Wednesday 11 September 2013

Tired of Umno, kacau the Sin Chew

Honestly, I am getting tired of writing about Umno politics.

Even the most inspiring Umno guy for me at the moment is not likely to step up to the task of saving the party.

Well, if the Umno people want to maintain the status quo with the same old tired faces, then I think  I better write about something else.

I'm simply not inspired to write about their stupidity anymore.

Seriously, are you inspired by things such as DS Shahrizat Abdul Jalil retaining her post uncontested?

After all that had happened? How many hundred thousands of votes do you think BN lost in GE13 over the NFC fiasco? What? She is not guilty? Fine, but do you think the ordinary people out there believe that. It's all about perception lah. Can't she sacrifice to avoid the party from being affected by the scandal?

Never mind. That's all water under the bridge.

Tonight, I'm just going to have some fun instead. I'm going to kacau the top Chinese newspaper for trying to be insidious but ended up being simply moronic.

This is a translation of a commentary without a byline. The translator's name was however given. Sin Chew's will be in black while mine in red.

Crackdown operation should bring peace, not disturbance

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily
After revealing the lost of secret societies and their logos in mid August, the police launched the massive and vigorous Ops Cantas Khas nationwide, causing gang members either flee or arrested. More than 1,400 suspects were arrested in just 10 days, showing a visible result.
Although the operation might not be able to immediately uproot secret societies in the country, it can at least hit the arrogance of secret societies. The police's efforts in taking a series of actions, including having roadblocks nationwide, detaining suspects, busting a hideout of gang members and seized firearms and nabbing gang members trying to cross the country's border at the Immigration, Customs and Quarantine Complex in Bukit Kayu Hitam, should indeed be recognized.
Wah! For once, a Chinese newspaper is applauding actions by the police. Normally, they say police are bad all the time one.
However, the police has recently expanded the operation to shopping malls and public transport stations. Such manner and venues are worth reviewing.
Ooppss! I talked too soon. Of course there will immediately be "but" and "however".
Groups of armed troops had actually walked into the bustling Station Pudu Sentral, crowded Bukit Bintang, the KLCC, Central Market and Kota Raya shopping malls, alarming people doing their shopping, passing by elders and children, as well as tourists. These famous shopping malls are favourite tourist attractions. Although the existence of heavily armed forces could bring deterrent effects, it would at the same time scare the public and affect the joyful atmosphere of shopping centers.
Armed troops affected the joyful atmosphere of shopping centers? Really? Hmmm...these policemen are such kill joy then. Ya la, last time they are also bad during the Bersih rally too. Policemen like that one lor. Always kacau people one. Betul la apa itu Tony Pua and Ambiga said. Sheeesssshhh....
Although gang members or those attempting to commit crimes might hide in shopping malls, the police could just send ordinary law officers or plainclothes detectives to guard or patrol the malls. A large group of heavily armed troops was deployed but only a couple tattooed with secret society logos, pedestrians who did not bring their MyKad, foreign workers and motorcyclists with expired road tax were arrested, showing that the enforcement approach brought only limited success.
Enforcement approach brought limited success meh? How you know? You crime expert ka SinChew writer? Just because you go dating at KLCC, then see policemen doing their job in the way that you don't like, you think they don't know how to do their job ka? You think they went there all in gear just to kacau you dating ka? You think they got nothing else to do, is it? If they are all fully equipped, that means there is a reason for them to be so. You think you are so big ka want to tell them how to do their job? It's not you who put your life on the line to protect the public, ok.
The police had earlier revealed the list of secret societies and claimed that they knew the areas where gang members were active in. Actions should be taken then since the law enforcement authorities already have sufficient information about the gangs. The police should just trace the hideouts of gang leaders and nab them. Sure some gangs would be collapsed.
You think police simply simply make that kind of statement ka? They have strategy la. And issuing those statements are part of it. They don't want to tangkap the small fish only, ok. How long you become reporter kawan? That one also you don't know why, you better quit your job and sell koey teow la. Make more money. You think I don't know ka Chinese newspapers very stingy one. Pay you all lousy salary.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also confirmed that the ministry has identified politicians who are members of secret societies. If the police has sufficient evidence, these gang members should then be arrested instead of spared because of their political power. Meanwhile, the police should not take political revenge against those who are innocent in the name of curbing crimes.
Eh, you think I don't know ka what you are trying to imply here? Police working in cahoot with BN to go after opposition leaders, particularly those of the DAP on the pretext of fighting crime. Isn't that what you Sin Chew writer trying to say? Bloody insidious la you little f****r. Just with this one paragraph you are trying to sow the hatred against the police among your Chinese readers and at the same time trying to preempt any event where police found Pakatan leaders, particularly those from DAP having ties with criminals. Eh, Sin Chew writer, Ronnie Liu bribed you to write this article ka?
It is the police's responsibility to fight crimes and restore peace. However, the actions taken must be appropriate to avoid overdoing it and creating disturbance instead. It would not worth the candle if public discontentment is provoked.
Sin Chew translator, you pegi sekolah mana translate ini macam? Kalau you study in Taiwan please jangan ini macam. Mak saya pun belajar Taiwan tapi tak ada ini macam. Kalau saya cakap sama dia nanti mak saya sangat malu dan marah sama awak tau. Itu last sentence makes me laugh la kawan. Sangat dramatik la itu "public discontentment" punya perkataan.


