Monday 19 August 2013

Whatever police do, they will always be villains to some

As you all probably know by now, police are currently cracking down hard on the criminals following a spike of violent crimes including almost daily execution style killings of late.

Here is a report on that crackdown by the not so Malaysian government-friendly AFP,
Malaysian police kill 5, detain 200 in crime crackdown

The killing of five members of the notorious 04 Gang in a shootout in Penang earlier today had nonetheless resulted with this report by the Star newspaper which had of late been running a series of crime stories on its front page,

Why can't police fire warning shot, asks dead gang member's family

"What is the reason that they have to start shooting when they can just fire a warning shot?" asked a family member of one of those killed in the incident, according to the report.

Yes, why can't the police play nice?

Probably because the five guys shot dead were armed with guns and they were known for being behind a spate of killings in several states.

I'm just glad that none of the policemen involved in the operation were injured or worse.

Do note that "assisting" the families of the gunned down gang members was DAP's Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N Rayer,

Meanwhile, here is another crime-related report by the Star,

Man sues to compel police disclosure of probe result on wife's shooting death

Here are the excerpts of the report,

- It was reported that Foo's 22-year-old wife Pua Bee Chun was killed after police shot at a car driven by a man, believed to be her boyfriend, who was a crime suspect.

In the Jan 18 incident, police fired at the car after the driver allegedly tried to ram into policemen following a 10km car chase.

The man, who was unhurt, then surrendered and police discovered Pua at the front passenger seat with a gunshot wound.

Okay, first of all, what was the deceased Madam Pua, a 22-year-old mother of two children doing in a car driven by a man, believed to be her boyfriend, who is a suspected criminal?

The car, driven by the suspected criminal had tried to ram into policemen. What do we expect the policemen to do? Do nothing?

Do bear in mind that police had to chase the suspected criminal for about 10 kilometer before they shot at it.

The suspected criminal finally gave up, probably after realizing that his girlfriend, who was a wife of someone else, had been fatally wounded.

Then of course came the hero of the down trodden and defender of victims of the cruel an unjust police. Here he is, writing his wise words in a rabidly pro-Pakatan website,

RIDICULOUS of cops to force victims to sue govt: AG must intervene - Gobind

Here is an excerpt of what DAP's Puchong MP Gobind has to say,

"I call upon the Attorney-General to intervene and direct the police to provide Foo with the details he has sought. The Attorney-General should not make this a precedent, where individuals who have complaints against the police need to file actions in court for basic information.
"That would be oppressive and place the rakyat at a severe disadvantage in that they would have to go through the expensive and tedious process of litigation just to get the most basic of information.
"No wonder the people think so poorly of the police."

Well, I really don't fancy being a policeman. Their job is so damn difficult, especially for having to suffer from all these nonsense.


  1. Dear Annie,
    I totally agree with you on this matter. First they blame the police for not doing enough to stop the crime. Now when the police act, they blame the police of all sort of things. Who are these people represent anyway. They majority of the people or the criminals. Probably they have interest with these group of people.
    I am getting sick with The Star and the so called politicians. These people are hypocrites at the highest level. Don't ever trust a word they say.

    1. Stop reading the Star. Although it is owned by MCA, it is a mouth piece for DAP. Who let this happen? Ask Chuak Soiled Leg, the big boss of MCA!


    2. Hai....yaa ini police atak manyak keejam loo , itu patut mau kasi notice lulu kalau mau latang , kulang-kulang 7 hali balu atak patut . Sikalang itu police tatak kasi itu notice maa itu pasal itu Lee A Pee manyak malah loo.

  2. DAP: Donkeys Asses and Pigs... no wonder they have that kind of mentality....defend the criminals and kill the police...bunch of morons, that's what they really are

    Did the criminals ever gave warning shots? or warned the victims before they were robbed, raped and killed?

    The family members SHOULD have asked them to be gentle and gave warnings before committing the crime.....

    1. But bro. maybe can take a step back because this Gobind's actually said (REF) : "It is ridiculous. Foo Voon Kong's wife was killed in the shooting. Why is it so difficult for the police to tell him who fired the shots especially where it is believed that it was police officers who fired the shots? And why is it so difficult for them to give him details in respect of the status of investigations?"

