Saturday 11 October 2014

Debate on Chinese schools is over?

These are among the stories from the MCA Youth annual general assembly today,

Chinese vernacular schools more pluralistic than national schools says MCA


KUALA LUMPUR : Chinese vernacular schools are more pluralistic than national schools, said MCA youth chief Chong Sin Woon.
In his speech at the 50th MCA Youth annual general assembly, he declared that vernacular schools were an important national asset that could improve the level of integration among races.
“Chinese and Tamil schools are in no way an obstruction to racial unity
"If we look at the issue rationally, objectively and with vision, Chinese language education no longer only involves Chinese students.
"Non-Chinese students who study in Chinese type schools nationwide is now 12 per cent of the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) student population.
"That means SJKC is more pluralistic compared to national schools," he said.

Chinese right to mother tongue education is respected: Khairy


KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin today addressed MCA's fight to retain Chinese vernacular schools and assured the Chinese-party that their rights to their mother tongue education was respected.
He pointed out that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had settled the debate over the continued existence of vernacular schools in his 2015 budget speech yesterday by allocating RM50 million each to Chinese national-type schools and Tamil national-type schools.
"The last word has come from the prime minister, and he said he will give Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina an allocation.
"It means the Federal Government appreciates these vernacular schools," he said to rousing applause from the attendees at the 50th MCA Youth annual general assembly at Sunway Putra Hotel, here.

Okay, I guess that should put an end to the ongoing debate about the Chinese schools.

The Chinese community should not worry anymore about the BN government closing down their schools.

Hopefully they will support BN in the next general election, three years from now.

Maybe the Dong Zhong gang will from now on be more pro-establishment.

Meanwhile, all those Umno people who are planning to make noise about the Chinese schools at their general assembly next month should just shut up, okay.

As KJ said, the debate is over.

Okay, I know, most of you who read up till this point must be sniggering by now.

Annie is being full of shit again, you probably think.

well, I don't blame you all for thinking like that.

Honestly, I don't really believe in what I wrote above.

I simply wrote those to irritate you people....hahahaha.

Still, personally, I don't mind for the Chinese schools to continue the way they are.

I don't believe that closing down the Chinese schools will help in bringing back support of the Chinese community to BN.

All those years when they supported BN, the Chinese schools were already there.

Remember the 1999 general election at the height of Anwar Ibrahim's Reformasi movement where only about 37 per cent of the Malays voted for BN?

It was the Chinese votes which saved BN.

The then PM at that time, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad didn't close down the Chinese schools, right?

For me, the Umno guys need to think harder than just resorting to not so bright move such as wanting to close down the Chinese schools to win back support from the community.

After all, those banana evangelical Chinese who control DAP now are mostly not Chinese educated.

If the argument is about instilling unity between the races, I don't think a single school system necessarily should be the only or the all important solution.

I rather believe in instilling good values among the children irrespective of which schools they attended.

Not all kids from Chinese schools turned out to be racists when they grow up. Similarly, not all kids from national schools turned out like that too.

There should be a better way to educate our children to prevent them from turning into racists without having to close down schools and such.

Maybe there should be a program where interactions between kids from vernacular and national schools could be encouraged.

I believe that if the children have good education and become good people they will not become racists.


  1. Not enough just the instilling, adinda Ms Annie
    all the religious, Confucian and other good societal values.

    Regardless of medium, the biggest challenge for all is to provide our next generation the values and skills to compete in an increasingly borderless world.

    (Re. PPPM 2013- 2025)

    Haji M Zin, PIBG veteran
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. The most important value to instill into the minds of everybody, current and future generations, is: respect the Constitution of the country fully.

      Don't touch the sensitive Articles, as they are protected by the Sedition Act. Replace the one wanting the Sedition Act be removed.

  2. I graduated from Singapore's national school system and I think Malaysia has a lot of negative setbacks from continuing with fully Chinese vernacular schools. The Chinese triads and Indian gangs were notorious during the seventies when Singapore had segregated vernacular schools. I think the Chinese here perceive that Malays are not progressive community so why must they study under a national curriculum with Bahasa Malaysia as the language of instruction. Well, this seems to be a matter of competence and efficiency which integrated national schools must tackle to their best, and in Singapore we are happy to have solved our unity problem - very few ah bengs, todi, or mat rock with linguistic hangups or cultural stereotyping. I witness all the time that such is not the case in Malaysia.

