Monday 12 August 2013

Chipping away at Islam

The new Malay Mail online team, led by ex-Malaysian Insider's Leslie Lau and his sister Joan seem to be busy during this Hari Raya celebrations with stories which could put a bit of a damper on the Muslims' celebrations.

These two stories released today appeared to me as trying to put pressure on PM DS Najib Razak over the Allah and position of Islam issues,

'Allah' appeal inconsistent with government's 10-point solution, Archbishop says

and this one

Minister: Interfaith commission never shelved, only renamed

The second story even quoted former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on something which looks sinister to me,

“People do not really understand what interfaith dialogue is, especially the muftis,” Abdullah, popularly called Pak Lah, said in an interview in the book “Awakenings: The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia”.

Pak Lah, were you saying that the muftis are all so stupid that they do not know what the interfaith dialogue is all about? Does your daughter Nori, who is if I'm not mistaken is a member of Sisters in Islam got anything to do with what you said?

Well, Datuk Najib need to stand firm on this matter. He need to bear in mind that no matter how hard he tried to appease these elements who tried to pressure him on the religious issue, he will never get their support at the end of the day. Not as if he had never tried. He actually tried and got burned doing so previously.

Datuk Najib must remember the outcome of GE13, whenever he feels that his resolve against these elements seems to weaken.

I pray that he will not succumb to these elements who clearly will push their way bit by bit, using all means necessary until Islam is no longer the official religion of this country.


  1. Ostazah Annie, Najib cannot stand firm now, his legs is shaking like Shakin Stevan, very soon PM pon tak dapat jadi.

    It seem like Annie has made SIS her #1 enemy of all time. Bravo Annie, teruskan sikap musuh-memusuh kau,asalkan badan jangan busuk sudah !!

    1. Anda tidak faham bila tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat sesaorang bukan bermakna hendak bermusuhan!

      Malaysia negara demokrasi. Apa pun pendapat pun dibolehkan asal jangan bertujuan mencaci agama, budaya dan isu isu sensitif yang lain.

      Menteliti jenis apakah golongan yang memaksa orang menyokong pendapat golongan mereka. Menteliti busuk otak tak?

    2. betoi anon 12:34, lihatlah bagaimana Annie menggunakan bahasa kesat dan tidak senonoh kat sesiapa yg tak bersetuju dgn beliau, khususnya kaum Tionghwa and India yg tak beragama Islam. Sungguh busuk hati dan otak si Annie.

      Biadap sungguh perangai Annie, sampai Pak Lah dia pon nak hina.

  2. Annie : "using all means necessary until Islam is no longer the official religion of this country"

    Woi Ostazah Annie, tolong jangan tulis yg bukan-bukan ok. Ini trick lama UMNO, rakyat tak bodoh tahu !

    1. Annie cannot be ori, always copy cat. What Rocky post she post.

      be more ori can or not Annie ?

  3. REF: “People do not really understand what interfaith dialogue is, especially the muftis,”

    The most urgent question to ask is: Are not Ambiga and the PKR, DAP flying "the transcendental unity of religions" banner? In other words they believe as an integral of faith, that all religions are just expressions of one and the same truth. Exactly how does the salafi PAS fit into this syncretic framework? Now, I certainly do not understand the meaning of interfaith dialogue other than that this coalition of individuals are bent on promoting thru this faith dialogue some nebulous idea of the "transcendental unity" of Islam and Christianity. But oh people as you know, Muslims believe fundamentally that God is One and Absolute without any associate while trinitarian Christians profess that Godhead is undeniably three persons in one. Where is the so-called unity of Islam and Christianity when we don't even concur on the nature of our Creator God, for a start?

  4. Ya that's right. That's why it is offensive that Guan Eng insists on representing ALLAH as Father-Son-Holy Ghost in his Malay Bible. If he is unable to accept the Muslims' understanding of ALLAH then he should at least desist in his defamation of divinity - talk about convening at the table of mutual understanding! In this regard, Badawi must personally participate by stating his views and conviction on this troubling issue, should he persist in encouraging further inter-faith dialogue. Then only would he be helping to set the ethical guidelines for any responsible interaction to occur, by the grace of the Most Merciful Lord of all.

