Saturday 3 August 2013

Real love is precious (Updated)

(Note: Updates at the second half of this page)


I'm now sitting under a bamboo tree.

Just resting my tired body and mind.

It's so peaceful here.

My father is with me.

He is sitting next to me reading a book.

It's been a long time since I last spend time with my father, just the two of us.

I love my father but he is always busy.

But tonight he is with me.

He is a very quiet man.

I wish that my mother is with us tonight.

I wish that my father and mother will always love each other forever.

This song is for them,


My father and I are actually here,

It's beautiful and the weather is nice. Just nice to laze around and relaxing.

We decided to drive here yesterday.

Suddenly, I miss my mother so much. How I wish she could be here with us.

Maybe next time.

We will drive back to KL after buka puasa later in the evening.


  1. Real love is precious ?? don't bull shit Annie mangkok !!

    You are a person with NO love.In fact you are a women with full of hatred and vengeance.

    See how much of hatred you got for all the cinakui after the defeat of Ghani by cinakui LKS,and the derogatory remark you made against the cinakui !!

    People don't label you Annie Mangkok for no reason okay.

    1. Anon 21:33

      It is only you who called her Annie Mangkok.
      It is you who is full of hatred.
      Get real lah!!

    2. What lah you, there are time we talk about life, love and respect okay. Duduk and spend time with parents pun mahu politics kah? There are always time for everything la kawan! I wish I can belanja you for tea Tarik after Raya and learn to cool down bro!

    3. Are you on drugs man? I know you got paid for commenting but can you be more intelligent in your comments?

    4. Anonymous3 August 2013 21:33.....

      Go register yourself at the nearest mental health facility otherwise get yourself a life membership of DAP/PKR/PAS....

    5. Yes I agree. Pakatan supporters are full of hatreds and accuse others of being racists.Anon 21:33 is a good example!

    6. Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera:

      Annie, sy nak ucapkan salam aidil fitri..maaf zahir & batin kpd annie & famili..kpd anon2 yg sih melabelkan annie dgn pelbagai gelaran yg tidak sepatutnya, sama ada anda muslim atau bukan, jagalah tulisan anda agar tidak menyinggung perasaan org lain. Artikel di atas tiada unsur politik pun, tak perlu 'jerit- jerit' dgn memberi gelaran yang kurang molek tu..semua insan semula jadinya memiliki sifat kasih sayang..tidak salah annie luahkan perasaan kasih sayang beliau di dalam blog miliknya.
      Sy ucapkan salam aidil fitri..maaf zahir & batin kpd semua pembaca & pengkomen blog ini sama ada anda di pihsk bn @ pr...selamat memandu kpd yg memandu di musim perayaan ni...annie, take gud care..

  2. Envy you Annie because you still have both of them. Please spend as much time as you could with them. Life will never be the same without them. My arwah mak and abah left me at the young age. Saya doa agar kedua2 orang tua Annie diberi rahmat Dan kesihatan yang terbaik. Aamiin. Sesama Muslim kita harus berdoa sesama kita- itu fardu kifayah setiap mukmin.

  3. Baiklah! sesungguhnya anak salih Annie, inilah doa untuk anda:

    Di bawah pohon di tepi tasik :

  4. You know the meaning of Love Annie?

    1. The love I'm talking about here is that feeling you have for your parents and family. It's also the feeling shared between your parents, which is the love shared between a man and a woman. A love which brought you into this world. It's the same feeling you had when you first fell in love...which made you want to give up everything to be together. Of course, most of the time it turned out to be just bullshit, but those that stand the test of time, like the love between your parents is real love. They support each other through good and bad time, encourage and motivate each other through the years as well as love and care for you as their child. That is real love to me. I will not talk about love between a person and God because you may not believe in God.

    2. not bad Annie... from Ostazah to pakar komunis to pakar ekonomi, to pakar undang-undang and now a 'Love Guru', wow !! what next ??

    3. Next as RBA assassin, perhaps!

  5. Annie, did you learn to like the Beatles from your parents? Something for you and them.

    There was a Tribute To The Beatles Concert in Washington DC recently, and here's a clip:

    A hiatus from the fire and fury of Dogs and the Fitch Down Grade.

  6. Wow, is that Cameron Highlands or Fraser's Hill ?

    By the way I heard the Cantonese calling "hongmo kwai", "yappun kwai", ie. white devils and japanese devils. Since when have Chinese turned into devils ie. cina kui? Chinese are suppose to be the most civilized race on earth ok? At least until they got corrupted by marxism and the dapevangelism.

  7. Annie,

    How's the weather there? Is it still cool and pleasant? It was ages ago since I had visited Cameron Highland and Fraser's Hill and the weather at that time was really nice as there were less developments. We even had to wear sweaters. I heard the weather at CH has increased by 10°F because of development which also involved of cutting down trees.

  8. Of Life and Love: Beholding the Beloved Lord of All

  9. Yep Real Love is Precious Annie, particularly towards your parent. And hatred for the cinakui came from their betrayal towards the one who have been taking care of their interest for years. Yeah! The Red Bean Army looks like under pressure that they have to label Annie as a person with no love.

  10. Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera:

    Layan sesama manusia dgn kasih sayang...layan kawan dgn kasih sayang...layan musuh dgn kasih sayang...dgn kasih sayang, insyaAllah dunia ni akan aman..sayangnya, ramai manusia yg hidup dgn perasaan benci, hasad dengki dan pelbagai perasaan yg membawa kerosakan di muka bumi ni..dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang, sy doakan kita semua diberi taufik hidayah agar bercakap dan menulis dgn waras serta bertanggung jawab. Amin.