    1. They must change the perception that "Malays are not progressive community so why must they study under a national curriculum with Bahasa Malaysia as the language of instruction." They can change that by attending national schools.

      When doing so they will learn fom others that there have been thousands of Malay pupils getting straight As in SPM. And that there are hundreds of Malay PhDs and Master's degree holders as Professors and Lecturers at the Universities and elsewhere. One Malay girl was reported to have obtained a PhD at the age of 24.

      Segregating themselves in Chinese schools lead them to have narrow views and so-called "multi-culturalism" values that are not conducive to fostering unity.

    2. anon 6:12,

      I think you've got a good point but the government funds are really spread out very thin with totally-free schooling. Many of our Sekolah Kebangsaan are in poor condition and with few facilities - you'll be very surprised to see what kind of schools they've got in Singapore. Also, very frankly, I think Malaysia have got to teach Maths and Science in English if we are going to catch up with them. Yesterday on BBC radio there was this program to examine when and how English became the world's preferred scientific language medium, surpassing the other scientific powerhouses, the French and the German.

    3. 08:31,

      No question about it - teach Maths and Science in English.

      Are there really "Many of our Sekolah Kebangsaan in poor condition and with few facilities"? Would you kindly name one or two within 50 km from Putrajaya. I'd like to go see how poor.

      I wanna avoid comparison with Singapore. They are a small island, the longest road they have to build is 25 miles, whatever. And for a long period of time, they are ruled by the iron hand.

      But I fully support the totally-free schooling in Malaysia. Funds must be concentrated on SKs, not on others that are not in line with Article 152 of the Constitution on BM.

    4. Bro. 10:35,

      Pls. come by the Taman Sri Gombak area to view the limited-facility and poorly maintained secondary and primary schools. One SKM in Sri Gombak has a broken fence for years and the sandy school field floods after 2 or 3 hrs. of heavy downpour. Most schools do not have a decent school hall with a stage, and the school canteen is very constricted in space.

    5. Txs bro. I'll drop by there some time in the future.

      Meanwhile, I'm wondering whether

      1. The HM does not spend the money allocated to his school on repairs

      2. If not enough, he does not request additional funds from the Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah or Negeri

      3. The Nazir visiting schools doesn't reach those schools

      4. The PIBG is not active

      Tuan Haji Zin might like to comment on the above, with his 30 years experience heading PIBG in Alor Gajah etc.

  3. Dear Annie,

    The problem with us Malaysian, we tend to look everything in a racial perspective.


  4. I have for a long time been perplexed (that's saying it politely) by the poor interpretation (that's saying it politely, too) of Article 152 of the Constitution those wanting Chinese schools have.

    That Article says that mother tongue may be used "OTHER THAN FOR OFFICIAL PURPOSES", and schools are the official purpose of any country. Therefore schools must use BM as the medium of instruction.

    The fact that Chinese schools have been there since British colonialist times does not mean that they are OK by the Constitution when it was adopted by the country at Merdeka. The leaders at that time were overwhelmed by the mood of independence that they let the issue be resolved at a later time. And now the problem is still there 57 years on.

    And why the talk about "Chinese vernacular schools more pluralistic than national schools" when what the country badly needs is unity, not pluralism? Haven't those people read or heard such phrases or slogans as "unity through one common language", "united we are strong, divided we fall" and the like?

    1. No such thing as unity in diversity. That slogan is only good for tourism. not for nation building.

      All Malaysians must contribute to the building of this nation. Create a strong, cohesive and united Bangsa Malaysia. Not a group of people with diverging values, hopes and aspirations.

      The nation will break apart that way. 13 May 1969 was an indication of that. Let's avoid that. Let's unite.

  5. Even China has been enforcing the need for unity through a common language, Mandarin, their official language.

    But those in south China, where practically all Chinese in this country originated from, even held demonstrations in Canton, Hong Kong etc against Beijing's most recent attempt to enforce the use of Mandarin. Many got the harsh treatment of the laws of China, as all laws there mete out harsh punishments.

    Very funny situation here, surely. In south China the Chinese don't want to use Mandarin, in Malaysia the Chinese insist on Mandarin being used in schools.

  6. Why should here be "a program where interactions between kids from vernacular and national schools could be encouraged"? When they all can interact naturally in national schools, in a single-stream education that Najib has said, earlier on in his PMship, will be implemented "when the rakyat wants it".

