Tuesday 24 September 2013

Heat wave, fever and a broken heart (no politics)

There was a heat wave today.

And I'm sick again.

I think it's viral fever, this time.

All my muscles seem tightened up and my joints were damn painful.

Too weak to drive and see a doctor earlier today.

So, I applied that Japanese minyak urat Yoko-Yoko all over my body, took some painkillers and tried to go to sleep.

My whole body felt like burning and the heat wave outside made it worse, but at least the muscle and joints pains eased off a bit.

Managed to sleep for several hours and when I woke up, I felt a bit better.

Need to finish the works which I took home yesterday.

Need to also update my CV. Someone is offering me a job. Hopefully the pay is better.

Politics? Don't feel like writing it for today.

Sometimes I also need a break from all the nonsense.

Will see a doctor tomorrow.

A bit of music for tonight,

Girls, play the guitar yourself.

Don't wait for the guys. They are all quite useless, actually. Be nice to them and they will just break your heart.


  1. REF: "Don't wait for the guys. They are all quite useless, actually. Be nice to them and they will just break your heart."

    Auntie Annie, now what is it tonight? May you heal, heal, heal ... and this is dedicated to every lovelorn heart:

    from abroad ........

    and closer to home .......

    1. HowToAttractNiceGuys26 September 2013 at 15:55

      Finding a mate is the numero uno reason for human exitence. So dont give up. So you want a nice guy but he is not into you. Your choice find a guy who is into you but not so nice to your liking. Actually there are many nice guys except that they are not into you...haha..
      Do you see the issue here? How to make guys into you.. Now if you approach it from that angle then you understand actually it is the female species which have to attract the males. Without this basic understanding you keep blaming the males for breaking your heart.
      No such thing. You are not doing enough your part of the bargain. To be a sex siren, to be the enticer to be cute to fire his imagination.
      For the human species these can be learnt. And quite simple reallly.
      Just wear a mini skirt and more male glances would come your way. Wear a glittery baju kurung and you get more compliment.
      Dont expect male species to be attracted to your intelligence. Men are visual creatures. If you are really intelligent you would know by now what make men tick...muahhaha...so you are really not intelligent.
      You want men to pay you attention, to woo you but you dont have the techniques which are really simple if you think about it.
      Dont be shy. a female can only attract many mates at their young period in life. Be nice to as many guys as possible but dont expect them to stick if you dont take the trouble to look pretty, smell nice and sexy.
      If you gave up, then PAS might provide some relief. There the malay men are not so fussy. Has been, genda all they take one...hehe

  2. Have a good rest, Annie - take care

  3. The yoko Japanese thing is way too strong.. for me I have tried all kinds even got specially ordered minyak Tomoy fm Thailand. Finally found minyak Herbanika Nona Rogey (old name now they just have NR) very helpful for joints.

    BTW why are you always getting sick? Catching flu again? Include more radish in yr daily food intake - helps keep flu away. (natural respiratory cleansing properties so I was told).

  4. Perhaps you have met this super nice fellow quite sometime. You came to be fond of him very much but he suddenly dumped you nicely and lovingly. 

    He had always been a nice fellow to you. He treated you like a brainy queen. He talked to you about future but you were not part of the future. He was probably a gentleman who attended your needs by not to go against your body of thoughts, wishes and to your liking. He avoided disagreement with you and acted on your prejudices.

    He was a super nice guy but the actual fact he had no feeling for you. You just realized that he was indeed a nice guy but had taken you for a ride. Actually, he is mentally a jerk off male. I could only guess!

    The fatigue of mental stimulation could have cause it too. Anyway, get well and have a good rest. Whatever it was, it is not the end of the world, "The Show Must Go On" by The Queen is ringing in our ears.

  5. u haven't met me... i'll treat you right, surely!

  6. Annie,

    Again, the Advise is to Stay Away from the Cybersphere. This is where your energy is being sucked out, those abominable creatures moving in the sphere. Take your Mum' s Advise. And for goodness sake stay away from the those rumour mongerers (those that you somehow seem to adore)!

  7. Dont mean to be insensitive but have you heard the saying, 'we deserve the world we get'? I think that includes politicians & boyfriends. What did you do Annie?