Thursday 15 August 2013

Extreme meritocracy

Last night I watched a documentary which reminds me of the all out "meritocracy" as demanded by the DAP.

It's about the big eating the small kind of thing and survival of the fittest as the justification. If you are not strong, then you have to stay at the lower end of the food chain or perished.

Here is a link to the subject matter of the documentary,

Cannibal sharks eat siblings in utero

And this is a bit from the documentary,

Ok, it may be a bit extreme, but that's how meritocracy is in the animal world. If you are the bigger or stronger animal, then you have the right to devour the smaller and weaker animal.

The same logic applies in the human's meritocracy concept. It doesn't matter whether you are a poor kampung boy or a middle class urban girl, as they will be judged the same when competing for the opportunity to get ahead in life. The advantages on the side of the middle class urban girl and her connections doesn't count. Any assistance given to the kampung boy to level the playing field will be condemned as giving him a "tongkat" (crutch). 

That's why, when BN won the votes of the rural poor, the Pakatan gang mocked their rival as being supported by the poor, backward and uninformed. 

So, Malays and the rest of the bumiputera, in case the DAP takes over, you all better make sure you become the bigger sharks.

Otherwise, you all will get eaten up, ok.


  1. It really puzzle me after 55 years under UMNO with extreme privileges, Malays are still considered 'weaker' race and still need help. It is either UMNO is useless or Malays are indeed a 'weaker' race. While the non Malay will survive under the 'unfair' rule and according to Darwin evolution principle, this will only make them stronger and the protected species will never survive outside the greenhouse.

    1. "non malay survive under unfair rule"??

      are you drunk?

    2. Yes it is true Rizwan, Non-Malays were discriminated in education, housing and economy opportunity.

      Smart non-malays poor kids are denied entry into local university for years.Poor non-malays buying house are without discount while the rich Malays are getting discount for houses they bought whether low cost, medium cost,or high end property.

    3. Anon 22:00,

      Since you feel really that deplorable living in Malaysia, why don't you the non- Malays migrate elsewhere. I don't think the government is going to abolish the special rights of the Malays anytime soon. I think these rights will stay forever whether you like it or not.

    4. Malays are robbed!!17 August 2013 at 00:17

      Simple really, the Malays/UmnO was hijacked by an Indian from Kerala.

      He purportedly fought for the Malays accusing Tunku of playing billiards and being soft on the Chinese for not killing 11 Chinese criminals.

      This impressed the Malays who appointed him UMNO President and he promptly appointed another Keling Tamil Anwar Ibrahim as his deputy!

      And this two proceeded to enrich the chinese and indians criminals who you can see listed in Forbes.

      Of course their sons, daughter, father brother got percentages ma. So now while UMNO members are beggars in their own country, Mahathir own words his sons are multi billionaires!!!??%&&%%@2

      Every year 9 billions of Petronas money are given out to Chinese triads,contractors, developers through petrol and diesel subsidy. The number of diesel cars are only 10% but the amount of subsidy given by UMNO Presidents is more than petrol subsidy over the years!!

      Withlout the Chinese like Robert Kuok who is living in Macau mind you or Yeoh Tiong Lay or Vincent Tan , Malays would be richer because Robert Kuok robbed the country through all sorts of monopolies.

      All these was given by the ex corrupt UMNO Presidents who were only interested in enriching their brothers or son in laws.

      Because Mahathir was indian he tried to destroy the Malay language in Sains dan Matematik. Muhyidin introduce the FROG culture in our schools to enrich Yeoh Tiong Lay with 9 billion blue print. Sekarang bila anak murid Melayu buka komputer mereka lihat gambar katak!
      Sedangkan budaya kita adalah sang kancil.

      All these the MACC should investigate as this was brought up in Parliament.

      For those chinese who has been duped by DAP, this is the Federated Malay States, and the name Malaysia will be reverted back to FMS so as not to create confusion among the migrants.

      FEDERATED MALAY STATES with Sabah and Sarawak.

  2. "non Malay will survive under the 'unfair' rule"

    .. what unfair rule? Were you stopped from doing business? Were you not allowed to study until university or beyond? Were you prevented from owning properties? Were you stopped from doing Ali-Baba arrangement? Please don't kid yourself that you are oppressed in Malaysia.