      Maybe Foo Voon Kong is wondering how the cina samseng driving the car at breakneck speed could get away untouched by the flying bullets while his "adulterous?" wife seated beside the samseng got killed by one stray bullet? Maybe Foo also knows the gangster mind - did Foo's wife know too many of the samseng's secrets for her to survive and be interrogated? Maybe Foo wants to hire a killer to privately avenge the death of his wife? Sounds like a Godfather movie? Well it's happening in Godfather island ....

    2. Idiotic DAP-supporting reply, as stupid as it comes.

      Hey don't you watch Mythbusters? Even they proved it is hard to target a moving car. Stupid DAP chink

    3. And this is the tune of the lament that follows their worldly ambitions & willful violence ... to die dramatically

      Oh police officers of the law, we are asking of you too much, too much, too much .... to bear the corruptions of the land with your angel fire

    4. Anon 9:52,

      What are you talking about? You mean the cinabeng samseng actually shot dead Foo Voo Kong's wife while the police are racing and shooting at their heels, then only brake his car to surrender to the police? Are you saying that the police don't want to release this news to Foo because Foo might quickly go out and pay a hit man to finish off the samseng boyfriend who killed his dead wife .. to prevent another round of inter-gang killings? Wow, don't know you got gangster mind or police mind! As long as you not DAP chink mind!

  3. I can tell you that my DAP loving Chinese father hates the police. He thinks the Po-Po are there to intimidate him and cause him problems on the road, especially when he speeds or breaks the traffic laws. I am glad the Malay half of me understands the need for a police force.

    Another fact of the matter is the DAP and their scum love to break the law. It's generally in their blood. Remember, most were descended from prostitutes and thieves.

    Namewee, Alvivi... all these types are no better than the criminals the police have to deal with everyday, except they somewhat know the boundaries of the law. They push the envelope every time because they see no reason for fearing the long hand of the law. They think they are 'above the law' because they think they are superior to the people who enforce it (ie the Malays).

    I fear the day when the chinese like Namewee rise to politically important positions. Then they can shape the law in their favor!

  4. A good posting Annie and timely too.

  5. syabas polis malaysia. this is what we want.
    tembak jer kalau dah penjenayah tu. no more mercy for them.

  6. BacktoMotherIndia20 August 2013 at 01:22

    DAP Pigs consists of Indian and Chinese criminals.
    Remember Ronnie Liu and his contact.

    UMNO Government and Police, please dont layan.

    UMNO should also close down TheStar as a paid triad paper.

    Now we can see that the Chinese triads are the one behind the paper with
    their ridiculous demand.

    Shoot them. Ask later. Did they took pity on Sosilawati and her friends? Did they took pity on the people they shoot.

    These Indians gangsters are the law.

    Put fear of God in these indian gangsters.

    Good job PDRM. Syabas. Gobind goback toindia!

  7. These lawyers must be all hyped and excited...............potential business maaa!

    You people think lawyers only fight for the innocent?

    So long as theres money, they will twist and turn to ensure they maaaa!

  8. Poor police force. damn you do damn you dont.

  9. Why can't the police fire warning shot?
    Yup, or why didn't they first knocked on the door and introduced themselves as police force.

    1. In the US, police are taught to fire all the rounds in their chamber in order to subdue a belligerent or violent suspect intent on causing imminent harm. The police have been known to target black men because of their known criminality, but in the their pursuit of them they sometimes accidentally hit innocent bystanders. See..

      In the US, they target the so-called 'niggers'. In Malaysia, they target the so-called 'hindu pariahs' and 'chinks.' Not trying to be racist here, but these monikers are deserving for the chinese and indians who are known to be engaged in criminal activities. The ones who defend the criminals are also deserving of such names. So gobind deserves to be a pariah.

    2. The police really should. After all, not everyone recognise police cruisers with flashing blue lights and btw, why can't these men in blue wear standard uniforms?

    3. Anonymous 09:03 you must be an idiot. What next? You expect next police knock the door and tell those criminal " we are here to arrest you" .

