Saturday 7 September 2013

Strictly Shakespearean Saturday night

(Caution - Pas people are advised not to go through this posting as the following comedy is definitely not the Mat Sabu's ceramah jokes type. Don't waste time on things you can't appreciate, ok)

It's a Saturday night and I'm stuck in my little room feeling all so bored.

I read back my last posting and wondered why I wrote's too long and preachy, I think. Well, never mind....done and posted already.

I'm actually wishing now that I could go somewhere and have fun tonight. Listen to some music or watch a movie with someone nice.

But no such lucks, unfortunately.

Even that Chinese guy is not around. He is in Singapore the whole week.

Of course I can go out alone, but that would be too pathetic.

Unless, of course there is some good theatre show in town. I don't mind watching those on my own.

Shakespeare would be nice.

I really like Shakespeare stuffs. No, it's not because I'm a snob. It's because Shakespeare stuffs are really fun. You just need to know how to appreciate them.

Well, here is a fun Shakespeare sketch by Mr Bean and Dr House titled "A little rewrite",

That's a nice break from politics, right?


  1. Annie Theater Night out8 September 2013 at 03:16

    We should meet more often. There is no reason why Malay bloggers should not meet more often to exchange ideas. The new media allow the exchange of ideas nation wide perfectly so that the Malays are aware of issues.

    But to be more effective sooner or later an NGOs would be better just like UMNO was formed from 56 NGOs.
    Beside it is no way to spend your short life wistfully when you have thousand of readers.
    A theater night out seems to be good fun.
    Remember the theater is natural and old way for revolutionaire to express their social views.

  2. Human society is complicated Annie, some of us at least can do something right together in the natural world .... new life and old death swimming in cycles love finds a way

  3. Just to make you green with envy, last Saturday I attended the play Macbeth at the Globe Theatre here in London. It was wonderfully staged and I wish you could have been here.


  4. Marry the guy! Then company in the evenings is guaranteed. Maybe can even teach the fella to enjoy Shakespeare?

  5. Saya cuma mampu untuk nonton wayang percuma kementerian penerangan. Propaganda pun propaganda lah, asalkan tak payah bayar.