    .. it is the Malays that are subjected to implicit unfair rules since the non-Malays control the economy. As if we don't know the discrimination in supply chain. As if we don't know how you bribe your way through so that honest Malay business will die. As if we don't know the discrimination in job opportunities in private sectors. So please don't kid yourself that you are successful without the help of some Malay traitors.

    "after 55 years under UMNO with extreme privileges"

    .. what extreme privileges? You mean the 7% housing discount? The boarding schools? The quota in public universities? The F-class contracts? If these are "extreme" privileges, you really need to improve your vocabulary.

    The Malays have been keeping quiet all these while. The fault of Malays are most are not greedy. They are not aggressive. Too accommodating. Too forgiving. Too patriotic that they are even willing to die to protect the ingrates. While the ingrates are not even patriotic enough to learn and speak the national language.

    1. Well said!! Especially the last 2 paragraphs!

    2. you're damn right.. everything must Cina Cina Cina.. Sekolah, akhbar, Universiti, radio, Astro, signboard, taman perumahan, China Town. and they claimed they're patriotic.. hehehe

    3. Baik punya. Tenyeh lagi sebab they are ingrates

    4. Chase these ingrates out of Malaysia! Pukimak punya bangsa Cinapek dan Keling!

    5. Anon 12:44, are you saying that the Malay lack behind economically are because of the non-Malays ??

    6. Anon 12:44, you are such a stupid fool and please don't blame others on your own failure.You are not smart enough to be an UMNO cronies or UMNO Putera, otherwise you will be also selected to become Tabung Haji Chairman with fat salary.

      Azeeeeeeez Rempit, is a fine example. Did the non-Malay stop Azeeeeeeeeeeez from obtaining wealth ??

    7. Cina kaya sbb Melayu bagi lets boycott their biznes for good n chase them out of Malaysia. Cina tak sedar diri menumpang di Tanah Melayu n kurang ajar pulak tu. Makan babi depan Melayu...asik cakap cina...sgt kurang ajar....nak sgt jadi Cina pergi balik tempat asal China lah...menyemak jer kat Malaysia ni. And kenapa cina suka letak nama English?... kiasu n perasan sungguh cina2 ni kan.

    8. Anonymous 22:21

      Have you verified that Azeeeeeeez Rempit is a malay?

  3. After 55 years the Chinese still cannot speak Bahasa.
    Bangla, Myammar, Nepalese do so within 3 years at least.
    Puzzling only if you are a Racist Chauvinist.

    1. so Anon 12:51, let your daughters marry bangla,myammar and nepalese lah since they can speak Malay very well. Lagi best kalau you you sewa bilik kat dia orang, jadikan satu happy family.

    2. Stupid Anon 12:51, so proud of bangla,myammar and nepalese, the reason this guys learn to speak Malay is to avoid police detection and also married the malay girls to get themselves a PR status BODOH !!

    3. 22:10

      keturunan lu dulu ada cuba belajar nak cakap Melayu tapi sebab sepanjang hayat tak pernah keluar kampung baru, dia tak sempat pandai. jadi cucu cicit keturunan lu pun bila nak mintak kad pengenalan nak isi borang pun tak kenal huruf. lu bangga lagi ?

      lu pun fikir dan cakap macam orang tak pergi sekolah

      lu umur berspa tahun ?

  4. Meritocracy is just a charade to perpetuate dominance and monopoly of particular race in particular field and to keep other races at bay. This will made the poor stay poor and the rich people get even richer. There will be no upward social mobility for the disadvantages as they are made to compete on uneven field. The doors of opportunity will forever slammed shut under the guise of meritocracy.

  5. What is the most extreme unfair rule is how the non-bumi a.k.a. pendatangs are awarded with free citizenship through jus soli forced by the British without mush hassle when the Malays are asking for independant for the own motherland. Have you ever questioned this?

    While no 'former' pendatangs care to question the above, they dare to question the very fundamentals to the Malay. They even have the rulings on Malay languange fluency relaxed, vernacular school closed eye and much more but still not satisfied.

    I like the Brunei way; still got independance from British not so long from Malaysia (then Federation of Malay States) but without compromising the rights of the Malay!

    Yes, we did a biggest mistake just on this part alone. Now we can see the effect why the British forced the Malays to share power with the pendatangs!

