Wednesday 29 October 2014

The need to convincingly explain 1MDB

I am at the moment suffering from flu.

Runny nose and headache.

My mood is not so good's that time of the month again.

And I am worried.

First, I had read that posting about 1MDB by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


and then the follow-up piece at the popular blog, Apanama,

Hidden agenda against or in 1MDB ?

Just now, another senior blogger, Syed Akhbar Ali, who is a fierce critique of PM DS Najib Razak posted this,

Apanama : "... Najib has no option but to step down as Prime Minister and face the law. Talk has it that it is nothing but white collar crime."

All these things said about 1MDB are indeed making me worried.

I had previously wrote that I am 

Not yet giving up hope on Najib 

Nonetheless, I really think that Najib, as the Prime Minister must clear up things about this 1MDB issue.

The explanation must be thorough because the allegations were serious.

These allegations pointing at the possibility that 1MDB is being used to siphon off billions of ringgit overseas as a safety net for certain people in case Barisan Nasional lose in the next general election.

Yes, all those talks about money being hoarded at banks in Cayman islands are still making it rounds.

The whole nonsense can be quite demoralizing for a foot soldier like myself.

We, the infantrymen are dying in the trenches while the generals are getting ready to flee from the battlefield. 

Well, I refuse to believe in such allegations.

It can't be, okay.

I'm confident that Najib can rebut those allegations with facts.

I'm also confident that Najib is capable of explaining how 1MDB works for the interest of the country and its people.

I refuse to believe that Najib is a crook who steals the people's money.

Yes, I do have doubts about the people around the PM, but not Najib himself.

I still regard him as a good and decent person.

In fact, I want so much to continue believing that.

Hopefully, Najib will soon properly explain the issue and prove that people like Dr Mahathir, Syed Akbar and Apanama were wrong about 1MDB.


  1. that time of the month again, Annie? Poor girl. Take a lot of vitamins, ok? Especially vitamin C.

    And don't bother about the useless guy who stood you up before. Like I'm bothered by this Top of all time photo of the stupid girl Dyana as I am typing this.

    And the heading beside that should be Excellent Men Find Her Below Them ... to associate with. Or hope that that she is below them sometimes, hehe

  2. I have had enough of Najib's sloganeering. 1MDB is one of them. What exactly it is, I don't understand fully. And have not been bothered to find out. As, basically, I have had enough of Najib. His rushing to developed nation status at the expense of those left far behind economically and his wanting to drop the Sedition Act.

    But yesterday got some good news. TS Muhyiddin spoke on the need to retain the Sedition Act. Like almost all the UMNO Divisions also wanting that. I hope UMNO replaces Najib with Muhyiddin just before or during or just after the November Perhimpunan Agong UMNO.

    I think Muhyiddin would be a good PM. He made History compulsory in schools. Future generations will be less DAP-ish and less tsunami-ing when they know the history of this country, the background to the Constitution etc. And he would have the courage to implement Single Stream schooling. Najib has said that system will be implemented when the rakyat wants it, but, with his rushing to developed nation status and wanting to please everybody including western countries "license holders" of that status, Single Steam schooling would not see the light of day. Under Muhyiddin, yes.

    So, 1MDB whatever, I want Muhyiddin as PM. Maybe less sloganeering under him.

    1. With the cronies around him you really don't know who the one who do honest work. Heavily rewarded consultants does not mean it makes him smarter, maybe more confused......

    2. Monay, monay, monay, as the nasty characters are seen saying on the tv or cinema screens. And they wallop and enjoy the ill-gotten monay with wanton ecstasy and glee.

      And the giver and his cronies have their own. Tons of it. Laughing and enjoying in separate places and separate occasions.

      And here we are banging our keyboards trying to get rid of them in perhaps the only way we know how. But never the mind, as said by some suckers. We'll continue to bang until we find their heads on our keyboards. Or on UMNO Supreme Council's or others' agendas.

    3. Tingkah laku dioreng macam Sultans of Swing ketika rakyat dalam dire straits, hmmph . . ... saje shiok sendiri

  3. Annie,

    "Good and decent" are not good enough qualities for a PM. Especially in Malaysia where there are many Cina Bukit DAP blokes and their kind. Spreading hate, hate, hate and causing the race riots in 1969 and the tsunami at PRU13. Many not respecting and abiding by the Constitution fully.

