Wednesday 28 August 2013

4th grader pro-Umno blogger wants to topple PM?

It's way past midnight and I just got home.

Checked this blog and there were quite a number of comments in my last posting which was mostly a copy and paste job, A blogger's message to Datuk Najib

I released all of them despite most attacking me for highlighting the message by a fellow blogger to PM DS Najib Razak on the matter of his advisers who seem to be not doing a good job.

As I had promised to readers of this blog, I will try to publish all of their comments as long as they were not extremely seditious, overly vulgar or maliciously tries to get an innocent bystander in trouble.

Then I noticed that particular posting had generated over 3,000 page views since 8am yesterday, which is quite high for this insignificant anonymous blog.

Upon checking I discovered that a large number of those who came to this blog to read that posting were from the OutsidetheBox blog which provided the link to it. I guess that was why those attacking me were accusing me as being part of a gang who want to topple Datuk Najib. This was so because senior pro-BN blogger Syed Akbar Ali who operates the OutsidetheBox blog has of late been highly critical of Datuk Najib.

Well, I think those who were accusing me of trying to topple Datuk Najib must be not very clever or have some reading deficiencies as they don't seem to understand the content of that message written by my fellow blogger.

Honestly, I can't be bothered with what they want to accuse me with, as I think if Datuk Najib ever read that message, which was addressed to him, he will know what it was meant to be.

Anyway, I was actually amused that those who attacked me deemed it necessary to do so because this blog of mine is really of no consequence as pointed out by a commenter in OutsidetheBox,

Anonymous said...
Life of Annie is a 4th grader pro-UMNO blogger. No substance, mostly cut-and-paste, just like PM's morons. Not worth reading.

Why they need to worry that a "4th grader pro-Umno blogger" wants to topple the PM is beyond me.

Yet, still, they went to great length to paint a picture as if I am an anti-Najib person just because I agree with my fellow blogger that Datuk Najib needs to be careful with the conducts of some of his advisers.

Here is an example - when I tried to caution a commenter not to attack the personality of PM's Press Secretary Datuk Akmar, the response of these people shows a pattern that unmistakably familiar with the one once launched against me by DAP cybertroopers. Note the time of these comments which were within minutes of each others,

  1. Annie, why lately you and UMNO bloggers always attack Najib ? nak jatuhkan Najib ke ?

    Dulu,kalau PR attack Najib, Annie & gang bukan main bising macam kera, tapi kini Annie dah jadi musuh dlm selimut Najib, memang haprak punya insan.

    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:03
  2. Annie, who are you to give advise to Najib ??????? or what type of advise can you present to Najib ?
    You think by having a blog is good enough to qualify as a PM adviser ? Unbelievable bodoh !! 
    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:23
  3. Sudahlah Annie, Akmar dah tahu siapa kawan dan siapa lawan dia. Semua orang dah tahu Annie dan sekumpulan blogger pro Madey tengah giat nak jatuhkan Najib.

    Tak apalah, Najib advisers will know how to respond.
    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:28
  4. Anon 17:37, talk is cheap, please show proof Akmar siphon money from PMO or dare you make a report to MACC to get Akmar investigated. Otherwise you are just a piece of shit coming out from Annie bunghole.
    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:57
  5. Don't bull-shit Annie, if you have no intention to attack and disparaging Akmar, why you go publish those derogative comments in your blog ?

To these people, let me tell you all that I have actually been helping to defend Datuk Najib since way back then when his small band of aides were struggling to fend off attacks by Pak Lah people who did not want him to take over the premiership. Akmar was one of those guys in that small team and I know that he, along with the others had tried their best to protect Datuk Najib. This is way before all these advisers and consultants came into the picture after Datuk Najib became the PM. That is why I want readers of this blog to give Akmar the benefit of a doubt and refrain from launching unsubstantiated personal attacks against him.

For those who have been following this less than six-month-old blog of mine, they should know where I stand as far as Datuk Najib is concerned.

This is a past posting of mine about Datuk Najib which I was made to believe was read by the Prime Minister himself,

Keeping faith in Najib

I still stand by what I wrote in that posting. I'm still hoping for things to improve for Datuk Najib. Hopefully it's not going to be too late.


  1. Congratulation Annie. All the PM's kakipukuls who have been watching your blog all this while, now have decided it is time for all out attack. The evil empire strike back, with vengeance. you know, they can be worse than RBAs. Be strong, have faith. All in all it is just another fitnah akhir zaman.

    1. don't worry Annie, Apanama will protect you and reward will come your way once Najib is unseated.

  2. I've been following this blog since day one and I know Annie is a loyal supporter of Umno and BN. But Annie is not a fanatic. She wants the best for the party and the country.

