Wednesday 2 October 2013

Losing interest in Chinese

Someone asked me today why I didn't write anything about the DAP's CEC elections or the ongoing fight between MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek and his deputy DS Liow Tiong Lai.

My honest answer was that, I'm fed-up with them.

I don't feel that they worth my time and energy.

As far as I'm concerned whatever happened within those parties would be for the Chinese community to decide.

Someone like me should just stay off it as I think my opinion doesn't matter much as far as these Chinese-based parties internal matters were concerned.

The Chinese community had send a clear message in GE13 that they can take care of themselves, so, I'm abiding by it.

Let them decide for themselves on such matter.

Even if their politicians want to tear each other up, I wouldn't give a damn.

If they, the Chinese community decide that they are okay being ruled by the Lim dynasty and live in their own urban enclaves, then by all means, they should be allowed to do so.

Well, all that are fine by me as long as they don't disturb me.

Honestly, I wouldn't want to care about what they want to do.

In fact, I think I have lost interest in almost everything Chinese after GE13.

It's not that I hate them or anything like that.

I'm just not interested in them anymore. That is all there is to it.

I used to admire the culture and philosophies of the Chinese, but now I just feel indifferent to all that. My mother may get sad if she read this, but this is how I honestly feel about it.

I wish I'm not like this, but after what happened in GE13, I have to admit that I have become disillusioned with the whole thing.

It's not that I stopped eating using chopstick all together. But nowadays I wouldn't insist on having one whenever I'm served with noodles or other Chinese food. Previously, I even carried one with me, just in case. You know, one of those cute ones in special casing sold at that Japanese RM5 mart Daisho.


  1. Everyone is out to fend for themselves now. It's ok Annie. We can take care of ourselves.

    1. No need to be sad. The reason why your chinese mother ran away from China is the real reason to be sad. China is a land of sadness. China needs to be broken up so that the people can be happy. Communism is required when there is religious vacuum. Goodness can only come from religious teaching though of course it is the tool of scoundrels too. But basic philosophies of human civilisation started from religious theories.
      If China is so great why did the Chinese need to migrate? Why are Chinese like Yeoh Tsuan or Guan Eng not queuing to go back to China with all its development?
      So definitely no reason for your mum to be sad.
      Going back to China is definitely more saddening.

    2. Forget about China being broken up anytime soon. It's not going to happen in your lifetime nor that of your children's nor your grandchildren's.

      As for your views on religion, the best I can say is that it is good for those who don't understand science.

      As to why the Chinese left China, I will assume you meant the mass exodus from around 1860s to about 1930s.

      In 1864, there was the Taiping Revolution and farmland was destroyed by the warring factions. As a result, many Chinese starved.

      The Chinese had always known about Peninsular Malaya from about the 1200s(?) and of cos, right into the 1800s.

      So, many Chinese decided to escape the hunger and poverty to find a place of sanctuary.

      The harmonious and peaceful way of life in Malaya with the Malays, the Indians, the Indonesians, the British, etc etc, was a huge attraction to the Chinese.

      Over time, the discovery of tin was also a big attraction and many Chinese came out to Malaya right up to the 1930s(?).

      Malays, Chinese and Indians got together well and live peacefully together and helped each other up until 1969 when the world changed for everybody in Malaysia.

      Malaysians of Chinese ancestry do not see China as a homeland for the same reason Malaysian Indians do not see India as a homeland and Malaysian Malays do not see Indonesia as a homeland.

      Hope this helps you somewhat.

    3. Malays, Chinese and Indians got together well and live peacefully together and helped each other up until 1969?

      Yes, chinese as the towkays, malays as the kulis or in the jungle and Indians somewhere in between. That's perfect eh?

    4. China will split4 October 2013 at 01:51

      "Malaysians of Chinese ancestry do not see China as a homeland for the same reason Malaysian Indians do not see India as a homeland"

      We dont buy this shit. The Indians are full going back to chennai, mumbai keeping close contacts with their culture and families backhome. Robert Kuok is there in Macau.

      So things are defintely changing. The Malays Sultanate was colonised before but now Malays are ruling the Federation.

