Wednesday 10 July 2019

Over the years

This blog passed the six million page views mark yesterday.  That's after almost six and a half years.

Not really a big deal as others have tens of millions and a blog on food, travels or gardening could have done better in term of viewership.

But still, I think it's not so bad either considering this is just an insignificant anonymous sopo blog.

So, I'm doing a recap of what this blog has been over the years to mark the occasion.

I started this blog after the break up of the Bigcat team. It was about two months before GE13.
I made it clear at start that I'm supporting BN, particularly Johor Umno, which was at that time helmed by TS Abdul Ghani Othman.
BN did not do very well in GE13 and Ghani retires.
I continued to support BN but was unhappy with the ways of its leaders, particularly in Johor.
I wrote this just for fun on Dec 16 2013
That was long before Dr Mahathir joined forces with DAP and the other Pakatan parties.
But I don't think I was too wrong with that prediction.

I continued to support BN even though I was unhappy over a lot of things being done or not being done by its leadership.
This is especially so in my home state Johor.
This is among my unhappy posts at that time
And I wrote this on Dec 5 2014
If you are not lazy enough, do click on that link and you will know why I'm not bothered till today when people called me a Najib's machai, makan dedak etc.

This is the year marked by the start of Dr Mahathir- Najib war.
I wrote this, as I saw it coming on April 2 2015
Then of course all hell broke loose after that.
It was heartbreaking to see my friends bitterly fought each other.
I tried to stay in the middle, pledging to myself not to fight my friends from either sides over politics.
It was a tough year indeed.

The Dr Mahathir-Najib war worsen.
Both sides adopted the "you are either with us or against us" policy.
I lost many friends from both sides because of that.
I tried my best not to quarrel with them, but some of them just kept coming at me.
It reached a point where I enjoyed doing this kind of nonsense posts rather than the political stuff
At one time I even declared that I'm
Seriously. I actually tried very hard to be that all the way to GE14.

It's the year I blogged the least.
Just 189 posts as compared to 2013 (346), 2014 (308), 2015 (387), 2016 (273), 2018 (252).
It's hard being neutral.
I also completely lost my love...and inspiration that year.

The GE14 year.
I considered myself politically neutral up until the Pakatan's victory.
Well, we all know what happened after the victory.
Right after that I told myself
and I'm willing to be a part of it.
Even my love who left me sent me a kind message agreeing that I should do that.
My love is a DAP supporter.
Well, democracy needs an opposition.
My decision was made easier by the arrogant comments of Pakatan supporters at this blog.
They whacked me for even the slightest hint of sympathy for especially Umno after GE14.
My reply to them was this,

Pakatan is unravelling,
Well, the year is not out yet, so I think I'll wait to comment on it some other times later.

Okay....actually writing this one is tiring.
No real point, isn't it?
Just me being silly, actually.
See la later, maybe I have the mood to write properly tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, thanks guys for visiting this blog.
Here's a bit of good music for you all.



  1. "This blog passed the six million page views mark yesterday. That's after almost six and a half years."
    2. Oleh yang demikian, datang lah sini @ Pak Yop Tip Top Corner Bazaria Pantai
    dinner on me

  2. I always wish you well. Because i understand what you are going through. This blog is nothing much. But that's not the real reason to be here almost every day even if only in the shadows.

  3. why not annie start wrting obituaries for BN or dumbo wakakaka

    1. What...BN still intact when.....

      UMNO - United Mohd Najib Organization is as good as dead considering Najib is underwear, sorry, on the way to Dungei Buloh Inn.

      MCA - Make Chinese Angry.

      MIC - Make Indian crazy.

      Gerakan - Terus sepi tak bergerak langsung.

      Yes, I reckon, it's time to write off BN.

  4. Anon 18.41. Shame on you. Why dont u just pegi mampus.

    1. 21:55 i will be still alive to see BN or dumbos mampus also wish you a long life too to see them mampus wakakaka

  5. Suggest CikAnnie tukaq jadi youtuber.. lagi baik.

    Just follow Bossku menjelajah satu Malaysia, bertemu raykat2 biasa semua happy2 ceria2 truly Malaysian..u may garner hundreds of thousands of viewers if not millions, for just one video. Thts how popular Najib is..