    1. Blame it on that Malay traitor Tunku Abdul Rahman who was a penjilat puki Cina! Now Najib is also a penjilat puki Cina

  6. ....55 years under UMNO with extreme privileges.

    I am a Malay. A widow with 5 kids (8months-12yrs). Please help secure us some of your so called "extreme priviledges", as you are so confident of us getting these facilities;

    1. a 5 bedroom fully furnished with compound (a room for my maids).
    2. 2 maids need to go out and work for our living
    3. car comfortable enough for 6 of us
    4. 4 school going kids - Tabika fees and RM10 daily each pocket money should suffice
    5. holidays min RM25K should cover for a 4day trip overseas - much needed rest
    6. a building and get me float of RM800K as I want to start a business
    7. Need 4 smart phones, 2 PC should be enough.

    Give me all these within a month otherwise don't talk COCK!

    1. PS:
      My eldest asking for Nintendo 3DX - 3 units ASAP please - my kids yearning for it - Saw their cousins playing with it during Hari Raya.. Meleleh juga air lior!

      Best give me yr contact nbr.. as you seem pretty sure we Malays can get anything easily for free?

    2. Anon 16:12, please send your request to UMNO will ya, who knows you might get lucky to get all the things you wish for.

    3. Anon 22:13
      I am a Malay, those are merely basic needs out of all the many so called "extreme priviledges".. How many hours already not received a single thing asked for.

      Anon 10:21 - you better show me some results by the weeks end! Send me the TONGKAT!

    4. yup..there's no more Malay priviledges in Malaysia....although harga rumah ada discount for bumiputera but bank loan interest is higher than non bumis...belajar pun berhutang....and usually Malays yang beli Proton coz cheaper then imported cars. So to non malays tu janganllah sour grape sgt coz seriusly takde special nye Malays. Najib pun tak pedulikan Malays pun.

    5. Ooo everyone make it appear if you are a Malay, automatic will get all MAGIC priviledges..

      But want to buy house must pay also, why not free? Only 7% discount? We have no money how to even buy a cheap house?

      Schooling free? I think in Malaysia schooling all free. PTPTN not free? must also pay? Loan interest lower by 50%? What? Where?

      Haiyaaa, like this what exceptional priviledges are they shouting about? I thought as a Malay just wave the Magic TONGKAT and anything you wish will come falling from the sky!

      My kids are Malay orphans, excited thinking they will get everything for free! Haiyaa.. what priviledges are all these GHOSTS talking about?

      Never mind, like that will I ask my kids to wave imaginary magic wand...tongkat too heavy for them. Maybe some Ghosts (this month ghost month?) will give them some priviledges from the Underworld.

    6. Kalau dah dapat discount pon tak mampu apatah lagi orang yg tak dapat discount, lagi susah !!

      The biggest shark of all time is UMNO, semua dia makan tak kisah ikan kecil ke ataupon besar, semua gasak.

    7. Huge whales (Cina) in the meanwhile quietly waiting with mouth wide open to swallow all those sharks! That's why 10 of the richest in Malaysia mainly from whales species.

  7. Of course without the principle of meritocracy we might as well scrap all national school examinations and official grading systems in the administration. Certainly, and for sure, "meritocracy" should be properly qualified by taking into consideration other factors which our "values" must apply to "the context of its application". Why did China fail in her "meritocratic system" under the Ching dynasty? Could it be that the powers-that-be misappropriated the Confucian virtues of altruism and reason for their own selfish ends; meaning that the ruler and the administration did not apply the right values towards the application of their "meritocratic system" therefore resulting in a maladjusted and problematic society. In Malaysia, the obvious detriment to the harmonious functioning of the nation lies with the purely Chinese vernacular school system which unconsciously and in certain cases wittingly segregates the young hearts and minds from understanding and thus appreciating the non-Chinese others (who are strangely enough in the majority). Maybe enough is said about that side.
    Now why have the Malay Muslim majority become lackadaisical in self improvement, if that's the complaint? It would not be off the mark to say that for too long religious deviants and leftist liberals have caused in-fighting among the Malay people. Many Malays today do not properly understand the concept of divine unity in Islam and the importance of purification of the heart which were commonplace to their traditional forefathers in the earlier part of the 20th century - no thanks to saudi wahhabism and the negative effects of western consumerist values.
    Pertaining to meritocracy in education, Confucius said: "In teaching there should be no distinction in classes (of people in society)"

    As for Political Meritocracy it is the idea that a political system ought to be designed with the aim of selecting political leaders with above average ability to make morally informed political judgments. That is, political meritocracy has two key components: (1) the political leaders have above average ability and virtue; and (2) the selection mechanism is designed to choose such leaders. In this context Malaysians of all races must bear this common responsibility for the good of all. In this we are fortunate enough to be born with a human heart and sound intelligence. Let us discriminate what it is to be a human being, from being like a shark.

