Friday 13 September 2013

Missing my happiness

It is past 1am and I still can't sleep.

I wish I can write something meaningful to kill off the time until I'm sleepy enough to turn in for the night.

But, honestly, I'm totally uninspired of late. The way Umno leadership is trying to preserve the status quo for the coming party elections has really put me off. I just can't help feeling that way, ok.

My last two postings were just copy and paste jobs.

It was quite pathetic, actually. I didn't even try to analyze the stories which I picked up for those postings except highlighting some of the important points.

I wish I can go back to this place and be inspired again,

It's not that I like the place that much. It's just that I was happy being there.

I want to be happy again as being happy makes me want to write properly again.

As for tonight, I can't really be bothered with things and people such as Umno, Pakatan, Najib, Anwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng and the others.

Why should I? Not as if it makes any difference, isn't it?

Honestly, sometimes I feel like giving up everything, go to that place which is actually not that very nice (most of the people there are particularly horrid), and try to find my happiness again.

Eh, sorry ya, I'm just writing my thoughts at this moment. Sometimes I'm just like this.

So, the next time you see mushy mushy title of my posting like this one, do give it a pass.

Don't waste your time reading it, ok. It's just probably me feeling like shit and got nothing better to do than rambling in this blog.

Ok, I better stop and really try to sleep.

Missing my cigarette before sleep.....


  1. in the end umno will be the next mca .....apa nak buat evevrbody knows what needs to be done but alas umno will be umno nak jaga periok nasi sendiri, bottom line is

    ringgit ringgit ringgit itu saja money talks poliics is secondary

    1. Agenda Kemerdekaan Nasional14 September 2013 at 02:38

      Kita tidak memerlukan Agenda Bumiputera. apa yang kita perlukan adala Agenda Kemerdekaan Nasional yang akan mengekang ketamakkan golongan kapitalis Cina dan India. Ini sama lah seperti New Economic Policy ia merangkumi hal ehwal nasional.
      Agenda Kemerdakaan Nasional akan menetapkan
      1. hak-hak orang Cina tidak boleh melebihi 20% aset negara
      2. hak-hak orang India tidak boleh melebihi 10% aset negara.

      Ini adalah Persekutuan Tanah Melayu jadi kita perlu ada polisi nasional untuk mengawal kekayaan kaum pendatang cina dan India.

      3. Gas dan petrol dan diesel petronas perlu diagihkan sama rata untuk semua kaum asal, Melayu dan bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak.

      4. Chinese exclusion clause seperti di US perlu di adakan untuk menjaga sekuriti Persekutuan dari pencerobohan kerajaan Cina dan Cina Singapura.

      5. Tanah dan hutan tropika adalah hak Persekekutuan dan pendatang Cina dan India tidak boleh memiliki tanah in perpetuiti.

      6. Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu perlu diambil sebagai peramble kepada pembacaan Perlembagaan di mana di sebutkan 50% tanah adalah untuk orang Melayu. Dan bakinya dibahagikan dengan kaum lain.

      7. Pembentukan PEMANDU adalah salah dari segi Perlembagaan dan wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu kerana di anggotai oleh majoriti orang Kristian dan India dan Cina yang kononnya lebih pandai (merit konon) sebab itu mereka di pilih oleh Presiden UMNO. Bahlol!

      Ramai lagi Cina dan India yang pandai atau orang Rusia dan Inggeris yang kita boleh bayar. Jadieder ini adalah pariah yang tidak boleh dipakai oleh orang Melayu untuk menetapkan arah jalan Tanah Melayu.

  2. Well i couldnt sleep too. Feel like im turning into a nocturnal creature. Honestly, I feel the same too. I used to write lots of comments sometimes on your blog, Tok Syed and others too. But ever since there's nothing changed in UMNO, what the heck? They don't listen to the rakyat. What's more important for them is power and their family, sepupu sepapat and to make sure that entah how many generations of their family could live well and kaya raya. I know some Hishamudins relatives and that gangster Nazri's families. BLOODY SOMBONG NAK MAMPUS! But what they don't understand is that by ignoring us is actually backfiring them. I used to live in overseas too. Told my husband to come back as I missed the country but now I feel like its a mistake. The country has changed so much. Not to the better, but worse! Lot worse! Loved the time when Mahathir ruled the country. I really believe that we gonna lose in the next election. Nauzubillah but with these UMNO people attitude, they said they must change buy they WONT change! It is sad. Annie, just FYI, smoking is haram you know. Cigarette wasnt created during Prophet Muhammad's time and yes theres nothing about cigarette written in the quran or hadiths but that doesnt mean its halal. You won't die from eating pork but you'd die from smoking. So which is more haram do you reckon?

  3. .. you are not the only one yang dah fed-up dengan UMNO leadership Annie. Most of us BN supporters share the same feeling. These leaders are truly pathetic and incompetent.

    .. some like Shahrizat memang betul muka tak malu. Takde ke calon lain nak jadi Wanita UMNO head besides her and Azlina? Are we that short of talents in Wanita?

    .. at this rate BN will lose PRU14. The only way for them to still win is if PR is viewed as the worse alternative. If PR sort out their house well (remove the undesirables like Anwar family, Lim family, Karpal family) and have a good Malay candidate for PM, I'm sure they will win Putrajaya in PRU14. As a BN supporter, I will probably couldn't care less by then..

  4. Adapted from the chronicles of a wise man:

    As long as we do not hope we do not fret. Struggling in a good cause is worth the worry it takes. He who trusts the world, the world betrays him. And greed is a perpetual enslavement. He who craves the world, abandons the good hereafter. So enlighten your heart with prayers. The grace of God is the best guidance. And what do you think will happen?

  5. UMNO and its allies had taken us this far, we should thanks them. Unfortunately the generation of the children of the founding fathers are so corrupted that we need to look elsewhere for another set of leaders to take us further.

  6. Umno dah tempah batu nesan dan dah tempahkan untuk malaysia pun sekali
    mca dah rak mau buat apa-apa. tunggu tersungkam dan ditanam
    mic tak pernah buat apa-apa pun dan tolong ramaikan gangster

    pm dah macam lebai malang
    tpm macam pak pandir
    ramai menteri macam nujum pak belalang

  7. It is natural to get fed-up with thing set to against our egocentrism. Yet, at the same time is healthy for our existence and endurance.

    Human problem and relation are day to day phenomena of minds exchange with loads of complexity.

    In every political organizations, the political actors are targeted for scrutinization because they stance and behold sets of political beliefs in their selves-meaning of 'Power'.

    In the nut shell, let our rational, logic and wisdom prevail from others point of views in inception.

  8. Inilah yang dikatakan tanda-tanda kecil kiamat, apabila pemimpin bukanlah yang terbaik diantara kita.

    1. Bro tepat sekali!!!
      Luka bin Luka

      Lipis for Development

  9. That's the Shanghai waterfront isn't it! Wow Auntie Annie, is your mandarin more powerful than your malay or what? The picture looks glitzy ... but it must have been interesting romping around the old Shanghai destinations.

  10. You want to go to Shanghai? Mainland chinese people shit on the streets, in shopping malls and even on the train floors!

    You Malaysian or Chinese?