Thursday 5 September 2013

Wanting to be inspired

Woke up quite late.

Still blur blur from the drugs I consumed last night.

Checked out the news and found this,

Ali Rustam tanding Naib Presiden

and feel not very so well again.

I wish the older leaders could give way to younger ones at the vice president level of the coming Umno election.

Now we got Ali Rustam and TS Isa Samad, both 64, challenging DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, 60; DS Shafie Afdal, 57 and DS Hishammuddin Hussein, 52.

I wish the challengers could be of at least the same age as the incumbents or even younger and fresher.

Not that I'm particularly fond of the incumbents or don't like their older challengers, but it is just that so far, the candidacies of the coming contest for the VP posts seem less than inspiring to me.

Then there is this story in the NST print edition about Umno Youth endorsing four of its outgoing leaders to contest for supreme council seats. (I can't seem to find the online version of the story in the NST webpage or Google news to provide the link).

Their name was announced by Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin -

1. Datuk Razali Ibrahim, the outgoing deputy chief.
2. DS Reezal Merican Naina Merican, the Kepala Batas MP
3. Datuk Sohaimi Shahadan, the Selayang Youth chief
4. Tun Faizal Ismail Aziz, the Umno Youth head of new media unit

Well, let me first say that I'm sorry, as honestly, if I'm an Umno delegate, I would not vote for any of them.

Why? Well, I rather keep the reasons to myself. Otherwise I could be accused of trying to ruin their chances. Let's just say that I am not inspired by their candidacy.

How about you all? You all inspired by these four names? Honestly?

Then again, I'm not an Umno member. My opinion of these candidates technically doesn't count more than just an opinion of a bystander. So, supporters of these leaders shouldn't get too agitated with what I think of them, okay.

It is just the opinion of a Malay (well, in my case a half Malay) who feels entitled to have an opinion on what the Umno leadership should all tak setuju pun tak apa.

Well, that's about it....writing just this much has tires myself again. I better conserve my energy for the rest of the day.


  1. How about Azeez Rahim Mat Rempit for VP of UMNO?

    1. bung mokhtar ok juga !

    2. Azeez Rahim President UMNO!5 September 2013 at 22:43

      Hell, since Rosmah love Azeez Rahim so much we might as well vote him as UMNO President.
      Indian like Mahathir or Anwar ok what??!

    3. Sokong 110%

      Indian rule ok
      They already ruled the underworld, who rules all of us

  2. Cannot comment on their performances as tak kenal maka tak cinta.

    However, I can see the impact on our Youths in my kampung ... So different from the days of TDM. Activities berlambak2 and banyak motivasi diberi kpd mereka buka business, attend kursus kemahiran and kalau bola tu, padang each day fully occupied. Sekarang Elek..

  3. My problem is that right now there are no one worth contemplating at the youth level, be it Wanita (except for Rosnah Shirlin) or Pemuda. Slim pickings la ...

  4. I think Rosmah should got for Wanita head

  5. At least I would go for Sohaimi Shahadan

  6. I don't envy those delegates. It's like they're damned with whoever they vote in.

    Btw, you've been sick quite a bit. Perhaps it's time for a full medical checkup.

  7. From my own personal experience with SS, this guy is gila publisiti to project his image. Kerap masuk akhbar2 dan TV konon pejuang masyarakat, misalnya dia lah juara isu air di Selangor. Pernah gantung banner menonjol imej sendiri semasa perhimpunan Umno beberapa tahun dulu.

    Will never vote for this kind of character.