Tuesday 13 August 2013

A sincere apology to Muslims

I have always been skeptical of the sincerity of people who apologized to Muslims after they had maliciously thrashed the teachings of Islam.

There had been so many cases in the past where the apologies were clearly insincere and were offered just as an excuse for the offenders to escape sanctions against themselves.

They were akin to this kind of apology - Apa? Muka engkau sakit kena penampar aku tadi? Sorry la, tapi tak kan macam tu pun sakit?

However, when I read the report about Buddhist chief high priest K Sri Dhammaratana Nayake Maha Thera apologizing to Muslims over the Buddhists chanting in surau incident in Kota Tinggi, I feel that this time the apology was 

“We would like to apologise to our Muslim brothers and sisters for the actions of a certain Buddhist group from Singapore in having their meditation session at the surau of a resort in Kota Tinggi,” he said in a statement today.

“I advise Buddhists in Malaysia and Singapore to respect the religious sensitivities of other religionists while carrying out our own religious obligations,” added Dhammaratana.

The pro-opposition Free Malaysia Today tried to get Dhammarstana to say something more which I suspect is to find excuse for the Buddhists involved in the incident, but he refused to do so.

The honorable Buddhist chief priest is unlike those usual others who represent the Pakatan infiltrated Malaysian Consultative Council of BuddhismChristianity,Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST).

You can read the full FMT report here - We’re sorry, says Buddhist chief high priest

And these were excerpts of what Dhammaratana said to FMT,

“I try my best to encourage Buddhists to not have this kind of incident in the future,”

 “We have to understand as we are living in Malaysia, you have to use a little bit of common sense.
“We should not make other people unhappy, we should try our best to make everyone happy."
“All Buddhists must at all time be conscious and aware of the fundamental principle expounded by Lord Buddha: ‘It is impossible to build one’s own happiness on the unhappiness of others’.”

I think that was a sincere enough apology. I also believe that the incident was caused more by ignorance rather than a malicious attempt to insult Muslims and their religion.

So, as far as I am concerned, I accepted the apology by the honorable
Buddhist chief high priest K Sri Dhammaratana Nayake Maha Thera and would like to put on record here that I bear no grudges against Buddhists including those involved in the incident.


  1. Annie, who cares whether you accepted Buddhist chief high priest or not?

    1. Fan boys and girls of Ostazah Annie cares. Luckily for chief high priest K Sri Dhammaratana Nayake Maha Thera otherwise the buddhist with be subject to verbal abuse lead by Ostazah Annie and co.

    2. Murderous Monks in Myanmar14 August 2013 at 21:10

      Annie, dont believe what these Buddhist monks said. Monks are the beneficiary of the wealth of Buddhism so they protect the religion with murderous intensity.

      Please read the papers lah. Buddhits monks are killing Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
      Buddhist monks are killing muslim Pattani in Thailand.
      Buddhist monks are killing muslim in Sri Langka.

      Its all over the news babe...

      So these hypocritical monk is just lulling us into complacency. If they are the majority they will be attacking the Malays.
      Kecil menjadi kawan. Besar menjadi lawan.

      My chinese friend said these monks are jahat. Take opportunity on tourists.

  2. Yes, you are right annie, it does appear to be sincere, the choice of words is reassuring enough for us to think so. Certainly more sincere than a certain Seditious Singh and certainly way sincere than a certain Pak Syed ranting 'ini bukan saya kata, ok' in his blog!

    1. Guru Nanak was very beloved to the Muslims. It just isn't the same case with the Christian Trinitarinism of Lim Guan Eng and the Bishop.

      Islam and Sikhism: Despite the differences, "Allah" the One True God is the common denominator

    2. Annie Halfcinababi,

      Yes, the Buddist priest's apology is very sincere indeed, unlike your fake apology to Dr Ranjit over his unfake PHD.

  3. Next time they should refrain from seeking places from Muslim to pray. I am sure the Christian is more than happy to offer help unlike the Muslim.

  4. Next time UMNO should also divide the bank notes to halal and non halal. Tax from non Muslim should be categorized as non halal.

    1. i am sure PAS would love to agree on that suggestion too.

  5. He used the word common sense, which I feel is definitely the right phrase.

    And as for the >Pak Syed ranting 'ini bukan saya kata, ok' in his blog!> I too feel that he should apply common sense when writing the article as this is Malaysia, not US, Israel, UKingdom or Timbuktu.

    The MENTALITY of certain people/group here will be "if the Buddhist are allowed to utilize THAT surau to conduct their prayers or what not, why then cant they do the same at Masjid Negara, why pilih kasih?"

    Then itchy lawyers will come out in full force to sue here and there, some CM may even send his complaints to UN to protest that Malaysia discriminates their religion or human rights and whatever rubbish.

  6. Org Islam bole solat dlm tokong, gereja atau padang sbb kita bawak sejadah jer, bkn bawa colok, patung, lilin dsb.

  7. Anon 01.36 Another stupid al-kafirun that don't know the difference the place of religion worship. Bet your priest allow the Buddhist chanting and praying in your churches.

    Anon 01.:42 Too stupid, with all the information and knowledg
    e around you, you still make a dumb and stupid statement. Very horrifying.

    Annie, the major blame was on the owner of the Resort, Ahmad

    1. So-called Al-kafirun like Anon 1:36 and Christians are smart enough to know the differences between their faiths and the Buddhists they allow to use their premises.

      Unlike some who are so fearful their akidah can be easily compromised.

  8. for me it is more insulting that the muslim themselves uses mosque to sow hatred and sometimes make sexual jokes in a ceramah.

