Tuesday 21 October 2014

Gerakan's Mah is not bad at all

I have met and talked with Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong a couple of times in the past.

He is really a very nice and gentle guy.

I was very happy when he won the Teluk Intan by-election against all odds a few months ago.

For me, it's the best BN's victory since the GE12 in 2008.

Beating DAP which had a cushion of over 7,000 votes majority in the constituency was extraordinary.

It doesn't matter that DAP was too cocky for fielding that Malay girl, expecting the  Chinese of Teluk Intan to swallow anything being dished on their plate.

Mah's victory in Teluk Intan was still meaningful as it gave hope to many who had  already about to give up on BN.

And for Gerakan, it was indeed a sign that the almost dead party could make a come back.

Mah had since worked hard to repair the party which had been wrecked almost beyond repair at the tail end of Koh Tsu Khoon's tenure as its president.

On Saturday, Mah told delegates at the party's national delegates' conference that one of the steps to resuscitate the party was to do away with those who talk and behave as racists.

Gerakan to punish, sack members who utter racist statements

He also said that the party will also get rid of traitors, of whom I understand are those who are Gerakan members but actually support Pakatan, particularly DAP.

Gerakan to set up national party disciplinary committee

However, later on at the conference held at the Seri Setia Convention Complex, Shah Alam, it was reported that a delegate from Johor did exactly what Mah had strictly forbid party members to do.

And the pro-Pakatan news portals were all excited over it.

Malays also pendatang, not only Chinese and Indians, 

And of course, that remark predictably got the Umno and pro-Umno people all riled up.

However, knowing how Gerakan works all these years, I was not very concerned about it.

Their delegates have been whacking Umno every time they have their annual conference.

You have to understand that, as it is with most other Chinese these days, many of the Gerakan delegates also feel that in order for them to be seen as heroes, they have to whack that Malay boogieman called Umno.

It's all just fun and game for them.

Seriously, otherwise, what else they can talk about?

They were outclassed by DAP as a supposedly multi-racial but actually Chinese party.

They could not also out-Chinese the MCA which was never shy to call itself a Chinese party.

So, can you imagine how boring their conference would be if there was nothing to spice up things for the delegates.

That's why some of the delegates resorted to Umno (read Malay) bashing.

For your information, it was not only that Johor delegates who took a pot shot at the Malays that day.

There were others who did the same.

I was told by a journalist friend who was at the conference that a Malay delegate from Kelantan had in fact blamed Umno as being the main culprit behind the current strained ethnic relations in the country.

The guy was said to be roundly applauded by the other delegates when he said that.

However, my journalist friend said Mah and other top party leaders were not overly amused by the delegates antics.

He declined to comment on it when met after the end of the conference.

Mah's reaction only came yesterday.

Gerakan suspends Tan Lai Soon over 'pendatang' remarks

Well, good for Mah and his other sensible friends in Gerakan.

If they had not acted on that delegate, things will most likely get quite ugly when Umno have their annual general assembly later next month.

Gerakan will be mocked for not walking their talk and the Umno right wing people will have a field day whacking not only Gerakan but also everyone else who are not Malays.

"Tak sedar diri punya Cina, hidup menumpang ehsan kita tapi berlagak macam babi tonyok tuntut itu dan ini," I imagine an Umno delegate making such a remark in reference to Gerakan.

There are many such Umno leaders who are ready to talk like that as the mood among Umno people is that leaders who can whack the Chinese back are heroes.

"Bagi muka sangat kat Cina bukan ada faedah, dia orang bukan tahu menghargai persahabatan dengan orang Melayu," Yup, that's the attitude among many Umno people after they found out that many of their Gerakan and MCA friends actually voted for DAP in GE13.

And of course, Mah and other sensible Chinese leaders realize this.

So, again, good for them for trying to help PM DS Najib Razak in showing members of their community that the best for them is going for the middle path.

DAP people may laugh at them, but it's okay, the Chinese people are not exactly stupid.

They know what is good for them. That's why they are the most prosperous and advance ethnic group in this country.


  1. Here we go. A subject for which the Sedition Act must be retained. An innocent word that has been twisted out of context, bandied out of proportion so much that it has become so sensitive it can cause racial flare ups. Pendatang.