    4. Yes, the police must give salam and take off their shoes before entering.

  10. Sonang jo...

    Tak mo kono tembak jangan laku jenayah
    Aman Malaysia ni
    Habih cerito

    Bilo polis tindak, ado banyak suaro sumbang cakap ini polis tak buek itu polis tak buek
    Bila polis lambek tindak sobab intip lom pueh hati, kato polis tak buek kojo

    Apo hondak eh la'i rakyat Malaysia ni ?
    Dah sah penjenayah, tembak jo
    Boleh tolong kurang jenayah

    Loyar-loyar burok ni yang patut kono warning
    Penjenayah dah pueh polis warning, tak masuk telingo dah. Tu lo pasal eh kono tembak jo

    tak ado lain caro dah


  11. Well done to the PDRM! They are getting tough with the bad hats and it's about time. Normal Malaysians have the right to feel safe when going about their daily business.

    The families will complain and weep and cry,but, if you don't want the PDRM to open fire on you, don't open fire on the PDRM. To those who ask questions about warning do you fire a warning shot when you are outside the door of an apartment? When the police wish to gain entry to an apartment, they would actually have to identify themselves as police officers and not just barge in. If the response from the occupants was a gun shot, then the PDRM have the right to return fire.

  12. Good write up Annie with good questions about the wife-criminal encounter. As you have noted, what was the married woman doing with a suspected criminal. Perhaps Mr Gobehind is a better marksman when firing at those who ram his car with the intention of killing him.

    You folks forget a simple fact. Who are the criminals' friend in a court of law?
    e. police

    No prizes for guessing. A breakdown in law and order ensues whenever crooked lawyers masquerading as concerned human rights activists raise their voices. In every country where law and order breaks down, you will notice lawyers doing their best to protect the criminals at the expense of the police.Why? because without crime there wont be money to make as most lawyers are ill educated anyway for other vocations.

    Off topic. Wonder if the Chingkie pig and keling cow will come out in support, if this happens in Malaysia:

    Nope..they would be too busy promoting bah kut teh, cleaning dog poo, and running down tudung women in cheapskate videos.

  13. Tahniah PDRM.

    Sudah lama tak dengar tindakan yang amat perlu sebegini.
    Negara ini sedang menuju ke arah 'kebebasan' yang melampau sehinggakan banyak kes-kes yang tidak dapat ditangani polis dengan kuasa yang ada kerana campurtangan politikus yang mencari kesempatan meningkatkan populariti diri dan parti politik yang mereka wakili.Tidak kurang juga 'peguam-politik' yang mengambil kesempatan untuk untung berganda bagi mendapatkan 'duit' dan 'pengaruh'.

    Sekalilagi, tahniah kepada PDRM! Semoga diteruskan usaha dan tindakan demi keselamatan rakyat umum....!

  14. Just let these trigger happy gangsters shoot each other. They know the whos and whos among them better. As the gangs are usually on drugs and prostitutions, the more they kill their kind the better. Even going after BIG MONEY, I am sure they also know who to choose, esp to get hold of a portion of the Corrupted money.

    I am sure these gangsters are not interested in us ordinary Rakyat who are earning just enough to place a bowl of rice on our table. These gangsters are looking for BIG MONEY.

    Police why waste time on these fellas and risk your precious life? Just sit back and wait for the gangsters to expose who their BIG KEPLA is, then go out and catch that person.

    Idiot lawyers are like BURUNG NAZAK... Thats all they are.

    watch kdramA "HEARTLESS CITY".

  15. Huhuhu..kalu wyatt earp hidup gi, kayo dia....negara ni dh jadi hampir cam koboi...koboi lwn red india (opsss..takut kalu kata black, jadi rasis plak)....bala dari-NYA...

  16. being a hired killer will get defended nye Malaysia.

    ape la nak jadi

  17. Hi Annie,

    I'm yr silent reader. Yes, it's not easy being a policeman. I respect and salute them for their hard work to maintain the peaceful and stability in Malaysia. SYABAS to PDRM!!!

    Keep on writing, Annie!!

    Note: Maybe you can do a lil bit of survey why the non-Malays just love to complaint about the police, despite so few of them join the forces. maybe you can promote the Chinese especially to join the POLICE and stop complaining!

  18. Just read this post Annie. Good one......

    :D sarah

  19. From my observation at non PR blog, most of us congratulate the police for the killing of 5 notorious gangs members. Don't entertain the PR goons or the so called "human rights advocate", they're just opportunist. They had no intention at all to curb crime, all they know is to "politicize" things 24/7/365. My advice to fellow Malaysian is simple, don't involve in crime and make sure you know what your kids, brothers, sisters doing. They might look holy in the house but who knows how the behave outside, as the saying goes "pijak semut pun tak mati".