Friday 23 August 2013

Advisers think PM doesn't need independent pro-BN bloggers

This latest very witty posting by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made my day today,


The title, however, reminds me of another advise allegedly given recently to our current PM DS Najib Razak - "just ignore the pesky independent pro-BN bloggers".

I was told of this by a senior media practitioner who seems to know quite a bit about what's happening at the PM's office.

Who gave such an advice to the PM?

Well, his advisers, of course.

Yes, the very same advisers who are being constantly whacked these days by the independent pro-BN bloggers for allegedly giving stupid advises to the PM.

I think that sorts of explain why the advisers had advised the PM not to listen to the bloggers.

Well, I don't know whether the PM accepted that advise, but if he did, I do understand, because the PM himself has been quite heavily criticized by some of these independent pro-BN bloggers of late.

It was said that these PM's advisers had concluded that this type of bloggers who supposedly support BN but at the same time criticize the leadership of the coalition when they feel necessary were not worth to be considered as assets in facing the opposition.

They are too much of loose cannons and too hard to control.

They feel that easier to control teams of hired cybertroopers should take over the leading role in the cyberwar by BN against Pakatan from the bloggers including the most seniors among them.

And of course these advisers will have better access to whatever budget to be allocated to finance the cyberwar against the much more coordinated Pakatan cybertroopers.

The PM's advisers were also said to have tighten their grip on the pro-BN mainstream media by placing their chosen ones to control those media organizations.

They were believed to soon gain complete control of the biggest media organization in the country, Media Prima through the power consolidation of their proxy there, a former boss of Utusan Malaysia.

It will be interesting to see how far these PM's advisers may go and whether we will have another "fourth floor crisis" such as the one which happened during Pak Lah's time as PM.


  1. I waited since Ramadan to read Dr Mahathir response to the Awakening book revelation and Dr M response is to be expected to sound this way. Marvellous man at 88 still as sharp as ever.
    There can't another PM of Malaysia like him

    All PM need advisers but najib razak advisers past and present are hopeless and useless. He also has many consultans. This makes him hopeless too. We were expecting the brilliamce of Tun Razak be displayed in him. Mahaathir couldn't be wrong.

    najib put all of us in shit we had never imagined
    nothing goes right now
    cabinet najib bukan half past six lagi, quarter past six pun tak qualified. tak boleh settle banyak perkara. apa bala ni ?

    mampuih la kito

  2. Tun M's response as always tepat, padat and panas. You're the best Tun!! Love you!!

    As for Najib, I had high hopes that he would be a worthy successor to Tun M after the tragic Tun D reign. But after GE13, cabinet appointments, GLC head appointments, I'm beginning to lose hope. When he supported Nazri's son appointment, I lost hope. When he appointed Shahrizat, I think he has totally lost it.

    A lot of people blame his wife, advisers and consultants but to me the buck stops at him. All leaders will have advisers but a good leader will know which advice to take and which to discard. A great leader will know how to use the advisers instead of allowing the advisers to use him.

    We need a new PM. Those with vision and no family baggage.

  3. who wouldnt attack and criticize him....he kept making all the wrong moves..he went and appoint sharizat jalil as adviser for what??? and no guts to confirm them..sharizat yg mmg sah muka x malu sendri g mengaku n confirm..and shall we begin with nazri aziz and his stupid family....goshh...he listens to all d wrong advise but mostly doesnt he has his own brain to think what is the best decisions ...or his balls are being squeezed by rosmah each time he is making a decision?..if he doesnt listen to the bloggers he will loose the next election...CONFIRMMMMM

    1. Elections is 5 years away. If we wait 5 years, susah lah Malaysia. Tukar sahaja asap.

    2. Lancau lu bodoh punya cina...kalah kalah la....

    3. I'm quite sure he didnt mean tukar the Govt but the one in the article. Rileks brader. Jgn melatah...

  4. all the more reason to change the President with more competent, reliable person

  5. Buku Pak Lah "Awakening" hanya dijawab Dr Mahathir sekadar sepanjang sebelas para tetapi jelas, mudah dan lengkap.
    Itu pun dah terbukti bezanya seorang negarawan, intelektual tulen dengan yang tidak mempunyai ciri-ciri tersebut.