    It began when the DAP in Penang said or did some racist and intolerable thing. Leading to the Penang UMNO man saying the historical fact of the pendatang, Objected by the DAP, Twisted and exploited by them until it became a political issue. Yes, exploit, that which the DAP always do.

    If course the DAP objected and many others followed, Because they didn't then and still don't now understand or want to accept the history of this country. They as a people may not like history. Those who know the history of China may not like their history in the mainland. The Chinese officials at the Emperors' palaces even changed history to suit the likes and dislikes of the Emperor. This has been pointed out by professors of history in their books. Those interested may say so here and details will be given.

    3,000 years of recorded history and 4,500 years of civilization if based on archaeology had produced so much suffering and misery that when emigration was allowed by the later Emperors, many shot out and some landed on our shores as "coolies" for the British. The damn British who had bullied them into such things as forcing them to take opium from British India as payment for silk etc that they took out, leading to what historically has become known as as "the Opium War". They colonized Hong Kong and returned it to China only in 1990. Imagine that.

    So many other things happening in China that the DAP and many other Chinese are not proud of. Hence the dislike for history. DAP even protested History being made compulsory in schools. No SPM pass if no pass in History.

    Yet the innocent word pendatang has to be accepted. Even by lawyer Ambiga who broke the law by demo-ing Bersih without Police permit before the PAA came into being. There's no other word for pendatang. Not in the nearly 3-inch thick Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. "Pensampai" or "penjelma" just don't describe the act of people coming to our shores, earning a living, making new lives and have become citizens at Merdeka that the Malays have agreed to. No thank you to the Malays but they should at least just accept the word pendatang and respect the citizenship quid pro quo - the Special Position of the Malays that has been extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. And respect the entire Constitution that also mentions that citizenship. Citizenship being also included among those sensitive Articles that are protected by the Sedition Act. So, it's in the interest of both the Malays and the non-Malays that the Sedition Act be retained.

    But, really, the word pendatang has to be accepted. Once accepted, anyone using it even with dubious intention should just be ignored. Only in that process would any stigma that may be attached to the word be got rid of. Bringing people to Court will not get rid of it - it can remove the heat temporarily but will not remove the problem permanently. Because there just isn't any alternative to the word pendatang to describe the historical fact of those who datang from abroad and settle down in this country. Accepting the word can and will remove the problem permanently.Think about it.

    1. Yeah, should be thought deep that suggestion.

    2. I hate it when people end their comments with "think about it", fikir fikirkanlah...etc. Seems like your shit smells sweeter than most

    3. "They know what is good for them. That's why they are the most prosperous and advance ethnic group in this country."

      As annie wrote it. Really ?

      Dalam Malaysia mencaduk lah ! Kenapa tidak di negara-negara lain ? Beri betis hendakkan peha. Najib beri peha, kepala Najib pula di pijak-pijak, di kencing-kencing !

      Bukan kah etnik cina suka mementingkan diri ?

    4. Anonymous21 October 2014 09:35,

      Problem is: your shit is in your mouth, hehe

    5. On a matter so serious as this, the bastard at 09:35 above talks like a small boy not getting his milk and saying I hate, I hate to his mum. What utter stupidity and childishness of the highest order.

      People took time, serious thinking and carefully chosen words to come out with that comment. And came this son of gun blabbering nonsense out of his asshole. And I have to do the job of trying to get such buggers to do otherwise in future.

    6. Anon 1421

      Who the fuck cares about what you think? And quit using Google translate to explain yourself. You're just a stupid fuck. Live with it.

    7. Anon 18:29,

      Marah because you got shitted for writing that childish cry-baby comment at 09:35 arr?

      Kesian. Wanna cry on my shoulder?

  2. Agree that Gerakan Mah is a good man. He is rare among what has become known as "political animals". Good that he won the PRK Teluk Intan, taking back the seat that was DAP's in the previous term. Wanking DAP hard, almost to hara kiri proportions. Only that DAP does not know hara kiri. They only know hara kuro. Tune in more often to know.

    Mah's action in Gerakan as described in the post is laudable. But everybody must learn to accept the word pendatang. Just ignore those using that word even with ill will until the word becomes an ordinary one. Until it's not worth to try and offend by using it any more.

