Thursday 8 August 2013

Chinese should understand Najib's Raya message

This is the theme of PM DS Najib Razak's Hari Raya message,

Najib: Continue to sow seeds of unity

Well, that's all fine and nice.

I have always been especially supportive of Datuk Najib's effort to improve race relations in this country.

"So, on special occasions like these, for the sake of our beloved country, foster and continue to sow the seeds of unity among us," said the PM.

Okay lah Datuk Najib, I will try. It's going to be difficult but I will really try.

Hopefully though, the non-Muslims, especially Chinese of this country could care to realize how Datuk Najib is still trying to urge his fellow Malay muslims to open their heart in friendship to them even after what they did to him in GE13.

After the Chinese tsunami of GE13, I thought of abandoning this whole business of being a moderate. It was not easy as I have always been a moderate all my life.

It's also very hard to behave like an ultra Malay when you are a half Chinese.

But then sometimes the behavior of some Chinese individuals who so cockily made it known to me that the Chinese of this country could do well without the Malays strengthened my resolve. Their economic power and growing political clout under the DAP had apparently made them extremely arrogant.

The thought of most Chinese sharing the same chauvinistic  sentiments as those who think that the Malays are inferior to them riled me up all over again.

Then there are all those self-hating Malay liberals running down their own race, convincing me that the Malays need to take the more united hardline stance if they want to survive as a bangsa yang bermaruah.

Yet still, whenever I spend time with my Chinese mother, my heart went soft. And then there are the good Chinese that I know who hold no grudges against the Malays.

It is like being torn in the middle.

On this Hari Raya day, I hope there are enough among the Chinese who read Datuk Najib's message and realize that the Malay leadership and most of the community sincerely want to be their friends and bear no malice of wanting to treat them as second class citizens or oppress them in any way.

I hope they will reject those who try to convince them otherwise.

Only then, I think things could improve and we Malaysians of all races could once again view each other without distrust.


  1. How did we come to this?

    National schools – for racial integration or disintegration? - Ravinder Singh

    August 08, 2013
    Latest Update: August 08, 2013 04:13 pm

    The PTA Chairman and the school authorities of SK Seri Pristana are probably happy that the “problems” caused to the school by about 1.5 percent of the school’s non-Muslim students are on the way to being solved for good.

    The child whose mother had blown the whistle and who had been harassed, ridiculed, shamed, ostracised, by teachers and pupils alike, has left the school, not to enter another National school but a vernacular school.

    Others may follow suit, and solve the schools problems with them. This incident reverberates throughout the country. So are the non-Malays to be blamed for shunning National schools?

    1. To solve the problems for good, the non- Malays will just have to migrate else where. Anyway, we didn't invite you here in the first place and we don't need you!

    2. Good riddance to both the mother (and the child) who sengaja cari pasal untuk memburuk-burukkan orang Melayu Islam. May you be treated badly (this time for real) at the vernacular school.

    3. This mother and child will always think they are on the right track. Only think of themselves and not others.

    4. wakakakakaka..."To solve the problems for good, the non- Malays will just have to migrate else where."

      First of all dream on because now the current generation of non-Malays are born here and do not need to go anywhere else unless they want too.

      Secondly, when this happens the Malays will turn on each other - currently there is no such thing as a pure Malay because the race is now defined constitutionally rather than by ethnic dna.

      Thirdly, the way the religion is followed and with the various sects and beliefs (Sunni, Shia, quaranists etc2) the Muslims will just turn on each other like what is happening in many Islamic countries.

      Fourthly, I believe Anons of 20:27; 20:52 and 07:40 are all the same person - blue bottles shit fly cyber-troopers. Only know how to detract from the issue and proper discussion by hurling insults. No different from the RBA.

    5. Spot on !! the three racist here Anon 20:27, 20:52, 07:40.

    6. This is what we call the majority bully the minority.

    7. Malaya for Malays9 August 2013 at 21:33

      Should also transfered back to her own country India. This will be win win. She will be able to study in Tamil with her own people in the slums back home.
      The Malays are not going to be the punching back for whatever wrong the British had done to the Indians.
      It was a mistake by Tunku to give the Chinese and Indians citizenship.
      Saudi Arabia has a big group of foreign nationals from china vietnam, india and so on.