  8. Nothing to lose for poor and hungry people if they decided to take tough action and rebel against the richer, even they have to sacrifice their own life. That is why we need to look back on our history. Don't take for granted what we have achieved. Bigger cake must go to the majority lower and middle class Malay at rural and urban. Don't forget, the poor, lower and middle class Malay at rural are really our strong supporters.

  9. Melayu ke, cina ke, india ke, iban ke, kadazan ke @ yg lain2 ke...kita semua sama je..lahir dan mati...apa mau bising??? Tak kira apa bangsa, mau cari makan cari dgn mulia..jgn tipu2, jgn kasi kopi...sini melayu ada yg baik punya tapi ada jugak yg busuk..sama juga sana punya org cina..ada yg baik tapi ada jugak busuk....itu macam haq dan batil ma...hitam dan putih...jgn cakap sesiapa pendatang ma bab kita semua pendatang jugak ke bumi ini..satu hari kita semua akan balik ke " kampung" asal kita ma...huhuhu...lang bukse lang...goi bukse goi...hidup sudah mati pun susah...

  10. Ni buat buat puzzled jer ni. Try this story, real story mind you, the Malay wanted to set up business in fruit as in supplying fruit from overseas and distribute to retail sector to the few Malay fruit sellers. First hurdle he went through all his supplies were rejected since the chinese importers ganged up at offered cut throat price to the retailers. he didnt give up, he ordered second shipment, second hurdles the warehouse at the port klang were bribed and offloading were delayed and fruit turned bad. hird attempt were made, the Malay fixed the retailers order, fixed the Port manaement and warehouse problem, the chinese ganged up to pay the shipping company to delay docking thus allowing the fruits imported for the gang to dock first and be distributed. Since the third order was to supply the retailers for festive ocassion, the delay tactic worked. After failing for the third time and suffered losses, the Malay company just bungkus the business. When one of the gang was asked didnt you guys suffered financially just to block one Malay company, he said its business and sama sama kongsi nevermind as long as no Melayu can come in.

    Dont talk la about meritocracy...Malay dont stand a chance..who the racist here?

    1. Anon 21:19, why no make report to UMNO or Perkasa ?? Or anon just reka story saje.

    2. anon 22.59 you sedar tak dah ada bcl abc semua's part of the long term plan..umno tak boleh buat pape to obvious..tpi byk ahli umno malah pas dan pkr sedar mereka perlu tolong satu sama lain dlm bisnes..perkasa well you think who's campaigning for this JIHAD bisnes thing.

    3. I don't believe you. Anyone can make up such a story. please provide proof like company name etc.

    4. Perlu sedarkan orang Islam bahawa banyak premis bukan Islam yang suspek halal haram produk dan perkhidmatan yang ditawar.

      Secara tidak langsung, orang Islam akan memilih peniada Islam kerana halal/haram mengatasi harga barangan murah/mahal.

      Sila kunjung

      Memang banyak premis-premis makan berjenama yang tidak mempunyai sijil halal.

      Strategy ini lebih berkesan dari BCL. Tambahan pula Islam tidak mengalakkan peperangan bersenjatakan ekonomi.

  11. Apa sudah mahu jadi dengan negeraku tercinta ini???? Gaduh sesama sana-sini. Melayu la, salah cina lah, indian gengster la..tembak sana tembah sini macam dah jadi spt koboi timur dah...tak letih ke korang???

  12. Anon 22.10 you are the stupid one.The issue is about the commitment to learn the national language la bangang. You are so typical of person who cant seem to see the gajah depan mata but nampak hama on the other side.. The issue is the chinese arrogance......address the issue la typical of red bean la u. The comment was using bangla as an example, kalau guna mak you as the example lain la pasal.