    Because there simply is no other word for pendatang. The Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka would have pointed out any such word if it exists in the Malay language. The controversy over the word has been on for many years and no alternative has been proposed. So either you kill the language or you accept it. But you cannot do away with the language that the Constitution says is the language of this country. So you accept the word pendatang as an ordinary word and ignore the fellas intending to offend until the word becomes ordinary again.

    1. Dedication for the honorable Mr. Mah:

      "Simple Man"

    2. Sounding sensible there. Sedition Act must be retained but we must learn to accept the word pendatang because no alternative word.

  3. Now that Mah has done a good deed, he should do another. Whack DAP prim and proper. Continuously.

    Not politic in the Malaysian context to be what Annie describe as a "gentle"man. DAP doesn't know that word. Not in their vocabulary. Only Red Bean-ism, Tokong-ism, seditious tendencies, whacking MCA, Gerakan, UMNO and other component parties. Even the British has been seen to practice the "whacking back" politics in recent times. Ask British PM David Cameroon.

    Gentlemenliness does not bring votes, Mah. Crudeness, seditious tendencies of the DAP do. So whack 'em back. Minus the seditious tendencies.

    And tell you boys not to directly hit or snide remarks the BN gomen. Even on such things as Chinese schools whose existence run counter to Article 152 of the Constitution on the National Language. Tell them to shoot at the enemy in front. Not shoot sideways, at colleagues. Bring your grouses through the BN channel headed by TS Muhyiddin. Wash dirty linen there, not in public You are helping DAP if you do it in public.

    Ditto this advice to MCA.

  4. "the Chinese people are not exactly stupid."

    With the Chinese tsunami at PRU13, I wonder how many.

  5. "(the Chinese people .. are the most prosperous and advance ethnic group in this country"

    We all have to accept that. No denying it. And their contribution to Malaysian society.

    But money and wealth are not the only criteria for good citizenship. Even so, they contribute only 40% of the tax collected. 40% paid by the GLCs, the remaining 20% by Malays, Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, Indians and others, including foreigners. Even the foreign labourers pay tax. By way of the levy imposed on them.

    I would be happy if all those claiming to be citizens really respect and abide by the Constitution fully. No other measurement for loyalty to King and Country. Except the Constitution of the country.

    1. "Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well."

      -- Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

    2. If only many Malaysians do meditation as much as Ghandi. Especially the DAP and the other Oppos.

  6. Bloody good of Gerakan wanting to get rid of traitors, those who are Gerakan members but actually support Pakatan, particularly DAP. Musuh dalam selimut. Hari sejuk, depa masuk. Hari panas depa menggeledah. Celaka. Ada di mana mana.

    Hantam sama depa, Mah. As the IGP said of Alvin Tan the traitor to this country, cari sampai lubang cacing. Wish you all the luck you need there.

  7. well annie if the chinese wanna behave like they always have, then wht do you expect us malay to do? just sit on our hands?

    I for once, much as i hate umno find tht their remark as you mentioned above is justified.

    remember action and reaction.

    We dont talk like tht out of nothing and so suddenly.

    if anyone care to find out where all this originates from, they would know. we were once living peacefully. and then someone some people or to be exact some 97% people of some group decided to create the tsunami thinking that they can have it all for themselves. Of course it began much earlier than the time of the tsunami. some people decided its time to question the perlembagaan openly and provoke and challenge the bumiputera. So well again, action and reaction.

    Im sick of people pointing at us as if we are the one who started all this, as if we are the one on the same level with the cauvinis. We were fine as we are, and someone decided its time to play with fire. so no, we wont be apologetic much as our gutless pm wanna be like.

    such remark from umno as above is nothing, and this is only because of us able to still be patient. Had this been indonesia, or thailand, u wont be so lucky.

    So no we are not racist, but when u start to question the perlembagaan which is the core of Malaysia, which is the spirit of Malaysia, such remark, as ugly as it is, is accounted for. and you had it coming.

    to come to your article, i wouldnt believe the mca, not in another 50 years or so, because 50 years is about the time when they show their true color. just like what they did after independance. and why if you have to ask, well, action and reaction.

    1. Wow, bloody good comment, Sir. More please.

    2. "Had this been indonesia, or thailand, u wont be so lucky." -

      And the Philippines, too, I would add. The pendatang there have also adopted local names, worn Filipino clothes e.g the barong Tagalog, eaten Filipino cooking, gone to Filipino schools, slept with Filipino dreams, but I have seen Filipinos saying nasty phrases among themselves and spitting at them as they pass by.

