Which one? Are you referring to the one which claimed to have a Master's degree from on of those internet degree mills?


  2. What a contrast between the Perwakilans, adinda Ms Annie
    and my Wanita UMNO neighbours.

    UMNO Kampung
    The Wanita are so sincerely involved in so many programs to uplift the potential of the kampung ladies, and children.

    The elderly men also play their leadership role in the JKKKs vs elusive Belias
    (Jawatankuasa Kemajuan & Keselamatan Kg)
    so UMNO is OK for some time yet, with the ladies and huhu kampung veterans.

    Haji M Zin, former masjid kampung treasurer
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Bonar, dan jangan terlalu jauh jelingan insya-Allah Sdr Anon-21:09
      daripada para isteri, walaupun yang berpangkat Nabi seperti berikut :

      Jabir reported that Allah's Messenger SAW saw a woman, and so he came to his wife Zainab as she was tanning a leather, and had sexual intercourse with her.
      ( translated from Kitab 8 an-Nikah, Hadith #3240 )

      He SAW then went to his Companions and told them:
      The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife for that will repel what he feels in his heart.
      -- HR Imam Muslim RA

      Haji M Zin
      Taboh Naning
      Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Agree with you fully, Annie. If Ahmad Maslan, Sabery Chik, cannot do something about it, they should resign and make way for more competent people.

    But I'm afraid they won't. They can't. They merely tagging boss' line lah - show we are gentlemen, we are liberal. Pakatan main kotor, put people in Google Malaysia, always put out Mkini, MChroc, MIns news headings, use provoke headings, near sedition also let them lah, free country, must get Wold Bank, IMF chop for developed nation status next new years what.

    Wa mau cakap pun kadang kadang rasa satu macam. Tapi tatak boleh malas, merajuk, feel tak guna and what not lah. Kena terus kasi hantam mana yang tak betul. Bukan mahu kasi jatuh ini gomen. Mau kasi kuat itu UMNO and BN.

    So, I hope the UMNO Supreme Council is meeting to discuss ... no, if Najib there, they won't discuss the subject of my hopeful thinking. I'll talk again about it another time lah.

    1. Najib has to go then the rest will follow .

  4. Communist Mao Zedong strategy two steps forward, one step backward. Enemy thought they cabut, then found them at their door steps with grenades ready to explode. Didn't realize that one step backward meant they still one step ahead on every move they made.

    Pakatan worse than that. Throw principles out, Anwar where got principles, Constitution also not respected, when people talk about Ketuanan Melayu in the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, Malay Rulers etc, they talk about Ketuanan rakyat, conveying idea of Republicanism and such nonsense. DAP strategy so-called Malaysian Malaysia, slogan now muted but the message implied all over the place, tried to question Special Position of Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak until causing the race riots of 1969.

    UMNO what strategy? Don't even want to use the same weapons that the enemy use and proven to have won - Red Beans, so-called news portals etc. Yet tarak precision guided missiles, tarak UAVs to wallop the Red Beans to smithereen etc. Apa daaaaa

    1. Sorry, lah - that's "meritocracy" Umno-style!

      What's that, you ask? "Meritocracy"? Ini Malaysia, brudder, "meritocracy" is just another subterfuge to hold down the legitimate aspirations of the bumiputras.

      Maybe, the "liberal" Western-educated intelligentsia in Umno are better placed to wage battle in an "information" and "technology" than the apparatchiks, rent seekers and warlords who swarm the ranks of Umno these days.

    2. Wow, such high flutin' language. Me no unnerstand what you mean. Who and what you marah now? What is your suggestion? Or point.

      Maybe this is the problem - those who appear to know are "intoxicated by the exuberance of their own verbosity."

      You the Singapore-glorifying "brudder" of an earlier post comment?

    3. nah, ini meritocracy PAP style yang the DAP twin -


    4. Anon 01:46

      No worries, brudder - we understand and sympathise that you may be
      a product of the national education system where fluency in English is viewed as a colonialist tool to suppress you-know-who.

      And if you can't score a job in Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Twitter - well, there's plenty of GLCs that would be willing to give you a look-see.

      And they don't even require fluency in "high flutin' (sic) language!

      Even the ISIS cyber troopers are more IT-cognisant and media-savvy than the apparatchiks in Umno.

    5. Tebing Tinggi,

      You sure you addressing Anon 01:46, not Belitung who used the "high flutin'" language?

      You sound hitting at Belitung when you said, "there's plenty of GLCs that would be willing to give you a look-see ... And they don't even require fluency in "high flutin' (sic) language!"

