Friday 27 September 2013

Hello darkness, my old friend

Today I met an old friend who knows I'm running this blog.

He said based on my writings these days, I'm not my usual self anymore.

I'm too serious, he said.

In fact, he said I'm more serious these days compared to before I started writing in this blog.

"You used to be a more fun person. Now, you are just too serious that if I don't know you, I might be a bit scared of you," he said.

I guess he is right about part of it. I do tend to take things more seriously these days. But I don't think it's because of writing in this blog.

I think it's the other way around. The problem is me, and not this blog.

I know I'm becoming less easy going these days. Maybe because I'm getting older or maybe because things that happened around me of late have turned me into a more skeptical person.

In the first place, I had not intended this blog to be a serious sopo blog. My postings are mostly just my spontaneous reactions to events or things which I came across in the cyberspace or happenings around me.

I hardly plan or do in-depth research whenever I feel like posting anything.

For instance, when I decided to support Mukhriz Mahathir, it was just because I think he is the only logical choice to lead a new generation of Umno leaders. It's basically just my gut feeling. I never claim it to be otherwise. I'm indeed not some super duper political analyst or writer.

It may be hard for you to believe, but I never even think of supporting Mukhriz because he is the son of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mukhriz doesn't even know who I am and likely doesn't even know of my support for him. I'm also not likely to directly benefit from my support for him.

It was the same when I supported Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman before his retirement from politics.

I support these guys simply because I think that they are good fellas. Nothing more, nothing less. My conscience is clear as far as my support for them is concerned.

As I had explained earlier, I don't really plan what I'm going to write. I just write according to how I feel about things.

This posting, for instence, clearly doesn't have a proper agenda. I just started writing it because I feel like doing so. Whatever which comes out from my mind, I just let it flow on to this page.

I never planned how it will come out or even how the ending will be.

I did most of my previous postings like this.

It's just the way I am these days.

Okay, enough lah....I'm starting to feel sleepy. It is past midnight already.

BTW, I'm missing someone tonight. Probably that's why I'm writing aimlessly in this posting so that I could just bury that pathetic thought. It's pathetic to miss someone who doesn't really give a shit about how we feel.

I know, stupid me.

Well, never mind.

Eh, here is some nice music instead,

Good night


  1. REF: "When I decided to support Mukhriz Mahathir, it was just because I think he is the only logical choice to lead a new generation of Umno leaders."

    Isn't it an issue of the soul's caprice and the virtues of leadership?

    This is the cited hadith: On the authority of Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari: I entered upon The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) with two other men from my tribe. One of the men said, "Give us leadership, O Messenger of Allah," and the other said the same. So The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, "Verily, we do not appoint this matter to whosoever asks for it or whosoever is covetous of it." [Bukhari and Muslim]

    1. Analisis Dulu Mukhriz tu28 September 2013 at 01:07

      Annie, tahap pemikiran anda tak cukup tinggi. Membuat keputusan tanpa sebab. Orang Melayu macam anda lah yang Mahathri/Najib/mukhriz etc harapkan. Carried away by media exposure/advertisement.
      Jika anda fikir betul-betul apa yang anda dan kita tahu mengenai Mukhriz adalah apa yang anda baca di NST dan gambar yang di cetak diakhbar Utusan misalnya.
      Beginilah cara orang India di NST dan Utusan menginfluence pemikiran Melayu, Mahathir lah pejuang bangsa Melayu, pembangunan etc. Ini semua taktik yang digunakan di seluruh dunia.
      Tapi kesan yang ditinggalkan oleh Mahathir ke atas orang Melayu begitu ketara dan maklumat tambahan di luar dari NST, STAR,Utusan kini mudah di capai jadi anda tidak boleh malas.
      Cina dapat subsidi lebih 1 trillion duit Petronas di bawah Mahathir. Anak-anak Mahathir termasuk Mukhriz adalah Pengarah beratus syarikat-syarikat Cina! Ini tidak termasuk mega projek dan hutan-hutan yang hapuskan oleh orang Cina untuk kelapa sawit. Sedangkan wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu memperuntukan 50 untuk simpanan Melayu dan hanya baki untuk di rebut.
      Apa ini tidak anda ambil kira. Yela anda perempuan tak larat nak fikir berat-berat selain dari nak kahwin nak kahwin..
      Diharapkan generasi muda Melayu lebih kritikal dan menggunakan analisis dan fakta.
      Meremajakan UMNO bukan bermakna lantik orang-orang muda. Bagaimana kalau mereka muda mcm KJ tapi korup? Regenaration UMNO adalah revolusi mental. Orang muda tak ada pengalaman dan tiada depth seperti Najib/Rahim Thambi/Isa semua yang menjadi pemimpin UMNO.
      Melayu memerlukan sebanyak input yang boleh dari pemikir Melayu dan alhamdulillah blog seperti anda memainkan peranan. Bayangkan jika anda tidak blog pendapat anda, tiada siapa yang membetulkan persepsi dan cara anda memilih pemipin.
      So now belum terlambat buat analisis...