    And of course no attempt has been made to seriously determine whether the rakyat wants it now or another 57 years. It has been suggested that the matter be put to a referendum, but it has fallen on deaf ears. So, how to love Najib, except those calling him endearingly as Ah Jib Gor, yet gave him the Chinese tsunami at PRU13?

  7. All Malaysians must take note that even the Prime Minister of one of the most liberal countries in the entire world - David Cameron of Britain - has said 1-2 years ago, that "Multi-culturalism is dead."

    He was echoed by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and two other EU leaders.

    So, Yap Tien Sin, President of Dong Zong, administrator of Chinese schools in this country, was out of tune (to say the least) when he spoke about the "multi nations within a nation" nonsense.

    1. We need a Bangsa Malaysia, not Bangsa Rojak.

  8. Dear Annie,
    Yes we can stop the debate on Chinese School and start one on the topic of national schools ..... this is where much of the problem lies for thousands that leave after SPM.

    The National Schools need to be revamped so that they produce winners with good universal values with enough self pride and competitive spirit. For a start the PM and the Menteri Pelajaran must stop the talibanization of Sekolah Kebangsaan. Stop trying the HM trying to make her/his school more Islamic than the next. If parents want doa and mengaji at every move of the limbs, they can send their children to the Maahad and Sekolah Pondok. Leave the masses to practice and teach the religion on their own at home or by sending their kids to Sekolah Ugama in the afternoon or on Saturdays.

    It has been proven that all the Arab practices and Arabic looking systems in Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia have not produced more scientists or Nobel Laureate but they create thousands of killers and women abusers in those wars in Middle East now.

    Malaysian children of 6-17 years should be given opportunity to learn, play, and make mistakes in a nurturing and safe environment with less pressure from teachers who all aspire to be Ustazahs. Bring back the good in PE lessons and TataRakyat. Let the national school kids wear the uniforms of their preference and stop teachers from asking all girls to wear tudong at 7 years old!

    When the National School becomes excellent, then parents like me will stop sending their kids to International School and Malaysian children will have a more conducive place to learn.

    To make sure the message is well understood ..... the PM must make it a must that all Cabinet members and Members of Parliament send their children to National Schools.


    1. Regret but have to state my experience that those who use blogging names like Malaysia, Malaysian, Cinta Malaysia and now Sayang Malaysia, often express views that they sayang themselves or the community they belong more than this country, Malaysia.

      Their views are often not in line with the Constitution. As in this case, Chinese schools are contrary to Article 152, as has been explained in comments above.

      Yes, this is a free country, but let's debate shall we? I challenge you. I'm gonna take you point by point and hope you do the same on me until we exhaust this subject. And others can chip in as well.

      First, it's not gentlemanly (or lady like) or even Malaysian in character asking the blog owner to stop the debate on the subject of her blog post, is it? Wonder why. No strong arguments for the continuance of Chinese schools?

    2. Why must you talk about national schools and not Chinese schools, at least at the same time?

      Why put the condition of talking about improving or throwing out what you dislike in national schools first, then talk about Chinese schools? Not witting like that, isn't it? Can always talk about the bad of both at the same time, no?

      You saying, "this is where much of the problem lies for thousands that leave after SPM." That's your opinion. Not that of so many others, of the majority, in fact.

      Didn't see what those leaving Chinese schools do? Many of them selling pirated tapes at shopping malls, some becoming secret society members, thugs and gangsters.

    3. Wow, that's a huge statement - The National Schools need to be revamped so that they produce winners with good universal values with enough self pride and competitive spirit. Agree with your preamble but not the statements you use to justify that.

      Very much The Rocket, Malaysia Chronicle and Malaysia Kini kind of language you are used to, eh? "the talibanization of Sekolah Kebangsaan"? Which school you went to, which university - if any - you studied at, I wonder.

      Don't generalize lah, Mister. Surely it's not logical that 1-2 doing what you complained about, others or the majority also doing it? And try to give 1-2 names of the schools, quoting authoritative and verifiable sources of your information, lah. Saying "Stop the HM trying to make her/his school more Islamic than the next" without naming even one school, you sound worse than the DAP Red Bean.

      Yes, if true it happens at SKs, I agree with your statement, "practice and teach the religion on their own at home or by sending their kids to Sekolah Ugama in the afternoon or on Saturdays." But the same for those wanting Mandarin be the medium of instruction in schools. They can study Mandarin as a supplementary subject in SKs, then take extra classes on their own after normal schools hours.

