Monday 30 September 2013

NST being brave on Maznah

I started a poll on the Wanita Umno chief race about 24 hours ago.

As you may observe on the top right corner of this page, Datuk Maznah Mazlan had surged ahead of her rivals, incumbent DS Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Raihan Sulaiman.

As I'm writing this, Maznah received 85 per cent of the 215 votes casted so far, ahead of Raihan's 12 per cent and Shahrizat's 2 per cent.

But this is still early days as the poll will run for another 10 days.

Maybe Shahrizat's supporters will come to this blog in huge number in the coming days and set things right for her. I hope they do.

I still think that she is going to win despite Maznah's very good start in my poll and support from people like myself.

Anyway, Maznah also appeared to be getting some subtle support from the sole genuinely pro-establishment English newspaper in this country, the NST.

You may read this article by the newspaper's main Sunday political columnist Shamsul Akmar (pic) here,

Maznah's not your typical 'makcik'

Excerpts of the article which I particularly like,

Further, what has been developing since before the general election and in this run-up to the party election, is a major disconnect between the Umno leadership and its grassroots.
Or has the Umno leadership taken for granted scandals, perceived or otherwise, that are associated with some of its leaders which had wide and far-reaching impact, and that its failure to take quick and decisive measures, had subjected party members to ridicule and contempt?
While the top two Umno leaders -- the president and deputy president -- are spared from being challenged, the vice-presidencies and other posts are being contested all the way down to the branches. Is this an expression of discontent albeit members exercising their democratic rights?
Whether the Umno leadership wants to recognise it or not, there is a sense of helplessness among members and Malay/Bumiputera supporters who feel that it lacked the urgency and probably even the ability to deal with the suffocating political environment which had been felt since before the general election.

That's rather brave of the NST to publish the article, especially the last paragraph there. The editors do not even seem to care about the fact that Shahrizat, the incumbent being said to be the preferred choice of the Umno leadership.

You may read a sample of that part about  the "sense of helplessness" among members and Malay/Bumiputera supporters as mentioned by Shamsul Akmar in this posting by a blogger who used to be very pro-Umno and pro-BN,

That should explain why challengers who are going against incumbents preferred by the party leadership such as Maznah and vice-president candidate Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir appeared popular in polls such as those in this blog.

Anyway, here is another article published recently in NST which suggested that the newspaper is indeed seem to be quite favorable of Maznah's candidacy, or at least for Shahrizat to be challenged,

Pahang women amaze us with graceful moves 


  1. Huh...Nauseating by Shamsul or is it Bigcat aka Tinsel, your friend?


  2. Dear Annie.
    I suggest you check the URL of those who use 'Keling' as nicknames. I suspect those are are racist people, working from Komtar or Wentworth hotel, who hates Bumiputeras. They have been known to have incited hatred among Indian and Malays. Mamaks are Indians, too.


    1. Stupid RD....mamak are Malays lah, kalau tak caya sila tanya sama Madey, Naina Merican, Azeeeeeeeeez Rempit, Nor Yaakob or Samy Vellu. RD don't be racist okay.

    2. Mana ada mamak melayu, indians la. UMNO - unified mamak national organisation.

      Kalau tadak cina dan india, mana ini malaysia mau maju.

  3. Hope Maznah wins, good to see a change. Tired of old faces.

  4. Sharijat sure win one. UMNO cannot have no corrupt leaders. How to cari makan la!

    1. In UMNO, the more corrupt the candidate the higher the position they will get in the party.
      #1. Husband & Wife Team (Najib & Rosmah) - Scorpene commission USD500 juta
      #2. Husband & Wife Team (Shahrizat &Mohd.Salleh)-Lembu Condo RM260juta
      #3. Muhyiddin and Geng - Stamford Land Conspiracy in Johor RM500juta

    2. Ouch! banyaknya depa makan, betoi ke?

  5. REF: "Whether the Umno leadership wants to recognise it or not, there is a sense of helplessness among members and Malay/Bumiputera supporters."

    Lest we forget OUR BASICS oh Malaysians:
    Love for God on High and practicing goodwill to our fellowmen

  6. BapaMukhrizMemiskinkanMelayu30 September 2013 at 17:11

    Annie, kebangkitan Melayu baru lagi. Anda sendiri menunjukan kelemahan tahap pemikiran bila menyokong Mukhriz. Bila ditanya, anda jawab tak tahu dia tapi itu je yang ada dan nampak gambar dia.
    Waah ini mcam mana boleh. Jadi tak perlu putus asa. Takan hari ni fikir esok jadi. Anda sendiri dan melayu lain yang sokong Mukhriz perlu mengubah cara berfikir dan jangan malas menganalisis.
    Fakta--fakta seperti subsidi 1 trillion yang diberi oleh bapa Mukhriz kepada Cina dan India menjadikan mereka kaya raya. Keling tepi jalan yang Mahathir nampak di Sogo kini anak dia bawa lamborghini. Anak orang India macam ini anda sokong?
    Awak Melayu miskin, Mahathir, Mukrhiz Mokhazni Mirzan Marina billionaire anda masih pilih mereka? Anda fikir orang lain tak boleh lurus dari ini?
    So jangan putus asa. Berfikir secara rasional. Kekayaan Mahahtir dan Mukhriz adalah bahaya kepada Melayu kerana mereka memperkayakan Cina dan India dan beri pelabuhan Pahang, Westport etc kepada Cina dan India.
    Mereka memberi trillions subsidi minyak dan gas kepada syarikat Cina sebab mereka dapat saham dan habuan. Mereka memiskan orang Melayu.
    jangan pula tak faham. Bagaimana keluar dari kemelut ini?
    ITu kita kena fikiir lagi lah..

    1. Sekiranya benar berita tuan hamba, malang sekali nasib bangsa kita akibat perbuatan mamak durjana.

      Sekiranya tidak benar berita tuan hamba, malanglah tuan hamba akibat menabur fitnah.

    2. Itulah orang tanya apa lagi cina mahu? oops india jugak? Itu pun tak bersyukur ka? Kalu pun terima kasih la jugak.

    3. Brp ,

      Satu trilion ada berapa kosong?

    4. Ingatkan DAP saja ada red army , KJ pun pakai red army juga?

  7. “Dua rakaat shalat sunnah subuh lebih baik daripada dunia dan seluruh isinya.”(HR. Muslim725).

    Mahathir, Mukrhiz, Mokhazni, Mirzan, Marina buat tak? Kalau depa buat, depa betoi-betoi bilionir.