Friday 16 August 2013

In support of Yelena

There are two types of people who seem to be above criticism in this world - the Jews and those who are sexually abnormal.

Those who criticize these people will be vilified and condemned in the world media.

Of course the world media is mostly controlled by Jews and to a large extent liberals who do not mind sexual abnormality.

The Jews are virtually untouchable. Anything negative said about them will invite the strongest reaction.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was branded a racist for stating the fact that "the Jews rule the world by proxy".

Actor and film producer Mel Gibson had his life and career ruined after he produced the film

The Passion of the Christ

which depicted the Jews in a bad light.

Those who are sexually abnormal seem to be equally untouchable these days.

I'm talking about the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-genders). 

You simply should not say anything against them.

This applies even if a question was put forth to you on what you think of the LGBT.

An honest opinion which does not favor the LGBT will be turned in such a way that the person who opined it will be seen as a monstrous intolerant person.

That's what happened to Russian pole vault champion

Yelena Isinbayeva

You can read what happened to her here,

If you watch the video of the press conference which goes with the report, you would noticed that Yelena was responding to a question from members of the press.

What I suspected was that the journalist who asked the question was trying to get her to disapprove with the new Russian laws which ban gay parades or any public display of support for abnormal sexual behavior.

Yelena had instead expressed her support for the laws of her country and described it as disrespectful for others to display anything that encourages people to break those laws.

Now, Yelena has been branded as "so behind the times" and other such negative labels.

Back here in Malaysia, the momentum is building for the recognition of the LGBT rights as championed by most of the Pakatan leaders. Events such as 

Seksualiti Merdeka 

were supported by them.

Anything for the votes to power.

Those who goes against them are branded  "so behind times" too.

Personally, I don't care what people want to do with each other behind closed door. 

In fact, some of my good friends are gays.

But I just hate it when people shove their opinion right in my face and force me to accept what I had been taught as wrong since I was a child to be a normal thing that people must get used to.


  1. what yelena say is logical..people should respect the law..and since yelena her self is a former military oficer in the russian you figure out why she's the obey the rules type..beside she's half you figure out that why she support that law..she might be not the typical hijabi..but she's very close to her father who is a muslim from dagestan region of russia.

    1. Are we going to allow our kids to be ravaged by old men? And leave the decent folks to watch helplessly as the homos proudly strut and sell their bottoms-up on a national scale? Hell knows no fury for he and she who spreads corruption among the people.

      "Uncle Dima" and the bisexual Russian schoolboy

      The Yogyakarta (LGBT) Principles Campaign

    2. Right on baby...
      I hate that all men action.

      Is it yours, is it mine thingy?...hehe..

    3. Is there such a thing as half Muslim? Also as far as I am aware Muslim is not a race except here in Malaysia where a Muslim can be a Malay whatever the race. Elsewhere in the world your race is based on ethnicity.

    4. yelena is half ethnic tabasaran from her father side and just like the malay tabasaran people identify them self as sunni muslim..while her mother is russian..but remember..unlike malaysia where people make a lot of fuzz about on how to be a right muslim.

  2. Assalmualaikum, Annie, terima kasih sekali lagi. Saya amat setuju dengan pandangan anda terhadap isu ini. Mel Gibson memang kena banned. Pelakon utama lelaki filem Passion of the Christ pun tak dapat pencalonan Oskar, begitu juga dengan Mel Gibson sebagai Pengarah Terbaik, semua kerana beliau (dan juga bapanya) mempunyai pandangan berbeza terhadap golongan Yahudi.

    Lihat saja bagaimana mereka memalukan Mel Gibson dengan kes mabuknya dan bagaimana beliau seperti hilang terus daripada arena perfileman Hollywood.

    Tragis. Disini pun ada hero-hero Yahudi, kononnya kita semua gila nak Yahudi bashings. Masalahnya golongan ini telah dibutakan mata hati mereka.

    Alhamdullillah Annie, mata hati anda masih terbuka luas. Saya doakan semoga ianya kekal begitu. Enough of In Liberal Dosa already!

    1. islam1st dah tengok wayang 'passion of the christ ' ke ? tu wayang haram utk muslim tahu ? islam1st ni pon banyak cerdik kelentong cerita. Siapakah yg sebenarnya memalukan Mel Gibson ? dah tengok muka girlfriend Mel Gibson yg kena dipukul dia tak ?

    2. I've seen 'Passion of the Christ' and it was a very good movie. Hollywood's big guns are mostly Jews and therefore they are in control of the types of movies and actors the academy awards should be accorded. Although many of these Jews are non practicing (meaning they eat pork etc) when it comes to anything demeaning their race, they will go all out to condemn it.

  3. "the momentum is building for the recognition of the LGBT rights as championed by most of the Pakatan leaders."

    .. totally not surprising since the head honcho is a sexual deviant himself. The funny thing, a lot of "alim" Malays are in denial and still supports him and PR. As for the Chinese, they will support anybody or anything that can cause Malay disunity. The greedy bunch!

