Friday 24 October 2014

Chop a bit of this, chop a bit of that

About to leave this place in a short while.

I'm heading to the East Coast.

It's going to be an about five hours drive.

Nope, I'm not planning to hang out by the beach.

It is monsoon season already la. Only crazy people hang out at the beach in the East Coast during monsoon season.

I'm just going to spend time at a quiet place there for the weekend before coming back to KL.

Meanwhile, the most interesting news item for today, I believe is this exclusive by NST,

Let professionals amputate limbs for hudud offences

Well, you all go ahead and read it yourself. I'm not going to comment on it as I'm going off now.

All I want to say is that, Pakatan supporters among the non-Muslims are quite contented about this Pas' hudud thing.

"Hey, it's not going to affect us. Just you all stupid Malay muslims will get your hands chopped off if you steal. Anyway, why would we worry as we have no plan to steal."

That's actually also the sentiment among the non-Muslims who were hell bent on voting Pas in the last general election. They believe a vote for Pas is actually a vote for DAP.

They don't really give a shit about anything else as long as the evil Malay-led BN/Umno government could be toppled.

Malaysia will be like Singapore once Pakatan takes over. That's what they believe. about the Pas' dream of chopping off hands of thieves which they believe is what Allah demands for them to do if they want to go to paradise?

"Ohhh...that one is not our problem. That's just some Malay Muslims' shit thing. Those stupid people can do whatever they want among themselves. We all non-Muslim can live like Singaporeans after the evil BN/Umno are gone. That's all that matter."

I now wonder who they are going to train now to chop off heads of those deemed deserving such a punishment under their hudud laws.

Another bunch of professionals?

Maybe those returning Malaysian members of the IS from Syria and Iraq could apply.

Yeah, they are most suitable for the job, I think.

Interesting isn't it.

Oh, don't worry non-Muslims. You all are not going to be affected by all that shit. You all can continue to vote for Pas in the next general election. ABU! Asal bukan Umno! Just remember that, okay.

Okay, I really need to get going now.

Shit. It starts raining.



  1. They oledy have plofessionals la Annie. So many doctors and engineers and what not in positions of power in PAS. They already know how to chop their opponents , no need for tlaining orr.

    1. Chop opponents only, eh?


  2. Do you seriously think non-muslim votes in PAS seats are enough to put PAS over the winning line? The effect is marginal at best, and many PR supporters also pretend that by voting PKR over PAS they avoid this, so there is no point shifting the blame of PAS's existence on to non-muslim voters. (But you know as well as I do that there is no such thing as voting PKR over PAS because PKR and PAS do not compete in the same seats except when they are both being stupid)

    1. And they do appear stupid at times. Often fighting over seat allocations. PAS wants Hadi as PM candidate, not Anwar. That will not happen if they don't win more sets than PKR. So, they fight over seats.

      In Selangor they won more seats than PKR. But agreed on the kesian-ing of PKR not having any state to rule. And they liked Khalid gagap. Right to the end of the Khalid saga. But I dun tink they'd do that if they reach Putrajaya. Prime Minister Hadi anyone?

    2. Pelawak Keaslian Rumit

    3. Yeah, and when there is a PKR-PAS-BN 3 corner fight BN wins, so again, the question of non-muslims supporting PAS as such is not relevant.

  3. In Limbang yesterday 4 managers of logging compamies were jailed ONE DAY each and fined between RM10K to RM50K for bribing enforcement officers. Jailed one day? Some bribes were to the amount of RM10k and the fine was only 10 to 50k when they stole millions. These crooks paid the fine with ear-to-ear grin plus probably a thank you note. Remember they bribed and they stole our nation's property in millions and they got off not even financially pinched. Perhaps hudud punishment should take over here

    1. Under Pas' hudud, the four managers of the logging companies are not to have their hands chopped off. They are Chinese and non-Muslims.

    2. I agree with 21:36. The whole process sounded funny right from the start. The CM sounded bent on getting the logging culprits booked. Booking was soon done. The court sat very speedily. And the bastard thieves get away with small fines.

      Sound siutak kila. And this is how those pendatang buggers get rich. Like many in the Peninsular did and do. Tipu sana, tipu sini, curi sana, curi sini, and don't even like the word pendatang, accuse the Malays of being pendatang. How to love that kind one? Especially the ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit DAP.

