Wednesday 25 September 2013

When a pro-Pakatan news portal tries to be neutral

The pro-Pakatan Free Malaysia Today sometimes let through some articles which were relatively fair to the establishment and the ruling coalition.

This is one of such articles,

'Umno more democratic than DAP'

Excerpts from the article :

Sensible & Ethical Malaysian United Team (Semut) president Huan Cheng Guan said unlike the DAP, Umno has held direct elections with, for and by members for all positions in the party.
In the DAP however, he said office-bearers were chosen by a 20-member central executive committee (CEC), which had been elected by delegates.

Compared to DAP, he said Umno does not sack any member without holding an internal inquiry, in which the affected person would be given all avenues to defend.
But, he said scores of DAP members had been expelled without even showcause letters.

Between 1968 until today, he pointed out that Umno had had six presidents, while the DAP only lived under a single dynastic rule.
During the same period, he said Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang had held a world record by commanding a party for 45 years, including the 27 years as its secretary-general.

Huan cited the political saga of Kerk Kim Hock, former DAP secretary-general, as a fine example of Lim Dynasty’s hegemony.
He further said that Kit Siang wants to place his son, Guan Eng, in the strongest position possible to continue their family dynasty in the DAP.

Of course, readers of FMT who are mostly Pakatan people were not happy, Here are some of their reactions (they even called the FMT writer Athi Shankar a paid BN's dog),

Will Wallace ·  Top Commenter
Come on FMT, why are you thinking that we might be interested in what this semut guy has to say? Are you forgoing your readership in exchange for some quick bucks from semut?

Mariya Kamarin ·  Top Commenter
Athi Shankar probably received few toddy bottles in return for writing this article. The same reporter who claimed that the collapsed Penang Bridge was Pakatan's project.

Will Wallace ·  Top Commenter
Thanks for the heads up, Mariya. I know Athi Shankar real name is Karunagaran, a paid BN dog. But FMT do have Mariam Mokhtar, so its a balance news we are getting. FMT feeding us grandma stories about MCA is one thing.....but feeding us the opinion of this semut guy is too much.

Mariya Kamarin ·  Top Commenter
Yes, so I heard. He has got his own hate page on Facebook!

Then again there are the sensible few, such as this guy

Nile Bowie ·  Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I've been less than impressed with the performance of BN since they claimed victory in GE13, but Najib's decision to democratize the UMNO party elections is something that those champions of democracy in the opposition should have set an example by doing long ago. Unfortunately, it looks like this is Najib's most substantial reform thus far, which doesn't say a great deal, but credit should be given where credit is due.


  1. SEMUT.....kah..kah..kah.... tahu siapa tu SEMUT ?

    1. MalaysandDemocracy26 September 2013 at 15:18

      Annie the Malays do not get to where they are today by chance. Memang orang Melayu sangat egalitarian seperti dalam filem P Ramlee antara dua darjat atau Musang benjanggut.

      The Malays got thing rights, do the rigth things with very heavy emphasis on nawaitu..

      That is why we are so successful despite attempts by jealous people.

      But the Malays should be careful to keep arab dongeng from creeping into their lifes like wearing a piece of cloth on their head while having sex..hehe.

  2. Annie just to add little spice,

    Cina Communist keluar Komunis diberi tanah dan wang oleh orang putih, lepas tu diberi kerakyatan Malaya. Sungguh baik hati Tengku dan Sultan-Sultan Melayu.
    Orang Melayu masuk Polis dan Tentera dan mengadai nyawa dan angota badan untuk melawan komunis.Apa mereka dapat, hidup mereka daif…cacat angota badan, isteri jadi balu dan anak jadi yatim.
    Sekarang orang Cina sudah lupa – Malay Sultan yang memberi kerakyaatan hendak ditumbangkan, Komunis yang menekan bangsa cina semasa tahun 1941-1989 dikatakan hero perjuang. Polis yang menjaga ketenteraman orang cina hingga jadi billionaire dikatakan anjing. Ini bangsa yang tidak reti bershukur….

    1. Kalau ikut benar cerita Kilroy, baik kilroy bersama kawan-kawannya pergi halau semua si cina tu keluar dari Malaysia. Bermulalah dikawasan perumahan Kilroy.

      Si Mukhriz dah mula projek jahanamkan orang-orang cina di kedah. Semua sekolah-sekolah cina dan orang2 miskin berbangsa cina tidak akan diberi bantuan oleh kerajaan negeri kedah.

      Mujur Melayu ada hero baru yg bernama Mukhriz Mahathir, nasib Melayu UMNO akan terbela.

    2. Betul Betul Betul ,Melayu yang mendokong prinsip Rukun Negara susah nak hidup ,Cina yang mengambil kesempatan dengan keamanan negara mengumpul kekayaan dan sekarang beraja dengan wang mereka.

    3. 1 trillion UMNO bagi Cina!126 September 2013 at 15:30

      @Kilroy, sudah tiba masa nya kita cuba memujuk orang Cina untuk keluar dari Malaysia. Sebenarnya dari dulu lagi Tunku dan Presiden-Presiden UMNO yang terpaksa memujuk orang Melayu memberi kerkayatan kepada orang Cina. Mereka ni bangga setiap kali Presiden UMNO (PU) akan berkata hanya Malaysia saja (negeri Tanah Melayu) yang memberi kerakyatan kepada orang Cina. So what? Bila dah dapat kerakyatan mereka ada hak mengundi dan tukar kerajaan! Bodoh punya PU.
      Sekarang ni kita dah tahu, IPP kepunyaan Cina/India/anak PU mendapat keuntungan yang di garanti mencecah 10 bilion setahun. Subsidi gas petronas 30 billion setahun untuk industri yang 90% Cina, subsidi minyak 24 billion yang 80% Cina/India. Jumlah 64 billion subsidi untuk Cina oleh Presiden-Presiden UMNO. Tetapi Mahathir tak sudah-sudah menyuruh orang Melayu supaya jangan bergantung kepada kerajaan UMNO. Apa punya kepala keling tu? 64 billion setahun ini bermakna 1.32 trillion selama 20 tahun di bagi UMNO kepada Cina.
      Lepas tu Razali Ibrahim/KJ pun ulang 54 billion saham bagi Melayu 43 billion di jual balek pada Cina. Sebab itu UMNO tak nak tolong Melayu!??!! Tapi jangan lupa undi UMNO ye...hehehe.. puk_m_k betul mereka ni.

      Macai-macai yang berlakon jadi pemimpin Melayu di UMNO ni perlu dipecat. Sepatutnya kita tolong Cina migrate ke negara ketiga. Sekarang ni pun mereka dah migrate. jadi kalau tolong tentu lebih ramai yang akan migrate.
      Ini tidak Nor Yakob guna 80 juta untuk bawa balek Cina pengundi DAP konon brain drain. Weeiii ramai graduan Melayu tak ada kerja. Kalau nak buka syarikat kat malaysia kena lah pakai orang Melayu. Kalau tak sanggup boleh belah. Dia orang datang pun sebab nak buat duit...

  3. The problem with PR supporters, they dont want to listen others. so start labelling other people MACAI, DOG, PIG and bla bla bla..

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  5. Intelligent thinking between facts and opinions (and the personal-values factor that modulates thought processes).