Saturday 31 August 2013

Just ignore him

On the eve of Merdeka Day yesterday, DS Anwar Ibrahim tried to get the attention of everyone by using the occasion to showcase, as usual - himself.

Ever since the failure of his Blackout 505 which was to protest the validity of Barisan Nasional's win in GE13, it was becoming very obvious that Anwar is slowly but surely slipping into obscurity.

Seriously, who really cares about Anwar Ibrahim anymore?

It was after all, not him who stopped BN from regaining it's two third majority in GE13.

The real hero of Pakatan now is DAP, backed by the united Chinese electorates.

Anwar is now reduced to be just the Malay figurehead of Pakatan. His PKR has 30 parliament seats as compared to DAP's 38. And most of the PKR's seats were actually won courtesy of DAP's Chinese supporters.

That was why Anwar made that offer of reconciliation to BN, by projecting an image of himself being magnanimous on Merdeka eve.

I'm putting here the report by Reuters on Anwar's offer to BN and interspersed it with my comments,

Malaysia's opposition says it's willing to help tackle a range of problems in the country, showing signs of softening its stand towards the government for the first time since a disputed May election.
The opposition, led by former finance minister Anwar Ibrahim, has refused to accept the election victory of the ruling coalition, which extended its 56-year rule but saw its parliamentary majority reduced.
In an Independence Day message, Anwar said the opposition maintains its "strong protests about the validity" of the vote, but, for the first time, he indicated willingness to heal divisions the election brought.
Me : If you want to maintain your "strong protest about the validity" of the vote, then you shouldn't even recognize the BN government, let alone express your willingness to cooperate with such an unlawfully elected government.
"We are prepared to put aside our differences for the sake of the nation's wellbeing and future," Mr Anwar said.
Me: Yea, rite. As if we don't know his real motive. It should read...We are prepared to put aside our differences for the sake of MY WELLBEING AND FUTURE.
Prime Minister Najib Razak's coalition lost the popular vote in the election although it won the most seats.
Mr Anwar listed problems facing the country including flagging public finances, slowing economic growth, surging rates of crime and corruption.
Me: Anwar got no business talking about how to handle these problems. When given the chance in late 1990s, the former deputy prime minister and finance minister failed miserably. Those who disagree should tell me what Anwar had contributed to the country during his tenure in the government.
He also referred to an increasing number of media reports on "race baiting".
Me: Only now that he wanted to talk about "race baiting"? Why not when his ally DAP was going full swing galvanizing the Chinese support by telling the community that they were being treated as second class citizens by the "racist Umno government" despite being the most prosperous ethnic group in the country?
"Not only is there a lack of leadership in ameliorating the situation but it appears that the government is encouraging this phenomenon to worsen," Mr Anwar said.
Me: Yes, and as usual, the lack of leadership should be filled up by your leadership, isn't it Anwar? DS Najib Razak's leadership is no good for him....well, anyone's leadership is no good to him for that matter. Big ego at play, that one.
Relations between majority ethnic Malays and ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indian minorities are a sensitive issue.
While ethnic Malays tend to support the ruling coalition, many members of the economically important ethnic Chinese minority rallied to the opposition in the last polls.
Me: What the Reuter's report was trying to convey was that the "economically important" has now also become "politically important". Let's see how important could that be should the Malays somehow managed to unite in the next general election.
"We believe that it is imperative for the prime minister to convene without the slightest delay a round-table meeting between the ... government and Pakatan Rakyat in order to deliberate on the issues raised and formulate a comprehensive solution," Mr Anwar said, referring to the alliance he heads.
Me: Well Anwar, who are you to tell Datuk Najib what to do. Why should he seek your counsel to run his government? If you had won in GE13, would you and your allies, in particular the DAP would want to have a round or square table meeting with Datuk Najib? I don't think so.
Government spokesmen were not available for comment.
Me: And rightly so. Why should they be bothered, ok?


  1. "And rightly so. Why should they be bothered, ok?"


    Could have save your time, my time and everyone else's too by just posting that last line.