    Dalam sejarah mana ade pemimpin or ex yg dapat tembus masuk merata kawasan, diberi sambutan gitu meriah sekali? (Eeh compare baruni Atok and Azmin Felda sad visit..)

    Buat coverage professional sikit, dpt tembus viewers antarabangsa.. amik kawasan cantik2 sikit, bole jadi tourist attraction lagi..

    ...really fantastic original idea la video2 lawatan2 Bossku. I hv askd my kids to renti kerja, relax2 ikut sama menjelajah dgn Bossku... one best way for them to learn and "discover Malaysia".

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof, saya cuma orang biasa yang bekerja makan gaji untuk menyara hidup saya. Saya tak ada masa nak buat semua tu. Lagi pun saya cuma okay kalau Najib setakat pertahankan diri dia. Saya tak setuju kalau dia cuba buat come back jadi pemimpin Umno semula. Umno kalah dibawah pimpinan dia dan dia perlu bertanggungjawab atas kegagalan memimpin itu. Saya lebih suka Umno diterajui kepimpinan yang lebih muda dan berwibawa. Biarlah parti itu ada a fresh leadership. Terimakasih.

    2. Skrg zaman IT, u can oso earn income being a youtuber..

      ...all my kids work fm home meh.. happily earning quite comfortably..

      ..being a blogger for many yrs of experience, am sure u akan senang dpt sponsorship to help finance yr Bossku visits coverage???

      Haiyaa. Nak camera canggih habaq, anak saya bole sponsor anytime...

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Prof nl, anak2 u bayar income tax tak? Jgn lari..

    4. Anon 10:20
      Haiyaa. Klo source of income not derived fm Msia pun nak cekop income tax juga? Nak kongkek duit rakyat memanjang itu saja yang kamu pandai.

      Zaman IT sikalang berlambak2 peluang utk mencari rezeki. Yg pi lantik toktua2 jadi pemimpin pasai ape? Cara2 dan minda mrk dah obselete tau tak??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Prof nl, x menjawab soalan. Betul ke u ni prof??? Prof yg curi thesis anak murid ke?

    6. I jolly well know him a lot, a prof or a pros, hmmmmm.

      Anyway, this shocking news may add to his chronic fatique syndrome.....

      Berbeza dgn Sultan Kelantan, Baginda YDPA tanpa diduga telah mencemar duli membuat Kunjungan Kasih serta Hormat kpd Ayahanda Tun sempena hari ulang tahunnya yg ke 94.

      Semoga Allah panjangkan usia serta cucuri rahmat & hidayah ke atas Ayahanda Tun Mahathir.

  6. Congrats! Annie, for passing 6 million page views.

    I can't rememeber everything you predicted but one thing for sure is that Malaysian politics is in quite a big mess right now, with the latest being a police report alleging rape by a Perak state assemblyman and accusations that the Selangor chief minister (Menteri Besar) had an affair with a Selangor state assemblywoman.

    Then there's speculation that Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz will be the next PM and the laundry list of accusations and counter accusations goes on and on.

  7. Thaniah Annie
    A 6 millions hits lady
    Most of us here has tested your patience
    A song by Take That - Patience


  8. Aisay Annie....6 million hits, well done girl. Waiting for your predictions regarding PH. On another note, yr bestest fren Jibby now facing income tax woes...aiyo and you still support & lurve him...what's going through that head of yours?

    1. Anon 12:19, did u read annie's blog or not? Could u point to which post of her's that is supporting najib?

  9. Very well done indeed Annie.

    Just a stupid question, have u got back with the love one?


    1. Manyak taniah Annie .

    2. Anon 14:01. No. Means yes you can try. Jangan marah Annie. Anyways . Congrats. From your reader since Big Cat days. Big Cat pun you jugak kan.Annie.. Aini.. orang yang sama je.Ah So je tak setuju.Dia ada theory lain...hehehehe

    3. Anon 23:34
      Please read this

  10. Aisay Anon is crystal clear that Annie is supportive of BN and by association Jibby. Pink lips with his double degree in stealing and lieing, Masters in kleptocracy and recently PHD in tax evasion, is synonymous with BN. If you can't see this then you my dear fren need help.

