Monday, 4 November 2019

Ignore the monkeys, focus on Tanjung Piai

Just talked to a journalist friend who is now in Tanjung Piai and according to him, things are really going well for the BN's campaign.

"The Pakatan candidate seemed a bit lost when he met the people on the ground. Maybe it's because all this while he spent more time in JB than here," he said.

Wee Jeck Seng, a well liked wakil rakyat when he was an assemblyman of Pekan Nenas and MP of Tanjung Piai doesn't seemed to have such a problem.

"Everyone knows him here," said my friend.

Well, that's what my friend said. I have to see it for myself and I'm planning to be there probably by Monday next week.

Hopefully I can stay in Johor till polling day.

Need to catch up with friends there too in order to get the latest on Johor politics, among other things.

I always believe that you have to be on the ground to be able to comment on the political situation there.

Arm chair reporting has never been my way of doing things and that's why of late, I have been refraining from writing too much about what's going on in my home state.

I have to admit that I'm out of touch with how things really are in Johor, being not there for quite a while.

Back then when I was in Johor, I always disliked it when people wrote about Johor from KL and pretended as if they were experts on the subject.

Anyway, while things appeared to be good down south, there have been a bit of rumbling here at the Umno top hierarchy.

That' has always been the problem with Umno.

The root is strong but the top quite often rotten.

This is a case of a gang, quite publicly accusing another of something, probably to strengthen their position in the party.

I'm not going into the details as doing so may plays right into the hands of Pakatan, but suffice to say that as far as I'm concerned, those involved are the same stupid selfish bastards who caused Umno's downfall in GE14.

They don't care about the party or the so-called perjuangan. All they care about is what they are going to get from the now resurgent Umno.

They can't even wait for at least until the Tanjung Piai by-election has been won.

For them, Umno is their property to be exploited for their self interest.

Umno people really need to know who these people are and reject them as their leader.

It's actually easy to identify these scumbags. They are the ones who still believe that they can offer money in exchange for positions in the party.

Umno people, if any of your leaders comes to you offering money in exchange for your support in the party, then you should know that leader is among those who are destroying your party.

Such leaders should not have a place in Umno anymore.

Also, when you read something which says bad things about one of your party leaders, just ignore it for now.

It's actually just one of those bullshits planted by those leaders who only care about themselves.

If they really care about the party, they wouldn't do that so publicly which in the end sows doubts on Umno recovery effort.

Umno people, be focused.

Help BN,  in particular MCA wins back Tanjung Piai first as it will lead to Putrajaya in the next general election.

Remember, Umno is now without power. Fight each other, for what?

Win first before you all want to talk about the stupid scheming and infighting.

To all Umno people, don't pay attention to the monkeys who are jockeying for power.


  1. "Remember, Umno is now without power. Fight each other, for what?"

    Remember, if you get power back, you can continue to liwat the rakyat for cash!!!!

    Rindu kan?

    1. Anon, you are being 'liwated' by PH and you dont even know. That is the power of PH punya 'liwat'. Maybe because they got experienced people on their side..hee hee
      Anyway many now feel that life was better before PH. Notice the stock matket plunge? Ringgit plunge? Benefits for B40 plunge?Debt soar? Harga barang soar? Unemployement soar? Unfulfilled promises? Social/racial discord soar? Letih nak tulis trajedi yg bernama PH ini. Hope you won't be like Pak Othman and JD. Dah tak nampak cahaya....

    2. I enjoyed so much when Ms. Annie likened Umno Songkok Tinggi scumbags as monkeys jumping recklessly to regain power in order to save their arse from lawful prosecution & punishment over their monumental crimes.

      They are the root/cause leading to our poor economy, so much so the existing PH govt has to bear & carry.

      Like I said before...

      The devastating impact causing stock market lost of confidence & running away foreign investments - leading to the nation's economy plight are due to....

      1, BN (Borosmah Najib) & Unscrupolous Macai Najib Organization (UMNO) looting, siphoning, extravagant spendings, heavy borrowings + huge interest involving RM hundred billion.

      2. USA-China trade war.

    3. Mr J,politicians are generally psychopaths.So BN or PH,the ordinary people people will be 'liwated' but the sad thing is they always look for more of the same.

  2. Ms Annie..

    With due respect....considering your article mentioned above, what can 'A Lone Ranger' like MCA do in our parliament...?? Looks like Lone Ranger MCA gonna be all alone for a long long time.

    Regards from Tg Piai.

    1. What can bersatu do to stop dap from being the big dog in pakatan?.bersatu and pan are just the obedient dogs serve their dap master...only fool like you believe otherwise

    2. I voted independent in 2013, knowing fully well that both parliamentary and state independent candidates would not win the seat but I still voted for them.