  13. Anon 22.59 all you know is buat report jer ke? Everything buat report jer siang malam? Everything report to UMNO and Perkasa jer? Try be more productive will you instead of advising to buat report non stop. or simply if you havr nothing intelligent to say, just stay quiet la...that would be more productive than repeating buat report...sigh...some people have no sense but nonsense all the time...sikit sikit komen buat report to UMNO red bean

  14. Mengapa kalut sangat dengan hal-hal duniawi ni?

    Allah memberi kekayaan kepada sesiapa yang DIA kehendaki. Orang kafir kerja kuat, depa jadi kaya, tetapi bolehkah mereka membeli kebahagian di dunia? Ramai orang Islam yang diberi kekayaaan oleh Allah SWT, tetapi sebilangan besar mereka kalah dengan godaan syaitan, menjadi lebih sombong, tamak danm rakus. Akhirnya kekayaan itu juga tidak dapat membeli kekayaan dunia, sebaliknya mereka dimurkai Allah.

    Ya, orang kafir di Malaysia ini kaya raya, tetapi adakah orang Islam ditindas dengan teruknya?

    Adakah orang Islam yang tiada pekerjaan dan terpaksa meminta sedekah untuk sesuap nasi?
    Adakah orang Islam yang tinggal di bawah jambatan?
    Adakah orang Islam yang mati kebuluran?
    Banyak lagi persoalan yang kita boleh tanya.

    Apa yang dikejar ialah kekayaan untuk menikmati kemewahan dunia, rumah besar, bini ramai, pemas berlian, kereta mewah dan pelbagai, makan sedap2, libur di di kelab mewah atau luar negara, teknologi yang tak berfaedah, dll. Kebanyakan kemudahan ini dibekal oleh orang kafir, jadi kemana kekayaan orang Islam pergi akhirnya?

    Kuasa dan kekayaan yang ada pada orang Islam di negara ini sudah mencukupi untuk kita menguasai nagara ini. Malangnya kuasa dan kekayaan tersebut dikuasai oleh segolongan kecil elit yang lupa bahawa kuasa dan kekayaan itu bukan milik mutlak mereka tetapi amanah Allah untuk digunkan kearah kebaikan seluruh ummah.Yang berkuasa pula sombong dan mengambil kesempatan diatas kuasa itu untuk mengaut kekayaan.

    Selagi mana orang Islam masih mengekalkan golongan2 elit ini sebagai pemimpin, selagi itulah kita akan bercerita tentang orang2 cina dan india menguasai ekonomi negara ini.

    Stop talking about the chinese and in India. They don't believe in the hereafter, their world are here and now. Sedarkan orang Islam, samada yang berada atau yang berkuasa akan tanggungjawab mereka.

    1. Anon 07:09

      This is the most logical thing anyone has said in the comments to this article. Annie too is trying too hard to create panic and phobia. The world is not a fair place - to everybody who are not the elite; be they Cina, Melayu, India dan lain2. We can't keep on blaming other people. Meritocracy is good if implemented properly. The NEP is good too if implemented properly; but unfortunately it is being hi-jacked by the Elites and their cohort. The NEP should be used to help all the poor in our country (which is its real purpose in the first place). As the Malays and Bumi are the majority they would be the major beneficiaries. Nowadays the NEP has been used to benefit the cronies. This is why the 55 year old widow cannot get her basic requirements. Neither can the poorer non-Malays. But we do see selective Malays and non-Malays getting richer everyday.

    2. Anon 17:57
      I am the Malay widow with 5 Malay orphans. Belum tua sangat lagi, in my early 40's, Alhamdulillah am still able to earn a living to support my 5 kids.

      It stings my ears whenever the word Tongkat is mentioned. I highlighted my case as I feel the nons are obsessed with the mythical Tongkat 'supposedly' presented to all Malays and Bumiputras in Malaysia.

      Rest assured out of the 50% or so Bumis on this land, too many have not the opportunity to even get near "that cane", so please do not generalize.

      My neighbour, a Chinese owns a big bangalow, two units of 3storey shop-office, business flourishing, a 4WD imported, 5kids attending extra classes (RM2K monthly), and they have 7dogs (5new puppies being fed with additional milk formula). Their late father donated RM50K to the SJKC school where his grandkids study - (he died 2 years ago and provided RM300K for his underworld life requirements; his kids sent him a mansion, few cars, maids, dogs etc - specially hand crafted including bertimbun2 'Bank of Hell' currencies which was later burnt to ashes).