    4. Aiseh, Mister, you said that all the Arab practices and Arabic looking systems in Middle East don't produce more scientists or Nobel Laureate, but please be informed that they did during the 500 years of the Glory of Islamic Civilization until the 13th Century. In fact, many aspects of Mathematics, astrology and science that the Greeks were known for, they learnt from the Arabs, centre of learning then being in Baghdad.

      Note that the Chinese in China had thousands of inventions but were not progressing, the people suffering, economically damning, bullied by the West and Japan, treated by Western countries as a pariah state until only 1-2 decades ago.

      The Arabs create thousands of killers and women abusers in those wars in Middle East, did you say? Do you know that Mao Zedong caused some 30 million Chinese deaths due to his failed economic policy called The Great Leap Forward causing starvation and fights for food and stipend, created the so-called Cultural Revolution to prop up his sagging popularity, the many millions of so-called Red Guards comprising students and the unemployed romping all over the country, factional fighting, mass murders etc, ending up 30 million dead all told. That was only about 60 years ago, Mister.

    5. I agree with you, "Bring back the good in PE lessons and TataRakyat."

      But I disagree that the national school kids wear the uniforms "of their preference". You like the system used in US, eh? What's so good about that? Freedom of choice? So give them the right to vote at age 6-17, too?

      Discipline, man, discipline. Like in the Army, uniforms to instill a sense of discipline, of conforming to the majority, which many in this country are not doing so and have even become seditious. How to build a united and cohesive society like that?

      And you, shooting from your hip like a cowboy, not aiming at your target at all, mana boleh? Saying, "stop teachers from asking all girls to wear tudong at 7 years old!" Really? "asking all girls" to wear tudong? Where the hell did you get this information, man? Or woman?

      Just say what you like, any time you like? I have news for you, Mister. You could do that years ago. But now there are sufficient Malays who'd whack you prim and proper when you try to be a loose gun, do you know that? So, be careful when you speak. When you want to shoot, aim properly. I might even agree with some of your statements, as I have shown above.

    6. You said, "When the National School becomes excellent, then parents like me will stop sending their kids to International School and Malaysian children will have a more conducive place to learn."

      You sound needing President JF Kennedy's words, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Heard or read that before?

      So, you have a lot of money, can afford the International School, to hell with SKs, eh? Where is the sayangmalaysia in your blogging name? Show only? Pretend only?

      Can criticize, but don't sound arrogant lah. Itu macam bo sayang Malaysia lorr.

      Saying "the PM must make it a must that all Cabinet members and Members of Parliament send their children to National Schools", you mean only you and the likes of moneyed people like you can send your children to international schools, others cannot?

      Do you know that in Britain the moneyed fellows send their children to Eton and such because they can afford it but they don't criticize the British public schools randomly? And do you know that their public or national schools like our SKs here have tons of shortcomings also?

      So, you have strong arguments for the continuance of Chinese schools? Got figures on academic excellence out of the rote system of learning there? On the numbers of those products of Chinese schools becoming responsible citizens? And the numbers becoming DAP members or supporters?

  9. There is a need for vernacular schools Sdr Anon-05:43
    to Complement but not as an alternative to national schools.

    Commercial value:
    Just like religious/ Arabic schools, there is a place for vernacular schools whatever the education policy.

    Chinese education from young that is Unique to Malaysia gives us the competitive advantage in linking with the large global Chinese speaking commercial world, kan?

    The real challenge is control over chauvinist teachers on believed Middle Kingdom superiority or religious fanaticism.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Tak setuju, Tuan Haji.

      Mandarin and Tamil can be learnt in SKs as supplementary subjects during normal school hours, those interested in more, can learn more outside normal school hours that could be arranged in SKs as well.

      Even Malays can learn Mandarin as a supplementary subject in SKs.

      Setuju regarding the chauvinist teachers. That's why if Chinese schools are merged with or absorbed into the SK system, they can be easily controlled.

      Religious schools' existence can be justified by Article 3 of the Constitution - "Islam is the religion of the Federation".

      Note that Mandarin is spoken by 1.3 billion people. But practically all in China. Those overseas are mostly from south China. They don't even like to use Mandarin, preferring their mother tongue - Cantonese, Hokien, Hakka etc. Those in south China even demonstrated against Beijing when the ruling on using Mandarin the official language was enforced many months ago.