  1. Good-- attack the chinkers. They are too comfortable in Malaysia. They haven't done anything to defend this lovely country. They claim to have 'created' it through their greedy, capitalistic ways, but what has it brought us? Nothing but their contempt toward us, the true hosts!! They only built things that helped line their pockets. They have little sense of pride for the common good and the institutions that help enforce the law.

    1. Banglas sponsored by chinese11 September 2013 at 15:35

      Why is checkpoint check is ok but mall not good? Because the Mall is where the chinese triads and goons hang out. The Mall is where the migrant chinese workers blend in with the local.
      Do the Malays worry about police present? Of course not. if you have you ic mykad there is no worry.

      And of course the Mall is where the illegal bangla/myamar are employed by the chinese. Have you asked yourself what are all these illegals doing? Surely not your family illegal maids. These illegals banglas are working for the chinese la...

      So we just have to go ahead and preserve our soverignity and territorial integrity.

      Syabas police/army/imigresen etc..

  2. The translation looks suspiciously like something copy pasted from Google Translate.

    So for all you know Annie, this translator is doing this part time & frying koay teow as his main source of income.

  3. If Utusan being labelled as racist, then this Sin Chew is a blooming anarchist!

  4. Annie my dear, tak payah lah cerita fasal UMNO lagi,no point in supporting a sinking pirate ship, worse, when the crew were so busy partying on their ill-gotten loots (which was stolen from all of us).

    I suggest you blog more on getting the malays to be united under a common direction, be it Islam, race, education, economics. There are plenty to share in those areas.

    For example, do we know that Padiberas only own 30% of Gardenia, the rest is owned by QAF Ltd, a Singapore company.

  5. Well done PDRM!! Go fly kite Sin Chew reporter! This reporter is really the epitome of "mulut murai". "Malaysian First" indeed!

    I don't know about you but personally I feel reassured if I see the presence of police even when I'm overseas. I doubt the tourists are scared. They might be scared if they are criminals in tourists guise!

  6. For UMNO thing, go to hell lah... Malas mau cakap lagi. Stupid to the core.

    For Sin Chew... Maybe they're sitting on the hot pan now due to the crackdown. Maybe they are funded by the terrorist.

    Dey Sin Chew, kalau u pergi Hong Kong, Armed Policeman is everywhere in airport, city so u will feel safe.


  7. Zaid Ibrahim's thoughts:

    1. In a blog posting on the coming Malaysia Day celebration, Zaid said Malaysians — especially the Chinese — should place their trust in Najib if they want the prime minister to be more effective in all aspects, including uniting a racially divided Malaysia.

    2. KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 — Without financial contributions from Chinese Malaysians, Southeast Asia’s third largest economy would likely go bankrupt, former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim suggested last night.

    See more at:

  8. Why have the standards of Malaysian and Singaporean universities grown so far apart?

    In a press statement today, Rafizi said the situation called for drastic reforms to Malaysia's higher education system.

    "A lot of people don't know that NUS has the same roots as UM because both were established as University of Malaya in Singapore following the recommendations by the Carr-Saunders Commission.

    "In 1959, University of Malaya had two campuses - the original campus in Singapore and a new campus in Kuala Lumpur. By 1962, the campuses were made independent of each other, becoming UM in Kuala Lumpur and NUS in Singapore.

    "After 50 years, even though they came from the same root, UM is not ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, while NUS had gone on to become Asia's best.

    "This is a reality which must be faced openly without political or racial prejudice because education standards and the ranking of public universities influence our standards of life and the nation's competitiveness," he said.

    1. Ini sebab UM ada lecturer macam Azmi Sharom la, I think.

    2. I have seen lecturers or even professors in local universities who are not focused in the pursuit of knowledge but hell bent on imposing their ideology to the students. This may be one of the causes of knowledge stagnation that contributed to the lowly position of our local universities.

    3. REF: "After 50 years, even though they came from the same root, UM is not ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, while NUS had gone on to become Asia's best. This is a reality which must be faced openly without political or racial prejudice because education standards and the ranking of public universities influence our standards of life and the nation's competitiveness," he said.

