Thursday 19 September 2013

What Pakatan people think of Mukhriz

So, Mukhriz has finally announced that he is contesting the Umno vice-presidency.


As you can see on the right corner of this page, my poll on who should be an Umno vice-president shows that Mukhriz has so far received five times more votes than his nearest rival incumbent DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

It may not be the best indicator of how the Umno delegates will vote for their vice-presidents in the party elections next month, but I think it roughly shows how much ordinary supporters of Umno, including the non-members like me would like the party to rejuvenate itself by electing Mukhriz.

Mukhriz had gave a glimpse of his vision in an interview with NST which was published on Malaysia Day.

I posted part of that interview here

An interview with Mukhriz

The interview was also published in full by the pro-Pakatan Malaysia Chronicles and the most interesting thing is how readers of the website, whom I believe are all Pakatan supporters reacted to what Mukhriz said in the interview.

I think the possibility of Mukhriz being a top Umno leader worries them quite a bit.

Here are among the comments of the Pakatan people about Mukhriz in the interview which headline was 'I am here to chart a new course'

Ahmad Fuad ·  Top commenter
A new course - golf course with many holes of wealth.

Vi Qiong ·  Top commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cannot even grow hair on his head.

Tan Datuk ·  Top commenter
Wow. Inter course? Creating Another group of umno baru new billionaires?

Mr. Morgan, he will definitely chicken out!

Hi botak if u r true 2 Kedahan n urself y must u employ or use ppls fr Umno, only ppls fr yr party r better ? Ppls fr Umno r abusive,corrupt n arrogant.Honesty r earned not by giving comments, faham ke...

Five years under PAS rule , no improvement and messy . Then how about all this while under BN rule why only now you want to do something to improve Kedah. What about the shit mess you morons did to Selangor and Penang before the 2008 election. When you idiots talk about other peoples mess , why not also talk about your own Umno mess in Selangor . If you are a gentleman why not come out for an open debate with anyone of Pakatan leaders in-regards to the mess that you are talking about. Last but not least be prepared to also debate about the worst shit mess your father did during his tenure to our country.

George Lim ·  Top commenter · Consultant at Chow Kong Paradise Sdn Bhd
Wah...with so much 'Daddykasi' to your Career...and an assured place into the scUMNO top hierarchy...some more want to 'chart' a new course for BN ah...? Sounds good, man but with so much $$$ you got...why don't you go for a brain-transplant first...? Equip yourself with one (maybe Jewish ) brain 1st...then, you can talk sense !!!
No doubt...your old man Kutty promised to give you the PM post...but he's getting senile and crankier that he may want the post for himself (knowing how stupid & useless you are...)...Methinks he already got himself some youngmen's blood transfusion to keep him going...!!!

Grow your hair first !

heong Seng Keong ·  Top commenter
He will make Kedah as barren as his head in no time.

Chua Boon Heng ·  Top commenter
Talk only lah. Let see how he end corruption in Kedah.

Eddie See ·  Top commenter · 361 subscribers
For whom, botak?

Yeah right! Your dad's main "course" was squandering RM100 billion. This is what the late Berry Wain said. And now you want to chat another new main "course" out of the peoples' money? Like father like son.

ok Chee Leaw ·  Top commenter · Warwick Alumni
What kind of cowdung interview is this? Putting words into his mouth and putting cowdung into Pakatan Rakyat's mouth? You gave him the question in advance, he provided the answers unedited and you publish it without even editing? WTF!!!

Klinik Nova (signed in using Hotmail)

Dominic Ho Kim Hui ·  Top commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The approach may differ that from old fart kutty mamak. his father but the final outcome is all the same . Anyone serious enough to believe him? No. I don`t . Not the slightest bit !

Ashraf Ali ·  Top commenter
Mukhriz has this bad habit of leaving his sentences hanging in the air.
Let me complete his sentence for him, "I'm here to chart a new course BUT IT WILL BASED ON THE PROVEN METHODS OF MY DADDY BOY WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE A TRANT !"


  1. Funny how this has become a bad news to the chinese. Scared maybe? Who gives a fuck about what these Babi Chinese has to say. Even that bloody chimp peng they call a hero. So what's new? Sapa2 yang boleh membela hak melayu, orang itulah yang dibenci. Sapa sapa yang ada agenda untuk bunuh melayu, orang itu akan diangkat sebagai hero. Alah... macam yang chimp peng buat tu. Sembelih kepala orang melayu punya ramai. Chinese are so Babi! I like what Indonesians did to them in the late 90s. Ajar sikit Cina Babi yang tak tau diuntung ni!