  10. Whether "closing down the Chinese schools will help in bringing back support of the Chinese community to BN" or not is not the issue.

    Those speaking up for it at Perhimpunan Agung UMNO do not have that in mind. I'm pretty sure they are raising that purely because Chinese schools run contrary to Article 152 of the Constitution on BM. That being so for 57 years already.

    Yes, it needs to be repeated - that the Chinese schools were already there at Merdeka does not legitimize them.

    Not sure how reliable are those figures - about 37 per cent of the Malays voted for BN at 1999 GE. However much Anwar's reformasi brought sympathies for the Al Juburi.
    And Anwar's influence been on the wane. Couldn't even get his wife become MB, shitted at by his own Pakatoon component party(ies). Infighting even withing his own party.

    Tun Dr Mahathir didn't close down the Chinese schools not because of Chinese votes. He wanted to avoid a racial flare up. But the Police and the Army have good experience in restoring peace and order after the 13 May situation.

    No doubt we shouldn't dwell on this. As we must avoid another such situation. Nevertheless, the matter of schools not using BM as the medium of instruction cannot be left in abeyance until eternity.

  11. If by "wanting to close down the Chinese schools to win back support from the community" is meant winning back Malay support, there appears to be some logic.

    If it is true that in 1999 about 37 per cent of the Malays voted for BN, then it's certainly worth the while going that way in order to get back the Malay votes. Which must have improved since 1999. Many PAS members have spoken against Chinese schools since then. Including at the recent Muktamar in Batu Pahat.

    UMNO simply cannot get back the hardcore non-Malays who voted DAP. They hardly can get back those non-hardcore Chinese tsunami voters, too. They have to count on the Malay voters. Raising the Chinese schools issue will bring back many of the swing Malay votes.

    The line to be used must be "the merging of Chinese schools with the SKs" or the absorbing of them into the SKs, not "closing them down". By instructing them to use BM as the medium of instruction and the same syllabus as the SKs.

    The teachers and staff can be absorbed into the national teaching profession etc, given refresher courses and the like. The assets in terms of land, building, labs etc can be negotiated with the Government.


    When Malaysia's nuclear reactor come on stream, it will be run by ONLY Malays, in order to demo that Malays shall be in full control.

    All signs in and around it, all internal communications, all operation handbooks, etc, SHALL BE IN MALAY.

    1. OK lah. Understandable. The most advanced installation in the country, perhaps the whole of South East Asia even. The most strategic too - as it can even make fuel for nuclear weapons.

      We'll be just like Pakistan.

    2. We go one step further: Make Arabic and Koran Studies compulsory for UPSR and SPM.

    3. Anonymous12 October 2014 11:50,

      Any non-Malay PhD in nuclear physics? The first one was a Malay named Dr Noramly of Malacca. Product of NEP.

      All in BM, correct lah. BM the official language of he country. You think nuclear plant a toy for main main ka? It's official business, man. Sure lah in BM.

      You no respect for BM, no respect for Constitution, have no place here lorr.

    4. Anonymous12 October 2014 12:24,

      I'd love it if we can make nuclear weapons. Wouldn't you? You won't be proud of this country? Which country you proud of?

      As Zionist Israel says their nuclear weapons only as deterrent fctor. But now they can bully the Palestinians and all the Arabs.

      But we won't bully anybody. Only to deter blokes like you making fun of this country. Ok innit?

    5. Anonymous12 October 2014 12:59,

      How you wish it'd be Mandarin, innit?

      Tarak bole wor. Arabic and Koran studies may be justifiable. Coz Islam is the religion of the country.

      Compulsory for blokes like you lorr, hehe.

  13. Cik Annie,

    Please allow me to write in Bahasa Melayu, the lingua franca of this land of milk & honey.

    Kita boleh mengusulkan pelbagai cadangan utk penambahbaikan dalam sistem pendidikan nasional.
    Saya juga bersetuju degan sedikit cadangan yang dikemukan disini oleh pembaca yang lain.
    Tetapi dengan rasa berat hati, masalah integrasi yang belaku sekarang berpunca dari SJK C & I.

    SJKC terutamanya.