      What has transpired during those 50 years?
      (1) Since Hadi Awang's 1981 religious fatwa, the minds and hearts of the Malay people have been split up and torn apart along political and ideological lines. If anything, the traditional Malay sages have been shoved into the background while religio-political activism takes center stage.
      (2) The Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools up to this day, continue to preserve the cultural, linguistic and psychological partitions among the Malaysian children and adults.
      (3) The Chinese mentality is under siege by DAP's neo-marxist capitalism oxymoronic syncretism. It is romancing Chin Peng all over again, while toying with Christian evangelism - quite a ridiculous social malaise.

      What standard of community life can we realistically hope for, leaving aside the issue of university ranking, when there is no "fundamental unity" in our civil society? Singapore resolved all those home-keeping problems decades ago, so is it any wonder that young Singaporeans today are better prepared to focus their minds on the issues of the day and simply strive to raise their standards without having to surmount prejudicial barriers?

    4. annie, you ni UiTM pon tak lulus,lagi nak memperkecil-kecilkan UM ke ?? kerja sebagai seorang kerani tapi nak berlagak macam intellectual dlm cyber.

    5. Anon 10:46

      Anything to do wth Singapore, NUS or whatever ranking sya tak caya meh! Sure they sumbat wan to bloat their rankings.. something like DAP CEC ROS kind


    A Singaporean Chinese was the founding president of KAUST (uni with the 2nd highest endowment in the world; no.1 being Harvard).

    Professor Shih Choon Fong (施春风; born 1945) is President of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and a renowned fracture mechanics expert. Before joining KAUST as Founding President in December 2008, he was president of the National University of Singapore (NUS) for 9 years and has been widely acknowledged[1] for creating the University’s research-intensive focus as well as for NUS’ elevated global reputation. Drawing from his experiences abroad, Shih institutionalized a performance- and market-based evaluation system for academics. Those who admire his light-complexioned good looks and silvery mane of hair, have dubbed him "The Anderson Cooper of the Orient" [2] Shih also added more flexibility and responsiveness[dubious – discuss] to the rigid British-based Singapore higher education system by implementing new teaching and grading methodologies from the American system . Shih’s efforts have gained NUS growing international recognition[citation needed] and achievements, such as the Times Higher Education Supplement.

    Shih was announced as the Founding President of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) on 13 January 2008. Shih fully assumed this new role on 1 December 2008. In summer 2012 Shih announced that he would step down as President of KAUST in fall 2014, after five years at the institution, to be replaced by Caltech president Jean-Lou Chameau . Under his guidance KAUST has become internationally respected among the world's best faculty, said Saudi Oil minister Ali l. Al-Naimi in [ a tribute].

    1. KAUST:

      Even the Saudis, the guardian of Makkah, saw fit to appoint a non-muslim to such an importsnt position.

      Also, KAUST's language of instructions is English, not Arabic.

      KAUST is Saudi Arabia's forward planning for the expected decline of their oil production.

  10. Wanita UMNO has the strongest grassroots and the weakest pool of leadership talent. Other leaders in this wing are invisible.

    1. HOLY COW !!!!!

  11. Huh ini Umno sudah hilang ability to listen. Maybe Umno listens to its members only or ketua bahagian & cawangan yang gila nak pegang kuasa untuk menambah pembaziran. Ini lah Umno. Dan yang lain-lain pun 2x5 jugak. DAP boleh buat cerita hundustan untuk dihidang kepada rakyat dan tak mau mengaku CEC undi kena masak. Kan lebih kurang macam Umno tu.

    Kalau tak ada calon ketua wanita selain sharizat & azalina, tutup aje sayap wanita ni. Tak payah ada wanita umno. tak boelh harap pun.

  12. Shahrizat should go if UMNO is to survive and accepted by younger generation. You are finished. Don't drag UMNO into the mud.

    1. shahrizat looks so damn pretty in the picture, i like, thanks annie !!

    2. Sharizat Darth Vader?15 September 2013 at 15:08

      haha like Darth Vader!!

  13. Ya la Annie, u shld start poking yr nose in the Chinese Dailies.. to help educate some lost Apeks about the goings on in this country.

    Yesterday fire broke out at one Apek shop, cable leading to the meter. This Apek asked me to call up TNB (BM/BI tak fasih). After 15minutes started cursing the Govt since TNB took too long to arrive "Ini kerajaan punya olang pemalas, taktau buat keleja makan gaji buta and so on".

    Once everything settled down, I gave him TNB Bursa # and asked him to surf the net. This Apek got no idea TNB is listed under Bursa!! hehe I am sure there are millions like him floating around Malaysia..