  4. Agreed with you. Remember the former MIss USA who said that she believed that marriage should be between man and woman? How she was embarrassed by the LBGT community and eventually dropped her title. Criticize the LBGT and they will come down hard on you. Well said Annie, if I may quote " But I just hate it when people shove their opinion right in my face and force me to accept what I had been taught as wrong since I was a child to be a normal thing that people must get used to."

    Hey, if you are entitled to your opinion I am entitled to mine. - Mohammad

    1. REF: "An honest opinion which does not favor the LGBT will be turned around in such a way that the person who opined it will be seen as a monstrously intolerant person."
      The culture of toleration in Malaysia as concerns homosexuals neither subjects them to physical nor emotional abuse. I guess I have first hand experience of that fact: One friend of mine was a second officer in sea-going vessels and another was an art director in a big advertising firm. However, today what the globalized Yogyakarta Principles LGBT movement seeks to implement is the legal acceptance of the homosexual sub-culture with its public permissiveness and its pornography. This is an outrageous affront to our religious virtues even if we were to admit that the public vilification of closet homosexuals is a miscarriage of justice. Furthermore, we know that the legalization of LGBT is concomitant with the legalization of same-sex marriage
      These issues are raging like a storm in America, but what exactly defines a "marriage"? Fundamentally it is the time-honoured conjugal love between a man and a woman as decreed by God Most High.
      An informed discourse from scholars of The Heritage Foundation:

  5. It's funny that LBGT supporters thought that they have a more advanced thinking than non-supporters.

    For me, they are the one moving backward to the time when this immoral lifestyle is more prevalent.

  6. Assalamualaikum annie.
    What those lbgt do behind closed door let Allah punish them but no lbgt open..i myself eill against it...never mind if i am labelled behind the times..even behind the times i am still clicking tab here...mari semua manusia yang waras...kita sama-sama menetang lbgt..gejala iblis yang merosakkan insaniah...

  7. Wah , now ostazah go international, the Jews also kena from her. Ostazah Annie memang best !!

  8. "There are two types of people who seem to be above criticism in this world - the Jews and those who are sexually abnormal."

    No, there are 3 types, actually. The 3rd type will not only protest against you, they may even make sure you go to jail or lose your life.

  9. My colleague showed me a shocking video of some beautiful "ladies" however born with male sex organs. I suppose there are males born having female sex organs too.

    I now understand their predicament. Do they need to lift their under wears (selak kain) to confirm their gender status or what? Or is it a must (says who) for them to undergo sex change and choose to become a man or a woman?

    I feel the world including religious leaders should seriously sit together and help solve this issue once and for all.

    Tapi dari segi manusia born complete woman/ man, tapi hanya perangai mengada2 dan gatal, memang tak setuju sama sekali!


  10. God Almighty destroyed the abominable lifestyles of Sodom and Gomorrah: What can we expect today with the LGBT culture?

  11. Setahu umum, Annie benci sangat non-malays muslim malaysia saje, tapi orang2 Yahudi pon Annie benci.

    Woi jangan benci sangat, facebook yg Annie pakai tiap hari pon orang Yahudi yg bikin punya tahu.

    1. I don't think Annie hates all Yahudi. She only dislikes Jews who are arrogant and a Jew wannabe like you.

  12. Hi Annie,

    Always be careful when supporting anything, whether pro or anti ones. There are radicals on both extremes. Any side that commands strong support can and will be turned into a force, political or social. If one is not careful, one will not realise that one has become a radical, because it happens gradually.

    What we see today, are the results of past and present struggles, be it class, race, gender, sex, etc. In any kind of struggle, radicals and extremists will be created. The oppressed will produce radicals to fight back. The oppressor too, will become more extreme to secure their position. There are no victors, the victors today will be the victims tomorrow and vice versa. It's a vicious cycle. Whatever the outcome, the only constant is suffering. Because the underlying objective is always control & power.

    Best to take the middle ground.

  13. Anon 14:09- mudah2an jolokan awak pd annie sebagai ustazah jadi kenyataan, amin..dan mudah2an awak juga akan ikut jejak beliau..kalau awak perempuan la...kalu laki jadi ustaz..itupun kalau awak seorang muslim...
    Anon 15:06- golongan manusia spt itu ialah khunza dan bila smpi waktunya mereka perlu memilih sama ada menjadi lelaki @ perempuan..utk lanjutan sila rujuk pd agamawan.
    Anon 16:46- yg berguna utk kita. Kita guna pakai dgn bijaksana bukan macam awak yg suka menyindir orang lain...bangkanglah dgn bijaksana..

  14. totally agree with your sentiments, Annie. I too, have gay friends, but felt uncomfortable when any smart, intellectual discussions regarding the lifestyle will immediately be slammed and blanketed as 'homophobic'. This 'censorship' from the gay and pro-gray community itself does not speak of tolerance (ironic coming from a community that asks for tolerance of its choices), and if left to perpetuate, will only make hardliners against' the lifestyle even more radical.

    There's a good discussion by Orson Scott Card here:

    unfortunately the writer is also villified for his views to the point people are asking for boycotts of his books and movies.

    I am of the firm belief that to each his own, but we have to practice tolerance of one another. And this goes equally for both sides of the spectrum - no one should claim to play 'victim' and use a blanket term to shut people up just because they weren't happy with what other people are saying.