      They are not given citizenship no matter how long they work in Saudi Arabia. Why should the Malays?

    8. Guess u need to study yr history of why the citizenships were given. Can't change that now & current generations of nons were born here so automatic citizens via d constitution. Only way is to change d constitution & without d nons we can also do away with the special rights of the Malays cos it would b irrelevant.

  2. What happened? Why has the gulf between the Malays and non Malays become so wide?

    There was a time, during the days of mission schools, when the races could mix easily.

    We got to address those fundamental issues in order that the racial gulf is truly solved.

    Meanwhile, let those Malays and Chinese who can work together do so.

    The government should encourage such cooperations. It could think of ways to get the ball rolling.

    When those who initially sneer or are hostile to the idea see that the cooperations yield mutual benefits and they have missed out, then the snowball effects start.

    1. The disintegration of races in the country is carried out by UMNO for homogeneous rules, endless of 3R issues being play up by UMNO to conceal their corrupt way of governing.

      People are fed up with corrupt UMNO regime gomen any yet we have here Annie Mangkuk promoting racial hatred among the people in the country.

    2. Anon 16:32,

      Wake up from your self induced slumber and get real! DAP regime is not corrupt? CEC can be manipulated and what more if they were come to power. Cinakuis, please go back to where you came from!

    3. Anon 20:31

      Wake up from your self induced slumber and get real too!

      I'm not concerned with the noisy DAP. The pricks in UMNO/BN are the ones ripping us off. You should go back too to whichever shit-hole you came from in the first place. Why should the Chinese born here go back to any other place.

    4. From what the Malay Mail Indian writer wrote it seems that Malaysia is a fail experiment. There is no reason for Tunku to give citizenships to Chinese and Indian labourers.
      No reason at all.
      But to undo these we need to be fair and help them relocate or migrate peacefully.

  3. Selamat Hari Raya Cik Annie,

    Since you brought up the subject of race relations in Malaysia, maybe lend me a ear. I would like to say that most ordinary working people are fed up with the kiasu and the kiasi people from whichever race it may be. These are the selfish and arrogant ones who unfortunately are quite clever in manipulating other people - even their own people - to secure their own interests. Call it the dap-sters call it the pap-sters call them the umno-sters whatever lah, those kiasu and kiasi people will spoil the common interests of the good-sters, (Kiasu = takut merugikan sendiri) (Kiasi = takut terkorban kepentingan diri)

  4. Podah Annie ,you blame the chinese is because of Ghani lost the election, sheesh !!

    Unbelievable !! you still can't get over of Ghani losses. Move on lah and stop blaming, memang mangkuk lah you Annie.

    1. Chinese are to be blamed for the lost of Gelang Patah to Kit Sial! What has this skit dial done fir the good of the country? Nothing! Sowing racial hatreds adalah! And he was also responsible for the May 13 racial riot!

    2. Really, do you have proof of his involvement in May 13th or is it just the usual spin that you have swallowed all along.

    3. Anon 20:35, you must be one of the 'secret audience' that watched the secret screening of Tanda Putera.
      The effect memang terrer, UMNO has found their ultimate weapon to control the majority mindset.

      Kesian kit sial, hari-hari kena fitnah oleh UMNO.

  5. This is the 'Malay' like Annie that sow the seed of hatred among the community.

    What is the similarity between Ridzuan 'ultra kiasu' Tee and Annie Mangkok ? ..... Both are more Malayness than Malay, both have enormous hatred against non muslim, particularly the Chinese community in the country and both believe Najib has got nothing to do with Altantuya murders !!

    1. Many Malays hate Cinakuis and DAPigs including me and my family. Before accusing Ridzuan Tee of being ultra kiasu, all DAPigs themselves are ultra kiasu, chauvinistic, cocky and shiok sendiri. Hey Anon 14:28, look at yourself in the mirror yourself first lah!