  9. the buddhist are not poor people. back in tibet, these people travel in private jets using expensive bags and stuff.

    to give a reason that they don't have anywhere to go, that they need the surau for their prayer, is just uncommon...

    1. Rizwan, you think Buddhists only come from Tibet ??
      The Sami buddhist that travel in Jet is from Thailand lah, lain kali baca news betoi-betoi sebelum tulis,nanti orang ketawa kau marah pulak. Mari minta maaf.

    2. Many misconceptions surround Tibetan Buddhism. Here's a video about the yogis of Tibet, the "ahli pertapaan pada jalan makrifat pada hakikat kewujudan"
      They are sworn to compassion for all human beings and creatures and to pursue the ultimate wisdom of sentient existence. It is unfortunate that worldly distortions, as in all human enterprises, have crept into their doctrines and practices. But much spiritual illumination endures to this day.


  10. Typical sandiwara of enemies of islam. Buat dulu then apologise. They knew very well that muslims in this country just talk cock, will not dare take any action. The liberal muslim will make sure of that.

    We can expect more of this.

    1. What bloddy enemy? How can praying to one god be your enemy? Wake up and grow the fuck up asshole. The current venomous environment is the creation of one party that's desperate to hang on to power. One of the means is to scare everyone into thinking that there is a siege when there is none. And juveniles like Annie propogate that bullshit. Once again wake up please. This is our country, belongs to all of us, not a political party.

    2. Anon 12:59

      I hope you are a non muslim, otherwise, please bertaubat because you are blinded to challenges currently faced by muslim in this country.

    3. Anon 14:10 most of the challenges currently faced by Muslims in this country come from the Muslims (and Muslim authorities eg Jakim) themselves.

    4. Nope, it was not the the religious authorities, rather from muslims who refused to accept the authorities and think they all have the "right Islam".

      When the muslims are weak, the kafirs naik tocang and it only take a few hardcores top instigate. What have the muslim done? ehem.... nothing, just tong kosong!!

  11. REF: The honorable Buddhist chief priest is unlike those usual others who represent the Pakatan-Infiltrated "Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST)".

    Our own traditional Malay Muslim community has also been infiltrated by saudi wahhabism and western leftist liberalism, at least for the past half-century!
    Isn't it time we rebuild our nation based on the classical Islam which is the heritage of the blessed Prophet s.a.w.? Did not Muhammad s.a.w. teach humanity to strive for wisdom, to be people of faith characterized as just, merciful, courageous in truth, and masters of themselves.

    Building communities that are the envy of Prophets:

    1. Anon 11:04 'well said'

    2. Dream on man!! You will not see another strong muslim community until the coming of Imam Mahdi.

    3. Alright, may be the time is nigh ... how are you doing with the purification of your own soul so as to join his ranks in the heavenly cause to protect the good and to deliver the oppressed? Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

  12. Venerable K Sri Dhammaratana Nayake Maha Thera did the sensible thing on behalf of all Buddhists, though he personally had no reason to apologies, since he has neither said nor done nothing offensive to the Muslim or any other community.

    I have known Ven. Dhammaratana personally since the mid 1980s and learned a great deal about Buddhism and the Buddhist way of life from his predecessor, The Late Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Nayake Thera.

    Worldly matters, such as politics and commerce should be kept out of places of worship.

    1. orldly matters, such as politics and commerce should be kept out of places of worship.

      No wonder the country is now run by devils, masquerading as humans.

  13. Thank you Annie for so kind hearted and forgiving the Buddhists using the surau. May Allah blessed you.

    1. And may Allah Most Merciful forgive us all for our transgressions against Him and towards our fellow human beings - those sins which we know we have committed as well as those our sins about which we are unaware we have committed. Amen.

  14. Annie and the rest of the Muslim bloggers,

    I've always heard of this 'sangka baik' concept from my Malay friends. Where went this when you guys rant here, saying that 'there may be more'?

    Given your brains to think,that was a PRAYER ceremony. I'm a Buddhist,therefore I know. They were reciting OM MANI PADME HUM,the mantra of compassion.

    Just think about this, given :
    *ignorant Singaporeans (depa tak tau apa2 lah)
    * prayer of compassion

    - so how can that,be said as 'MENGHINA ISLAM'?

    Menghina & jahil, kedua2nya berlainan. And selalu syak yang bukan Islam - sangat2 tak sihat dlm negara berbilang agama!

    Bila nak bersatu kalau setiap kesilapan tu hangpa dok kata - DEPA KAPIAQ MEMANG CAMTU???

  15. Intention & motive.

    These 2 important factors seem to escape many people. It is not wise to mock or insult any religion.

    Why would a group of Buddhist tourists travel all the way to that resort, just to pray at a surau and insult the locals? Many other resorts offer meditation retreat packages. However, I must agree that they were not very mindful of the sensitivities of local customs and feelings.

    Why would someone secretly record and upload that video? Wouldn't it be wiser if the offended person just talk to the resort management, or tell the tourists to change the venue? As a consequence, the resort owner was arrested, which is truly unfortunate.

    How would using place of worship of another religion be construed as an insult? Usually they desecrate or destroy it, not meditate or pray in it... Furthermore, they were not worshipping, merely paying respect to the Buddha.

    Would the Talibans in Afghanistan have prayed at the statue of the Buddha to insult Buddhism? Nope. They bombed it.

    It is heartening to see the chief monk apologising on behalf of all Buddhists.
    I'm sure most Buddhists echos his sentiments.

    Question the motive, and we'll find the truth.