      However I was told one of the daughter in SMK is getting a monthly scholarship/allowance of RM70 each month from the state or whatever via the school.

      My kids are Malay orphans, they do not get any of those priviledges not even from Pusat Zakat (probably if they find you living under the bridge). I am active in The Single Parents group in our area and many other members too do not get whatever priviledges the GHOSTS are shouting about.

      BTW, until today still no sign of any TONGKAT flying our way.. So to all the nons out there, jangan banyak berangan or spread nonsense,

      .......In this world and for the Chinese even in their underworld.... NOTHING COMES FREE.

    3. Bravo anon 14:00

      Actually the nons dah aware about what you mentioning.
      Only things they wanted to bully the malays , beat the deb system, and stealing the wealth with no less.
      They pride with their skills to con the malays.

      And they know too I have to pay the streamyx am using right now.

      To anon 07:09
      "Ya, orang kafir di Malaysia ini kaya raya, tetapi adakah orang Islam ditindas dengan teruknya?"

      Ada benar kata-kata anon.
      Cuma anon mungkin tak pernah bekerja dgn orang kafir. atau tak pernah mintak kerja di company orang kafir hatta yang di gelar company multi national yang rata-rata dikuasai orang nons disini.

      Kalau tak pernah, buat samaran, hantar CV, dan pergi la interview kalau dapat dipanggil nanti.

      Kalau disekolah yang ramai pengajar dari anon, terutama sekolah di bandar (sbb tak ramai mereka suka tinggal di kampung), baik sekolah rendah atau menengah kena berhati-hati dengan anak-anak kita. Masalah mereka mensabotaj dan mengajar sambil lewa dan seleweng banyak berlaku. Anak kita yang hebat disisihkan. Ini pernah saya lalui sewaktu jadi pelajar dulu.

      Saya alhamdulillah ada pengalaman bekerja di beberapa buah negara didunia ni. Hatta di singapura pun saya pernah. Singapura la negera yang paling teruk menindas orang islam melayu terutama ditindas oleh orang cina, masyarakatnya, dan company dia sekali. Tak pernah pergi kesana? cuba-cuba bawak berjalan dan tinggal seminggu dua, naik train dan bus, lihat bagaimana layanan mereka.

      Ramai nons yang bekerja disini, dan perangai mereka 2x 5 juga. Bebas untuk hentam orang islam. Kalau di Malaysia mereka ni alim kucing. Sbb tu ada setengah golongan elit di malaysia terpegun dengan sandiwara mereka. Di sogok wang, bibir perempuan dan harta beberapa kerat, habis semua tanah negara digadaikan.

      Upah yang saya terima hampir 30k sebulan, tapi adakah disebabkan mahukan 30K semata-mata saya relakan diri ditindas dicerca manusia cina ini? tentu lah tidak. Buat apa saya tambahkan saham dosa saya memajukan negara yang semamngnya memusuhi islam. Sedangkan insyaAllah masih ada rezeki di negara lain yang boleh saya pergi.

      Kalau saya level executive boleh di tindas, macam mana la pulak jurujual jurujual di gedung cina,drebar lori, kuli angkat barang kat company cina-cina ni? Mereka ni kalau di tindas diam seribu bahasa, tak ada tempat mengadu kenangkan untuk dapat kan sesuap nasi. Kalu di lawan miss la syoru.

      Itu belum lagi tengok di prospek perniagaan bersaing dengan cina malaysia.

      Umat islam melayu di malaysia kena bersungguh mendapatkan hak mereka dari musuh nons ini kerana rezeki tak datang bergolek atau susu , gula, beras, tepung tak datang jatuh ke riba. Hatta DEB pun tak bagi free garam gula kepada orang melayu. Digula-gula ada la.

    4. bangang, ko kata orang islam ditindas di sinagpura, tapi orang islam dari brunei, kuwait, qatar & jakarta tak ditindas pun kat sana? malah dilayan macam raja pun ade! masalah orang singapura ke, cina ke, isalm ke atau masalah ENGKAU. pegi menuntut 2 tahun lagi baru bukak mulut ye.sekian