    You don' have to be Machiavellian to counter the ungrateful ingrate pendatang DAP. Exploiting each and every event to make it controversial and then plant in the hate message. Aided by the Anwarul Al Juburis. Those who are in the so-called news portals that are neither news nor portals. But millers of half truths, twists and spins against the Establishment and anything with Malay dominance.

    Damn bloody racist buggers who do not accept that this is a Malay majority country, having a Constitution that reflects the Ketuanan Melayu in the many Articles on our Constitutional Monarchy system of government, explaining the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council etc. And Article 153 that gives a Special Position to the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    The PM of a country such as Malaysia needs to be able to properly balance the needs of the various communities for long term peace and harmony. Progress alone is not enough. There must be equitable AND FAIR distribution of wealth such that the gap between the haves and have nots is not so vast as it has been for so long. And the benefits the Government gives are spread out as wide as possible.

    Najib has not done those. He does not seem bothered to do those. He has been overly concerned with vote getting. Understandable. But not at the expense of the community that forms the majority of the population yet left far behind economically, even educationally.

    1. What I cannot comprehend all this while after the Chinese tsunami is that Najib still appears to be placating them Chinese tsunami-ers.

      What I fear is that, if he is retained until PRU14, there might be Malay tsunami-ers. Then this country will be in for a rude shock.

      ISA has gone, Sedition Act will be gone, so much of ungkit-ungkiting, pendatang, penyampai, penumpang, pelubang etc, etc that I shudder at the thought of walking alone at night. So many wild dogs. Of the Cina Bukit DAP kind.

    2. Ah, yes.....a Malay majority country. Yet when the Chinese wankers (aka the PLA) play fast and loose in the South China Sea, this country buat diam-diam sahaja.

      Why don't you threaten the PLA with running amok and facing a Malay tsunami?

      The simple answer is that these braggadocios realise that there are some countries you don't wanna screw around with.

      The PRC is one. The US of A is the other.

      Tun Dr M may have dismissed Al Gore as "kurang ajar". Yet, when the chips are down, it's not the NAM or the OIC that is called upon to right the balance, but.....wait for it....Uncle Sam.

      And that's bladdy humiliating...

    3. Scar on your moustache,

      You wait until Japan is fully re-armed. !50 million (what's the latest population there?) can bully you people in China again.

    4. Ah, so - "equitable and fair distribution of wealth", izzit?

      Pardon me a polite snort of disbelief.

      You are of course cognisant of the goings on in Johor? Where large tracts of prime land have exchanged ownership for, shall we say, not insignificant amounts of money?

      Or, for example, the whole issue of APs - who gets them and who doesn't.

      Are these "fair and equitable"?

      Or is it a case of different horses for different courses?

  4. If you ask Najib to to step down and face the law, he won't. Even without facing the law, he won't. Rosmah will fall on the floor, grab his feet, cling to them, not allowing him to move to step down.

    Najib himself will have flashes of history books showing him as developed nation hero disappearing before his eyes.

    Waste of time asking Najib to step down. Just ask UMNO to replace him. At least 170 out of the total 191 UMNO Divisions have disagreed with him in wanting the Sedition Act retained. A few Ministers also want the Sedition Act retained. Including UMNO Youth Chief KJ, who lambasted the Bar Council for wanting the Act removed. And yesterday news said that Muhyiddin wants the laws preventing sedition retained.

    So, let's keep wanking Najib and appealing to UMNO Supreme Council to replace Najib. Put in his Deputy Muhyiddin as PM. Not drastic at all. Just replacing the No 1 by the No 2.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. Sokong, sokong, sokong.

      Annie, what happened to what was said to be an UMNO Supreme Council meeting at PWTC one afternoon 1-2 errksa ago, that there was said to be a PC scheduled at 5-6 pm?

      I was hopefully thinking that could be a secret meeting talking discussing transition of power of something.

  5. Annie not yet giving up hope on Najib. But good of her to allow discussion on it here. Maybe she'll give up on him not long after.