    1. UMNO rather not to have Annie type of supporter that wanted to unseat their president from the back. If she can do it to Najib, she will do it again on the next president. The best for the party not necessarily best for the country.

    2. Term Limit for UMNO28 August 2013 at 23:05

      How do we know who the best UMMO President is we dont gave them a try? It was a stupid mistake to allow an Indian man 22 years to be President of UMNO. It was until he was kicked out that I found out that he was Indian! Term limit is the answer for UMNO just like the US they have max of 2 terms for President. Good or bad the max is 2 terms. Japan has 12 PM in a few years. Now Abe is back. So give as many chance to serve as they want.

    3. If you meant, the highly respected Tun Dr Mahathir, you are absolutely wrong. TDM's father is half Malay and half Indian and his mother is a Malay. That makes TDM 3/4 Malay and we, the Malays don't care that he has 1/4 Indian blood because to us he is a Melayu through and through.

      If you like it or not, UMNO is here to stay. Non-Malays/Non- Muslims don't dream of ruling this country, ever! We, the Malays being the majority race of this country really despise the DAP Chinese and without our votes, do you think you can get Putrajaya? Tak akan jadilah!

  3. Annie, Nasi sudah Jadi Bubur!

    Listen to your Mother and stay away from the UMNO Rempits..

    You are just not in the same league in Barbarism.

  4. Ye lah kan ...just because we critic him occasionally doesnt mean that we are against najib totally. But Najib doesnt seem to be taking any postive actions as regards to what people are complaining about. I hope he doesnt make the same mistakes twice and more. And tolong lah fikir pasal orang Melayu pulakkkkk.

  5. I am a loyal supporter of BN. Before GE13, I chose Najib over Anwar. After GE13, Najib seemed to be "lost". His party won big and yet he acted like a loser.

    His political and non-political appointments are a huge disappointment. Prior to GE13, we can say that he has to make do with AAB legacy since he has no mandate of his own. He doesn't have the same excuse now.

    So now I'm left wondering, is it really his advisers' faults? Or Najib is the one who is faulty to start with? Why is he allowing his advisers to run amok plundering the country?

    As at now, in my eyes he is a captain that has lost the control of the ship. I hope he will do something drastic to get it back. The 100 days mark has passed, the BN supporters like me are getting fed-up.

    1. why blames all his advisers, it is the PM himself incompetent.Do you know who is the real PM behind PM ? Najib or Rosmah ??

    2. Didn't you know that Najib doesn't have much up there. He has been riding the Tun Razak name and play lalang all the way to the top! He is very good at that. Perhaps his luck will run out soon.

    3. excuse me what mean "play lalang"? is it game of chance need lucky?

    4. Nice Guy But Not competent enough28 August 2013 at 23:12

      On the spot. Najib actually may not know how to govern. He thinks he knows and make the right noise. But the old Mahathir system is still in place through Pak Lah and then Najib first term.
      That is why things moves smoothly, robbing the Malay Government, like appointment of Ali Hamsa, irwan srigar, rebecca, sc chairman, minority chairman, mahb chairman, tabung haji,perak mb, kedah mb, perak speaker, tppa, FVGH chairman, all definitely done without consent of the malays or even UMNO members.
      Then the smooth 1.2 billion cash FGVH, Felda Berhad 110 million, 200 million DBKL cameras all like their father money..hehe..

      The things that he has to repair, MAS shares swapped, Allah issue etc shows that he listen but its always after the damage is done.
      So definitely Najib is incompetent in his own way. Nice guy but definitely incompetent.

  6. Annie,

    Here's a story the purport of which shouldn't be too far-fetched in lieu of the current scheme of things:

    A monkey once got a little bit horny and searches out for a platform for which he could release his ..errr... tensions. He noticed a huge female elephant drinking by the riverside besides a coconut tree.

    Well, he thought. A pussy's a pussy. So he climbed up the elephant's back and proceeded to ... err... stick his puny little weenie onto Miss Jumbo's love hole. The latter did not and could not, of course, realize of the love-forsaken monkey's little gallivantings, being much bigger than the monkey in size and, naturally too, she couldn't feel anything. The monkey, of course, had the time of his life.

    Now it so happened that a coconut fell and struck on top of Miss Jumbo's head.

    "Ouchh!!", she said, "What was THAT?".

    Now hearing this, the puny little monkey thought that his ... err... penile strength had given Miss Jumbo there a slashing of her life. He felt so elated. He went around the jungle and kept on reiterating onto willing listeners of the day when Miss Jumbo had been given a lesson by him on the intricacies of a small monkey's penile prowess.

