Monday 9 September 2013

Mukhriz not losing his head despite overwhelming support

I heard earlier today that Kedah Menteri Besar DS Mukhriz Mahathir had commented on the overwhelming support he won at the polls conducted by sopo bloggers as to who should be the Umno vice-presidents.

When asked by reporters on the matter, he said he would not be making his decisions based on polls conducted by bloggers.

Well, I am okay with that. Mukhriz is after all a smart guy. He knows that the polls, such as the one I'm conducting now is not reflective of the Umno delegates' sentiments.

My poll, for instance is opened to the public. So the outcome is more reflective of what the public want the Umno leadership to be. It doesn't necessarily be the same as what Umno people actually want.

As I'm writing this, Mukhriz is leading at my poll by scoring four times more votes than his nearest rival DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Honestly, I wouldn't be too disappointed if Mukhriz in the end decides not to contest the VP post. I know what he is up against. Nonetheless, due to this poll, to me he is already a winner.

I will also take comfort in the fact that a large number of readers of this blog agree with me on the need for Umno to have a fresh face at its highest echelon of leadership.

Mukhriz not contesting may be a lost opportunity, but at least, we had tried to persuade him with our votes at the poll.

My poll has still a long way to go and I'm keeping it there to remind my dear readers that there are still good people in Umno.

Mukhriz is an example of such a person.


  1. Mukhriz is a good person, sure or not Annie ?
    Can ask Mukhriz not to intimidate the poor shia muslim in kedah kah ? or ask his father to give back all the money siphoned from the poor Malaysian !!

    1. what has his father got to do with this upcoming umno election?

      you must be stupid or bodoh.

    2. Biasala tu.. stupid RBA geng... go die laa.. don't layan this anon 20:53

    3. he is stupid and bodoh.

    4. Mukhriz Not Suitable11 September 2013 at 15:44

      Annie, Mukhriz is a perfect example of the fool keeping his mouth shut. So people like you build up your own image of him. What do you know about him? Nothing? Can you show his thesis or his political blogs so that we know his plans for the Malays? None? So how come you like him so much? Mostly i guess because you r simply tired of the current incompetence crop. But that should be a lesson. You should not vote for UMNO VP based on his pictures or NST promo.
      Do you know Mukhriz is the director of 90 CHINESE companies. Between the the 3 sons they are directors of nearly 100 CHINESE companies. So he is corrupt!
      Please la Annie dont be like the kampung Mak cik who will vote for the Malay who sengih most.
      We need ideas. And if he is as cool as barack that just a bonus. But no undeserved worship.

      Beside the whole Malay community has been stabbed by his INdian father who enriched the chinese and indians with billions.

      Please la annie use the internet to google forbes richest malaysians. UMNO members like are dirt poor lving month to month and yet you promote the same old same old politicians..

      Sheeesh..such a disappointment.

    5. Being director in Chinese companies make him less a Malay?

    6. Beware of UMNO Presidents!15 September 2013 at 15:06

      Anon 01:42

      Being a director in a chinese company alone as the son of UMNO President suspiciously corrupt and abuse of power by his father. Being the director of 90 Chinese companies is 90 times worse.

      Between the 3 Mahathir sons and daughter they are directors of more than 300 companies!!!

      And they owned asset worth more than 2 thousand millions while UMNO members are beggars in their own country said their father!

      Does a skunk lose his smell. Imagine just be sons of UMNO President they become super duper rich. If any of them gain power they will be more corrupt.

  2. Makcik Annie,

    I think Mukhriz is still smarting after his spectacular loss in the last party election. Remember he came in 3rd in a list that included KJ and Khir Toyo.

    Actually there is good reason too, and its down to simple laws of statistics.

    All the so called "support" for Mukhriz is skewed to the Internet audience concentrated in Wilayah Perseketuan and Selangor. So the "noise" you hear is really down to a subsegment of the society.

    Assuming that this sample represents UMNO members in WP and Selangor, then lets say Mukhriz wins all the nominations in WP and Selangor. What about the other states?

    We can be sure he will get 0 in Sabah. He will bomb in Trengganu, in Kelantan and in Johor as well. He will bomb in Pahang and Negeri.

    Maybe he will win in Kedah - but what happens if some divisions say no to him in Kedah? That means his prestige as MB is challenged.

    So look at it from how real political operators look at it. Mukhriz gains nothing from contesting. He will remain MB of Kedah before and he will remain MB of Kedah after. But if he loses, and then its 2 strikes and he is out.

    Btw, I do hope Mukhriz contests. Sure bungkus one..

    Pls keep on supporting the PM and his supporters. Your now an elite blogger yourself.

    Beware of Greeks, even when they bear gifts.


    1. Shadow banker, you are dead wrong. I think people who voted for Mukhriz are mostly the supporters of TDM who also happen to believe in him as our next leader. Mind you, we are everywhere, me included, voted for Mukhriz 5000 miles away from KL.