    2. Pada asalnya, orang Melayu tak benci pada orang Cina. Perangai "syaitan" orang Cinalah yang buat orang Melayu sekarang benci pada orang Cina.

    3. tak apalah, anon 20:41 dan 21:00 serta keluarganya bolehlah teruskan kebencian pada cinakuis dan DAPigs, lagi benci lagi bagus, ini-lah matlamat Annie mangkuk supaya orang melayu benci orang cina, kalau sokong Annie, teruskan sifat kebencian kamu.

  6. Annie and mother are no more Chinese, sudah masuk Melayu, jadi-lah melayu yg tulen okay, macam si Ridzuan Tee tu, buat apa lagi dengan half cina this and that.

    Annie and mother no need to pay any heed or concerns to the cinakui in the country. The cinakui will know how to take care of themselves from the on-going political slaughter and discrimination coming from UMNO.

    Annie also doesn't have to be moderate, why change yourself just for the cinakui, remain as ultra Melayu, and it will be good for yourself, family, Perkasa and UMNO. UMNO needs your type of ultra Melayu to stay afloat. It will be great if Annie able to turn her china-man boyfriend into an ultra Melayu too, lagi bagus, the more the merrier !

    Just to remind Annie the Malays also voted LKS in Gelang Patah elections, so please have mercy on our Malay brethrens,do not disparaging them and most importantly do not fitnah or accusing them of backstabbing Ghani, everyone has the right to vote who they like.

    By the way, from the ground sentiment, Najib will be ousted soon, and the best bet horse now is the Malay first (an ultra Malay)Muhyiddin to take over from Najib.So, what Najib says now seem no concern to everyone. It is too late and too little.

    1. Annie,

      There is no such thing as half malay or quarter malay or 1 sudu teh darah malay. Malay is malay. Accept the fact that you are MALAY and stop mentioning that you are half malay. I think i'm tired of this when in every article you have to mention you are half malay.

      My cousins never consider themselves as half malay eventhough their mother is chinese. Even themselves look nothing malay at all with their yellow skin, mata sepet, hidung penyet and all.

      My auntie who is chinese also never regard herself as chinese anymore. She said cina makan babi...eeeiii kotor!

  7. Annie : whenever I spend time with my Chinese mother, my heart went soft.

    Aiyoyo Annie, seriously you need to go see psychiatrist, your level of emotion hatred towards the Chinese is at very critical level already,please remember your mother is Malay (pasal sudah masuk Melayu) and not Chinese anymore !! I pray no untoward incident will happen to you mother.

  8. To the anon who posted his comments at 14:20, 14:28, 15:22, !5:29 and 16:32, I would like you to know that posting multiple garbage comments in my blog will not get you a PhD from a reputable UK university, ok? But, if you insist on continuing with your creepy stalker behavior, then go ahead and knock yourself out. Cheers.

    1. Yo Annie Mangkuk, if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, just get out !!

      Anyone with sound mind will controvert what you have written so far. By spreading falsehood and hatred is an evil doing you know.

    2. Anon 18:03,

      Telling Annie the blog owner to get out? You should be the one to get out and to berambus from this TANAH MELAYU and balik ke Tanah Cina! Dasar cHINA biaDAP yang tak mengenang budi. Ptui!!!

  9. .. the ball is in the Chinese court now. I will stay an ultra-Malay until the Chinese are serious about improving the race relations. What will they put on the table? What will they let go?

    Melayu sekarang dah tak nak mengalah lah Annie. Kita dah lama sangat mengalah that's why dia orang sudah naik tocang. Which country in this world that the citizen don't know how to speak their national language? Which country in this world that their citizen ridicule their own national language?

    I'm so fed-up with the Chinese right now. I wish I can ignore them totally but unfortunately they are so "in your face" kind of bangsa. So loud!!

    1. Agree with you Anon 19:57. I have also become an ultra Malay and despise most Chinese. Memang this bangsat race dah naik tocang. Can't wait for them to berambus beramai-ramai. Dia orang ni perasan. They think we need them here!