      And if they think they have numbers in this country, they should note that in Fiji, where the British allowed the pendatang to even be the majority, and they won the general elections, they could not taste power. The Army grabbed power.

      Many migrated thereafter, and their majority is now significantly lower. Only a month or so ago, the local Fijian party won the general elections and the local Fijian leader took power that the Army then let go.

  8. Annie the problem with country is PM wanted to be more Ah Gib Gor rather becoming Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

  9. That's another nail for Gerakan. Next election will be the last for Mah for being weak against UMNO. In Malaysia only UMNO is free to insult and discriminate against other race.

    1. Oh yeah? And it's only your opinion? No facts, no hard evidence?

      Did you read what they say that when hitting BN without evidence, our opinions are much better than yours?

      And ours are: poorah you. Why? Why should I tell when you don't tell.

  10. No point to call those calling Malays 'immigrants' as stupid. Better to tell them to read the books

    1. The Malay Civilization, and
    2. Tamadun Alam Melayu

    published by The Malaysian Historical Society, available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

    Those books tell that

    1. The Malays originated in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago some 6,000 years ago, not from Yunnan or Taiwan, the theory that lasted for a period of only 20-30 years until the 1950s. That theory has since been debunked by so many research, academic studies and findings, most important of which are the hard archaeological evidence in the increasingly many digs in this and other Asian countries, done both by foreign as well as Malaysian Archaeologists. Such digs are continuing, for example, in Merbok Valley, Kedah, Lenggong Valley, Perak, Gua Niah, Sarawak, as well as caves etc in Sabah.

    2. The Malays have been moving in and out of the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu, which includes the Peninsular Malaysia.

    3. There has been the ancient Malay kingdom called Langkasuka in the 2nd century AD in the northern part of the Peninsular, complete with its own political and social systems.

    4. Orang Aslis also belong to the Rumpun Melayu or Large Family of Malays, which the linguistic experts have said have some 1,200 languages belonging to the Large Family of the Malay Language. For example, the word for coconut is also "niyor" among the Malays in the Peninsular, the Ibans in Sarawak, the Polynesians in the Pacific Islands but there is a host of languages with common words, syntax and sentence construction among the Malays.

    5. Linguistic experts the world over have long established that human beings are classified by their language similarities. The Arabs have been identified by their use of the Arabic language.

    6. Here are the anthropological terms:

    - Proto Malays i.e the Orang Aslis
    - Deutero Malays i.e the Constitutional Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak
    - Malayo-Polynesians i.e those in the Pacific islands, including the native Hawaian
    - Austronesians i.e including the Maoris

    1. True, to top it up, we even have DNA test to prove for it now and its been done. its wht they say shut and close case.

      The question is, would the so called malay party called umno know at least this much? and the answer would amounts to how deep they feel for their own bangsa and we can began to question how is such person claiming they are the tunjang party of melayu.

    2. 11:03,

      UMNO knows and feel, and are indeed the tunjang. Only the party President may not. Forgot. Got carried away by visions of grandeur that mad people sometimes have.

      Like wanting to achieve developed nation status yesterday. At the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays that his father was clearly the champion of. He, instead, is the champion of Doogalism. Those wanting to know what it is, please register. With me.

    3. 11:03,

      There have been calls for Najib to be replaced. The 170 UMNO Divisions that spoke up for the retention of the Sedition Act that Najib wants to discard appears to be adding to those calls.

      I hope to see Najib announce retention of the Sedition Act at the November UMNO General Assembly. Otherwise, indeed, he should be replaced.

    4. so my question would then be why then the perwakilan still uphold such liberal people to be their barisan pemimpin in umno.

      the likes of kj, najib sharizat, these are all the pm people. If umno is indeed what you describe it is, why I am seeing this again and again pau after pau?

    5. Anon 16:48,

      The answer may be in your 2nd para, bro.

      Remember Najib not giving KJ any appointment at all for quite some time after he won the Youth Chief post? Najib knew the man was not ... whatever you want to call it. Mana dia ... if he rushed to Anwar with Anwar's passport upon Anwar's release from prison.