    1. Anon 15:04, does that mean every ph supporter supports anwar then? A chameleon & masters of klentong? Good luck to u my fren.

  11. Tahniah untuk Annie!


  12. 6 million mark, not bad, eh Ann....??

    Remind me of tv favorite hit in the 70s, '6 million dollar man'.

    My heartiest congratulation, lady.....!!

  13. I'm glad that you've achieved the 6 million mark. Not bad for "an insignificant anonymous sopo blog."

    Congratulation Annie.

  14. Tahniah akak on yr 6th million...semuga many more millions to cone...

    Peminat akak dri zaman big cat...

  15. 'I started this blog after the break up of the Bigcat team'.
    After 6m views finally you admitted. So when are you going to admit that since then you are the Big Dog's team. But Big Dog is not your captain.

    1. Please read this
      and I'm not a member of any team now.


      The Greatest Kleptocrat who is aka the BIGGEST CROOK in the world not just in Malaysia, has been appointed the Chairman of BN Advisory Council.

      What a BIG LETDOWN for the Malays,, in particular.
      Now BN is led by the No.1 and No. 2 biggest crooks by far in Malaysia's history.

      As for PAS, it will be held accountable & responsible in the next afterlife (akhirat) for collaborating with such highly and enormously corrupted Leaders, the world has ever known.

      Hmmmm...Umno & Pas berkahwin Mut'ah dgn Aqidah Bersama "Menghalalkan Rasuah & Pecah Amanah" konon atas nama Islam, Melayu & Raja.

      Nikah mut'ah adalah marriage for convenience - perkahwinan bagi tempoh masa tertentu, yang menurut Mazhab Syiah, adalah perkahwinan bagi masa yang telah ditetapkan, dan selepas itu, ikatan perkahwinan tersebut terlerai.

      Sandiwara apakah permainan mereka......??

    3. O6:27

      Yang Arif Tuan Hakim Othman Ahmad bin Kentut

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Why jumpy, "prof" @ "ciku".....??

      He he he

    5. Mr Kentut

      Not jumpy but LMAOF.. esp whn during Najib's hearing it was confirmed 17 fake signatures wr not "picked up" the authorities??

      And now this pulak dah???

      KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 (Bernama) -- The High Court here today was told that former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was not allowed to obtain documents pertaining to his Ambank account statements....

      Tst tst tst nape la jadi melelong sampai lagu ni?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. Are you serious, "you lick your ass off",,,,,,,??

      Kes SRC memang teramat luarbiasa tak pernah terjadi di mana2....

      Men Kewangan..Najib

      RM42 juta bagai durian runtuh masuk akaun Najib tapi tak dilaporkan kpd Bank Negara. Sebaliknya Najib & Rosmah seronok enjoy nyopping sakan bagai nak rak.

      RM4 ribu juta (4bilyon) pinjaman paksaan yg diperolehi dari KWAP dibelanjakan untuk apa dan hilang ntah pergi ke mana....???

      Misteri.. misteri.,misteri..!!

    7. Hello Mr Kentut..

      Sampai skrg kami nunggu dgn penuh kesabaran nak mengikuti kes2 dlm Mahkamah. Najib pun memohon supaya disiar cara langsung, semua olang mau tgk dgr, bukan sekadar dok bau kentut kamu memanjang.

      Aduhhh kes 1MDB mintak tangguh2 lagi2 plak dah?? Dah belapa tahun tak abis2 asyik kentut aje ni?

      Alahai.. sekadar RM30K dok tengah poo poo dlm toilet pun Bank telepon tanya? Masakan 42b BNM tak tau plak? Ni mesti kerja dok kentut atas kerusi aje memanjang. Kekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak


      13 Julai, 9:17 pm
      Lebih RM1 bilion dalam akaun bank Malaysia milik sebuah syarikat kerajaan China dilapor dipindahkan atas arahan kerajaan ke sebuah syarikat milik Kementerian Kewangan.

      Akhbar Singapura, The Straits Times menyifatkan rampasan dan pemindahan dana oleh pihak berkuasa Malaysia itu sebagai “langkah yang tidak pernah berlaku dalam perbankan Malaysia”.