    2. I daresay this Confucius would disown the political arrogance and material greed of the cinakuis, or any other "kui":

      Watch the whole movie to see if maybe Confucius was a prophet of Islam for his people during his times:

      Do we come close to these ideals being greedy and selfish, arrogant and unkind, ambitious but uncaring for others?

    3. Anon 19:57

      It is very easy to avoid them - just stop patronizing Chinese businesses, restaurants, shopping malls etc. At work, just ensure you eat with other Malays in strictly halal shops. In this way you will be supporting Bumi businesses.

    4. Anon 19:57 & 20:50, tahniah diucapkan kerana sudah menjadi ultra malay, tapi bila pulak nak jadi Ultra-man, banyak raksasa nak hapuskan kat bandar Tokyo ni !! Ayuh, mai pergi Tokyo.

    5. This is all the work of the pukimak Melayu UMNO especially the Mamak Dr M who use divide and rule. The elites of UMNO and non Malay are abang adik robbing the wealth of rakyat. But they divide the middle and lower class with the cover of race based poltiltic so that we sama sama fight among each other demi maruah bangsa masing masing. We are all fools to the politicians.

  10. So much hate on this good day. Red Bean Army, Take a day off will ya ?

    1. ya, Annie has so much hate on this good day, kesian the poor chinese.

  11. Assalamualaikum....selamat harin raya maaf zahir batin...maaf cakap...emak annie masih cina tp cina muslim...bukan kew islam tersebar di negara cina dulu seblom ketanah melayu...dia bukan masuk melayu tapi kembali islam...annie berdarah campuran...islam indah jgn dihodohkan...jgn menakutkan saudara baru kitew...sama sama lah kitew menjadi org islam yg dihormatidan disegani walo dibenci oleh cina malaysia...buktikan kpd mereka kitew lebih baik dari cina DAP.....kitew boleh!

  12. Annie,
    Dbulan yg mulia ini tak payah le duk keloh2 sangat. Hal mereka pun kena le faham sikit nasib dan asal usul mereka kenapa perangai macam ni sekali.

    Kita tinjau kaum Baba Nyonya, cara hidup mereka beza sangat. Ramai yang tak pandai Bahasa ibonda Teresa Kok (Akauntan kami satu keluarga tak faham langsung, ibu isteri berbaju kebaya, makanan pun lain). Mereka ni ramai asal dari golongan bangsawan, kerabat2 istana zaman Puteri Hang Li Po. Jadi dah dalam darah daging tradisi beradat bersopan santun sampai ke anak, cucu dan cicit.

    Sebaliknya kita tinjau pula mereka2 yang datang sini zaman British dulu (Mak you masuk group ni ke?). Latar belakang asal mereka petani, coolie, pekerja buruh dan macam2 jenis lagi yang mencurigai yang hanya mereka rahsiakan bila berlabuh di Tanah Melayu.

    It may take centuries to change their behavour of origin. You bukan tak faham, Indian masih kuat dgn pengaruh kasta mereka, sama sendiri mereka pun tak mau bergaul mesra. Cina pun sama mereka kalau bukan dari clan yg sama pun tak tegur menegur nak tayang tocang masing2..

    Ini la yang dikatakan delimma keturunan Pendatang yang sukar untuk menyesuaikan diri masing2 dengan masyarakat tempatan berlainan bangsa dan agama dari mereka.

  13. Wow...many well wishers rest for the devil...raya or no raya..Selamat Hari Raya Annie

    1. Annie mangkuk is the devils too, whether during ramadan or hari raya the evil show must go on.

  14. Dearest Annie,

    Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan barin, maybe short but then again it come from my heart. Hope you will be happy and well. Just enjoy your Raya and holiday Annie and be greatfull for what you already have. Have a nice day dearest heart...

    :) sarah

    1. It doesn't matter whether during ramadan or hari raya, Annie is so into it in bashing the chinese and most recently pak lah also kena from her.