    2. What are you crapping Shadow Banker? I'm from Sabah and I'm 100% behind Mukhriz! we are everywhere, name it.. sarawak, pahang, terengganu, melaka, perlis... we salute what Tun M had done to our lovely Malaysia and brought us to eyes of the world. I respect Mukhriz as the new Kedah MB, smart and diligent.

    3. Then why did Mukhriz lose to Khir Toyo and KJ in the UMNO Youth election? Mukhriz is afraid to lose - wont contest

  3. Mukhris should stay back. He be better off to contest for a position in the supreme council posts and forethought to score the highest of votes. He may be one step backward for not contesting the vice president post but he gains three steps forward with leadership he endeavors.

    At the moment, he is no a national 'politician' by leadership. As the Menteri Besar of Kedah, he has all his four years to validate what leadership means in relation to administer for the wellbeing of Kedahan due to nationhood.

    Mukhris has a lot of workable ideas kept to be implemented politically, socially and economically. When he was deputy Minister he could only wish them to be done, now as a Menteri Besar, he could just make them to happen. Hope he is aware of his duty and position he holds in the Malay heart land State. By then he would be the savior of Umno, Barisan National and Malaysia by leadership.

    1. Mukhriz is already in the supreme council by virtue of him being the Kedah state liaison committee chairman.

      In the next four years they will try to kill his political career.

      By that time, even if he survive the attacks, there may be no more Umno to be saved by a savior.

    2. Who would we think so to kill his political career?

      In the last election, The bottom-rock voters have voted with their feet for the current Administration. The voters stood firm against the demagogues of three in one opposition. They need three Anwars equivalence to crush the rocks. There is no but or if, the rock bottom voters are foregoing  here to stay. Because the present line-up of administration has earned their much confidence.

      What I am saying we have Mukhris, Khari Jamaluddin and team of potential leaders from Barisan components to supersede the march for better Malaysia and thus to uphold the constitution.

    3. Mukhriz and Khairy Jamaluddin..haha two sons of Indians..

      Annie.. we are talking about Malay and UMNO here and not Barisan Nasional.

      Barisan Nasional with the unwanted MCA and the crooks MIC are no more.

      Its the march of UMNO to progress the Malay Federation!!
      Onward Federation march..

  4. Who said UMNO is draining of good leader? i have one i put my faith in.. MUKHRIZ.. if i were him, i wud go for the no.1 spot.. just close my eyes and face the challenge..

    Somebody please fill in the blank..

    Najib - Altantuya, Pemandu, 1Malaysia, BR1M.. (the list goes on..)
    Muhyiddin - Not loud enuff
    Zahid - Gangster
    KJ - Too loud
    Hishammuddin - Sotong
    Ali Rustam - Run out of luck
    Isa Samad - Yellow submarine
    MUKHRIZ - _____________

    1. Mukhriz- Fill in the blanks11 September 2013 at 15:49

      Mukhriz - empty-- 90 Chinese companies - corrupt

  5. Pusingan feudal namapknya terus belaku dalam UMNO. Sekarang anak mahathir masuk gelangang beratur untuk menanti giliran menjadi Perdana menteri ( kalau UMNO terus berkuasa). didepanya dah ada anak Hussain On. Hanya anak dan cucu Tunku Abdul Rahman sahaja yang tak masuk beratur ( oppp...lupa..
    Tunku tak masuk UMNO Mahathir ( sorry... UMNO Baru)macam mana anak cucunya nak masuk barisan.

    1. ko meraban apa mangkuk? yakin ke anak tun Hussein bakal naik jadi PM?.. anak pak lah ade ke nak jadi PM? (menantu jgn kira). sapa yang layak, dia jadilah..

    2. Bebaskan UMNO dari Feudalism11 September 2013 at 15:51

      Betul tu Borhan!

      Awas feudalisma yang cuba dibawa oleh Mahathir ke dalam politik UMNO.

      Mangkuk Hayun mamak India sekarang tengah positioning Merican, Subuhan, Azeez, Mukhriz, Khairy, Sharizat.. all mamak Annie..

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Dear Anon 11:52
      I'm sorry that I have to remove your comment. I can't allow you to assume the identity of commentor Shadow Banker as it's not fair to the person that you named as him. Thank you.

  7. I don't understand why Annie and Tuan Syed goading him to try his luck on VP post. Did you think the time is ripe for him to do that?
    It is a tough call for him to make. I think he should concentrates first and foremost on Kedah as BN position over still hanging in the balance. He has a huge responsibility at state level. He should know that. What would Kedahans feel and think of him after barely months into Kedah no. 1 seat, he already thinking of scrambling and jostling for top seat at national level?
    He should follows in the foot step of Datuk Zambry and Datuk Khaled Nordin on fortifying BN position in those states as things could go wrong at state level. Kedah people already gave their votes and trust on him hoping he would do well or even better. He should returns their favours by making them his top most priority above all else. Show them what you can do in this term to prove you're worth it and not hiding behind family's famous name.

  8. Yes we are craving for Halalon Thoyibah but the Kedahan needs him first. To the bloody shadow banker fuck KJ ass ok. I know will delete my comment but I am satisfied to say he holds KJ bank account and KJ bank of sperms!

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