    THAT, My Dear Annie, is how I see Blogger Apanama's and OutsyedtheBox's attempt to "bring about a revolution" onto the government and "inciting hatred towards" Najib. In short: a Primate-like bragging based on some concocted penile-strength and popularity, and a whole over-elated, over-estimated and under-nourished hogwash.

    Now if anybody thinks that armchair-based pseudo-politicians like Apanama or Syed Akbar Ali have got political-analysis capabilities and views which are one-stop in nature or worth listening to, should either get their heads examined or be schooled more in the Arts of the Political Sciences. These guys could string a sentence or two, no doubt. Or they could, once in a while, drop in a vocab or two from their newly-found thesauruses, for sure.

    But to equate the ability to string in some english phrases in an STPM-correct English 101 with the competency to be cogent and compelling in politics is an error whose grossness cannot be stressed fine enough.

    Apa nama and Syed Akbar Ali can always think of themselves as little puny monkeys with super schlongs or Strong Phallusses as far as their infantile political understandings go. But don't laaaa think that you can incite (in Syed Akbar Ali's words:) "A Revolution" onto a Prime Minister voted in by the fishermen of Pahang, the farmers of Ganu, the roti canai sellers of Kedah, the school teachers of Seri Menanti.

    Lu all sapa, beb?

    Tanda Puteri

    1. There are good analogies and there are bad analogies and there are the raptures of the fiery imagination. Good analogies argue for what's right and proper. Bad analogies do not vindicate any arguments. As for full-blown expressionism what's left but the ashes of presumed martyrdom?

    2. Omar Ong, is that you?

  7. Annie,

    You know you are right when ppl starts to attack you - good job!

    I believe that you are just expressing (and/or sharing) the thoughts and concerns as supporter (and party member - if you are one) of BN and UMNO.

    There is nothing wrong expressing our thoughts to our dear PM, weren't we reminded over and over again that the interest of party always goes first? We are in the post-era of BN supremacy and if we can't say anything about the PM (and his "dear" advisors) I'm afraid that the post-era will be the end of all.

    As for me - frankly I have lose my faith against our PM. So lets see what he will do next in order to regain ppl's support. I'm pretty sure there's a lot ppl like me out there - govt. supporter who lose his faith towards the govt. leader.

    Orang biasa-biasa.

    1. Painkiller please stop eating painkiller coz it will kill you without you knowing it.
      painkiller wrote : "Annie You know you are right when ppl starts to attack you" - good job!

      So, Namewee and Alvivi is right when people and utusan start to attack them ?? macam ni ke ??

  8. Hello Annie,
    Believe what you believed...write postings with your inner feeling and true instinct. Nothing wrong to criticize DS Najib. But when to much and excessive ridicule DS Najib then something wrong like Outsyed The Box, Apa Nama and Zamkata...

    1. blogger macam Outsyed, apanama and Zam semua Mahathir punya budak,pernah tak mereka criticize Mahthir maupon Mukriz, tidak pernah !!
      Kempen nak unseat Najib ini semuanya datang dari arahan Mahathir.
      Annie yg kononya sokong Najib dah mula tunjuk belangnya to stab Najib at the back.

    2. Betul tu bro...kami akan monitor blog2 anti Najib.

      Aku seorang saja yang bakup penasihat PM kat blog Apanama tapi Annie pi hentam demo. Sakit hati, tau tak.

    3. Hahahahaha..


    4. Cerita pasal penasihat ni. Teringatlah pula filem yang dilakon oleh Tan Sri P Ramlee berjudul Tiga Abdul apabila tuan penasihat kepada Sadiq Sigaragar minta bahagian 25% bagi nasihat yang diberi. Selepas puluhan tahun, nampaknya cerita sedemikian semacam sudah menjadi asam garam dalam masyarakat. Ia terus berulang diwarisi dari satu generasi kepada satu generasi. Didoakan supaya janganlah sampai satu peringkat terdetik di fikiran 'peduli apa aku, untung sabut timbul, untung batu tenggelam'. 'Last kopek ni. Mana yang sempat sapu, kita sapu'. Berdoalah kita, jangan ada terdetik pemikiran sedimikian di kalangan kita. Kerana jika ada, maka hina nya diri, musnah jati diri, rosak parti dan jahanam lah sebuah organisasi.

  9. dia orang masih tak mahu mengakui apa yang berlaku di akar umbi. semuanya dah jaki dengan najib.

    najib mesti tidak bertanding jawatan presiden.


  10. ... to the majority of Orthodox and Middle Ground Malay.. UMNO is more important than Najib.. or Abdullah Badawi or Tunku Abdul Rahman... .. that is why they voted UMNO in the last GE .. since Najib already 'fumbles' big times, then it only natural for him to step down... there are more than enough Malay inside UMNO who can take over the helm and do better than him ... by the way.. along the way down, please do not forget to bring his cousin, KJ and JJ along.. we don't need liberal Malay..