  15. PM's message is not only for the Chinese, it's for the Malays and Indians too.

    The reasons are as follow:

    1. Without social stability, you cannot build a nation. Every few steps forward will be nullified by the periodic steps backward.

    2. The economy is paramount. When the people are comfortable and well fed, the max they'll do is complain. But when they go hungry and the future looks bleak, they'll squarely blame the government of the day. And they'll take to the streets!

    For Malaysia, the key group of people the government should pay special attention to are the recent UITM and MARA graduates.

    3. Ultra Malays leaders are fine - provided they know how to achieve social stability and a vibrant economy. Surely even the Cinakuis won't mind if they could make money. Until the Malays could functionally replace their places in the economy, we'll still need them.

    Meanwhile, Najib seems the only one (for lack of a capable Ultra Malay alternative) who could manage our country as PM.


  16. The 2nd day of Hari Raya is also Singapore's National Day. Here's an extract of their PM(Najib's good friend)'s message:

    The economy is holding steady amidst global uncertainties. We are attracting more quality investments. Unemployment remains low," said Mr Lee in his National Day message.

    He added that Singapore must maintain investor confidence and keep Singapore open for business even as it tightens up on foreign workers and immigration.

    The Prime Minister also signalled a shift in Singapore's approach to nation building, saying that the Government will play a bigger role to build a fair and just society.

    It will help everyone succeed, as Singapore and the world experience changes in society and more pressure from technology on jobs and incomes.

    Outlining the thinking behind expected policy changes later this month, PM Lee said the Government will do more to help children from less well off families get off to a good start from pre-school, help the elderly cope with healthcare costs, help every family own an HDB flat, and give low-income workers a better deal through the Workfare income supplement scheme.

    "In Singapore, everyone will always have a stake in this country, and ample chances to make good in life," he said.

  17. How Singapore helped Najib on 5 May 2013:

    Terence Netto

    That Singapore’s PAP government did not want Pakatan Rakyat to win Malaysia’s 13th general election could be deduced from a little known non-event that went unreported on polling day.
    Bus 170 that plies between Causeway Point in Singapore and Larkin in Johor Baru was not on its normal run on May 5.

    On a normal day, every few minutes one bus 170 takes off from Larkin and heads south of the causeway. Simultaneously, another bus of the same number heads north, for Larkin, from Causeway Point.

    On May 5, the bus 170 service was a no-show. Presumably, Malaysian voters working and residing in Singapore must have relied on other means to come across to the peninsula to cast their vote.

  18. Cina kalau tak suka keluar lah dan emigrate ke luar. Lets us manage our own country.

    1. Suggest Lobbying for all Malays to be given 100% interest free loan to buy Cina owned assets. Like minded Malays could then join forces to buy prime Cina owned properties and companies.

      How does that sound?

      Malays must be prepared to risk the money they have. Otherwise, the Cina's position can never be replaced,

    2. Who will give the loans? the Government? or Banks? 100% free loan is inconceivable as it will mean a loss for the party providing the loan.

    3. Anon 11:22 lu ni memang bodoh-lah!! siapa PM Malaysia ? Najib. So siapa yg manage Malaysia ?? takkan LKS ataupon anak samy vellu yg manage Malaysia kan ??

    4. Anon 12:36, good suggestion, please forward your suggestion to Najib for consideration.

    5. Better if they can give interest free non payable loan.

    6. Anon 12:36 meant

      Loan backed by borrower's EPF. Eg if A has RM500,000 in his EPF, then he can borrow up to that much.

      If A finds another 49 like minded people each with RM500,000 in their EPF, they'll be able raise RM25 million altogether.

    7. Good suggestion, why not table to EPF for consideration

  19. Kalau susah sangat keturunan pendatang nak berinteraksi dengan bangsa lain diNegara ini terutama dengan orang tempatan, Najib elok ikut saja cara British dulu...

    Asingkan mereka jangan bagi bercampur, dari sini baru Negara boleh berfungsi dengan lebih lancar.

    MCA sudah begi greenlight tidak mau representation. Buat apa nak hegeh2 buat sibuk kalau orang tak sudi. Susah sangat nak bekerjasama, biarkan saja mereka.