      More importantly, Najib knows that the "budak berhinguih" publicly declared he wanted to be PM by 40. Either tak siuman announcing so, or KJ so damn determined a bloke, or both. Najib would not have made it easy for KJ to achieve that - Najib wants to be PM for 20 years or more. Or Rosmah wants it!

      But Najib was so desperate that his UMNO Presidency might be challenged and lost at the last party elections after the Chinese tsunami debacle. No other way but to get KJ's support, because KJ has many fellows of his kind (you know he is that kind, don't you - his mother is that kind) with names spelt eee, like Azeez, who do a lot of running around and good at canvassing support. Same with Shahreezat. Najib was not challenged. (Though KJ nearing 40 might challenge him at the next party elections, hehe.)

      Why "perwakilan still uphold such liberal people to be their barisan pemimpin"? Because so many of them are Azeez's and Shahreezat's people. Anawarul Juburi's passport, cow and condo cases notwithstanding.

      Pathetic situation, bro. But can continue to shout for a change in UMNO leadership lah.

    6. you are talking about whole reform within umno. This will come long way if not at all. The way I see it umno will go down along with najib. Neither the umno people nor the leader do I believe in anymore as a malay. I guess kadir jasin portrays my sentiment in his latest entry.

      Id like to see isma take the stand for a change. I wont worry about malay splitting even more. the way I see it, we do not have choice and ill be damn to just sit here and die with najib.

  11. The above comment is the one that should put a nail in people's heads. Especially the Oppo Hippo heads.

    1. To make it very clear - the "above comment" refers to that by Anonymous 21 October 2014 08:23.

  12. Memang patut dan padan muka Cinabeng biaDAP dan babi toyok Gerakan ( he, he, he, lama tidak dengar perkataan babi toyok! ) dengan reaksi ahli ahli UMNO dan orang orang Melayu secara keseluruhan!

    Kalau Gerakan toyok hendak menghidupkan suasana perhimpunan mereka dengan membelasah UMNO ( Melayu ) tidak salah kan kalau UMNO juga menggunakan teknik yang sama membelasah Gerakan toyok dalam perhimpunan mereka nanti!

    Cantiknya perhimpunan UMNO mengakhiri semua perhimpunan parti parti politik lain (?). Jadi kata kata dalam perhimpunan UMNO menjadi 'last say'!

    Nampak tak, segala caci maki yang selalu berlaku antara Melayu - Cina dimulakan oleh Cina! Melayu, kecuali Najib blur dan ahli ahli cabinet Melayu, akan bertindak balas bila maruah mereka dicabar dan diperkota katikkan!

    Sebagai bangsa yang bermaruah sudah tentu mereka bertindak balas!. Akan jadi DAYUS lah kalau Melayu membiarkan sahaja, agama,bangsa dan negara mereka dicaci!

    Ingat, orang Dayus tidak mencium bau syurga!

    Tidak salah kalau orang Melayu menganggap orang Cina tidak tahu membalas budi dan tamak. Berapa banyak yang telah Melayu korbankan untuk berkongsi dengan mereka untuk sama sama menghuni bumi bertuah ini!

    Tolong jangan timbulkan lagi isu Melayu juga sebagai kaum pendatang! Golongan yang buta sejarah sahaja yang cuba menggunakan isu ini!

    Semua manusia bermula di Asia tengah. Moyang kita Adam dan Hawa bertemu semula di dunia ini di Padang Arafah. Mereka beranak pinak di sana. Kemudian bila kumpulan bertambah besar mereka mula berhijrah ke barat, timur, utara dan selatan dunia.

    Perpindahan besar besaran ke kawasan selatan khusus Kepulauan Melayu bermula beribu ribu tahun dahulu (lupa tarikh sebenar) . Sejak itu golongan Melayu dan rumpun Melayu telah mendiami dan menubuh kerajaan di kawasan ini.

    Mereka bebas bergerak ke mana mana sahaja di Kepulauan ini dan aktiviti ini tidak menjadikan mereka pendatang di kawasan yang baru didiami. Golongan penjajah Laksantullah lah yang memecahbelahkan kawasan ini menjadi Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina, Selatan Thailand, malah Kemboja juga!

    Mungkin orang orang Cina juga telah tiba di kawasan seperti orang Melayu dan rumpun Melayu. Tapi kami datang untuk tinggal dan mendirikan Negara di sini. Sebab itu terbina empayar empayar Melayu seperiti Kedah Tua, Langkasuka, Campa, Majapahit dsb.