      If so, I don't understand why you said "Even the ISIS cyber troopers are more IT-cognisant and media-savvy than the apparatchiks in Umno."

      And what meaning you said, "a product of the national education system where fluency in English is viewed as a colonialist tool to suppress you-know-who." Is that a fact? And what made you say that?

    6. We got another tebing tinggi hear ?.

    7. AAaaaaaaaaaaaa, I tot so, the ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit DAP Red Bean pendatang using other people's names is here. Trying to confuse the readers, trying to make BN commenters gaduh among themselves.

      Bloody hell, the dastardly bastard
      Dia ingat tak kena tangkap dan di tambat
      Mulut nya perlu di sumbat penuh dengan mustard.

      Dia datang, sudah datang, cuba bikin lintang pukang,
      Perlu di pelempang, supaya dia tunggang langgang,
      Halau keluar naik tongkang, karam di laut mati terbongkang,
      Tapi jerung pun tak mau makan sebab mati pun mulut masih lantang,
      Si puaka jembalang.

    8. "Tebing Tinggi" 15 October 2014 15:40 appears to be the fake one - a DAP bugger masquerading and using names that others have used here.

      Watch out blokes. Shit him for the dirty trick on us.

    9. If I said in my just submitted comment "Shit him, blokes, for the ..", they should be read as "Shit him, guys, for the ..".

    10. Here is clear proof that the Pakatoon blokes do read Annie's blog.

      The genuine tebing tinggi has clearly asked if there is another tebing tinggi here. The DAP Red Bean bastard dared to comment this time, masquerading as the genuine tebing tinggi.

      The Cina Bukit DAP bugger should be shot. In war time, masqueraders at the battle front are shot down dead promptly.

      Now we should kerumun him and shit him one after another.

  5. Reproduce here comment that was in previous post:

    Noh Omar (BN - Tanjong Karang) suggested in Parliament a new Social Media Department in the Multimedia Ministry to replace the Information Department, which he claimed still used conventional methods to disseminate information.

    In response, Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery said he will consider setting up the new department, but to complement the Information Department to make it more IT-savvy.

    What you people think?

    1. Hire popular sopo bloggers such as Annie and put them on government payrolls. Then newly minted Social media department will be a force to reckon with.

    2. Yeah, replace the archaic-thinking Information Department Officers.

      Pssst, hope it's ok I use an Oppo Hippo word "archaic". Anwar going to prison maybe it's ok.

      Ooops, nanti kena marah by the bloke saying Anwar-hitting produces a vast number of sympathy votes. Aaaaah, never mind lah. At this hour of the night, people are not reading me. hehe

  6. I'm rather worried what you normally write about UMNO.Are they that rotten Annie? I mean a few of them you mentioned. I would agree with you lah because The UMNO in my kampong apparently does not exist. I dont see they hold any meeting or doing anything useful to the community. The UMNO seems not to care about anything.They are in oblivion.I feel sorry for them. I still care about UMNO because I dont think its subtitute can do much either. But for how long....come next electtion who knows what will be the come because of their indifferent attitude. All the best to you Annie

    1. Good you still care about UMNO. Try to give suggestions what to be done against Pakatan propaganda la, bro.

      If there is no better alternative, let's talk about improving UMNO, often also ok.

  7. I disagree with the statement "They (UMNO) are totally outclassed and outmaneuvered by the Pakatan people in cyberspace."

    At times Pakatan people may have the edge, yes, but they have not "totally outclassed and outmaneuvered" UMNO people.

    But if referring to "no-class", uncouth, rowdy, Red Bean kind of cyber space warfare, yes, outclassed, because UMNO people don't use the kind of disrespectful, provocative and dirty language, and what has long been said as "wild, unsubstantiated and justified allegations" that the Red Beans and other Pakatan people use.

    I say, there must be many qualified, well-informed, well-experienced, clear thinking, highly articulate and excellent debaters among the UMNO crowd. But they don't do the kind of Pakatan and Red Bean cyberspace warfare. They don't even have the so-called news portals that Pakatan have.

    Pakatan are a different culture altogether. Red Bean culture is Cina Bukit culture, or even non-culture. They are not even a part of the Han culture, which, with the advent of communism, chaos and anarchy for long periods of Chinese history, had degenerated into quite something else. See the sedition cases among them - those charged in court, those that are not. Maybe many not yet.