    Unitarian vs Trinitarian understanding within Christian History:

    1. If he can keep awake for a few minutes. LOL ...

  5. So are we to stop the East Malaysian Christians from using the word Allah? they have been using this word to refer to Almighty God for hundreds of years in their prayers and suddenly they cannot? The premise of the 10 Point solution is to allow them to continue. In the Malay Bible (unfortunately imported from Indonesia) Allah is used in the book of Genesis as the Creator. Strange, I thought that Muslims, Christians and Jews all came from the same tree - are we saying that the Creator is not Allah or that there are different Creators in the 3 Monotheistic Religions.

    Just to quote from the Daily Telegraph:

    "The Arabic word Allah comes from al-ilah, "the god". The word Allah was in use among the people of Mecca before Mohammed announced his message to them. It is found in pre-Islamic poetry and in ancient inscriptions in Arabia. It was used by Christians as their term for God long before Mohammed was born.

    On the face of it, the Koran declares that the God known to Mohammed is the God of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians). In Sura 29: 46 God tells his followers: "Say: 'We believe in that which has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to you. Our God and your God are one. We surrender to Him'."

    Muslims may think that Jews and Christians have betrayed the revelation given to them, but that does not affect the identity of the creator of Adam."

    It was WRONG of Lim Guan Eng to start raising hue and cry by his Christmas message. Obviously, this was a political speech. However, I am of the opinion that the matter has to be handled sensitively; the Government cannot just strip the Easy Malaysians of their rights - do remember that when they joined the Federation the agreements with Sabah and Sarawak do state that there is no official religion in these two states. Hence West Malaysians cannot impose their will on East Malaysians.

    I am sure I will receive many insults from the UMNO/BN Cyber troopers for my comments here (and maybe even you Annie); but I think we cannot be too over emotional about the issue. If the Christians in West Malaysia are using this to proselytize Muslims, there are sufficient laws to take action against them.

    1. Do you know that ONLY the UMNO Malay has problem with the word Allah being use by other faith. The rest of the Muslims world particularly from the middle east have no issue with it. It is because Allah = God, literally.

      The word 'Allah' existed even before Islam.

      Unfortunately the are a lots of Malay Muslim being lead away from the right path of Islam teaching by UMNO. And here we have the pro UMNO blog like Annie executing the evil plan of their UMNO master to misled the malay.

    2. REF: "The rest of the Muslims world particularly from the middle east have no issue with it. It is because "Allah" = "God" literally."

      Being exclusively literalist in understanding the meaning of words is greatly problematic. As an illustration:
      The word "Bapak" = "Father", literally .... but
      "Bapak Ayam" is not literally "Father of Chickens" also not literally "Chicken Father"

      Can you see or not?: Neither does "Bapak Ayam" denote "one who nurtures farm chickens" nor does it refer to a "cowardly daddy"

  6. Annie jgn duk layan sangat kerenah keturunan pendatang ni semua. Sampai disini mereka baru dapat menikmati kesempurnaan hidup, just learning how to be free.. senang cari makan, bebas bersuara... kejutan budaya ini will take them centuries to sink in and stabilize.

    Try giving a bouquet of roses to monkeys, see what happens to the flowers.

    Many of them shouting human rights and whatnot, ni jenis keturunan tak tau sejarah sendiri malahan try to deny themselves of their very own history.

    Mereka sedang merangkak mencari identiti diri. Who are they? What are their religion? Are they Malaysians or merely clueless diasporas? Homeland already changed, Citizenship already changed, Taraf hidup drastically changed, Religion also change, Names also change, some of them even RACE also can change... tak ke otak mereka jadi kelam kabut?

    So trending with their otak, they also want to change the name of their God?.. Lucu pula bila kenangkan mereka ni. Even the Bengali fella, lots of changes too, hardly see their boys today carrying tennis balls on their heads and even their men, how many now using the turbans?.

    Thts the reason the majority here chose to ignore dan tak layan kerenah2 mereka.

    1. Anon 16:21, hang ni beli Diploma kat college mana, UK ke ?? Tulisan hang panjang tapi erti tarak, dari pendatang ke monkey,ke bengli, tennis ball, aduh pening nak baca dan faham. Lagi kali K.I.S.S sudah-lah.

      Isu pendatang ni is so so ancient topik, tak ade lain topik lagi ke kalau nak bantai penduduk bukan-Islam dan bumiputera ?