    Awakening adalah koleksi tulisan orang lain bukan hasil pena atau buah fikiran empunya buku.

    Che Det tulis melalui tangannya sendiri.

  6. Cool...hah...hah....Jgn usik Singa yg tidur, d different between Tun M n Pak lah is Tun M know fact n figures...sebab tu dulu if Tun M dtg nak buat site visit, engineers pun gubra,coz Tun will ask technical things, which mean he did homework before went to any site visit....

  7. I recently met one of the 'top tier' PM's advisors at a Buka Puasa. The guys behaves like a pondan. Looks like a pondan. Talks like a pondan. Not what one wud expect of an Advisor to the Prime Minister of 28 million people.

    The pondan guy had bought an expensive German sports car AFTER the May 5th Elections. Conventional wisdom is he sapu some of the campaign moneys that were entrusted to him. When the Blogs broke the story, the dunggu sold the German sports car. I really dont know where and why Dato Sewel gets all these pondan clowns in his advisory team. The PM is not clever at all. He is a nice guy but he aint got no brains. This is the problem. The real problem. If the PM dont quit or step down two things will happen - 1. he will get thrtown out 2. BN will get thrown out.

    Syed Akbar Ali

    1. Obviously, Najib's leadership is now similar to stage 4 testicular cancer, whichever way it is treated, he will not be of much use going forward.

      The million dollar question is who amongst the remaining UMNO top echelon is fit to take over and be a better leader, although it doesn't take much to be better than Najib.

      Both Pak Lah and Najib look reasonable bet to carry on the good work of Tun M. Sadly, once in the chair, they proved to be dud. Both don't have a mind of his own, having to rely on a band of advisors and consultants to formulate policies. Neither have the attention to details that Tun M have, which is crucial to sound policy implementations. Both do not have any clue of how to handle difficult situation and worse both have populist mentality, until the truth emerged in GE12 and GE13.

      Removing Najib is only a small part of the country's leadership dilemna. Replacing him need to be handled carefully. We can't afford to keep on appointing and replacing our leaders at short intervals. Muhyiddin, Zahid, Hisham or KJ might not be that smart after all.

      Perhaps we should do like Japan, they replaced the Liberal party, which reinvent itself and then return to power the more the wiser.

      Time for UMNO to take a sabbatical, there are so many leeches there.

    2. " Muhyiddin, Zahid, Hisham or KJ might not be that smart after all. "

      Of the 4 names I think KJ is the smartest. The other 3 are tainted in their own way; have their cohort of Cina supporters whom they will need to placate (notwithstanding one of the said he is Malay first...just check his record in Johor) and are not smart at all. Will be another disaster in the making.

    3. syed akhbar ali...duit RM1 juta blog house terima mana? Komplen orng banyak pandai...sendiri sapu bersih

    4. Syed Akbar Ali is an Indian like Mahathir ma... so be careful.
      Dia nak cari duit je mcm India lain dalam UMNO.
      Syed Akbar Ali bukan Melayu dan dia selalu caci orang Melayu dalam blog dia.
      Dia panggil Mahathir kekanda hehe...

  8. Annie, you are the best of the best UMNO's blogger in town. Keep up the fight to remove Najib from the PM seat !!

    Oh ya, when is Annie and senior media practitioner Rockybru going to start the Mukriz for PM campaign ??

    Najib is digging is own grave now by releasing the Altantuya's murderers. Now, Madey, Annie and gangs, PR all bantai Najib,soon we gonna to have a new PM !!

  9. Annie, PM's no 1 advisor is no other that your ex-schoolmate in Johor, Omar Ong.

  10. This is how the cyberwar should be waged:

    1) In any article criticising UMNO or any Malay-institution, the comments shall defend UMNO and said institution relentlessly.

    2) Cyber troopers shall point out the deficiencies of the opposition to contrast it against the alleged deficiencies of UMNO, while diminishing or dismissing any 'facts' that paint UMNO in a bad light.

    3) Denounce commenters like Syed Akbar Ali (above) by pointing out he is making ALL malays look bad, not just the alleged 'pondan' he met.

    4) Don't air dirty laundry in public. If Syed Akbar Ali thinks UMNO is no good and that the PM is not clever, then he should have expressed his opinions DIRECTLY to the faces of the UMNO advisors he met. But, like a coward, he posted his comment on forums that can't verify his story or people's identities.