    1. first time i baca orthodox malay, bila pulak muncul melayu orthodox ??

    2. Dia tu akidahnya Ash'ariyah berdasarkan sifat 20 Allah Ta'ala dan hujjah lebar panjangnya, dan madzhabnya Shafi'i di rantau ini. Dan fikrahnya ialah Tauhid-Fikeh-Tasawwuf. Harapannya mati dalam beriman kepada Allah Ar Rahmanir Rahim dengan menuntut syafaat rahmatul alamin Sayyidina Muhammad Cahaya atas segala cahaya dan Rahsia pada kejadian alam semesta.

  11. Hi Annie, by denying you are not part of the grand scheme to unseat Najib is no use, what are you afraid of?? See, all the worms are out on the ground to destroy the PM, even a staunch supporter like Kadir Jasin are there to do it openly.
    Let see how good Najib can fend off his attackers.

  12. Kena tegur sekali sekali kalau tidak tak perasan, siapa pun tak kira Najib atau kita2 yg biasa.

    Sya sendiri rasa anih cara2 advisors dia ni smua. Betul ke fb Najib sebut dia nak distribute Tanglong percuma kpd peminat2 dia, or someone playing pranks?

    Kalau benar I nak tegur sikit... Malaysia berbilang kaum dan Agama. Dalam 1tahun berapa jenis perayaan Agama atau Tradisi? Bulan Ogos saja dah berapa? Dana yang rakyat miskin terharap2 kenapa la nak mencurah tak tentu arah sangat. Nanti Thaipusam Datuk Najib nak turut serta tarik kavadi cucuk lidah juga ke?

    Udah2 le...

    1. Anon 15:18, dengar khabar Najib dan isterinya mandi susu tahu, kononnya nak buang suwey !!
      Pasal tarik kavadi dan cucuk lidah rasa Najib tak buat-lah.

  13. Annie, let's launch a campaign asking Najib to resign, this will be good for UMNO and the country. The Perkasa already start the ball rolling asking Najib to step down, now it is our turn.

    1. Sokong sesangat

    2. siapa akan ganti Najib ??

    3. AFN - Any fool except Najib

    4. We want ultra Malays like Muhyiddin and Zahid to lead the country. We only want leaders who care for and foremost the Malays and tolak ketepi kaum lain. Kaum lain kalau tak suka boleh berambus! Apa aku peduli!

    5. Sebab tu Melayu kena bersatu dan berpadu. Kita selalu ajar anak beri perumpamaan macam penyapu lidi, satu senang dipatah, cuba kalau seikat. Tolak tepi lah yang remeh temeh. Baru la bangsa Cina, India dll takut. La ni, Cina cuba pecah belah kita menerusi pelbagai usaha sentimen perkauman dan agama. Jangan lupa Cina yang di dalam. Macam duri dalam daging, macam api dalam sekam. Sampai masa dia ngap. Dia orang terus uji nak tengok respon orang Melayu. Ada ummphh ke tidak? Atau sekadar gertak gertak kosong. Kalau asyik bertelagah, tiada integriti, berjuang syok sendiri, orang lain tengok tepuk tangan jer dan ketawakan kita. Orang Melayu kena sedar dan bangkit, bukan sekadar tindakan undang-undang dan hukuman, tetapi perlu bangkit atas rasa kesedaran bahawa kita bukan satu bangsa yang boleh dihina, diinjak injak kepala kita, dan agama Islam sewenang-wenangnya terus dipermain dan diperlekeh sebegitu rupa.

  14. Femes gitu, Annie! Toksah layan orang meroyan ... tak untung dan tak menyeronokkan ...

  15. Annie wrote : Well, I think those who were accusing me of trying to topple Datuk Najib.....
    Kita orang pon tak tahu yg Annie begitu kuat politik sampai nak topple Najib ?? Yg dengar nak topple Najib tu adalah Muhyddin dan Zahid.

  16. Annie,

    Just write what you want to write honey. Period. Others can comment anything but then again this is your blog. some understand what you want to share while others think they understand but reality is they don't know head to tail. Just ignore those people.

    :D sarah

  17. Bro,

    Kalau ikut sejarah, apakah punca-punca kejatuhan seseorang pemimpin dan sesebuah kerajaan itu ? Semua dipaparkan secara jelas dan terang menerusi sejarah, dan ini dapat dilihat daripada apa yang berlaku sekarang. Sebab itu kita tak boleh syok sendiri. Tengoklah sejarah dan belajar daripadanya. Jangan dok syok sendiri ?