    Bisnes dan pembangunan dan pelaburan apa yang perlu cari saja group yang baru, Bangla, Korean, Eropah atau negara2 Arab dll - beri nafas baru jangan pula start bagi citizenship free pula.


    Come on, the Chinese are given the opportunity to
    move towards 1 "bangsa" (1 Malaysia) which of course
    realistically, cannot be change in a few years or a few generations.. "it takes time"
    As proven, it failed!
    Thanks goodness!

    Why would a Malay wants to be assimilated into a Chinese immigrant culture?
    You see...
    Let's based our reference on History...

    First of all, Malays by themselves have long history
    From Srivijaya to Melaka
    But when compared to Chinese, it not much
    Most of the Chinese that came to South East Asia
    are from SOUTHERN CHINA that was conquered by REAL Chinese.
    To make it easier to understand from this sentence
    If Today, China attack Philippines (due to South China Sea) and conquered Philippines, Filipino will think they are
    Chinese too after a few generations..."it takes time"

    Most of the Chinese in Malaysia are from Southern China
    which historically considered barbarians to the REAL Chinese
    just like to the Manchus back then.
    Most of the Chinese in South East Asia are Hoklo people
    or Minnan (some ethnic minorities in China that nobody give a fuk) which got conquered...
    There's a difference between the conqueror and the conquered,
    which is why, till today, its the Northern Chinese that
    usually control China....

    Which is why, only the Malays speaks Malay
    Now, Chinese speaks Mandarin, once an enemy's language to them.
    Before they only speaks Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Hu Give a Fuk, etc

    And also, how can a Malay adapts or compete to so called "Chinese" hardworking culture?
    Malays were never slaves in other people's country like
    coolies, angkat taik collector, rickshaw pullers, samsui women, bridges builders, etc

    "It takes time" for the Malays to be progressive as the Malays
    just gained independence (56 years this August)
    To date, the malays have grown compared to yesteryear...
    It takes 100 years to wake up once a regional powerhouse
    after 500 years of colonization.

    Last but not least.....
    Anyone can become a Malay or chose to become a Malay
    But not everyone can become a Chinese....
    eg: if a Westerner marries a Chinese...the children becomes
    a Eurasian....

    The Chinese Propaganda are just being hypocritical..
    if it's only benefits themselves it's human rights,
    if it's against their benefits, its racism

    1. Probably the best solution would be assimilation. Lots of intermarriages and ultimately the nons become Malays by virtue of the constitutional definition. We should encourage mixed marriages (like Annie's mum and dad).

    2. Anon 13:37, did you bought your PHD from UK university ?

    3. Malaysian Chinese speak and learn new Bahasa Ibonda Teresa Kok...

      Majority who don't go to Sekolah Bahasa Ibonda Teresa Kok do not know how to read or even communicate in this language as their mother tongue are cantonese, hokkien, khek etc.

  21. The Chinese of Malaysia come from the same stock as those from Singapore.

    Malaya born founders of Singapore included Dep PM Goh Keng Swee (Melaka) and PAP Chairman Toh Chin Chye (Taiping).

    That is why now, more than 1/2 of Chinese families in Malaysia have close family ties (siblings or children)in Singapore. This stems from the thinking that for the younger generation to build a better future, Singapore is a convenient destination. There are also those who settled in the US, UK, Australia/NZ, and even China. Or joined China cos which are expanding worldwide.

    So, these are the people took only one generation to turn Singapore from a Third World country to First. The RM:SD exchange rate:- 1969 0.90:1.00, now 2.55:1.00. According to the World Bank, 2012 per capita GNP Capita for Singapore and Malaysia are about US50,000 and US10,000 respectively.

    A most impressive Malaysian addition to Singapore is Olivia Lum, a poor orphan from Kampar, who went to Singapore at 15 with a good PMR result sheet but only $10 in her pocket. After finding a school that would accept her, she survived by giving tuition and waitressing. She founded HYFLUX, which gave Singapore Newater, thus beginning the process of total water independence from Malaysia for Singapore. Now, age 52, she's worth > US$500m. She donates to her old school in Kampar.