  2. Ms.Annie, what you are going through, emotionally and intellectually, reflects much of what us 'senior' folks have known and gone through. As the popular saying goes : 'been there, done that'. To tell or even 'advice' you to feel otherwise would not be fair to your 'growing up' progression. But if I may 'assist' or say, help you find a clearer 'roadmap' at this stage of adulthood, it would not be too wrong to 'remind' you that pining and feeling hopelessly lost for lack of response from someone you care reveals an unclear thought process. To have loved and lost is not the same as 'tepuk sebelah tangan'. So Ms.Annie, clear your mind and think fully your situation in order to arrive at the proper mental situation in your current dilema. Pinhai.

    1. Betul tu. Stress, tension are all not necessary.. the sun will still shine the next day.. so why waste your effort and health feeling down?

      You must learn to BLOCK all these dark useless feelings. I once went thru this silly period and had to take anxiety/stress pills - silly me.

      Leaders, please please.. bila dah dilantik jgn lupa daratan, jgn lupa kami yg memberi kamu penuh kepercayaan. Sekarang asyik sengeh macam kerang busuk, nanti dah menang jangan muka tukar jadi harimau pula - sampai semua orang takut nak jumpa!

  3. yesterday Mukhriz, today again Mukhriz.....forever Mukriz !!

    1. Annie loves Mukhriz lah, ni pon tak erti. Poster handsome Mukhriz dah gantung di bilik tidur makcik annie ke belum.? hehehehehe

  4. There is no reason for you to support Mukhriz or any other self proclaimed leader since you do not know him nor does he know you. It is merely a backlash against those others that he is against that you abhors. For all you know he could be worse than them for he has not yet shown his true colours being tak sampai setahun jagung in his position.

    Stop these delusions by leaving the blogosphere and leave to it to the hardened creeps that wanders its corridors.

  5. Melayu kena kelentong UMNO lagi ...kah...kah...kah....

    PM Najib : Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda utk orang2 Melayu (UMNO)....Projek RM100 billion utk kontraktor2 Melayu (UMNO)....kontraktor Melayu PKMM di arah beli Cat 1Malaysia dari Syarikat bumiputera SerSol.

    Annie & Rakan2 : Hidup Najib !! Hidup Mukhriz !! Hidup Melayu (UMNO) !!

    Reporter : PM Najib, siapakah boss Sersol ?

    PM Najib : siapa lagi, anak sayalah... Mohd Nazifuddin Bin Dato’ Sri Najib

    Reporter : kah..kah..kah..Melayu sekali lagi kena dikelentong UMNO.

    1. Hey Berok, apa yang mu tulis ni?

  6. Btl la apa kwn akak tu ckp. Jgn la emo sgt kdg2 tu bt la kelakar skit ek akak.

    org muo

  7. Hello darkness my old friend just like the song from Simon & garfunkel .... Sound of silence

  8. bukan saje anak Najib dapat keuntungan besar dari Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda, tapi anak menteri Nedim Nazri pon hebat jugak mampu beli rumah mewah bernilai hingga RM7 juta, lebih-lebih lagi dapat RM500,000.00 discount pembeliannya atas keistimewaan bumiputera !

    Rakyat marhean hanya mampu sewa rumah saje, bila-lah Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda akan samapi ke tangan kita ?? Rakyat marhean pon nak duduk rumah banglo, natang !!