    3. Anon 01:16,

      Mana atak tipu lea aa , olang Chin cekap itu cala ,manyak pandei loo rr ,itu kena tipu punya olang atak bodoh maa aa.

      Pandei punya olang kasi tipu boloh punya olang , olang Chin kata itu tatak tipu maa aa ,itu pandai punya olang memang itu macam loo rr.

  4. In that case, first chop off their belalai to make them at least pseudo muslims then chop off whatever hudud imposes. Hihihi... No the light sentence they got really got me so upset that I wish heavier sentence like that of hudud's can be imposed on them. Until and unless the court view corrupt practice as very serious offence corruption can never be eliminated

    1. Agreed. The Chief Justice said after a seminar in Kota Bharu some time back that people can speak after the Court decisions, implying the Courts can be criticized after the cases are heard.

      I'll just say shit. Like Annie says shit to the rains.

    2. Here's the latest -

      A district CID chief is among the 10 suspects detained by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in connection with illegal logging in Sarawak.

      I rest my case.

  5. The bald beardo head-hunter is NOT a Muslim!


  6. Annie, remember the former Johor DAP Deputy Chairman, Norman Fernandez who highlighted the dangers of PAS and warned the non-Muslims. But the Chinese in the frenzied state were even prepared to ditch a moderate like Saifuddin Abdullah and vote an extremist like the PAS Nasrudddin Hassan.

    1. That because DAP hate hate hate propaganda against the Malay-led BN gomen. DAP extremist and racist party.

      Sometimes I think let them get Hudud and then only they know.

      Kelantan PAS gomen already proven. Everybody cannot sit male beside female in cinemas. Chinese hair salons cannot have female cut male hair also. Got fined.

  7. Lu bole picaya ka in Malaysia Hudud will be for Muslims only? Mana atak itu macam?

    Lu tengok itu Hong Kong. Beijing bilang one country two systems, Mana atak itu macam? Now demo and demo the Hong Kong people want democracy, free elections Western style and and such things. Beijing says no. Want same system as the rest of China.

    So you think if PAS gets into Putrajaya, and they get many seats, and Hudud is implemented, you think they will agree to two systems of law? One for Muslims, one for non-Muslims? They will say look at China and Hong Kong, mana ada two systems.

    In Canada, the province of Quebec has majority of people originating from France, French speaking. Do they have two sets of laws in Canada? Quebec using French laws where the accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent? And the rest of Canada using British or Roman law where the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty? Mana ada? Same laws for the whole of Canada. For French origin and for British and other origin Canadians.

    So, lu mau undi PAS and get Hudud?

    1. Taiwan, how? Still got treaty with US? Got three systems in China?

      In Malaysia with Hudud, how many Police forces? PDRM one, Hudud Police one, Penang PPS, one ... oops, Penang one haram lah. Ahmad Zahid said in Parlimen no law enacted allowing them to exist, must disband.

    2. Anon 05:33

      Hai ..ya....., apa lu cakap , Lu tatak tau kah ini Malaysia atak itu tiga system sekolah maa aa , Sekolah Kebangsaan , Sekolah Cina ,Sekolah Tamil .

      Wa Cina sekolah , Wa pon anak Malaysia.

  8. Now in Malaysia got Syariah laws and civil laws. Got two different kinds of courts already. Syariah Law Courts and Civil Law Courts. Already got big problems.

    Muslim man divorced wife, child husband keeps. Civil Law Court gave wife custody of child to non-Muslim wife. Husband don't want to hand over child. Wife made Police reports. Police no action. Police said they don't want to be caught in the mangle of authorities and powers between Civil and Syariah courts.

    So confusing I also don't know what's the latest situation now. I think until now the wife has not got custody over the child yet, despite the Civil court has made ruling.

    You think if Hudud not for non-Muslims won't be much much more confusing? I don't think so. You think PAS will agree Hudud not for non-Muslims if they are in Putrajaya? I don't think so. Now they say all sorts la for votes sake. But when time comes, different matter lorr. It's called politics mah. It's cakap tak serupa bikin. All poliicians do that. One way or another. One time or another. On Hudud it will be if and when they get to Putrajaya.

    Latest example: Selangor MB case. Remember PKR and DAP said Azizah was MB candidate, no one else. PAS put in Azmin's name as well. And now Azmin is MB what.