    The more idealistic Chinese, many of whom found rapport with Pakatan ideology, wanted change, and hence voted against BN in GE13.

    Hopefully, Lee Kuan Yew's latest book will convince them of what is real. Which is Malaysia won't change. And the Chinese as a % of total Malaysian population will definitely decrease in the coming years.

    1. ....And the Chinese as a % of total Malaysian population will definitely decrease in the coming years...

      LEGA DENGAR BERITA BAIK BEGINI. Bila boleh berlaku? If Singapore is willing to take all 100% by next year you are welcome to take them to Singapore. We definitely are not going to miss any one of them.

      Tell LKY what is progress when one is made to live in pigeon-hole like homes, moving about like ants in factory-like living environments with foreigners an arms away from you 7/24?

      Can visualise Singapore like ants colony!

    2. Yeah, see how your 'ants' suffer

    3. Haha, I think the Chinese market themselves to high...
      They believe in their own propaganda

      As the % of chinese decrease in Malaysia, the malays can start developed Malaysia to its full capacity without worrying the Chinese gonna take over Malaysia
      Umno can start concentrating on developing the country
      instead of politiking and spends money to make the
      Chinese happy...
      We have already acquire the knowledge and capital to administrate a country...
      and investment can be poured by the oil rich middle eastern businesses
      Thanks for the memory, Chinese!

      Thats a fantastic Idea!!
      DOn't worry, we won't miss you....

      Example: Look at Brunei
      The natural resource can keep its people happpy due
      to the small population and had been restricting residency for the Chinese in Brunei...
      Malaysia has plenty of natural resources...

      One way to replace the Malaysian Chinese are
      the Singapore Malays and Indonesians
      Let's not forget,there's also the Sabah and Sarawak

      If today, Malaysian excluding the Chinese don't
      learn how to administrate the country without the
      Chinese, they will never learn...
      Human perform better out of desperation!

      Anyway, I don't understand how the Chinese contribute
      to Malaysia's economy as if the malays' dont?

      .Does selling pirated D.Wee.D contribute to the economy?

      .Alot of Malaysian Chinese are working in Singapore,
      So, how does that contribute to Malaysia Economy when
      they are paying taxes in Singapore and CPF

      .Spreading Hate and propaganda about Malays in overseas esp Singapore?

      .making sex videos?

      .setting up street corner gangs, massage parlour,
      gang related activities, etc?

      .tax revenues from gambling, alcohol, etc?

      Singapore Malays can joined up north so that
      we don't need to worry about the plight of the muslim down south

      Since the Chinese are happy to move down south
      and there is an organization that enable or help the Chinese to accommodate down south
      My question will be.....
      "Where do i sign up?"

    4. Ya why Singapore taking in so many from Mainland China whereas here in Malaysia so many are itching to become their citizens?

      Simplify things for them, just give them instant free citizenship, can accomodate at least 5m of them or not? Faster build more flats..

  22. the chinese here love the country so much that we can see how many of them works in the police force, army , government etc. They rather work illegally doing biz in Petaling Street then work to defend the country. To them money is their God and thats why they want to take the country away from the Malays coz they know that Malaysia is land of riches. We Malays made the mistake by sharing the wealth with them. Hopefully never again will we be that stupid. Chinese had backstab us so we must fight and gain back our actual rights, our honour and dignity. Ketuanan Melayu mesti dipertahan kan at all cost.

  23. the chinese here love the country so much that we can see how many of them works in the police force, army , government etc. They rather work illegally doing biz in Petaling Street then work to defend the country. To them money is their God and thats why they want to take the country away from the Malays coz they know that Malaysia is land of riches. We Malays made the mistake by sharing the wealth with them. Hopefully never again will we be that stupid. Chinese had backstab us so we must fight and gain back our actual rights, our honour and dignity. Ketuanan Melayu mesti dipertahan kan at all cost.