  6. Dear Annie,

    He did try to explain about the 1MBD just some two weeks ago. He just skirts around the issue without really giving any real answer to questions raised by tun M and others.

    If you ask him to address the issue he will just do the same thing again. A feel good textbook speeches addressed far away from the country that doesnt really answer anything.

    1. Haha, bro, he skirts around the issue, did he? He's the skirting type.

      Thank God he's not Anwarul Al Juburi type. Otherwise, Scotsmen pun kena.

      He will not address the issue. And many other issues, too. He'll just gets undressed, and hopefully UMNO will dress him down at the PAU in November.

      I hope UMNO will undress from his position in favour of the next in line in the UMNO hierarchy.

    2. Ah, yes - the "Israeli lobby".

      It's just another excuse for those who are unable to compete in a new globalised world where skills, talent and entrepreneurial flair outweigh race, religion and skin colour.

      I wonder what excuses these people will come up next?

    3. Scar on your moustache,

      No excuses. We keep on telling those who don't respect the hhsitory of this country, the Constitution and the laws enacyted pursusant to that Constitutonal Articles to migrate.

      Would you like to? US, Canada, maybe. I won't recommend China. They don't welcome you back.

    4. Anon 17:03

      Your point being what, precisely?

      You are not scared of competition, are you? That your SPM and SPTM qualifications (how many As?) or UM degree are what employers are salivating for?

      It seems to me that this "migrate" thingy has been a tad overdone. Maybe MITI should include as a topic in their future investment promotion activities.

      Let's not be accused of misleading foreign investors!

  7. I'm confident that Najib can rebut those allegations with facts? No lah his many highly paid consulants conmans will do the job

    1. And they will do the job by throwing the government deeper into abyss by making the government look stupid, useless etc. Then stupid people in the government will keep on asking the cons to do more of the vicious cycle, to the point that people will contemplate that having Fuckatans in Putrajaya might be a good idea after all, only to suffer even further.


    2. 08:11,

      How about we make him a Consultant. Wit the most glorious title there can be. And ask him to concentrate on that Consultant job. Leave the business of governing to his replacement.

    3. Dear Pwincess,

      I often wonder if the foreign Consultants he engaged are beholden to the powerful Israeli Lobby in the US, said having "unmatched power" by one Professor of Harvard and another of Chicago University writing jointly critical of the Iraq War not long after stupid George W Bush and his cronies bombed Iraq.

      Those blokes, like Zionist Israel, have the open secret agenda of weakening Muslim-led governments all over the world.

      Anwar? The Al Juburi bloke may be part of the grand design. Remember, before PRU13 he spoke about defending the security of Israel, much to the chagrin of fellow Pakatoons, PAS, who said they did not want anything to do with Israel.

      So, While Najib may be happy about Anwar fighting for his political life in the apex court now, the "Lobbied" consultants have been having many field days.

      I don't want either of them ruling this country. Not any more.

  8. "The old general rule was that educated people did not perform manual labor. They managed to eat their bread, leaving the toil of producing it to the uneducated. This was not an insupportable evil to the working bees, so long as the class of drones remained very small. But now, especially in these free States, nearly all are educated -- quite too nearly all, to leave the labor of the uneducated in any way adequate to support the whole. It follows from this that henceforth educated people must labor. Otherwise, education itself would become a positively intolerable evil. No country can sustain, in idleness, more than a small percentage of its numbers. The great majority must labor at something productive." - Abraham Lincoln

    Siphoning off the national treasury is no way to labour even if one is top brass!

    1. If 1MDB is really an attempt at siphoning, tiada ma'af bagi nya. That there has been no adequate answers to the points raised by good old Tun Dr Mahathir suggests that there's more 1 MDB shit than meets the eye. Or the nose.

      As so many have been critical and lambasting 1 MDB that the proverb no leaves move if no wind, we must therefore keep bringing up the issue each and every time possible. Until UMNO replaces Najib with an acceptable leader.