      Menurut laporan itu, gergasi perbankan global, HSBC diberitahu awal bulan ini untuk memindahkan wang dalam akaun bank China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Ltd (CPP) di Malaysia kepada Suria Strategic Resources Sdn Bhd yang dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh 1 Kewangan.

      Syarikat China itu ialah kontraktor utama bagi projek Saluran Paip Pelbagai Produk di Semenanjung sepanjang 660km yang berharga RM5.35 bilion, dan Saluran Paip Gas Trans-Sabah (TSGP) bernilai RM4.06 bilion. Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan sudah menggantung kedua-dua projek itu.

      Tahun lalu, laporan media mendakwa wang yang dibayar Suria Strategic Resources dialihkan ke syarikat pihak ke-3 di Cayman Island dikaitkan dengan skandal 1MDB. CPP ketika itu menafikan dakwaan itu.

      Satu lagi kejayaan PH, pimpinsn Tun Mahathir……!!

      Ha ha ha


      PUTRAJAYA: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Dr. Mahathir’s approach to peg the ringgit in dealing with the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis was the CORRECT MOVE.

      With hindsight, we have to recognise the good performance of the economy. Mahathir was right,” said the fund’s managing director Horst Kohler, referring to the decision in September 1998 by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the aftermath of the currency crash.

      The introduction of the peg and the variety of capital controls had originally met with scepticism from numerous quarters, including the IMF.

      The IMF at last conceded that the currency controls had produced more positive results than many observers had initially expected.

      Kohler said the move to peg the currency had worked as “shock absorbers” for the economy when it was dealing with the crisis, but added that it may be time now to take a re-look at the ringgit peg.
      Ketika itu, menteri kewangan, brader Al melawan arus beriya-iya sangat mahu menerima package loan IMF tapi disanggah oleh Negarawan Terulung dgn mengguna pakai ‘currency peg’ tanpa perlu ikut telunjuk IMF yg sangat mencengkamkan.

      Sejarah telah membuktikan ketokohan Tun M tiada bandingan seantero dunia…..!!

  16. Congratulation, Annie

  17. Annie, what happened to the commentator Gladiator? Did U blocked him? Kinda miss his long winded comments.

    1. I don't know. I didn't block him.

    2. Eleh..not in any team konon. Ok nvm.
      So when are you going to post about the Chief Advisor Bossku. Big story what. For self confessed UMNO supporter not? Wak Jahit back as president you posted. What about this.

  18. Cik Annie
    Nah arini Kuala Nerang.. video posted hadly an hour dh dpt 100K viewers. Kabarnya esok akan pi Ipoh pulak??

    Truly Malaysian scenerio, wajah2 raykat yg kelihatan begitu ceria, gembira melepaskn rindu krn dapat bertemu, bersalaman, berpelukan dan berselfie dgn bekas pemimpin mereka, tak kira tua muda miskin kaya berbilang bangsa...

    Syabas bossku.. Rakyat begitu bangga dn berterima kasih atas sumbangan Arwah Tun Razak dan anaknya DSN kepada bangsa, agama dan negara.

    Anak2 muda kita yg berada di perantauan dgn seronoknya juga turut serta menonton video ni "live" ..turut bersama dapat rasa kemeriahan penduduk2 Kuala Nerang.


    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Nampak bembira betul Professori dengan Chief Adviser BossKu. Penyokong PH pun gembira tau professori. Ada satu dua je yang tak sebulu. Tapi rata2 ramai gembira dan mengalu2kan. Kenapa yer? Tatau la pulak kenapa...

  19. first found it when i was in form5. sure added quite amount of pageviews on it lol. well, great list thou. i luv it. i luv personal blog posts…especially wwith funky personalities like kak annie. actually i like d environment tat is welcoming…d niche for political debates or rather debunks,,,kihkihhh .but got less n less time now to participate as i've to work all days long. gladiator...miss u!

    1. So kira adik Fatin ni maseh belia la yer. Belia persekutuan ke belia ikut johor ek.
      Kak annie pulak, macam belia ikut johor pun dah tak kot...

  20. Keep on writing and give your critique...good to have one like you around...congrats

  21. Tahniah Annie....teruskan!