    1. Chinese business welcomes Mukhriz. If he's anything like his dad, due opportunities will be given with confidence to those who can deliver. Eg Maxis, YTL, Berjaya, etc, etc - all now cash rich cos.

      By comparison, the Syed Mokhtar group is debt heavy.

      So you'll have both - the ostensible and the real.

    2. If you look carefully at the business of Maxis, YTL, Berjaya (given to them by the Malays for various reasons, one of which is because its non-halal business) a school dropout can make them 'cash rich cos'.

    3. You are nuts, I don't think the Chinese mind Mukhriz at all. It's the dengki in UMNO you should be worried about.

  2. Hope he live up to the reputation of his father better than the other two sons of ex-premier.

  3. LoL.... and these are supposed to be the "enlightened", "rational" and "colour blind".....

  4. Hmm Annie,

    Let me pose a simple question:

    Aside from Mukhriz, who will be the other 2 nominees voted by the divisions in Kedah?

    The answer to that answers the question whether Mukhriz can squeeze thru. He wins if we gets more votes than the other 2 candidate. The election is set up as an electoral college so it is a game of strategy, not popularity.

    Will DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, DS Shafie Apdal and DS Hisham forge an alliance? Will each of the divisions they control agree to vote each of them? Will one of the trio back stab the other by voting DS WAR or Tan Sri Isa?

    My bet is Tan Sri Isa and DS WAR will nudge in. The Big 4 will fight it out for the last place.

    This is all predicted by Game theory - a one shot game where winners take everything.

    1. Haha, game theory. Its a jewish invention!

  5. commenters yang... maybe tak patut guna internet T_T

    Mahathir had long since left the political arena by his own will (retired and opened a bread shop, so like a tyrant!) and yet some are still talking about Mukhriz holding the fort for his dad? *shakes head* the logic of these guys boggles the mind.

    try talking to 'em about the 'daddykasi' of Tokong Lim whose dad is STILL holding a post in their political party, or Lee Kuan Yew and his dynasty, and I bet they'll sing a different tune XDD

    1. .. well said Hans Solo! Tun M a tyrant? I say DAP stooge, the real tyrant and number 1 racist is Lim Kit Siang. Followed closely by his son a.k.a as the Tokong.

      All these brain dead PR supporters simply can't see the truth even when it hit them in the face!

    2. What's the distinction between true report and "backbiting" (which will be requited with hellish condemnation)?

    3. agree with Hans Solo
      Bila baca terasa macam kita je yang buat salah ....dia orang tu tak pernah ... maksumlah sangat ....tapi yang mengajar pasal rasuah tu siapa?


  6. To neglect Shafiee Afdal means Sabah will fall to Pakatan.UMNO will be the loser.Do not underestimate the role of Sabah's UMNO.

    1. Compared to Hisham, I prefer Shafie Afdal. So I predict Zahid, Shafie and Mukhriz will be VP. Ali Rustam and Isa Samad are just too old to be a new contender. They were also guilty of money politics once upon a time. KJ was once guilty of the same too, so I don't want him as my leader either.

    2. Ask Shafie go fly kite. What did he do when he got Ministry of Rural Development? Sabah barely loose. Almost all seats won by small margin. Sabah BN better focus on retaining BN than thinking about national level politics.

  7. I feel sorry that they have to turn to Umno to be the fodder to spice up their mundane and boring life. There's nothing much going on on their side.

  8. What happened to Dato' Abdul Ghani Othman. Isn't him going for VP post too?

  9. these dapsters & sundry oppositionist expose their own stoopidity. from the garbage they spew, we can see that they are as shallow as the next guy. i mean, his bald head is an issue? either you guys are high on some weed or samsu haram...

  10. 15 posters: 4 Melayu (PKR/PAS?)- 27%, 9 chinese (DAP/PKR? - 60%, 1 indian (DAP/PKR?)- 7% and 1 not too sure (PKR/DAP?) - 6%. Hmmmm....Malaysian demographic profile upside down, except for the indian part. Well,its all predicted by Game Theory given the readership profile of MC...heheheh!