    3. Pak Osman;

      Feedback from Tg Piai resident.Ada chance tak PH boleh menang??


      Tun M is holding the truimph card - history has shown that which ever fence he stood, he's always end up the ultimate winner. He is the true 'Kingmaker, unlike Pas Hardy Bawang, a mere kingfisher.

      His strong self-confidence made him to leave the country attending official state matters without any least worry/fear of any coup d'etat among his rivals within his own party nor the opposition.

      That is the true trait of genuine leader....!!

    5. Anon 17:26...

      Rakyat Johor keturunan Tionghua sanjung Tycoon Robert Kuok macam 'Dewa/Big Taiko'.

      Tycoon Robert Kuok pulak begitu kagum & hormat pd Tun Dr Mahathir di mana beliau buat kenyataan yg tersebar meluas, "I salute you. You saved the country".

      Sendiri kena ingat, ada kurang lebih 42% pengundi Tionghua di Parlimen Tg Piai. Takkan mereka bengap memilih BN pimpinan si Sengeh, Jahit Komidi & MCA yg hidup segsn mati tak mahu, tinggal sebatang kara, bagai beruk tunggal di parlimen Malaysia. Bak kata omputeh, "what can 'A Lone Ranger' like MCA do in our parliament...?? Looks like Lone Ranger MCA gonna be ALL A LONE for a long long time.

      Adusss..hancusss BN-MCA - Melayu tolak, Tionghua pun tolak...!!

    6. Tun dah kata UMNO tidak meletakkan calon sebagai wakil Barisan Nasional (BN) pada Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Parlimen Tanjung Piai, KERANA TAKUT KALAH.

      Bekizu juga kata, “UMNO TAKUT. Sebab saya tahu kalau dia letak (calon UMNO mewakili BN), akan kalah. Kita yakin kita boleh menang walaupun dia letak sesiapa. Kalau letak UMNO lebih baik, tapi dia letak MCA (sebagai wakil BN)".

      Apakah kebodohnya BN (Borosmah Najib) - diletaknya 'Lone Ranger Jeng Jeng Jeng MCA' bertanding di kawasan yg majoritinya Melayu Bumiputra.....??

      Memang menempah maut, awal2 lagi semua ahli2 Umno di sana memulau-boikot di majlis pengumuman calon BN.

      Dah tuu lebih malang lagil, saya dapati di masa penamaan calon SPRM di Dewan Jubli Intan Pontiann pagi Sabtu lepas, kebanyakan penyokong2 BN terdiri orang luar (bukan penduduk/pengundi setempat).

      Padan muka.....!!

    7. Menyedari majoriti Melayu berperanan penting di PRK Tg Piai yg lebih condong kpd Calon Melayu Islam Bersatu-PH, pasumno yg sebelum ini celupar mulut konon Melayu Islam wajib undi Melayu Islam telah menaja 2 calon Bebas Melayu Islam untuk memecah-belahkan jumlah majoriti Melayu Islam bagi laluan kemenangan rakan mereka, MCA.

      He he he

      Pegi jalan daaa....!!

  3. In-sa-ah-h annine

    wee joke soon : In-sa-ah-h, pendatang java : ahmmmmeeee
    lim gone eng : In-sa-ah-h, kaum "ketuanan" : tunggu bamboo river jel la!!!
    undi pun pasal "se kawah daging yang suci di gulai se ketul daging" suddenly become ok.

  4. ..... who lets the dogs out! .... who lets the dogs out! ..... ( ini adalah lirik lagu yang popular di akhir 90-an )😎😊😉

    Saya yang menjalankan amanah,

    1. Amanah apa ni Herman? Dokong parti kaki temberang bukan dikira amanah tapi khianah. Rakyat dah undi PH atas berbagai janji manis yg dikhabarkan. Namun lepas PRU PH khianah janji janji mereka. Orang Johor ingat lagi janji tol Simpang Rengam. Mereka ingat lagi isu PTPTN. Harap Tg Piai beri kesinambungan pada perjalanan akhir hayat mereka....

    2. J...
      Kamu Menyalak benda yang sama sahaja!
      Thinking Outside the Boxes!
      Keluar dari Comfort Zone kamu tu J!
      Mari ikut Kami do the Social Experiment all over the world J!

      Saya yang menjalankan amanah,

  5. Kok boto apo yg dikhobar an tontang Jeck Seng ni ... mcm mirror Tok Mat.

    Not bad lahhh .. leh cayo .
    Mcm oghang cino cayo kek Tok Mat kek Rantau.