    Kita tidak menafikan hak rakyat berbangsa Cina untuk mengamalkan resam keturunan, bahasa, agama, cara hidup, gaya pemikiran, dsbnya. Tetapi ini semua perlu dilakukan dengan proses ‘assimilation’ dengan penduduk asal yang berbangsa Melayu.
    Bangsa Cina kini dilihat tidak mahu duduk dibawah pentadbiran Melayu yang mana dikatakan Bodoh & Pemalas.
    Pentadbiran kerajaan yang Bodoh & Pemalas ini dilabel sedemikian rupa sehingga dijadikan modal untuk diajar kepada generasi Cina baru yang mereka adalah sebenarnya ‘Holier Than Thou’.
    Sikap ini amat terang & jelas kelihatan di waktu ini yang mana Negara kita sangat-sangat memerlukan perpaduan sesama kaum.

    Boleh baca di untuk keterangan lebih lanjut tentang sikap Cina di Malaysia secara lebih lanjut. Penulis diatas menulis tanpa prejudis tentang semua kaum di Malaysia.

    Bangsa Cina tidak mahu memberi sokongan kepada Dasar kerajaan untuk perpaduan kaum dan kini mereka menyatakan mereka lebih ‘plural’ dari Sek. Kebangsaan. Masalah ini tidak akan terjadi pada mulanya jika mereka menyokong dasar perpaduan kerajaan. Mereka hanya melihat dari perspektif sempit perkauman mereka sahaja. Tak perlu ‘assimilte’.

    We Malaysian Chinese must speak Chinese, makan babi (kalau tak makan boleh mati – dunia kiamat), tamak, tidak sensitive degan bangsa lain, kita je yang bagus…………………………………………………………… . ini suara kebanyakan.

    Sekolah Integrasi amat baik tetapi untuk jangka panjang hanya satu aliran sekolah diperlukan. Bukan 2, 3 atau 4.

    Terima kasih kepada DAP kerana BERJAYA memecah belahkan Malaysia ke tahap kronik. Ditambah dengan pentadbiran Barisan – baca UMNO yang clueless tentang rintihan rakyat.

    Saya sebagai generasi ke 3 UMNO dalam keluarga saya telah hilang keyakinan terhadap UMNO sekarang.

    Untuk wakil MCA boleh membuat kenyataan akhbar bahawa mereka lebih plural dari Sek. Kebangsaan adalah jenaka yang menampakkan UMNO sekarang tidak boleh mengawal parti komponen sendiri. Meraka membelakangkan dasar kerajaan tetapi dibenarkan bersuara sebebas-bebasnya.

    Selamat tinggal UMNO.

    orang ujong tanah

    1. orang ujong tanah,

      Saya bangga dengan pendiian sdr fasal sekolah Cina dan integrasi rakyat Malaysia. Tapi tidak dengan sdr nak tinggalkan UMNO.

      Teruskan lah dalam UMNO, sokong UMNO. Kita jangan hilang semangat. Melayu nak kena tabah, hadapi masalah, harungi lautan, jaga jangan karam.

      Kita hentam pemimpin UMNO bertalu talu bila tak puas hati dengan apa yang mereka tidak lakukan atau lakukan tak betul. Sehingga di betul kan, walau pun lama nak dapat hasil menghentam nya.

      Parti parti lain lagi teruk. Lihat sahaja PAS. Lk 60 tahun jugak macam UMNO, tapi ke mana pun tak sampai melainkan Kelantan.

      PKR lagi teruk. Dapat pegang jawatan MB Selangor pun ha nya dengan belas kasihan PAS dan DAP. Anwar tak lama lagi masuk penjara sekali lagi. Lintang pukang lah mereka bergaduh antara puak. Saperti di pilihan parti. Dan di isu MB Selangor.

    2. orang ujong tanah,

      Kena bertegas lah dengan hak kita, jangan merendahkan diri, merajuk dan saperti nya. Rugi kita.

      Contoh nya, tak perlu minta kebenaran menulis dalam BM, sebab itu Bahasa Resmi negara kita.

      Jangan marah saya menegur, ye, tujuan saya ha nya mahu menaikkan semangat anda, jangan putus harapan, walau pun dah 3 generasi dengan UMNO. Kena teruskan perjuangan, walau dengan apa cara sekali pun asalkan tak melanggar undang undang.

      Mungkin kita terlalu berhemah, nak tulis dalam BM pun minta kebenaran, maka di ambil kesempatan dek kaum lain pendirian kita yang begitu. Setujukan hak kerakyatan kapada kaum "pensampai" di negara ini (Ambiga tak suka istilah "pendatang" dalam buku sejarah apekepelesitnya - ini saya nak jenakakan), ramai yang tak berterima kasih, mahukan Mandarin dan itu ini lagi hingga timbul masalah integrasi rakyat di negara ini.