    1. Maybe waiting for Federal Court decision.

  9. Hudud For All a sync. PAS For All !

    Chop, chop, chop, Chopsticks(waltz) of chopsticks(kayu sepit la) inclusive !

    - you steal you'll be chop off. A lot more nuisances, all including heads will be CUT off ! Adultery, be prepared to be 'nanny' in those Dynasties (Die-nasty) days...

    He..he.. thats for the betterments. Hong Kong already warned on the filthy move. No praypray(play play) aaah !

    Moral : Dont ever question or tease Hudud - including annie. Its not man-made law !

    1. Hudud is mentioned only once in the Qur'an. It's in general terms. Not clear in many respects. PAS has their own interpretations. That's why people refer to the Hudud PAS wants implemented in Malaysia as PAS Hudud.

      Here's what one Google search produces:

      The word(s) "Al-Hudud" appears 1 time, in 1 verse in Al Quran, Mohsin Khan's translation.

      (1) It is He Who has sent down to you (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) the Book (this Qur'an). In it are Verses that are entirely clear, they are the foundations of the Book [and those are the Verses of Al-Ahkam (commandments), Al-Fara'id (obligatory duties) and Al-Hudud (legal laws for the punishment of thieves, adulterers)]; and others not entirely clear.

      Note: "OTHERS NOT ENTIRELY CLEAR". My understanding is that even Al Hudud is not entirely clear. That's why there have been many interpretations (not just translations) of the Qur'an, God's commandments handed down to Muhammad in the ancient Arabic language 1,400 years ago. And so many commentaries made by learned people, both of the Sunni and the Shi'ah denominations.

      I'm searching for the interpretation and commentaries on Hudud by the Sunni Lecturer of Greek History, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, who studied many translations of the Quran in East European languages, and one in Latin by monks in a monastery, meant for the Pope, who wanted to know why Islam spread so quickly in the 7th Century. Will put them in here when found.

      Anyone finding Yusuf Ali's interpretations and commentaries on Al Hudud before I do, please put them in here. So that we have a clearer understanding about this subject and avoid inappropriate comments. Thank you.

    2. This is interesting -

      Mohsin Khan's translation of the Qur'an, (as pointed out above) said that Al Hudud is mentioned in the Qur'an under Surah 3, Verse 7 - as "legal laws for the punishment of thieves, adulterers, etc", together with Faraidz as "obligatory duties".

      But Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation does not mention it - see page 127 of Abdullah Yusuf Ali's "The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an .. with Translation and Commentary)".

      It does mention the Book sent down to Prophet Muhammad and it states that "none will grasp the Message except men of understanding". In all sincerity and without any offence intended, does it mean that Hudud, Faraidz etc are the interpretation of Muslim "men of understanding" done after the Prophet received God's revelation? Hence, the Hudud that PAS wants to introduce in this country is called "PAS Hudud"?

      Yet Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation has been recognized by the Saudi Arabian government - the copies of the Qur'an issued FOC by the Saudi Embassy in KL is Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation, I think.

      Can any one shed some light on the above and quote authorities, please? We know there are many translations of the Qur'an but I'm interested in the Surah and Verse numbers where he has mentioned Hudud. Thank you.

    3. For the past 20 years i've never seen anything from the Saudi-Wahhabi government except for Mohsin Khan's translation with its rather literal intepretation of the Quranic verses.

    4. 14:07,

      If literal, how come Mohsin Khan says Surah 3 Verse 7 has Hudud mentioned and Yusuf Ali does not mention it? Perplexing lah.

  10. The NST article quotes KELANTAN mufti saying

    “Of course, it will be better if doctors can carry (the Hudud amputation) out, as they are properly trained. However, doctors are bound by their profession’s code of ethics and regulations. At the same time, if others are trained for the job, they (professionals, he said) can also do it.”

    Maybe PAS members who are doctors can do it. They want Hudud, so their professional ethics would allow Hudud amputation.

    They have to produce very many doctors to get enough Hudud amputation doctors to serve in the whole country. Maybe set up a Hudud University.

    What? DAP doesn't want? When Hadi becomes PM, who says PAS would bother DAP want or not.