      Though Chinese are not thinking of going back to China, many have migrated to western country. Truth is they are ashamed of china despite its growth on the back of slavery like foxcon.

      Well UMNO should be fair and provide help for chinese to migrate who now have to bear all their costs.

      Look at US. They are now equally divided. Look at Russia they split.
      China..not impossible with the internet.

  2. So true. Why care about people who only care about themselves?

  3. MALACCA: A study by a group of researchers has deduced that the Malays originated from West Asia, thus debunking a widely accepted theory that they are from Yunan, southern China, said Malay World Islamic World (DMDI) president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

    He said the 20-year scientific study, which were conducted by three local researchers, was supported by empirical evidence.

    The researchers are Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's Institute of Malay World and Civilisation principal research fellow Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Nik Hassan Suhaimi Nik Abd Rahman, National Defence University of Malaysia Faculty Defence Studies and Management lecturer Prof Datuk Dr Wan Hashim Wan Teh, and Suara Pribumi chairman Zaharah Sulaiman.

    "If genetic tests were anything to go by, our deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) does not match that of the people of Yunan but matches that of West Asians.

    "This study is important because the DNA determines our ancestry and our origin. As the new findings are very strong and can be defended, a book on them will be published," he told reporters after the opening of a regional symposium on tracing the Malay roots here, today. -- BERNAMA

    note: Malays and chinese have different roots. How to merge?

    1. jadi skrg bukti ni bolehlah digunakan utk meng ARAB kan lagi org melayu...hadoyai..jgnlah..tracing malay root apenye ni...melayu tu bangsa yg kosmopolitan sejak dr kurun 15 lagi..dan mungkin dr zaman sriwijaya..dah bercampur gaul kawin campur..tu psl budaya dia pun unik psl campuran sana dan sini..udah2x le tu ade gak aku bc melayu ni sebahagian dr lost tribe of israel lah...ntahpape semua politik je ni...root malay bukan setakat asia barat tapi dari serata asia..termasuk dr the way how malay and chinese ask annie how her parent manage to do it?

    2. why making so much fuss about the root of a race? can put food on the plate ker? so much time and life are wasted over this race and root of race.. life is so much easier if we think we ALL belong to the same Adam and Eve..

    3. ....said Malay World Islamic World (DMDI) president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, anon 05:41, you must be kidding !! hehehehe

    4. Ali Rustam Bahlol2 October 2013 at 17:38

      Ali Rustam tu bahlol. Mcam mana orang Arab boleh sampai ke Tanah Melayu dulu sebelum sampai India yang lebih dekat.
      Sebab tu ali rustam kalah undi.
      Generasi Melayu bodoh.
      Orang dah ada Lembah Lenggung dah ada proto Malay dah ada tool 2 juta tahun nak kata Melayu datang dari Timur Tengah.

      Itu semua auta Ali Bodoh. Orang dah kata Proto Malay adalah asal manusia, jadi macam mana kalau 2 juta tahun dulu dah ada manusia kat Tanah Melayu mereka datang dari Timur Tengah bila pula?

    5. Mana ada manusia di dunia ni 2 juta tahun dulu? Lainlah kalau ko percaya teori evolusi, manusia asalnya dari monyet!

    6. To be honest, I would treat such claims by any Malaysian researcher with some suspicion.

      Their desire not to be associated with anything remotely Chinese seems to override their scientific training for objective research.

      There was, apparently, also a claim last year, by Zaharah Sulaiman, a historian, who supposedly said that Malays are the ancestors of the human race.

      With such wild unsubstantiated claims, I am not surprised if Malaysians are the laughing stock of the scientific world.

  4. You are right Annie ,what ever you said does not have any influence on them ,the Chinese are on their own ,and the Melayu is on their own too. The Chinese goes to SRJK(C) the Malay goes to Sekolah Kebangsan and they can't communicate with each other ,so why should they bother of each other ,after all they just like the fish sharing the same space of water.

    The Mlay had given the Chinese to much space to be with them ,until they don't bother to appreciates anymore , and now they feel that if the Mlay could give so much ,instead they (Chinese ) being adaptable to the Mlay ,why cant the Maly make an adaptation to them instead .