      Aiyuh, kita kritik bertalu talu, sampai ke hujung lautan, sehingga mereka sedar mana yang patut, mana yang tidak patut di lakukan sebagai rakyat negara ini.


    MAS acquires Air Asia.

  15. Anonymous12 October 2014 12:42,

    Japan had a nuclear energy disaster because of earthquake/ tsunami. Russia had one thru negligence. But Pakistan has had a nuclear reactor for so long, nothing happened.

    Our nuclear reactor will be for peaceful purposes. Electricity generation. When that happens, can have such things as aluminium smelting using the vast reserves of bauxite in Pahang and Trengganu. Feasibility study been done but not viable until got low-tariff power as such a smelter uses tons of energy.

    So, can have high tech industries of all sorts when got nuclear energy plant. Can take risk lah. No venture no gain. If venture got pain, we kick the nuclear experts.

  16. This should be the guiding principle for all matters (be they education, nuclear station, airlines or whatever we can think of):

    Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) has claimed that one of the main Islamic principles is that the position of Islam must be on top while elements of kekafiran (heathenism) should be below.

    An Isma activist by the name of ‘Rijal’ said that the history of mankind had shown how the world had become prosperous when Islam was in power for 1,300 years.

    “Before and after that era, the world suffered due to oppression, murder, exploitation, manipulation by the media as well as deterioration in morals and culture,” said Rijal, at

  17. "if the children have good education ... they will not become racists."







  18. One hesitates calling an Oxford graduate Minister KJ stupid. But the Americans even call their President George W Bush stupid, daft, etc. Bombing Iraq causing a war on grounds of Weapons of Mass Destruction which are never found.

    KJ has been said as having a foot in his mouth sometimes. He should be told to read the Constitution Article 152 again and again. The operative words are: allow the use of mother tongue OTHER THAN FOR OFFICIAL PURPOSES. And schools are the official purpose of any country.

    Note that the bloody British colonialists who drafted the Constitution were embarrassed at having allowed Chinese schools, yet having to put in a clause on BM as the official language of this country. So the blokes wrote Article 152 in a rather weird sentence construction. But confusing it may be, repeated reading of that Article will show that mother tongue is allowed for use in public EXCEPT FOR OFFICIAL PURPOSES.

    Anyone doubting the above, google the Constitution and read Article 152. Again and again. Until the meaning sinks in.

    Sad to say, but I'm quite cheesed off by this matter of not respecting the Constitution.

  19. Sorry, my dear fellow human beings but i have to repeat again that whatever power resource production that leaves behind TOXIC or RADIOACTIVE RESIDUAL WASTE [hazardous for a hundred years] is a NO NO for our continued survival on this planet.
    Nowadays, we have "ecologically-clean" free-energy electromagnetic generators that require a liitle more research before it becomes publicly viable as a major supply of electrical power utilities.

  20. Are these blokes not the products of Chinese schools calling themselves "Chinese Malaysians"?

    Chinese Malaysians not 'beggars', DAP MP tells Najib
    The Malay Mail Online - ‎13 minutes ago‎

    DAP's Anthony Loke says the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has no right to 'take revenge' on voters who choose to cast their ballots for the opposition, in response to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who called on Chinese Malaysians to back the BN ...

    The English used in this country for over 150 years has been British English, not American English. The Chinese here are therefore referred to as Malaysian Chinese. Using the words Chinese Malaysians is an attempt to attach significance on their Chineseness instead on their Malaysianness.

    One expects only the products of Chinese schools to talk in that lingo. Bo paluli the custom and convention in the use of the English language in this country for the last 150 years.

    Freedom, they say. Freedom my foot. Anarchistic tendency buggers.

  21. TQ for your concern Sdr Anon-19:16
    about the limited funds for school facilities.

    Just request for a visit to nearby SK Setiawangsa which was awarded PIBG Cemerlang 2013.
    ( just a suggestion: Google search school & PPPM 2013 )
    They didn't even have a field, so the PIBG worked with the Army and authorities to develop adjoining government land into a field.

    Yes, it depends greatly on the parents. Our school SMK Naning is classified a rural school but has a hall from the efforts of the PIBG President.

    Expect even more participation is programmed for parents in PPPM 2013- 2025.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH