Friday 30 August 2013

There are still good men in Datuk Najib's team

Went home rather late earlier in the night and slept just before midnight.

Had a couple of weird dreams including being chased around by a funny looking dragon and then woke up.

At first I thought it should be my normal waking hour, but then realized it was just past 2am. I had only actually been sleeping for about two hours despite being chased by a dragon and all.

Now I'm wide awake and don't know how to get back to sleep. That's why I'm now fooling around with this posting.

I'm now trying to write something so boring so that it can make myself sleepy again.

Okay, yesterday evening was quite a pleasant one for me. I went out with this Malay guy, who occasionally buys me dinner.

The guy is not handsome or rich, but he is a nice quiet guy....very much like the character of my father.

But no, I'm not in love with him. He is too nice a guy and I'm not going to torture him by falling in love with him or making him fall in love with me. I'm actually a terrible girlfriend and only those who were truly unlucky ended up being my boyfriend.....hahahahaha (evil laughter)

Well, the guy took me for dinner first. I had a very tasty beef dish while he had lamb chop or something like that.

Then we met his whole bunch of friends, who are mostly powerful people.

One of them is this weird character who happened to be one of those advisers to PM DS Najib Razak.

He is an old charmer, who is amusing in a scary way.

But I really don't mind him as I know that he is one of the good guys within the PM's camp.

Datuk Najib still has a few of these good advisers, who are mostly those who have been loyal to him since before he became the prime minister.

I'm still hoping for these good few people at the PMO to continue protecting Datuk Najib from the kaki bodek and kaki ampu opportunists who only came into the picture after Datuk Najib took over the premiership.

I'm hoping for Datuk Najib to continue being able to differentiate between those around him who truly want to serve him and the country and those who are only there to serve their own selfish interests with the ultimate aim of enriching themselves.

I'm hoping to soon see signs that Datuk Najib's good people winning over his bad people in the struggle to save his premiership.

For now I'm going to pray for that to happen and continue to support Datuk Najib.

Okay lah, I think I better now get myself a glass of water and make a hot chocolate drink to help me go back to sleep.

Shit. It's already past 3.30am. I'm really going to be sleepy at work tomorrow....errr I meant today.


  1. Say hi to Puff... Or was it Smaug?

    I live in hope that the PM will be able to salvage whatever he can. I truly think he's being as sincere as he can considering the limitations imposed on him.

    I think he needs a good spring (or is it a monsoon?) clean. Top all the way to the bottom. He's been hoodwinked by too many who are hoping to curry a favor or to get their hands on the till.

    It is Merdeka eve, so a happy Merdeka weekend to you.

    1. Tanda Putera: must see movie!30 August 2013 at 16:17

      Annie and the rest of the post 1969 generation should take time off to see Tanda Putera. This would help your political understanding a lot.

      Tanda Putera own postponment shows the current weakness and lembik UMNO leadership vis a vis Rais Yatim who was the Information Minister then. The movie is nothing a historical biopic that also he has to second guess and over think himself.

      It is a timely reminder even small things like cinema can be used by enemies to prevent freedom of speech. To think that Chinese capitalists use their cinemas licensed by UMNO to stop Malay movies shows how important for UMNO to develop Malay owned cinemas.
      You just cannot sleep while the enemies grow in the name of laissez faire.
      You can read Malay movies makers and Finas quarrelling about where to show their works and yet the country is run by a Malay party who do nothing. And yet Najib brought him back. Ali Rustam that weakling is back as senator.

      No no.. Tanda Putera will show you Malay under fire and under stress. These were real patriots. Rais yatim and Ali Rustam or Ghani were just enjoying themselves.
      Rais Yatim that pretentious stupid malay only knows how to talk and talk. No cinema was built by Malays during his time and even now!!

      Cinemas can be a strategic advantage.
      It can even be used as a killing field as the May 13 incident showed where the chinese were ask to leave a cinema while malays were killed.

      Sack that pretentious and gratutious Rais Yatim.
      Tanda Putera itself is a must see. If the Americans have Lincoln and other historic biopic then the Malays have Tanda Putera on the early UMNO Presidents.

      It was a quality movie well worth the subject matter. Death and death and death.. stressing that time is short to do good.

      Many unintentional moments were exposed like how Mahathir the Indian man was not in UMNO top clique. "Dia kalah undi dia suruh saya letak jawatan" said Tunku.

      "Pecat dia!" And slowly one by one UMNO leadership began to die one by one...strange isnt it? Tun Ismail, Tun Razak,Tun Hussein. He was a pariah and a malay wannabe even then.

      It was Dato Harun and other Malays who struggle, where were Nazamuddin who claim May 13 as justifications for his thousands of APs? Where was that Indian Syed Mokhtar during 1969 to justify all the concessions he now own, who also claim May 13 as justifications?

      This is a must see movie. The dramatization of the final moments and those around these two could perhaps be greater. Easier said then done of course.

      As it is, the feelings is just us outsiders watching things. It could have been us inside those situations.

      Good job indeed to all involved.

    2. As always, the people who struggle throughout and risk their lives never have the intention of milking the country, they do it for the cause.

      It is the bystanders, the scums, the opportunists, who have the audacity to benefit enormously from the sacrifice of others.

      Unfortunately, this is the main character of many UMNO's memers, big or small.

      Another question, where was Najib in 1969?

    3. funny how people think everyone should be in the movie. if not in the movie they are losers ke?

    4. Yeah, where was Rafidah Aziz too?

  2. Annie, in this political world of winner takes all, can you still find a good politician or good men around them?

    I have serious doubt about that.

  3. moral of the story Annie...Najib has got no backbone at all.
    A true leader is one who cannot be deceived. Don't tell me all those bad policies and "screw-ups" Najib has no hands in it? all blame directed to his "advisers"? Annie simply put Najib has to go..."dosa" politik terhadap orang Melayu yang sokong dia terlalu banyak!

    I saw him in the news yesterday when he said "the govt won't compromise with criminals"...he really look stupid like ayam berak kapur! he does not look like a leader at all. A leader leads...Najib is just a good "follower" to his "advisers"!

    1. Perhaps he is waiting for someone to engineer a dignified exit for him,m just like Tun Abdullah and Tun Jean. The plan might include his successor retaining the current advisors in some capacity.

  4. Annie, why do you have to mention the word MALAY when you wrote "I went out with this Malay guy, who occasionally buys me dinner"?

    It is either:
    a. You prefer Non-Malay DAP cibais screwing your arse after having wine
    b. Malay guy is not up to your standard (although you failed your A-Level BIG TIME)
    c. You are a rascist PIG!

    1. Is this dragon chase you around miss? it breath hot fire smelly smoke. oi clever dragon smart ass.

    2. I think Annie has the right to like who she wants, not an issue here.

      Issue is that Annie should obediently support the PM and his advisers. I have tried to educate her on this basic point but have so far failed.

      Like she hurt a lot of people when she refused to support Dato Seri Farid Ridzuan, instead choosing to join with others in attacking him

    3. who cares whether Annie mangkuk go out with a cinabeng, a melayu, a mangkuk or a Nigerian man, it will not help Najib a bit !!

    4. shadow banker, Annie is under the payroll of Team Anti Najib, that is why she is now very much into attacking Najib from all angle.

    5. Annie mangkuk memang lalang. Kejap2 hentam Najib, and now konon2 pretending to support him with statement "I'm hoping to soon see signs that Datuk Najib's good people winning over his bad people in the struggle to save his premiership. For now I'm going to pray for that to happen and continue to support Datuk Najib"
      Make up your mind la makcik gemok. No wonder some people called you "4th-grader pro-UMNO blogger".

  5. "I'm still hoping for these good few people at the PMO to continue protecting Datuk Najib from the kaki bodek and kaki ampu opportunists who only came into the picture after Datuk Najib took over the premiership."

    If Najib can be easily swayed by kaki bodek and kaki ampu while ignoring his so-called "loyal and good people", is he then a leader worth fighting for? I voted for BN in GE13 coz I prefer Najib to Anwar but all his actions post GE are so disappointing. We cannot always blame the advisers. Eventually the head must take the responsibility. The buck stops at Najib.

  6. Who are the good men Annie?
    Ghani Othman? Lim Kang Hoo? Khairy Jamaludin? Omar Ong? Azeez Mat Rempit?
    Please tell us lah Annie, we really want to know.

    1. It's Mr. Syed Akbar Ali if you haven't noticed by now. At least our PM will get it straight from a good heart with a prudent and shrewd mind.

  7. Amongst the minor signs of qiamah:

    1. The leader of a people will be the worst of them (at-Tirmidhi)
    2. Leaders of people will be oppressors (Al-Haythami)
    3. People will treat a man with respect out of fear for some evil he might do (at-Tirmidhi)

    We see them right here.

  8. Amboi, it is now up to Annie to decide who is the good guys and bad guys in the PMO.
    Nampaknya Annie lebih powerful dari Rosmah to decide the fate and creditability of all Najib advisers. Makcik Annie makin lama makin besar kepalanya.

    1. bro, dont try to write like a malay la, you sound so horny la


    2. Org yg dapat habuan will see Najib as good, yg habuk pun tak dapat will consider him bad.. Tapi sedih, terlalu ramai in the 2nd group, me included.

      Hoi.. Lagi berapa hari jamuan Hantu Lapar dah nak habis, saya duk tunggu Tongkat sakti sampai ari ni pun bayang tak nampak.. Poh kiri poh kanan!

      BTW kawasan saya sepanjangan jalanraya tiap 10kaki berkibaran bendera2 duk bodek Hantu Lapar.. Tak paham kerena tulisan semua dalam Bahasa Negara China. Tourist datang yg tak faham pun pesti terkejut ingatkan mereka silap turun kapal terbang terlajak sampai Beijing!!

      Kat depan banyak kedai2 Apek, esok nak Merdeka tapi satu Jalur Gemilang pun tak pasang. Kasi hormat sama Hantu boleh tapi tunjuk hormat kepada Negara alamak liatnya..

    3. wakakakaka...the reason why the flags have Chinese writings is becos the hantu lapar are all Chinese. They don't understand Engligh or Malay. Anyway, it may be haram for Muslims to read/understand if the wordings are translated into Malay.

    4. MERDEKA.....

      Alas still not many Jalur Gemilang flying around my area.. mostly those Tulisan dari Negara China flags all over almost a week now.

      Yesterday groups from one Jabatan whatever Selangor came around with their receipt books - apparently to saman those not flying our flags.

      Bukan saja Hantu Cina Lapar, Bulan ni Kerajaan Selangor pun turut lapar nak makan duit.

  9. When will all you bloggers learnt. Najib and his teams never care about what you have written. You people did not won the erection for them, it was the rural folks and they don't read blogs, just printed newspapers and they listen to ceramah. Online publication does bring votes for PR but not BN. You also don't contribute financially, it was the big business.

    It makes you all feel good as you can vent your anger and frustrations but that's all of it. Have fun but don't hope much, it might increase your frustrations (and your BP, of course).

    1. But you read lah kan.....

    2. Yes, just like what Reader's Digest says "laughter is the best medicine". I had lots of laugh here.

  10. This good people play low key in PM circle. They don't have any biz interest. For them what is import ant is serving PM. Hope they will get the recognition.

  11. Chinese celebrate Hungry Ghost festival.......patutlah cina byk yg jadi hantu.....haha
    Luckily Annie is half Malay....:)

    1. apabila anon 20:46 mati akan jadi apa ? Hantu jugak kan, takkan jadi wolverine pulak. Half Malay tak boleh jadi hantu ke ?