  6. i m shock...and sad..huhuhu

  7. Ingat posan "Benson & Hedges"....



    Ingat Mat Hassan
    Teringat pulak 'dak Rosmelda Mansuh.
    Jgn lupo tuu posan omputeh, "BENSON & HEDGES"

    1. Pak Othman, sudah sudahlah kau menghina mereka. PH dah terbukti gagal. Hatta ramai Cina Tg Piai pun kini dijangka akan undi BN. Business dan mata pencarian mereka juga terjejas teruk akibat kegagalan PH. Sebelum PRU dulu boleh temberang apa saja. Lepas PRU orang dah bosan dengan temberang. Nak lihat pencapaian. Namun PH hanya bawa padah. Bila Pak nak mengaku PH dah gagal? Ayuh join kumpulan yg celik...

    2. Like I said before...

      The devastating impact causing stock market lost of confidence & running away foreign investments - leading to the nation's economy plight are due to....

      1, BN (Borosmah Najib) & Unscrupolous Macai Najib Organization (UMNO) looting, siphoning, extravagant spendings, heavy borrowings + huge interest involving RM hundred billion.

      2. USA-China trade war.

    3. 'J'....

      Bila nak turun Tg Piai untuk kita bersama buat laporan polis/sprm agar Tun M dapat diheret ke mahkamah berhubung kes kerugian forex puluhan bilyon itu,....??

    4. "Hatta ramai Cina Tg Piai pun kini dijangka akan undi BN".

      Kata Mr J.

      Siapa atau pihak mana buat 'jangkaan' sedemikian rupa?
      Jangan-jangan... hang kelentong untuk menyedapkan hati sendiri.

      Sepatutnya, bila hang guna gelaran prof., hujah hang mesti berpandu fakta atau sejarah lampau, bukan hanya untuk menyakitkan hati penyokong PH.

      Sebenarnya, dalam setiap PRK, peratusan keluar pengundi akan rendah. Lainlah jika Kerajaan Negeri atau Pusat akan tumbang, jika kalah dalam PRK.

      Pengundi Cina selalunya mengundi demi kepentingan semasa atau apa keuntungan yang akan mereka perolehi dalam masa terdekat. Bagi mereka yang kebanyakannya peniaga sudah tentu mereka mahukan pembangunan setempat dan lain-lain peruntukkan... hanya Kerajaan yang Memerintah saja mampu menyediakan apa yang dipohon Wakil Rakyat yang mewakili mereka, lebih-lebih lagi jika PRU15 >3 tahun lagi.

      Seperti Pak Othman kata... perang dagangan US-China menjejaskan ekonomi dunia, bukan sahaja melibatkan Malaysia. Sebab itu, Rakyat dibanyak Negara, keluar kejalanraya dan merusuh untu menumbang atau mendesak Kerajaan diNegara mereka diganti.
      Hakikat ini, sudah tentu boleh difahami pengundi di PRK Tanjong Piai.

      Manakala kejatuhan nilai Ringgit adalah akibat hilang kepercayaan kominiti keWANGan antarabangsa terhadap Malaysia akibat gejala rasuah dan pernah dicop sebagai Kleptocracy atau di perintah oleh segerombolan penyamun.
      Diburukkan lagi dengan ketidak-tentuan Brexit dan

      Oleh yang demikian... pada pendapat saya... PRK Tanjung Piai akan dimenangi oleh calon PH dengan majority tipis. Peluang lebih 'cerah' bagi PH apabila melibatkan pertandingan 6 penjuru.

    5. Selain 1mdb, src, felda, tabung haji dll, Najib juga sapu bersih dalam pembelian aset & peralatan pertahanan negara melibatkan berbilyon-bilyon. Dah lupa kerr...

      - kapal2 selam tak boleh menyelam.
      - jet2 pejuang tak boleh terbang.
      - kereta2 perisai & kereta kebal tak kunjung tiba walau pembayaran telah dibuat.

      Baru2 ini, gempak gempita pulak dahh bila Menteri Pertahanan, YB Mat Sabu umumkan helikopter2 yg ditempah & dibuat bayaran oleh Kerajaan BN tak kunjung2 tiba, aper ker hal, ekkk....??

      Tak abis2 BN buat kong X kong.....!!

    6. RD, baca link dari IDE - institut pembangkang yg disiar di Malaysiakini - saudara punya portal aqidah...
      Disamping itu juga baca the Star interviews dengan penduduk Cina Tg Piai. Bacalah saudara. Kebanyakan mereka yg taksub PH tak suka baca....