  11. Bagus kalau boleh sesiapa berikan penerangan berkenaan punca Hukum Hudud. Bukan meragukan nya, ha nya semata mata untuk pengtahuan dan untuk memperkuatkan Iman. Nyata tak salah bertanya.

    Kalau berpunca dari Hadith, apa kah bermakna Hukum itu di cipta salepas Nabi Muhammad SAW menerima Wahyu dari Allah SWT? Bagi tujuan tujuan mengadakan memerintah kaum kaum Muslimin dan bukan Muslimin di zaman Arab kuno. Sebab Hadith di kumpul lama selepas wafat nya Nabi Muhammad SAW di abad ke 7.

    Mungkin yang selalu mengeluarkan sebutan sebutan Bahasa Arab di sini itu bloeh memberi penerangan, siap dengan rujukan bagi punca tersebut. Kalau Hadith, Sahih siapa dan berapa kuat sahih nya. Akan di ucapkan banyak terima kasih kalau buat demikian.

  12. aku melayu dan aku mahu undang2x yang adil..itu saja...baik sivil atau shariah..keadilan bukn milik mutlak sesuatu agama saja..tapi milik semua manusia.

    jadi kalau nak potoong tangan atau sebab org..kena disiasat dgn adil dulu..yg tukang fitnah juga jaga2x..sebab katakan org yg tak bersalah dipotong tgnnya..kemudian dia nak cabar hasil pengadilan (kalau adalah dlm shariah) itu dan terbukti dia dianiaya...adakah dia berhak utk menentukan hukumannya..kalau dia juga mintak org2x yg terlibat mengadilinya secara tidak betul dipotong tangan juga..mahukah?...mahkamah yg tidak teliti jalankn proses pengadilan itu mahukah bertanggungjawab..hakim dia mahukah di potong tangan nya rasa diorg tidak mahu...

    satu lagi tolong jgn bawa budaya badwi yg berkaitan blood money sebagi tuntut rugi..celaka punya peraturan padang pasir.

  13. Saya ingin memberi pandangan mengenai hokum hudud berdasarkan cerita pada zaman Rasulullah. Saya belum pernah terbaca mengenai hokum potong tangan kepada mereka yang mencuri di zaman baginda tetapi kesalahan berzina.

    Satu hari baginda Rasullulah didatangi seorang wanita yang hamil akibat perbuatan zina. Keimanan tinggi wanita ini menyebkannya dia meminta dihukum mengikut ajaran Islam.

    Lalu baginda menyuruh wanita tersebut mengandung dan melahirkan anaknya. Apabila anak itu dilahirkan, wanita itu sekali lagi memohon supaya hukuman hudud dilaksanakan terhadapnya. Lalu baginda bertanya adakah anak itu menyusu darinya. Wanita itu mengiakan pertanyaan baginda. Lalu baginda menyuruh dia terus menyusui anaknya.

    Biasanya bayi menyusu badan ibu sehingga umur dua tahun. Apabila anaknya telah berhenti menyusu badan, wanita ini sekali lagi meminta Rasulullah melaksanakan hokum dosa zina yang dilakukannya. Kali ini barulah Rasulullah menunaikan permintaan wanita itu.

    Apa yang ingin saya kongsikan di sini ialah hanya sekali itu sahaja lah hokum hudud zina dilaksanakan di zaman Rasulullah. Itu pun dengan permintaan yang bersungguh sungguh dari wanita tersebut, Andaikata wanita tersebut tidak bertegas meminta hukuman itu dilaksanakan, baginda Rasulullah tidak akan pergi mencari wanita tersebut untuk dihukum!

    Saya teringat seorang professor yang mengajar subjek agama Islam semasa belajar di university. Beliau begitu kesal tindakan orang orang bukan Islam malah di kalangan orang Islam sendiri yang mepersenda sendakan hokum hudud.

    "Mereka ingat senang senang hendak potong tangan orang dan mensabitkan kesalahanya"

    Begitu juga dengan kesalahan zina yang memungkinkan hukum hudud dilaksanakan. Kalau betul betul hokum hudud hendak dilaksanakan kita perlu memenuhi syarat syarat yang ketat semoga hukuman tidak berbalik kepada yang menjatuhkannya di akhirat nanti.