    1. There are now 80,000 Malay pupils in Chinese schools.

      And the number looks increasing. Some years ago, the number was 60,000.

    2. If that the indicator " number look increasing " then a suggestion could be made that the government must closed Sekolah Kebangsaan ,to achieve 1 Malaysia Chinese version.

    3. Malay who send their children to chinese schools are mostly Indonesian who born in Malaysia where they can't enter the govt schools as their parents have no proper documents.

    4. anon 15:12..ya rite.

  5. Based on the Global Study of Human Civilization (Not as small minded as the Melayu only Study), the Human Race Migrated from the Rift Valley in Africa. One Group going North to North West to Europe and Scandinavia, another Eastwards towards the Far East towards China and Southeast Asia. Jadi tak salah lah kalau dikatakan Melayu datang dari timur (bukan saja melayu tapi termasuk juga bangsa cina). Melayu Professors Finding nothing New tetapi selalu ingat dia orang saja tahu!

    1. KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 — Malaysia came in second among Southeast Asian nations, pipped only by Singapore in the first global human capital rankings by the World Economic Forum (WEF) released yesterday.

      In the WEF Human Capital Index (HCI) 2013, which measures a country’s ability to develop and nurture healthy, educated and able workers, Malaysia emerged top among upper-middle income nations, beating China, neighbouring Thailand, Costa Rica and Panama.

      Malaysia came in 22nd out of 122 countries surveyed globally, which according to the WEF report, represents over 90 per cent of the world’s population.

      The WEF measures how well a country does in four areas it calls “pillars”, namely access and quality of education from primary all the way to university-level; the physical and mental health of its people from childhood to adult; its workforce, which it attempts to quantify based on experience, talent, training and skills mismatches among working-age populations; and environment factors such as the law and infrastructure that enable returns on human capital.

      In the Asia-Pacific region, Malaysia placed fifth, after Singapore, New Zealand, Japan and Australia in that order.

    2. Simplistic. Read up on the genome project. It's rather more complicated than what you suggest.

    3. And besides, going by your argument some of us went east from Africa. Does that not mean we came from the West, exactly as the Melayu professors said? Or did your kind fly direct to Shanghai? Anyone can fly on dragons?

    4. Singapore dont count. Its not a country its a bumpkin village of chinese too. So Malaysia is second to Japan in Asia.

    5. KUALA LUMPUR: While a single education system would be ideal, the problem of quality in national schools should be addressed first, said Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

      "Unity is important and education is an important platform is fostering it among young people, but we should get out priorities right. The quality of schools has to be improved," said the Umno supreme council member on Sunday.

      He was responding to a question about whether abolishing vernacular schools would be good for unity at the Seventh Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit Sunday morning.

      The former Deputy Higher Education Minister believed that many parents sent their children to Chinese vernacular schools because of their prowess in Mathematics and Science.

      "There is a push and pull factor why non-Malay parents don't send their children to national schools. It's mainly about quality," he said adding that even Malay parents are sending their children to Chinese schools.

      An estimated 80,000 non-chinese students are studying in Chinese schools in the country.

      He also believed that many national schools are becoming like sekolah agama (religious schools).

      "Even I, as a Malay Muslim, got that feeling. My standard three daughter was singled out because she was not wearing a baju kurung. There are all kinds of stories that make people believe this," he said.

      He even said that many parents were sending their children to private religious schools, which he believed were more open and progressive than national schools.

      "The results in these schools are good and they are more active in co-curricular activities," he said.

      Ideas CEO Wan Saiful Wan Jan said that people should be given a choice of schools they would like to attend.
      "I strongly believe in the need for choice. In having that choice, we have to make sure that we do not become divided," he said.

    6. Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah is a malay liberal, we can expect that comment from such person. What had he done when he was a deputy minister? Typical commnet of a "retired" person too.

    7. Don't we need to have quality schools which are able to develop the critical intelligence of our children in order to provide them a sound basis for true faith in God Most High? :


      Text: On humility, courage, empathy, integrity, perseverance, faith and fairmindedness

  6. .. Annie, you and I are so much alike. I have Chinese blood in me too. Look more like Chinese than Malay. At present, totally fed-up with the Chinese. Recently I was conned by a Chinese company - so bertambah menyampah.

