Thursday 27 August 2015

OMG, Zam angry with Annie...I think

A commenter in my last posting alerted me about TS Zainuddin Maidin's (Zam) mentioning about my blog.


ZAM has an interesting take on you... Come to think of it definitely makes sense. You have been exposed. What say you?
And this is what Zam wrote about me and my blog in his posting
Ada sesaorang yang menulis kepada saya secara subtle, tersusun licin faktanya,halus dalam penyampaiannya.Mungkin dia seorang" Intelligence" yang cuba menjustifikasikan RM2.6 billion yang dimasukan  ke dalam akaun Presiden UMNO Datuk Seri Najib sebagai sumbangan untuk perjuangan Malaysia menentang Syiah dan IS dan untuk usaha perdamaian di Filifina dan Selatan Thai.

Setelah sense tujuan jahatnya saya tidak menyiarkannya kerana ini adalah cerita pendek rekaan yang karut marut untuk membersihkan nama Najib. Bagaimanapun untuk mengetahuinya anda bolehlah membacanya di  Blog Life of Anne yang dipersembahkannya secara bijak juga untuk menarik anda membacanya dan sebagai menjalankan tanggungjawab kesetiaannya. 

Bagi saya tulisan ini jika disiarkan hanyalah akan menghilangkan kredibliti blog saya.Bacalah cerita ini  di Life of Of Anne dan kemudian anda akan juga dapat mengenali lebih dekat siapa Life Of Anne dan boleh belajar spinning informasi  tidak secara Bangang untuk menunjukan Najib tidk memerlukan wang itu kerana dia  sememangnya adalah dari keluarga kaya.

Penulis ini sebenarnya  cuba menggambarkan seolah-olah dia telah mendedahkan rahsia besar kerajaan untuk meyakinkan pembaca.

Apapun ia menggambarkan  posting Mahathir yang terkini mengenai RM2.6 Billion amat meyakinkan dan  menggerunkan yang memerlukan usaha untuk membersihkannya.

Well Tan Sri, the truth is, I'm actually quite honored that you took the trouble to check out my insignificant anonymous blog.
By the way, my name is Annie and not Anne.
Sincerely, I always regard you as my senior and respect you for that.
Those who know me will understand why I said you are my senior.
Out of respect for you as a senior journalist and blogger, I think I should explain to you why I published that comment written by probably the same person who wrote to you about the "karut marut" story.
I can sense that you are displeased with me for publishing that "karut marut" story.
This is exactly what happened, okay.
I had earlier in the morning, before going to work, posted this,
Quite a number of people read it but there were very few comments coming.
By afternoon, I decided that the posting was boring and most readers can't be bothered with it.
So, I thought of writing something more interesting for the day but unfortunately nothing came to my head.
Then I remembered that three-parts comments somebody sent which got nothing to do with my boring posting.
It may be "karut marut" to you Tan Sri, but I found it to be interesting.
As, I wrote in that post
I don't know whether the story told by the commenter was true.
I also never ask those who read it to believe it.
It's just an interesting story.
That's all.
No matter how ridiculous you find it to be, I still think that it's an interesting story and deserved to be read.
Who knows, maybe someone may be inspired by it to write a mystery novel or something.
By the way, that post attracted quite a lot of comments, which mostly think that the story was not true.
I published all of those comments.
That includes those who call me bimbo, stupid etc.
Well, I've been called worse and still published the comments.
As a blogger, I practice minimum censorship because I believe in freedom of expression.
Only in extreme cases that I don't publish comments. 
Unlike you Tan Sri, I never really tried to make my blog credible.
After all, I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger and never pretend to be anything else.
Those who regularly read my blog would notice that I just write about whatever is in my heart and things that I found interesting.
Sometimes I wrote about what I eat, my dates, movies that I watched and lately even motorcycle races that I like so much.
I always appreciate those who read my blog, especially when they leave comments, but it's okay if they don't like my writing anymore.
I admit that my blog is not intellectual or anything like that as compared to those of the prominent bloggers like Tan Sri.
So, it's okay for people not to read it.
As for me menjalankan tanggungjawab kesetiaannya   I think Tan Sri, being a fair man that I think you are, you should have a look at this posting of mine,
Go ahead Tan Sri, just click on it and read it, okay.
Then maybe Tan Sri will not be too judgmental of me based on a single posting which I did on a whim.
Thank you.


  1. Annie, come join Bersih.... =)

    Very funny and true about our nation....

    Very sad, we have buggers in government and buggers sympathisers...very sad


  2. Najib masuk 2,6 billions, lain olang galoh , manyak susah maa aa ini macam .

    Wa tatk tau lea aa , tapi Wa ingat ini hat bolih jadi manyak besar lor rr , mungkin atak olang akan cedela , mungkin juga mati lea aa .