    Selamat Hari Merdeka!

    1. REF: "On the eve of Merdeka Day yesterday, DS Anwar Ibrahim tried to get the attention of everyone by using the occasion to showcase, as usual - himself."


      REF: "That was why Anwar made that offer of reconciliation to BN, by projecting an image of himself being magnanimous on Merdeka eve."

      For the last 30 years Anwar has been personifying the Narcissism Epidemic:
      He thinks that if he ruled the world it would be a better place, and his behaviour patterns display a grandiose self-perception, a strong need to be specially admired, but a persistent lack of empathy for the sufferings of other people.

      It's easier for the Camel to go through the Eye of a Needle than for the Enormous Ego to get in through the Gates of Heaven.

    2. Narissistic Personality Disorder Pt 2:

  2. Apabila Gay Tua ni bercakap, pekakkan sahaja telinga sebab apa yang dia cakap hanya untuk kepentingan dirinya sendiri sahaja. Gay Tua ni dah patut undur diri dan duduk rumah main dengan cucu-cucunya sahaja. Kita jangan beri muka kepada seorang manusia yang banyak mendatangkan mudarat kepada ugama, bangsa dan negara. Anwar Al Jub, please concentrate on your court cases. Tak payah nak sibuk-sibuk beri pendapat tentang urusan negara.

  3. Anwar is so desperate and even is willing to sleep with the devil (UMNO) now. He got no shame whatsoever and now is offering Najib his olive branch. I hope Najib will not fall to his shenanigan and it does not matter whether yang dihulurkan tu olive branch ke, rambutan branch ke atau durian branch ke. After all, his branches are full of AIDS virus and Najib better watch out!

  4. Anwar Ibrahim is SO YESTERDAY NEWs

  5. Yes Sir you are correct about it. I don't think we should be bothered with Annuar. He is a desperate man. He will do anything to survive even selling his soul to Satan which he did. If he is in power we will all be slaughtered.

  6. Good analysis Annie I like it!

    1. Finally, Annie is the only UMNO blogger that can get rid of Anwar, papagomo pon kalah !! Bravo Annie.

  7. I think anwar should just go fly kite or concentrate on his upcoming appeal hearing of his sodomy 2 and dont try to 'tunjuk pandai bila tak diminta pendapat'. Perasan macam diri pandai sangat. Cuba settle dulu masalah2 yang banyak di Selangor, Pulau Pinang dan Kelantan sebelum nak tunjuk pandai nak ajar orang lain.

  8. The govt under BN doesn't need Anuar Brahim.The last chapter in his book is to offer an olive branch.After so much havoc he has created no sensible govt would welcome Anuar Brahim back.Enough is enough.

  9. Him and the other Bapok Tua Rais shd go fly kite together2 towrds the sunset in another country.
    Bawak sekali cina2 rasis DAP with them. Then only Malaysia aman semula.:)

  10. It is a rouse by AI. DSN dont be taken in. Stand your ground.

  11. Annie, good one ! Your blow by blow punches, will TKO AI.

  12. Kalau Annie tak care about Anwar Ibrahim anymore, buat apa tulis panjang lebar pasal dia dlm blog ni, kan Anwar dah obscure. Annie, you give too much publicity to Anwar lah.

  13. Najib is desperate to hang on to his UMNO presidency.
    Anwar is desperate to save himself from life of slavery to DAP.

    I think Najib need Anwar more!
    They will make a good but strange bedfellows.

  14. Anwar the loser....what round table? Theres the parliament, speak your mind there, why need round table? Perasan nak jadi part of the gomen pulak. Dah kalah dah la, melalak ajelah macam ketua-ketua pembangkang lain, itu pun kerja ko!

  15. Dia cirit bertaburan taik sekarang dia ajak sama bersama dia tolong cici.

    He went about with confidence that the majority Malay/Bumiputras wld vote for him.. The results showed otherwise. Now he realised even with 90% Chinese voting for Oppo this Pakatan will never win.

    Nasi sudah jadi bubur Anwar, go jilat your own tahi.