    Look, there are professors of history who have written that the Imperial Palace officials of China long ago even changed and re-wrote facts of history to suit the desires of the Emperors. (Those interested in details may state so here and some will be furnished upon request). And the DAP people, not liking real history, have been talking of "re-writing history" in this country, even trying to do so in Wikipedia, e.g on the Larut Wars of the 1860s, caused by the Ghee Hin and Hai San thugs and gangsters. Such that even lawyer Ambiga alleged the Malaysian authorities "re-writing history" when hearing that our school history textbooks use the word "pendatang", yet not volunteering an alternative word, like "pensampai", as some have suggested.

    But the need for UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and others to effectively counter the Pakatan cyberspace warfare is certainly there. In a well-organized, fully co-ordinated and full-time manner.

  8. Right people do right things ,wrong people tends to do wrong thing ,and believe it's right ,that waht matters to them.
    Bapa borek ,anak rintik , what to expect ?.

    1. Which tebing tinggi is this? The original or the fake?

  9. Dear Annie
    what can we expect from A Maslan n S Cheek, when their boss equally clueless. 2kali5

    1. At the risk of boring Annie, I am agreeing with "clueless-ing" the boss.

      Also, learn from ancient and not-so-ancient history: kill the brilliant ones, keep duds around you so that you don't get toppled.

      Good night, folks.

  10. Anxious for news of the Umno supreme council meeting, Annie. No mention in Google news page, also in thestar.com.my.

    No news? Tak jadi that "Press conference dalam pukul 5 ke 6"? Ooooooo must be some dramatic discussion, if so. Wonder what it was.

  11. In endlessly urging for Umno and its BN allies to start secretly paying competent people to do Pakatan-like "news portals" and nasty blogs Red Bean-style, I'll amplify Annie's words by saying not that they don't have any "obsolete battleships against Pakatan's aircraft carriers and Aegis missile cruisers" but that they simply don't even have any battleships and aircraft carriers.

    Utusan etc are simply not the kind referred to above. They should have UMNO Kini, MCA Chronicle, Gerakan Insider and the like. Use the same kind of "news" headings, same lingo, and PUT OUT "WILD, UNSUBSTANTIATED AND UNJUSTIFIED ALLEGATIONS" AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE to counter those in the Pakatan shit portals.

    Why think ungentlemanly or low class to do those? People don't know UMNO/BN doing them. what. Get those experienced in secret dirty tricks dept work, who are used to handling secret arrangements, to arrange those. So that no secrets are leaked. Those who use Josef Stalin's words, "If you leak this out, I'll personally shoot you to death."

    1. "Use the same kind of "news" headings, same lingo" -

      Provocative, attention-seeking "news headings" that make eyeballs wanting to jump out when reading, the kind of lingo that make housewives masturbate and orgaz when reading them, after their Malay-hating pro-DAP husbands leave the house for work.

      And those words I used are not at all lewd or vulgar, compared to the words fcuk and puk.mak that are in every sentence of some of the comments, like in Malaysia Today.com (not Malaysia Today.net, that is RPK's) but the dot com shit Pakatoon blog.

      Go there and see that happening. It's non-moderated but I'm told that if you say pretty strong things, the automatic sensor stops your comments coming out. Only 1-2 Red Beans using so many different names, creating havoc and anarchy that the housewives said above enjoy. And see if it's worth counter-commenting. They repeat their vulgar responses each time - they are full-time paid blokes, comments with no substance, no justification. To the cheers of the DAP blokes, supporters and Chinese-tsunami-ers.

      For goodness sake, do the same, BN. Heck, the British even spread lies about the communist terrorists' family members etc to get them come out of the jungle and surrender. Ask C.C Too, Head of the Psywar at that time.

      Fight psywar with psywar, BN. No two-way about it.

    2. Heh, heh....apparently you haven't read the verbal diarrhea spewed out by a certain Warrior 231....

    3. Yes, get Warrior 231 to head such an organization. But it seems he is a well off, self-employed businessman with offices in Europe and America.

      Pay him good money to attract him to organize and implement a programme of shitting the Pakatoons to their loony tunes.

  12. orang kampung still watch TV3 and RTM??? U very very wrong Little Cutie Annie. Orang Kampung now using I PAD ma ..

  13. Kita bergurau sejenak:

    Najib - Clueless (kepala asyik pening - tak boleh pikir)

    KJ - Cheap publicity (so senang ah jadik menteri, takde kerja ka?)

    Ahmad Maslan/Sabery Chik - still living in a cave dgn mata tertutup dgn big boos pening diaorang

    Hasan Malek - menteri cap ayam kaki bodek

    Shadidan Kassim - gaji tak cukup, nak mintak tambah boleh?? (gaji besar buat apa????)