    2. Anon 16:21, what an arrogant person you are to look down on other people and make all kinds of suppositions about a whole race based on the behaviour of a few. Do you think that your race is so perfect? If it were things like this wouldn't be happening:

    3. Anonymous 19.59,
      Kesiannya, entry mcm di atas tu pun pening nak baca. Otak letak kat kepala lututke? Ataupun 'tarak' otak? Dahlah tu bahasa kelam kabut pulak. Mana sekolah 'aar'? srjkc? LOL


  7. Annie,

    You must be short of ideas for your blog if this is what you have been reduced to producing.

    The "Allah" appeal is proceeding through the Courts and at the end of the day, a decision will be made.

    Would you publish the 10 point solution put forward by the government, or are you satisfied to just have it mentioned in the link you provided?

    Our neighbour, Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of the country and the Bible or Alkitab is published in Bahasa Indonesia.

    Annie, does the word Allah appear in the Bahasa Indonesia version of the Bible?

    If it does, why is the Muslim population of Indonesia NOT up in arms demanding that Indonesian Christians stop using the word "Allah" in their Bibles

    Imagine that...a country with 88% Muslim population and 13% of the total global Muslim population allows that which Muslim Malaysia forbids.

    Why do you suppose this is?

    What does this say about the Muslims in Malaysia?

    Your comment "... until Islam is no longer the official religion of this country" is nothing but fear mongering. Malaysia is a Muslim majority country, Islam is the religion of the majority and the position of Islam as the official religion is enshrined in the Constitution. I cannot foresee any situation where that could change, and I would not want it to change.

    1. Annie is not here to disseminate the correct information but deliberately to mislead and deceive the Muslim in general that the word 'Allah' can only be used by Muslim.

      Annie does not have the gut to debate because she knows nut about Islam. She is more like an empty vessel make the most noise.

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    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Satu sahaja saya hendak komen. Apa yang Indonesia lakukan itu hak dia. Dia hendak benarkan umat Kristian gunakan Allah dalam bible, biarkan lah!

      Di Malaysia umat Islam tidak benarkan perkataan Allah digunakan dalam bible versi Melayu. Mereka wajib patuh. Lagipun apa sebab 'gatal' sangat hendak gunakan kalimah itu? Dulu tidak sibuk dibuk pun!

      Isu di Sabah dan Sarawak menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam bible adalah isu yang berbeza. Mereka selamanya menggunakan bible edisi Indonesia dan telah digunakan sejak mereka belum memasuki persekutuan Malaysia lagi .

      Umat Islam Malaysia ada hak untuk melarang penggunakan istilah Allah dalam bible versi Bahasa Melayu di Malaysia. Perkataan Allah hak eksklusif orang Islam. Paling penting konsep Allah dalam lslam berbeza dengan konsep god Kristian!

    5. Sorry anon 21:37 and anon 21:42,
      please comment in Bahasa Malaysia and English instead so that everyone may understand your comment. Thank you.


    6. Kepada Anonymous 12/8/2013 @ 21:44

      Is that your best argument? "Umat Islam Malaysia ada hak..."

      Try to check and research why it is allowed in Indonesia and not Malaysia. Let's discuss based on facts, not emotion.

      What about the Middle East? Is the word Allah exclusive to Muslims there? Or only in Malaysia?

  8. Annie, do not understand doesn't mean stupid ok ! Please go back to UiTM and learn your England before making a fool of yourself.

    she who not knows, not knows she knows not, she is a fool

    1. Anon 19:51, how do you infer from Annie's comment that she accused the one who does not understand to be stupid?

      Maybe the 21:37 and 21:42 were writing in the Javanese language or perhaps using the Martian codex, ummmph? Clever Javanese people or Martians may yet be incomprehensible to Malay and English speakers.

    2. LOL! The pot calling the kettle black! The fool is a person who calls other people fools! The biggest fools are those who think they are such intelligent Godsends that they are licensed to call other people fools!! Especially the red beanos who are too big for their boots all the time, with their poor grammar, bad understanding of all issues, low class mentality, all products of srjkc!

  9. He, he, he,..'learn your ENGLAND'..

    England itu bahasa apa ya?. Baru hari ini dengar!

    Sekarang siapa yang membodohkan diri sendiri?