    7. Pak Othman/RD, pasaran saham negara menjadi pasaran saham paling corot kat Asia lepas PH ambil alih kuasa. Masa DSN menjadi pasaran saham paling lama 'bull run' di dunia. Mencapai tahap paling tinggi menghampiri 1900 mata. Macam macam lagi menjunam saudara kecuali hutang dan harga barang. Keduanya melambung. Aduhai, kalau kita tak jadi pendokong tegar Tun dan PH dah lama kita nampak semua ni. Janganlah hidup dalam denial saudara...ayuh join mereka yg bijak!

    8. Pak Othman, keputusan RCI dah ada. Jelas tuding jari kat Tun. Mahkamah pun dah dua tolak permohonan Tun batalkan keputusan RCI. SPRM dan Polis tunggu apa lagi? Bukankah dulu Kit Siang dan Anwar pun tuduh Tun dan Daim rembat forex. Kenapa kini diam. Seperti biasa Pak, Polis dan SPRM kini hanya jadi alat Tun....jahanam institusi bawah Atuk kau orang..

    9. Mr J... kalau-kalau hang tak baca... nih aku ulang hakikat sebenar mengenai kerugian yang dialami dalam perdagangan matawang atau Currency Trading... FOREX singkatan untuk Foreign Exchange.

      Ketika RCI, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, sebagai penasihat Bank Negara ketika itu, telah mengaku bertanggung-jawab keatas kerugian Forex.

      Yang paling penting, ketika kerugian Forex, tiada WANG yang masuk dalam akuan sesiapa dan Menteri KeWANGan adalah Anwar Ibrahim, bukan PM ketika itu.

      Here goes....

      "Forex is akin to gambling and its legal. Hence, there're absolutely no avenue for anybody 'to bring back the 32 billion' after losing money in currency trading, then quit trading altogether.
      The only option back then, was to keep-on trading more of Rakyat's money on Forex until you get lucky and quit after gaining billions for the nation.
      But then again... you'll be hails as the best Finance Minister the country have ever had. Of-course, Muslims would say its haram to use that those profits from 'gambling' in Forex to built Mosque or sponsor thousands of Pak Imams for Haj pilgrimage.

      By the way... your mind must have been skewed when you wrote '32 billion that went missing'... obviously you're equating it with 1MDB, where hutang-money went missing after transacting around the globe, most of it ended up in rich kapir countries.

      And mind you, loses in forex was not hutang-money, but reserve or surplus held by Bank Negara. Many wealthy countries around the world usually utilized surplus cash to set-up Sovereign Wealth/Investment Fund to generate more income for the country.
      However, at that time, our nation already had Khazanah Nasional. Therefore having another State owned Strategic Wealth/Investment Fund would be deemed stupid, waste of resources, hence would certainly raised a lot of eyebrows and tongue-wagging.

      1MDB started off as TIA (Trengganu Investment Authority), make use of hutang-money, where Jho Low's finger-print was all over the place... as KJ had once said.
      Unfortunately, KJ conveniently turned mute on 1MDB after MACC announced it's probe of RM110 graft in his Ministry, the KBS (Kementerian Belia & Sukan).
      Ehmm... wonder what's the outcome of that probe.

      In contrast with 1MDB, Forex lost of 'RM32 Billion' were debated in Parliament. No cabinet ministers were sacked and Attorney General, replaced. There were also no dubious middlemen giving instruction on behalf of the Prime Minister or Finance Minister, both of whom were different individuals.
      Unlike Najib and Pak Lah, both upon becoming Prime Minister, appointed themselves as Finance Minister too... an act or exploit that would have been frown upon, treated with disgust or strong disapproval by the Rakyat in any civilized kapir-countries.

    10. Ni lagi satu link dari FMT - media kepercayaan saudara. Kali ni Melayu pulak sokong calun BN. Melayu tak tertipu kali kedua. Berdusta ada habuannya. Hari terima habuan dah tiba. Atuk bongkak benar lepas menang PRU14. Bantuan Melayu dipotong dan mereka dituduh malas. Kini Melayu akan tunjukan Atuk siapa sebenarnya yg malas kerja. Parlimen pun tak hadir. Ekonomi merudum gara gara Atuk tak buat link;

    11. 'J'....

      Kamu masih mau menegak benang basah macam isu MO1.
      He he he

      Btw, aku masih menanti-menunggu jawapan mu bila kamu nak turun Tg Piai untuk kita bersama buat laporan polis/sprm agar Tun M dapat diheret ke mahkamah berhubung kes kerugian forex puluhan bilyon itu,....??

      Jawablah segera, toksah terhegeh-hegeh bsnyak songel macam Jalang....!!

    12. 'J'....