    Orang orang Cina seperti sikap mereka kini hanya datang untuk mengaut seberapa banyak harta kemudian berambus balik ke negara asal mereka. Kalau mereka bukan pendatang, ada wujud kah negara atau empayar China yang tercatit dalam buku sejarah di Kepulauan Melayu ini?

    Datuk nenek Cina hari ini baru menetap di Malaysia belum sampai pun 100 tahun . Mereka dibawa ke sini oleh Inggeris untuk menjadi kuli di lombong lombong bijik timah.

    Bila British hendak berambus dari Malaysia mereka ada 'moral obligation' terhadap bangsa ini. Mereka enggan membawa Cina ini balik ke negara mereka kerana akan menyusahkan mereka kemudian hari . Negara Cina sendiri tidak mahu menerima mereka kembali lagi.

    Hanya Melayu yang baik hati dan polos menerima mereka sebagai warganegara tanpa tapisan. Sekarang Melayu Islam terpaksa membayar harga yang amat mahal kerana memberi kaum pendatang ini anugerah yang tidak ternilai ini!!

    1. hahaha, "orang Dayus tidak mencium bau syurga!".

      Setuju. Nak baca lanjut dan komen di atas komen Tuan. Tapi terpaksa keluar sekarang. Akan buat gitu di masa kemudian.

      Sementara waktu, harap Tuan tulis lagi. Memerangsangkan.

    2. Saya sokong penuh kata kata bahawa tidak salah kalau orang Melayu menganggap orang Cina tidak tahu membalas budi. Sudah nyata.

      Raja Raja Melayu dan pemimpin Melayu dalam rundingan rundingan Merdeka telah akhir nya setujukan kerakyatan untuk kaum kaum pendatang. Balasan atau quid pro quo bagi nya ada lah Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu di semadikan di dalam Perlembagaan negara sebagai Perkara 153. Kedudukan Istimewa itu telah di panjangkan kapada Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak di penubuhan Malaysia.

      Apa kah pendatang berterima kasih kpd kaum Melayu? Kalau tak menutur nya dari masa ke masa, sekurang kurang nya menghormati balasan nya atau quid pro quo nya? Mengapa ada yang mengungkit, cuba menyindir dsb nya Kedudukan Istimewa itu?

      Masalah kaum pendatang terkaya itu tamak dah kerapkali di kemukakan. Hingga timbul istilah "ultra kiasu". Nak lagi, nak lagi, nak lagi, tidak terhingga. Walau pun kaum yang tekaya sudah lama tidak lagi membayar cukai yang terbanyak. Sama banyak nya cukai yang mereka bayar di banding dengan GLCs. 40%-40%.

      Benar, banyak yang telah Melayu korbankan untuk berkongsi dengan mereka untuk sama sama menghuni bumi bertuah ini. Tapi balasan nya di PRU13 ia lah tsunami Cina. Namun demikian, kaum Cina telah di peruntukkan jawatan jawatan Menteri juga.Tapi lihat lah apa pulak balasan nya?

      Merajuk, tak mahu kongsi kuasa konon nya. Nampak macam mengagungkan mereka yang menyumbang kpd tsunami Cina, se olah olah mengata bahawa mereka yang mahukan kuasa lebih, mahu ketepikan Melayu UMNO itu betul.

      Apa kah ada lagi istilah yang sesuai selain dari "ultra kiasu"?

    3. Sejak dulu, kebanyakan depa berazam nak mati di tanah air depa, bukan tanah air yang "di tumpang" - yang jenis ini bukan saja pendatang, tapi juga penumpang.

      Banyak lagi yang sekarang berazam saperti itu. China tak galakkan depa di "Nanyang" pulang ka China, tapi yang berazam nak mati di sana depa longgarkan peraturan masuk.

      Yang saya tak sedap hati orang yang paling kaya di Malaysia, Robert Kuok, tak lama dulu kata di Kajang bahawa dia "twin footed" - one in Malaysia one in China. Dapat tongkat sugar monopoly jadi kaya raya di sini pun masih letak satu kaki di China. Tak tau lah dia nakkan, bila mati, satu kaki di tanam di sini, satu di China, kot.