    Antaranya mesti ada 4 saksi yang terdiri daripada lelaki Islam yang beriman yang menyaksikan perbuatan tersebut. Perlakuan zina yang dilakukan pula memenuhi aksi aksi yang digariskan. Saya teringat muka dan telinga Ustaz merah padam ketika menyebut perkara ini . Ustaz ini putih melepak orangnya. He,he,he malangnya dia tidak menghuraikan aksi aksi yang memenuhi kriteria zina!

    Kalau kita hendak memenuhi syarat syarat untuk membolehkan hokum hudud dilaksanakan memang hampir mustahil!

    Pertama kalau sudah ada 4 saksi yang menyaksikannya adalah berdosa bagi mereka membenarkan perzinaan haram berlaku di hadapan mata tanpa mencegahnya.

    Jangan lupa perbuatan mengintip orang di rumah mereka adalah perbuatan yang dilarang oleh agama Islam!

    Mungkin juga pada zaman moden kita boleh berhujah mengenai bukti sainstifik seperti ujian DNA untuk kes zina. Tapi jangan lupa DNA sesaorang banyak persamaan antara ibu bapa, adik beradik dan saudara saudara terdekat!

    Atas alasan alasan di atas banyak negara Islam tidak melaksanakan hokum hudud tetapi mengikut ketetapan ketetapan hukum yang dipersetujui ulama ( lupa istilahnya ). Ketetapan yang dibuat juga mengikut panduan dari AlQuran dan Hadith.

    Orang orang yang beriman tidak akan berani dan dengan sewenang wenangnya menjatuhkan hukuman hudud kepada orang lain tanpa bukti yang sah dan tidak diragukan!

    1. Saya senang hati dengan pendapat 15:56 di-atas -

      "Atas alasan alasan di atas, banyak negara Islam tidak melaksanakan hokum hudud tetapi mengikut ketetapan ketetapan hukum yang dipersetujui ulama .. juga mengikut panduan dari AlQuran dan Hadith."

      Saya sokong. Tidak melaksanakan Hudud di negara ini. Kalau tak, jenayah akan melanda landa, kot. Sebab susah nak dapat bukti, kurang "professional" untuk memotong anggota dll.

      Ada ke orang PAS yang mahu mengeluarkan pendapat di sini? Mempertahankan pendirian parti PAS berkenaan Hudud. Bagus kalau buat begitu. Boleh dengar pendapat dari dua belah pihak. Termasuk pihak yang mahu implementasikan Hudud.

  14. Some of our scholars are the greatest munafiks. They think the law of equal retribution is only for murder. The Quran says the punishment should commensurate with the offence (S.2:178). If for a serious offence like murder you can get away with it by paying ‘compensation money’ what more with a minor offence like theft. They blame the punishment for theft by cutting the hands (S.5:38) on the Quran. But the Quran also says that the punishment for theft is for the accused to be held and pay for it (S.12:73-75). This verse did not tell us to cut-off the hands. Surah 5:38 can also be read as making the ‘accused part with their ready money’. Furthermore this surah continues with verse 39 which says that: “Then whoever repented after his wrong-doing and reforms; then indeed Allah will turn in forgiveness to him. Indeed Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

    The Quran says that there is no discrepancy in its verses (S.4:82) and when reading follow the best meaning (S.39:18). Therefore, if there is any discrepancy that it must be our understanding of the verses. It looks like our scholars think that theft is a more serious crime than murder.

    1. Syabas, kawan. Terima kasih banyak bagi pendapat itu. Saya setuju dan sokong pendapat Sdr. Cukup terang, dapat di semak dengan Al Qur'an serta senang di faham sebab Sdr berikan nombor Surah dan ayyat nya sekali.

      Harap dapat mendengar lagi pendapat saperti itu.

    2. "It looks like our scholars think that theft is a more serious crime than murder." -

      Yeah, it cannot be chop, chop, chop. Only the very serious offences, 4 witnesses etc.

      How they want to implement Hudud when they don't take into account factors that you put out above.

      And maybe Annie's post heading is along that line.

    3. Just barely 6 months ago more than 30 young guys and some men gang-raped a 15 yr old girl near Kota Bahru ... i think the PAS groupies should concentrate on purification of the heart instead of chop a bit here then slice off some more there lah ..... kononnya nak jadikan Isle-mic State of Malaysia! insaflah kalau tak nak jadi munafik.