    Idris Jala, Omar Ong & the bunch - Like Grima Wormtongue whispering poison to King of Rohan's ears yg always pening kepala tak boleh pikir sendiri

    Dr M - Gandalf the Grey who tries to get rid of Grima & save Rohan but unable to do so because he lost/broke his magical staff.

    Siapa yang nak jadi Aragorn utk jadi penyelamat Rohan & Middle earth?? Ada calon ke kita nak berlawan dgn Sauron???

    No, SERIOUSLY... siapa yg kita ada untuk diharapkan?? Liberalisme is at our front door now... & our Govt is opening the door to invite them in. Our menteris does not seem to care. They just care about their super duper rich & famous lifestyle with their big fat earnings at the cost of the rakyat. Its proven. Lepas tu bagi gula-gula sikit.

    Akta Hasutan dimansuh?
    Kesian anak-anak kita.

    Terima kasih geng UMNO lain yang menyedarkan saya...

    orang ujong tanah

    1. Syabas orang ujong tanah,

      Kita hentam Menteri & PM yang lantik depa saja. Jangan hantam UMNO.

      Kita mintak UMNO gantikan depa yang tak guna. Atau lantik lain yang baguih. Bang 40 orang Menteri, Supaya yang ada tu tak banyak cakap, kena tempias saja dek yang 40 pandai tu cakap bertalu talu.

      Saya ikut bergurau dua jenak, haha.

    2. Saudara 13:36,

      Sebagai orang Johor hardcore, kemana & siapa lagi yg saya nak pangkah kalau bukan Barisan/UMNO? Letaklah sesiapa pun - Cina , India, Melayu dan sesiapa saje tapi yg dipandang cuma panji Biru yg dibawa -Panji Barisan Nasional.

      When it matters most, rest assured my vote always will be for BN.

      Orang luar mungkin tak faham sentimen nasionalisme orang Johor kerana pada kami idea pencetus UMNO datang dari orang Johor, dimintak izin penubuhannya kepada Sultan Johor dan diberi restu & perkenan di Istana Besar Johor……tapi untuk Melayu di TANAH MELAYU secara keseluruhan sebagai medium meyatupadukan Melayu tanpa mengikut negeri. Ini terbukti sehingga ke hari ini.

      Pada kami kalau tak pangkah Barisann/UMNO bermakna kami telah belot kepada kepada perjuangan bangsa & negara’s belief.
      Sebab UMNO ditubuhkan by the Malays, for the Malays with the consent/endorsement of the Malay Rulers.
      (Cina chauvinist yang baca ni jgn label saya racist ok? U will never understand all these aspect sebab otak Cina chauvinist cuma boleh proses duit, untung, ME, ME & ME aje – for the non chauvinist, TQ for your support to make this a better country)

      Tetapi tidak hari ini... dizaman anak saya membesar ini, UMNO diancam dari dalam & luar. The best part is.... semua menteri secara tiba-tiba menjadi buta.
      Seolah-olah telah membuat agreement with the devil utk diam membisu & membenarkan all the devils to do everything as they please.

      Mesyuarat Agung UMNO seperti kata OTSB,
      hanya akan jadi seperti Mesyuarat Persatuan Basikal Roda Tiga, bermaksud tidak relevan lagi dengan kehendak semasa disebabkan telah melencong jauh dari perjuangan asal.

      Nanti Annie tolong bagitau kat you punya 'kabel' di Putrajaya & elsewhere orang Johor banyak dah menyampah dgn Najib, KN dan campurtangan dalaman negeri & negara.

      Mark my words, selepas PRU akan datang KN dah boleh hantar surat resign. Tan Sri Shahrir pun dah boleh pindah KL tak payah duduk Johor lagi. Ramai yg macam saya, kecik hati dgn UMNO tapi menteri bertanggungjawab semua tak ambik peduli. UMNO akan kalah besar menjelang PRU akan datang kalau tak ditangani dengan BIJAK.

      Yang Berhormat? - orang dah tak hormat dah...
      Yang Berkhidmat? - bukan khidmat utk rakyat, tapi untuk perut sendiri & kesenangan keluarga
      UMNO cuma perjuangkan golongan elit shj... bukan utk semua golongan lagi.

      orang ujong tanah

    3. orang ujong tanah,

      Ditelan mati mak , diluah mati bapak ,itulah ringkasnya pandangan orang Melayu terhadap UMNO sekarang .

      UMNO telah dirosakan olih kepimpinan dalam UMNO sendiri.