    The Chinese think that they should live in vacuum. I think they are right. Let's live them alone. Even if they shout the loudest, showing tantrums here and there.. we should just buat pekak and tak nampak aje. Any Malays who wants to be Cina wannabes should be ignored too.

    1. anon 09:09...why no make police report if conned by a Chinese company ? Pls-lah go make laporan polis kasi tangkap sama kaki tipu cina tu.

  7. Annie, your opinion about the ungrateful Chinese doesn't matter since you are so so anti the Chinese. Please, concentrate to give your opinion about Mukhriz that matter to everyone.

  8. Annie,

    Maybe you should just masuk Islam..Give up your chinese family name and adopt the Abdullah name and jadi bumiputra! Take your time to find a dungu malay boy from an ulu kampung and have a malay sonor daughter. That way you can forget your past life and devote your life to help the malays.

    1. anon 13:55, Annie tu Melayu lah... some people called her Makcik Annie, and u don't be racist like annie ok.
      There is nothing great about cina, melayu,india , mat salleh.....all are born equal okay.

    2. lu terasa hatikah apek? tak payah sibuklah nak ajar annie..dia mau jdi melayu bodo kah..kawin melayu bodoh kah jgnlah sibuk lu..melayu pun tak helan sama org cina perasan bagus mcm lu lah

  9. Annie, I don't think the Chinese (excepting your mum) are too bothered about what you think either. This is fine. Let's just leave them alone. I think we need to concern ourselves with the rampant corruption and (for want of a better word - stupidity) in the Government. Reading the Auditor General's report really makes one's blood boil.

    1. the auditor general report showcase the best 'ability' of UMNO administrating the country.
      Hidup UMNO, Mati Rakyat, Annie Tetap Sokong UMNO !!

    2. Confucius says: "If you do not have the consciousness of the Heavenly Truth in yourself, then what business do you have wasting your time in vain efforts to bring corrupt officials to the right path?"

  10. Talking about tantrums Annie, I, too, feel that they are the loudest. Yet when the real action takes place, they are most likely to be arm chair critics typing away at a safe distance from their keyboards. This is what they are reduced to these days hence the tantrums. These types, Annie, you don't take them seriously. Real respect goes to the comrades, battling it out in the fields and staying true to the fraternity.

  11. missing gun.....
    IGP : semua 'missing gun' sudah jatuh ke laut, dah tak boleh recover, hehehehehe

    missing wang....
    UMNO minister : wang sudah digunakan beli kereta mewah and upgrade girlfriends, hehehehe

    Annie: kah..kah..kah.... tetap sokong !!

    1. Kalau MACC tak dapat Cari Missing Wang Sudah tentu jatuh ke laut juga!

  12. Tanda-tanda bahawa UMNO akan berkubur tidak lama lagi memang dah banyak. Sebab itu orang UMNO sibuk mengaut sebanyak mana yang dapat dari harta-harta negara ini. PM, DPM, Jemaah Menteri, KSU sibuk memberi kontrak berjuta malah berbelion kepada konco-konco mereka, lazimya dua atau tiga kali ganda harga sepututnya.

    Wahai ahli-ahli UMNO, sedarlah atas apa yang sedang dilakukan oleh ketua-ketua kamu. Sekiranya kamu tak berbuat sesuatu, kamu juga akan dipertanggungjawabkan.

  13. Kepada Anon2 Melayu yg bahalol tuuuu... ko sokong laaa perti bar alip bar ya tuuu atas dasar konon perjuangkan apa kesamarataan, hak asasi ke apa ke bala tu konon!!!!! pirah!!!!! ko suka anak cucu ko merempat kat tanah air sendiri macam Singaporeee???? Melayu memang Bahalol dan dungu!!!!!

  14. Considering the political circumstances, pakatan rakyat is helping umno to be in power for years. Please yell more about bumi policy, because more malay votes would go to umno on next election. Dasar pendatang yang tak bersyukur.

  15. the chinese in Malaysia

    all out 100% vote pun cannot over-vote separuh registered Malay voters


    go on dreaming

    bangsa cin'a' peng skrg kat Malaysia kira macam pariah la class

    -lim phang sai-