    4. "menerima mereka sebagai warganegara tanpa tapisan" -

      Saya dahului komen saya ini dengan mengata ramai orang Cina dll yang hormati dan patuhi Perlembagaan negara, termasuk fasih dalam BM. Sekarang saya nak cakap saya tak puas hati langsung dan kecewa dengan Tengku A Rahman.

      Dia yang mewakili UMNO dll parti politik ke rundingan Merdeka. Segala apa kelemahan yang ada dalam Perlembagaan kita sekarang ini, banyak ada di bahu nya. Dasar kerakyatan jus soli apekebenda nya - hampir sejuta pendatang dapat jadi rakyat salepas Merdeka walau pun ramai yang tak tahu BM.

      Salepas Merdeka, Tengku A Rahman telah melonggarkan syarat pengeluaran Sijil Kerakyatan kapada pendatang. Syarat yang penting ia lah kemahiran Bahasa Melayu. Tetapi kehendak nya ia lah supaya jangan terlalu ketat. Sehingga pada akhir nya ada yang sampai hampir tiada ujian BM di lakukan bagi pengeluaran Sijil tersebut. Hal ini dan hal membiarkan sekolah vernakular telah menyebabkan ramai rakyat tak fasih dalam BM sehingga hari ini.

      Yang saya paling tak suka Tengku A Rahman ia lah dia melepaskan Singapura ke Lee Kuan Yew FOC di 1965. Sepatut nya bila LKY cakap tak betul, tangkap dia di bawah ISA atau Akta Hasutan. Dan kenakan Hukum Dharurat di Singapura, saperti di kenakan di Kelantan kemudian nya. Tapi Tengku naik baran, "tendang" Singapura keluar dari Malaysia, konon nya. Singapore dapat Merdeka dan LKY suka. Kita yang kudut hati kehilangan suatu pulau strategik dan kemudian nya merana.

      Dalam sejarah dunia, negara negara perang mempetahankan national sovereignty dan territorial integrity mereka. Tengku A Rahman pulak buat sesuka hati dia sahaja. Saya harap buku sejarah akan mencatitkan nya begitu di suatu masa akan datang.

      Merana kita sekarang dari masa ke masa ada "rakyat" yang menulis di sana sini mengagungkan Singapura dan memperkecilkan Malaysia. Tengku A Rahman punya pasal.

  13. Looking at the suspended Johor delegate photo, he seems quite old and can be considered orang tua and also warga emas. Considering that he is an old citizen of Malaysia, it is unbecoming that he is ignorance of Malaysia history (stupid on own country's history) and what makes Malaysia as it is now. He seems not to forget but ignorance on how he got his Malaysia citizenship, I assume through en masse citizenship drive prior to independence. The government should enforce Malaysia history knowledge to those of his kind. If the Malay is pendatang, where got the right to grant citizenship to those millions pendatangs?

    1. stupid on own country's history -

      That's because he does not have much regard for this country. Does not really think this is his country. Only tumpang duduk. But ikut the feeling of Chinese tsunami, want to talk also.

      Like the British told the Malays when persuading them to agree to citizenship for the pendatang before Merdeka, they said most of the pendatang were "transient", would leave this country not long after Merdeka, anyway. True, nearly one million took up citizenship, but many left. Otherwise worse problem - of people like the son of a gun.

    2. I didn't see his photo. Got gigi or not? Wearing false teeth ka? Talk tempias kind ha?

      They say such old men when talking their teeth get loose, they loose focus, that's why this one forgot that he, not the Malays, is pendatang.


    3. Anon 9:45,

      Wa selalu dengak ,Bulayu atak cakap lea aa ,'kalau dah Cina tu Cina jugak' , kalang-kalang Wa lasa mau malah , tapi ingat-ingat ,Cina memang itu macam maa aa ,manyak mau kasi sikit lor rr .

  14. How i wish all other political parties, ngos would act in the same manner...instead of defending, blaming media for misquoting etc etc..
    Way to go..

  15. Panggil mereka 'jelangkung' jelah, kalau dah bosan pakai kata 'pendatang'.

    "Datang tak dijemput, pulang tak diantar"

  16. Except the apes, we are all pendatangs. That's the point isn't it? It is about who comes here first, thus who has ALL the rights. Let the apes rule this country then. Oh, maybe they already are.