    Sana pecat ,sini pechat ,Wa tak tau lea aa apa lagi akan jadi lor rr ,stu olang punya hat semua jadi huru hara maa aa .

    Manyak tatak patut lea aa .

  3. Tu la annie..kau main siar jer..tau la ni blog kau..sekarang sudah kena taruk dgn otai..sampah jgn la dijadikan berita apatah lg sampah yg dtg dr PMO..

  4. Annie, as a die hard BN supporter, i am disgusted with the current Government. I might still vote for BN next round but if DS Najib is still around, that is a different story. As a reader, we have enough intelligence ourselves to make our own mind, and unfortunately some people just cannot accept facts: no matter how much you believe how true a claim is, if others do not believe, they will just not believe. Period. You dont have to be angry or upset, that is another persons right to have their own mind. With all the facts on what is happening around, it is harder for common people to believe in the current government anymore. Period.

    1. Me still vote BN. At least i know them rather than the other one who aways potrayed themselves bersih telus cekap bagai but tkde la tak sgt pun.own ally pun boleh serang kutuk gertak . BN as one. Yg satu ni too many heads all want to b leader. I will vote BN and pls najib do sumthin org dh tk suka u bini so pls ....step down gracefully jgn tamak. U hve ur best let other pulak

  5. Well Annie, you may remember that many months ago Najib's people reprimanded Datuk Zam for posting articles critical of 1MDB...

  6. Hi Annie. I like to read your writings. Very direct and down to earth.

    Please do not take Zam's words seriously. His blog is difficult to understand. Maybe he expects us to read between the lines and understand his subtle message....

    Some seniors (except for TDM) are just too sensitive and like to pass judgement too easily...

    Anyway, please continue with your style. Will support you always!

    1. Orang pencen yang suka belit dan berkarat.

  7. Latest.....


    For Najib Razak, the Malaysian prime minister beset by controversy over nearly £450 million paid into his personal bank account, the timing of a global anti-corruption conference in Kuala Lumpur next week could not be more awkward.

    The embattled leader has now quietly cancelled his scheduled speech to 2,000 delegates on the opening day of the International Anti-Corruption Conference that his country is hosting.

    The summit, which is organised by the Transparency International, the world’s leading anti-corruption organisation, is held every two years in different locations.

    Source -

    1. Who will save your soul Jibby, after all the lies you told?

    2. Dearest Annie,

      By operating a blog, getting bollocks directed at you every now & then comes with the territory. You've 'been around the block' long enough that I'd half-expected you to be able to dismiss it with a wryly smile..

      Granted that I don't share your rather persistent belief (,if not pining) that DSN is clean; in the face of despicable, unrefuted & damaging evidence uptodate. But DO keep up with the way you do, for as long as your principles remain true.

      As with some of your other readers, I too, find your writings simply quite a delight.

      Btw, that bit about S. Arabia being the donor..well..have a go reading the link below & reconsider..


  8. Dear Annie

    Just an observation.

    Since his premiership, PM Najib has used some pretty harsh words to describe the Malays 'subtlely'

    Haram jadah



    Why is he using such words on his own race?

    Even though the non Malays do not support him, he doesn't describe them as such.

    Something to ponder upon.

    Tun M has never used such bahasa kesat on his own race. Instead he tried his best to help sedarkan the Malays.

    Are you, the Malays, getting the kind of leader you deserve?


    1. Najib is not so bangsawan after all kahkahkahkah

    2. A bangsawan trying too hard to prove that he is also a commoner (sebab nak pancing undi)

  9. Annie, you're a naturally engaging writer. I simply LOVE your blog. I wish I could write like you.

  10. Jibby the puki

  11. Geng Mamak versus Melayu Nusantara.

    Malacca historical political battle repeats itself.

    Cina, macam biasa, cari makan...

    1. must be as stupid as that tan sri....

      >james bond

    2. i pull back my words....i dont know you and i dont know who is that tan sri...haiz...sorry....

      >james bond

  12. should check the latesr oosting by zam

  13. Annie,

    Isu donation tidak akan menjadi besar kalau ianya memang donation dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan 1MDB.

  14. Melayu patut malu kerana mengharapkan mamak yang berusia 90 tahun untuk menyekat pencabulan terhadap negara oleh bugis yang beristerikan minang. Muhyiddin glamor bila menjawab Malay 1st. Bugis ini tidak habis2 mengetepikan Melayu hingga membangsatkan orang Melayu. Kononnya orang bugis keturunan salah seorang nabi agaknya.

    1. Mamak tu masih tak kenyang2 dah ketagih. Semua kena ikut perentah dia kalau tidak akan dipecat.

  15. Najib is still the best..