    4. orang ujong tanah,

      Good to know that your vote always will be for BN.

      Ketahui lah wahai saudara yang budiman bahawa orang luar faham sentimen nasionalisme orang Johor kerana idea yang mencetus UMNO datang dari orang Johor, dimintak izin penubuhannya dari Sultan Johor dan diberi restu & perkenan di Istana Besar Johor.

      Tapi kita sedar bahawa keadaan di Johor sekarang mengkhuatirkan. Korek pasir, buang pasir, buah keranji dalam perahu. Bikin pulau, kepentingan dan masa depan kaum Melayu kena pulau, ramai orang tahu.

      Pasir bang, masalah pasir, nak jual pasir berjuta juta tan. Hingga pelabur Cina di bawak masuk tak terhingga. Memungkinkan orang Cina dari Singapore dan China masuk, tinggal di Johor, jadi rakyat, ramai nya pun tidak terhingga. Kalau di benarkan, nanti akan lemas lah Melayu, dari segi jumlah, peluang berkerja (syarat "knowledge of Chinese language" saperti biasa) dan persaingan berniaga, jahanam lah masa depan kaum Melayu Johor khas nya, Melayu Malaysia 'am nya.

      Faham sahaja lah siapa punca masalah pasir, siapa bertanggung jawab memulih keadaan, menyekat kemungkinan tenggelam nya Melayu dek pasir dan masalah pasir. Di negeri yang UMNO penubuhan nya bermula di Istana.

      Maka kita bisingkan lah beberapa selalu supaya mereka yang bertanggung jawab, berperanan dan berpengaruh di Johor dan di Putrajaya mengambil tindakan sewajarnya. Dan sentiasa ingatkan mereka bahawa ini masalah pasir tentu menjejas kepentingan Melayu big time.

      Walau apa pun kita fikir berkenaan Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, kita mesti terus bersuara dan menyuara. Ada pepatah Melayu kata kalau di sebut 40 kali, nanti jadi. Mari kita sebut 4 juta kali, kalau tak jadi juga lagi, nanti kita mintak dan do'a mereka ...

      PAS do'akan UMNO KO. Kita do'akan lah mana yang patut bagi mreka yang tersebut di atas.

  14. Blogger umno tak bayar tak jalan, camna nak banding dgn pembangkang yg tak jemu2 memuntahkan peluru. Mereka ni dah lama jadi zombie, dah habis makanan nnti zombie jadi makanan zombie. Banyak isu di pulau pinang juga boleh dijadikan peluru tapi buat2 tak nampak, maka hasilnya makin besarlah kepala si khalifah tu.

    1. Kamu sindir ada UMNO bayar blogger. Tolong kasi bukti. Dan nombor talipon. Aku nak getek, kata orang Pahang di sesetengah tempat.

      Jenis kamu nie masalah le. Kan patut kamu kasi tau atau senaraikan isu di Penang tu. Supaya memperingatkan depa yang sibuk mengehentam bila ada sikit saja masa lapang pun.

  15. How to stop? Other countries don't.

    Maybe sabo them by hacking in and putting in contra views. A tooth for a ooth.

    But dun a bontot for a bontot. You get into Istana Sg Buluh.

  16. I see more Malays studying Computer Science now. Multi Media Universiti etc. Computer engineering, computer hardware and computer software.

    The smart ones will get to know about encrypting - that which, according to a recent Al Jazeera documentary, US Whistleblower Snowdon looked for when he wanted a journalist to reveal some of the voluminous US secrets he had in the internet. Such a journalist can encrypt in several layers to avoid detection of Snowden as source. The first journalist he contacted didn't have that knowledge and kicked his own ass endlessly for missing a huge news scoop.

    Such encrypting knowledge also enables hacking into websites and protect websites from being hacked - websites of banks, governments etc. Imagine the value of such knowledge.

    UMNO must look for Malays with that kind of knowledge and skills. Pay them highly to do such things as suggested by Anonymous 15 October 2014 13:47 above.

  17. Should consider using strongly pro-BN Chinese bloggers for the purpose mentioned by Anon 13:47 and 7:24

    Pay them well. It's worth it because of their understanding of the Chinese mentality.

    Examples: Ridhuan Tee, Helen Ang.

  18. orang macam ni menjahanam organisasi

  19. Dua komen untuk umno bagi bulan oct. Tengok menteri bagi sub - standard xplanation on fuel price up cam bagi peluru pada PR. Kedua umno can tak de modal ja untuk ambil kesempatan dari krisis mb selangor