    1. 12:43,

      Last I check, the apes here are only you, your parents (they didn't give you any upbringing), your relatives and friends (they didn't give you any advice, pointers and caution when you want to jump into the ravine).

      Go on, ape, jump. Thump your chest as you do so. Like in the films. And Tarzan will shout B-O-D-O-H B-A-N-G-A-N-G loudly as you plummet to your death.

      Good riddance.

      Btw, when are you migrating?

  17. Orang-orang melayu penuh dgn tatabahasa yang menunjukkan cara hidup dan peribadi mereka. Masyarakat Melayu pada dasar adat mereka di didik oleh agama dan budaya agar berpegang teguh pada janji-janji. Pepatah Melayu ada berkata "Lembu di pegang pada tali, manusia di pegang pada janji". Pada seluruh kaum bukan bumiputera, mereka harus beringat yang orang Melayu bencikan pada orang mungkir janji dan tamak haloba. Pada mereka-meraka semua harus ingat akan peribahasa ini "Orang tamak selalu rugi, seperti anjing dan bayang-bayangnya".

    1. Anjing DAP takda bayang. Semua nya realiti. Cuma kadang kadang ekor nya di masuk nya di celah di antara dua kaki nya. Dan kentut di sini sana. Bedebah.

    2. "Orang tamak selalu rugi .." -

      Macam Anwar Al Juburi. Dah dapat ha nya 5 tahun hukuman penjara. Tak cukup. Nak lawan lagi. Hah engkau, kena cross appeal tempoh penjara nya. Kalau sabit, tentu naik tempoh nya. Silap silap 15 tahun. Sebab salah ke dua. Tamak haloba, hehe

  18. Ingat lah wahai kamu semua
    Jika kamu nak persendakan bangsa
    Dengan tak kira apa
    Tak fikirkan fakta fakta sejarah dan sebagainya
    Lebih baik kamu terojun ke Lautan Cina

    Sejuk di sana
    Menggigil bahana nya
    Tapi itu lah balasan nya
    Kalau perkataan pendatang pun tak mau terima
    Tapi nak ngata orang lain pendatang pula

  19. wow, u guys make a claim backed by no facts, when rebutted reduce to argument involving apes.

    should speak a lot about them.

    1. Your facts are from tokong lim, uncle lim kit sial, mat sabun whom self declared anwar as al-juburi speak a lot about your hatred sickness!

    2. u an ape, too?

      wat u trying to say?

    3. have u met an ape that able to read and write???

    4. haha woa. we are on the same side. im replying to anon 12.43. somehow its posted here as new comment

    5. Sorry bro 19:01...I should hv written as "his facts" instead


    1. mintak umno tukar presiden nya.

    2. Mohon org UMNO buat transfomsi parti.

  21. Kita orang Melayu harus berani dengan kebolehan diri sendiri. Kalau mohon di berikan sesuatu harus di atas landasan kebolehan dan kepakaran barulah kita boleh maju kehadapan bersaing. Kepada yang punya kekuasaan politik dan membeli pula harus bersatu hati memberikan peluang yang seluas-luasnya pada kaum sendiri. Memberi didikan dan tunjuk ajar jika perlu. Kita ada kebolehan tapi jangan terus merendah diri secara tidak bertempat. Menonjolkan diri tidak salah jika itu membolehkan kita maju dan berdaya saing. Kita tidak perlu menjadi bongkak dan kurang ajar seperti bangsa lain. Sikap itu bukan budaya datuk nenek kita semua. Budaya kita memang sudah cantik (jangan tiru sikap anjing!) tapi harus di tambah baik dengan budaya bersaing dan percaya diri. Dengan kekuatan politik dan ekonomi yang kukuh sahaja yang akan membela maruah kita semua.

  22. Hidup dgn harmoni, jaga tutur kata, itu yg sepatutnya..kemajuan yg lebih bermakna utk negara yg tercinta

    1. Tolong kasi tahu Anwar Al Juburi, Al Fizi, Tokong Lim, Makong Tresa Kok, seluruh DAP, dan yang seangkatan dengan nya, terima kasih.

      Ooops, lupa - juga orang tua dari Johor yang kata Melayu pendatang di perhimpunan Gerakan di Shah Alam.