  9. Wenger Khairy has replied in Malaysia Insider on 1MDB. There is no issue - continue to support PM. Thanks


      as stated above. ok. let see wht theyll say about this. I have one last question. what about the sum to cayman island.

      dunno bout the rest of you. but this statement isnt enough. quoted in chedet:

      18. Mungkin seluruh rencana dalam The Edge adalah fitnah untuk memburuk Kerajaan dan Perdana Menteri. Tetapi jika tidak ada audit oleh pihak bebas dan penjelasan yang munasabah, saya khuatir orang ramai akan percaya cerita dongeng The Edge.

      ill believe the statement by wenger khairy is still debatable by those with finance knowledge.

      ill wait for a formal independant audit. though it might cause a lil, as i remember najib isnt so stingy when it comes to service fee.

    2. i believe tun m will reply this. one argument raised by tun m which i still remember from his previous entry also asked by the commenter :

      Sorry Sir Wenger, why do we have to buy all the power concessions which are about to expire. Why not wait for them to expire and then get them for free? Seriously, I am sure the IPPs would have cost all in, including the "residue" for nothing (since you are great finance wizard, you should understand what I am saying). It is my considered opinion that 1MDB was stupid. Why acquired those assets which the government could have got them for free. - See more at:

    3. Is Wenger not KJ? If so, doesn't he want to be PM by 40?

  10. I am afraid that in our rush to achieve the high income nation status we may be doing injustice to a large portion of our population who are unable to keep up with this change. These people eg. those who have passed the working age will suffer most. The majority of them have to survive on meager saving or a small pension. There is completely zero mean for them to increase their income since they have passed their working age. High income nation will come with higher cost of living definitely. So how are these millions going to survive? What about farmers, fishermen and self employed odd-job village people or daily-paid workers? If farmers and fishermen increase the prices of their products in order to survive, it will start another round of vicious cycle of inflation and all the low income earner and the post working age group rakyat will find it extremely difficult to lead a decent life.

    GST may be a good system of taxation - I don't know. But this talk about the rakyat benefiting from lower income tax is bullshit because the people who will save and benefit a lot are the very rich. The second group maybe the high wage earners. But what about the majority; the pensioners, farmers, fisherman, low income earners who do not pay tax? What benefit do they get from this lowering of income tax?

    Thirdly, the system of RON95 pricing which will be limited to those earning less than RM10,000 p.m. A very rich man earning hundreds of thousands monthly, buys one or two cars for his wife or wives and buys a car each for his of his five children studying in secondary school and varsities. All of them enjoy petrol subsidy because they are not income earners according to LHDN records and the car ownerships are in their names. What a joke. Similarly, fulltime housewives with ownerships of cars in their names go to petrol stations, fill them up with RON95, then go back home and empty them in their 12,000 ringgit per month earner husbands' BMW or Merc tanks. In the end the cost of implementing the system will be more than the govt saving.

    I think Najib's total reliance on his Pemandu think-tank should be re-examined because this body seems to act more like Pemutar belit than Pemandu with their many failed ideas. I think they should pack up and go taking along Najib with them

    1. Support what you said, bro.

  11. Back in college in the 80's we have this chant in our backyard parties, and it's appropriate to bring it back:

    "The roof [now replaced with UMNO], the roof, is on fire! We don't need no water. Let the mother fucker BURN. Burn mother fucker. BURN!"

    1. Your parties with Alvin Tan and Viviene, eh? When you going to US? hehe

  12. Annie,

    My personal opinion, this 1MDB is not as hot an issue as the stupid tiered fuel subsidy plan. The tiered fuel subsidy plan will be the final trigger that will lead to BN downfall.

    I pray that DSAI will be out of the picture by the next GE.

  13. to change, one must first change with-in, rather than change with-out

  14. 1MDB? Didn't this have it's origins in the ambition of the Terengganu state government to set up their very own sovereign wealth fund?

    Fast forward to the present.

    Is 1MDB in the same league as Khazanah or Singapore's GIC and Temasek?


    So, what's it in business for?

    You might as well ask Petronas, LTAT etc to set up their own private equity funds and have professionally and transparently managed.

  15. Haiyah...very simple, lah. Just go and enter into FTAs with the US and the EU.

    Why should we let Singapore cream off all the best investments that result in good jobs?

    Just get on with doing business and get the government out of the way.

    Maybe, then, such priceless stuff like 1MDB and "tiered" fuel subsidies will be relegated to inconsequential existence!