    5) Cast doubts on alleged 'Malay' commenters who post anti Malay or anti-UMNO comments. Syed Akbar Ali is probably Ching Hsui Lee or some chinky name like that.

    6) Appoint a 'leader' who doesn't stray from the objective. Life of Annie's host seems to be on point. If she ever strays, I will tell her to revert to the right path, but insist not have my disagreement aired to others. That way, the opposition won't see weakness among our ranks.

    7) Publish only the stupidest anti-UMNO comments, and have other commenters denounce or retort the comment as being stupid.


    1. hahahaha...

      Might as well call it a failed strategy to perpetuate a corrupt dynasty.

    2. Go ahead and perpetuate the Singh and the Lim dynasties...

    3. Antisoman,

      I support you and I support the PM's supporters. Sometimes "independent pro BN bloggers" can lead to "independent BN losess" such as the case in Gelang Patah whereby vast swathes of the BN machinery were alienated by their internal cyberwars and cyberconflicts.

      A very thoughtful and insightful piece.

      PS: No reference deemed to be made to this blogger.

  11. Bongek Most Unwanted23 August 2013 at 18:59

    Hello Annie,

    How are you today?

    I recently invited to attend budget 2013 consultation session with PM at Putrajaya.

    There are many special interest groups invited to attend and I represent one of the special group.

    Of course as you would expect, there are whole spectrum of speakers presented their papers including analyst from foreign bank and KJ.

    KJ presented "off the cuff", either he is not prepared or he do not belief in power point presentation. Nevertheles, he spoke very well and I would give him full marks for the 15 minutes presentation. I may be biased I have voted for him in the last GE.

    However, I am a bit disappointed with our PM as I observed that he appeared to be lost in some of the session. This is the limitation of over relying on advisors. Without the advisors, we lost the capacity and ability to be candid.

    Our PM definitely not stupid. He just need to exercised his brain more often. You will acquire more brain capacity by forcing your brain to process informations and making judgements on your owned. In other word depend less on advisors la.

    Finally, I could see that PM is too over excited to shake Obama's hand in KL. There is no relevant of budget consultation and Obama visit here. Therfore the closing presentation tu kira "habih boreh jer".


  12. 1. what will happen after PRU14?

    2. Will rural voters (majority Malays) maintain their support?

    3. Or most of them may be knew of some leaders using certain agenda only for the sake and interest of some small and elite groups, not for the sake and interest of majority ?

    4. What decision will be made, if the majority of strong supporters frustrated with their leaders and circles and advisors ?

    5. Do you think our leaders with his advisors and circles has transformed internally and externally (spiritually, mentally and fizically) ?

    6. Are these leaders with their advisors and circles 'bermuhasabah diri' or just `nafsu nafsi' when leading this country ?

    7. With 133 seats including 89 won by Umno in PRU13 make them really think that they are too strong and arrogant and nobody can defeat them in the next PRU ?

    8. Are they really smart in using the best brain, talent with the best strategy and tools to fight with the middle and upper class community, professionals and talents in the open cyber war fare, open forums, discussions and dialogue sessions?

    9. What will happen, if rural folks have a good access to the internet connection and experience the cyber world ?

    Tepuk dada tanya Iman.

    I love this country and love the current leadership.

    Am hoping and berdoa their will bermuhasabah diri and back to basic.

    Always depend to ALLAH YANG MAHA ESA and follow Al Quran and As Sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

    IKHLAS kerana ALLAH in every good work and initiatives.

    Implementation of all the best practices will ensure they will be a good leaders.

    Hikmah dan barakahnya sampai ke akhirat nanti apabila umat manusia mendapat kebaikan daripada hasil kepimpinannya.


    1. Orang kampong (rural Malay) tahu apa yang belaku diPutrajaya, orang kampong tahu apa yang belaku dalam UMNO ,hanya orang kampong tidak rela negara ini yang telah dijajah ekonominya dijajah pula politiknya,kerana mereka mengangap hanya itu sahaja yang mereka masih ada.
      Harap-harap mereka tidak bosan,jauh sekali bodoh seperti yang selalu digambarkan, walau apapun kepimpinan yang ada hari ini sangat-sangat tidak menyakinkan.