Thursday 5 September 2013

Poll on Umno vice-presidents

I'm starting a poll to see who are being favored by readers of this blog to be the next Umno vice-presidents.

The candidates are the three incumbents, two challengers and another one , who is my own choice.

This poll will run until Sept 28, which is the day of candidates' nominations.

You can check out the poll and vote your choice at the upper right corner of this page, underneath the Malaysian flag.

Your participation in the poll is much appreciated.

Thank you.

p.s Just realized right after posting this that the Outside The Box blog is running an exactly the same poll. The only difference is probably in my poll you can only have one vote and for only one candidate. You may make your choice at that blog here, Survey Enam Calon Naib Presiden UMNO


  1. Annie,

    Luckily your poll asked for 1 choice only...otherwise, mmm... susahlah amongst those other 5.

    1. UMNO perlu perubahan.
      3 orang yang patut jadi VP UMNO

      1. Pandai, melayu jati
      2. bijak, melayu jati
      3. berbudaya melayu

      Ada sesiapa yang kita tahu?
      Kalau tiada siapa yang memenuhi syarat di atas, mungkin Melayu lebih baik di pimpin melalui musyawarah dan perbincangan.
      Kekuatan kepimpinan melayu melalui cyber ini umpama komputer yang menggunakan multi process CPU,

      Ini jelas dari pendedahan PEMANDU, EKUINAS, MAS, EPU, MAMPU yang dulu dikuasai oleh individu seperti india Nor Yakcop yang sebenarnya memperkayakan orang-orang Cina. Najib dan UMNO sibuk membuat agenda itu dan ini tetapi unit-unit perlaksana memperkayakan Cina dan India.

      Lepas tu mereka kata mereka lah terpandai untuk menentukan masa depan orang Melayu.

      Sekarang ini individu yang memutarbeli aset Melayu melalui Khazanah mudah didedahkan.

      Begitu juga isu-isu Melayu dikupas dengan luas dan dari pelbagai sudut yang tak dapat dibuat oleh ahli UmNO.

      Lab-lab yang dibangunkan oleh orang Kristian seperti Idris Jala adalah lemah dan terhad disamping bias kepada fahaman penjajah Kristian.
      Kepimpinan Cyber Melayu

  2. Annie

    I vote for someone who will never go for VP this year. I think he is aware that it is not his time yet.

    He may go for MT but then again who's know right? So, as the line up goes, the second best will be Zahid I guess, coz what choices do we have? And the third well, I have no third in your line up. Hmmmm

    :D sarah

    :) sarah

    1. Sarah,
      I think this is his time. Just look at the result of my poll and the one conducted by Outsyed The Box, the sentiment is clear that he is needed as VP.

    2. Yes, I'm all out for Mukhriz!

    3. Syed tu India penyokong tegar Mahathir from Kerala dan anaknya Mukriz yang blank dan korup.
      Tak boleh percaya Syed tu.

  3. Annie,

    UMNO delegates are supposed to vote in three VPs. Your poll is just to choose one.

    Not quite getting the result which is reflective in the realism of the outcome later.


    1. Dear Biggum Dogmannsteinberg,
      I suggest you conduct the same poll in your blog and allow three votes for each of your readers. I'm quite sure the results will be similar to mine as to who is the most wanted as an Umno VP.

    2. Wah Annie,
      That is quite a rude answer to Big Dog.

      Nice :-)

    3. Wow, Annie the 4th-grade blogger is becoming so big-headed nowadays. Big dog has a valid point. Obviously you are so full of yourself. syok sendiri to the max.

    4. Where is the rudeness!!

    5. Makcik Annie made a suggestion to Big Dog. How can - he is the senior blogger. Its like a junior staff giving suggestion to boss.

      Very rude but very cool as well

  4. wow, mukhriz wins hands down!

  5. Looks like the Mahathir Consortium have just conveyed their message...Mukhriz should contest for the VP position.

    Will Mukhriz throw caution to the wind and Contest?

    Like everything else No Risk No Gain. He may want to go the Muhyideen, Isa and Ali Rastam and Rahim Thamby way but also must see what can happen if one stays too long as MB.

    Also there might not be much of UMNO left when he decides in the future to go for the post. The message is... Go now before these cretins damages the party beyond repair.

  6. If only mukhriz can talk or give speeches just like his papa - selamba, direct and loads of points - it would be just ideal.

  7. Mukhriz is the antithesis of KJ...down to earth and humble. This is the quality that we need, more than KJ's brain and arrogance.

  8. 150 thousands umno members from hundreds of divisions might have a different minds. This is interesting. Finally, a party being accused with a lot of things turns out to be the most democratic and believable political party in Malaysia.

  9. Asalam Annie,

    Eventhough you only need one name, i will three starting with:

    1) Bro Zahid
    2) Bro Mukhriz
    3) Uncle Ali


  10. Mukhriz, of course!

  11. I voted for Hisham, kesian dia!

  12. Dato' Shahrir Samad makes good UMNO VP
    Mukhriz is a must UMNO VP
    Datuk Ali Rustam for VP

    UMNO may be restored

  13. Mukhriz...ok can try him
    Zahid..ok..should go for deputy
    Ali rustam..partially ok
    Isa szmad...completely fail
    Hishamuddin..should retire