      Kamu terang-terang katakan, "Seperti biasa Pak, Polis dan SPRM kini hanya jadi alat Tun....jahanam institusi bawah Atuk kau orang..

      Maklum balasku:
      Ayuh 'J", mari turun Tg Piai, kita bersama buat laporan Polis/SPRM agar Tun M dihadapkan ke mahkamah berdasarkan tuduhan berat yg teramat berat salah laku Tun yg kamu sebut di atas.

      Aku menunggu di Tg Piai
      Othman Ahmad

    13. RD, macam macam cara kau guna nak halalkan forex lesap. Perniagaan konon. Kalau Atuk jahil perniagaan sampai lesap 32 billion forex belum masuk Perwaja 10 billion, skandal Proton rakyat tanggung 400 billion, skandal PKFZ, BMF, Maminco dll kenapa lantik dia jadi PM 7? Rosaklah negara seperti srkarang ni. RCI dah dapati Forex ni ada unsur CBT dan Atuk terlibat. RCI tak percaya lepas tu cari berbagai bagai alasan yg tak masuk akal untuk halalkan dosa Atuk. Anihnya negara hilang duit tapi kroni dan keluarga kaya raya. Wake up RD. Negara tengah rosak bawah Atuk seperti dulu. Berbagai aset negara dah lesap dijual. Duit entah ke mana. Hutang negara naik mendadak 130 billion dlm masa 16 bulan.

    14. RD esq...

      I appreciate your fine elaboration which strongly substantiate Tun M's innocence against those relentless wild baseless accusation made against him over the Forex losses, particularly from the hiding cowards, 'Mr. J" & 'Kejora'.

      Salam perjuangan
      Without Fear And Favour
      Othman Ahmad

  8. Bodohnya Pak Osman, Stock market drop bila PH takeover n terus merudum kat KLSE je

    1. Anon, Pak dan RD dah susah nak ubat. Kalau sebelum PRU mereka kuat temberang dlm blog Shahbudin dan Kluangman. Betapa negara akan mewah dan rakyat akan gembira jika PH naik. Bila PH naik dan kini jelas PH adalah regim yg gagal serta rakyat merana, hutang melambung, aset dijual dan bantuan dipotong. Maka mereka cuba tutup kegagalan ini dengan temberang baru....temberang dah jadi modus operandi dan darah daging PH serta koncu koncu mereka seperti RD dan Pak Othman. Hanya boleh doa mereka temui obat sebelum terlambat...

    2. He he he

      Aci keling estet boleh ler kau gormal - sama level, kan kan kan.....??

  9. Makin menyampah pulak aku baca komen si othman POYO!!

    1. Orang lebih menyampah baca komen hang... langsung tak ada input-minda.

    2. Enon 01:16...

      Sekali kamu menyampah, seribu kali lagi aku menyampah sampah2 persis kamu yg berselerakan-bersepah dgn sampah2 auta tak berfakta.

    3. Ayuh kita buka minda teladani calun Adun TgPiai PH. Katanya org kampung pendapatan bulanan dlm RM1K perlu byk2 bersyukur.. cukup. Tak perlu nak belanja apa2 sgt sekadar minyak kereta sja.

      Apa kata RD bagi cadangan semua pemimpin2 PH pi dok kampung??? Sekok bayaq RM1.5K kan cukup ikut basihat Sardine? Yg dok pi bayaq RM60K+++ sbulan dok bandar kerja sekadar nganga angguk2 geleng2 kepala ikut telunjuk perintah big boss aje memanjang.. performance yelek.. peghabih duit rakyat aje kan RD??

      Menteri2 pula melilau terbang sana sini blur macam burung sekadar bawa balik dalam seluaq, teloq penyu dua biji saja memanjang. Tst tst tst

      Bayangkan berapa Negara akan dpt jimat kewangan. Hantaq semua penimpin dok dkampung ya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. When dumno wanna learn? Hope the grassroot will kick out greddy leader like this they are the one who always sabotage the party and get laba not the grassroot stick to so called perjuangan!!

    1. Si si Senor Carlos Montoya.

      Dumno - son unos locos codiciosos....!!
      Dumno- they are greedy crazy fools...!!

      Que tengas un buen día y saludos.
      Have a nice day & regards.
      Adios senor

  11. Why are talking about UMNO in PRK Tjg Piai? No UMNO candidate. They just want to test how many donkeys they still have. It's all about the top leadership. Org bawah dia tidak dan takkan peduli. Habis PRK mereka balik. Dtg pun utk ambil elaun.

    UMNO tak bertanding pun. Dah jadi persatuan atau kelab? Ini PRK. Bukan PRU. Kuasa pun dh takda masih nak perasan ada barisan.