Tuesday 20 August 2013

A lesson from the history of Singaporean Malays

At this previous posting of mine,

Singaporean Malays, are you all happy?

there was a commenter who I think tried quite hard to explain why the Malays of Malaysia should learn from what happened to their kith and kin in Singapore.

It's so that they will muhasabah diri and appreciate their jati diri as Malays.

It's not perfect, but I feel that the Anon's comment deserves a posting on its own, and so here it is.

To understand the plight of the Singapore Malays..
You need to understand the Modern History of the Malays

You need to know who were the Malays in Singapore at that time.
Who fought for the Malays interest,
and what happened in the end?
And what can we learn from this lesson.....

Back then, most of the intellectuals and the talented of the Malays are in Singapore due to the urban environment and
the British administration.

During that time... the most "educated" of the Malays are in
Singapore. They came from all over Malay archipelago to trade
or to study eg; Mahathir,Samad Ismail,Yusof Ishak,etc
It is also the place (Singapore) where Malay Nationalism took footing due to the knowledge and awareness.
It is also where the First Malay Newspaper set up
by the Malays for the Malays, Utusan Melayu (now utusan malaysia)

Back then, the newspaper were run and funded by the
Jawi Peranakan (indian muslim) and the Arabs and they
are not interested in publishing Malay's agenda but more
towards Islamic matters.

Utusan Melayu was set up by Yusof Ishak to fight for the Malay agenda and Singapore Malay Union (KMS) by Mohamed Eunos Abdullah to represent Malay interests which later spread to Johor to form UMNO.
It was important in the Malaysia History because
they spread the hidden agenda of the Malayan Union which will
take away the Malay interest in Malaya and the power of the

To cut the story short.....
Utusan Melayu later split into 2 groups
One group believe that the Sultan is obsolete and the reason
that cause the malays to be backward
and the other believe otherwise.

The one that believe that the Malays should fight against
monarchy and compete fairly with other races joined PAP.
Today, most of them are forever remembered as "Pengkhianat
Melayu" such as Othman Wok.
He spread propaganda of hate to the Malays in Singapore at
that time of UMNO cronyism and corruption.
(Today, history repeat itself as it is similar to PKR and Malay in DAP agenda)

Sometimes whatever we do, it may leave a negative impact
in the future. During that time, it may seems as its the right
thing to do but let's not forget the reality in life.
Not that the Malays are weak, but during that time the majority were not yet ready to compete. Today, the so called "multiracial" Singapore dream can only be seen as "Chinese" Singapore.
Malay voices or interest are silenced.

Today, the other party in Utusan that choses the right path
and believe that the Sultan, like it or not, they are the last line of defense for the Malay's interest....

Which is why, Mahathir keep on harping on about the plight
Singapore Malays ..... "don't let history repeat itself!"

To the Anon, who posted the comment, thank you.


  1. Another spinning story using monarchy to defend the UMNO corrupted leaders.

    1. Anon wrote : The most "educated" of the Malays are in
      Singapore. They came from all over Malay archipelago to trade or to study eg; Mahathir !!

      kah..kah..kah..bila pulak Madey dah become the most "educated" ?? the most corrupted,perhaps.

    2. not bad Annie, now trying her hand in spin doctor. Annie you need more lessons to do a convincing spin and also a better story line to go with it and not with some ghost story. Learn from mistake, okay girl.

    3. Anons 18:38, 22:17 & 22:54 are probably the same person. The solo DAP/PR cybertrooper who enjoys coming here by posting stupid comments.

      FYI, Tun Dr Mahathir is very intelligent and highly respected by most Malays, some Chinese and Indians. There is no one else is comparable to him in Malaysia, not kit sial, kapal sink, Anwar aljuburi and definitely not Nicky Aziz. And from all your above comments I can conclude that you are far from being intelligent!

    4. Anon 04:49 I have to agree with you. When Tun was PM I was really proud of Malaysia.

    5. Merdeka! Persekutuan Tanah Melayu23 August 2013 at 02:37

      Tun was a son of an Indian from Kerala. You should read his kurang ajar and biadap letter to Tunku in the Unspinners where he accused Tunku of being kind to the Chinese for cancelling the death penalty for 11 chinese criminals.

      Tun pretended to be fighter of Malay causes but when the Malays gave him power he got big headed and enriched his race cronies like ananda kriahnan, Tony Fernandes, Syed mokhatar with licenses and concessions that belongs to the Malays.

      Nothing that Tun say can be used. He speak with a keling fork toungue. He will say the Malays are beggars in their own country than he will give free airplanes/IPPs to indians. Or mining or IPP to chinese etc.

      We all now can read it in black and white how much the chinese and indians migrants have accumulated.

      he whipped malay women in his interpretation of syariah then enriches the Christians Robert, Vincent, Francis, Tony etc..etc..

      He conveniently forgot the Malays formed Umno from nothing until they managed to build the governemt the Federated Malay States and then he said the Malays should not depend on the UMNO government!!?

      Such is forkiness, nothing make sense. The best thing to do is ignore this old indina man. He spew lies just as well as that other Indian Anwar.

      You dont find Malay leaders talking like these two.
      You just have to read yahoo comments to see how Tun is villified by the big majority of chinees indians and malays.

      Apa yang orang Melayu perlukan adalah patriotsm dan nasinalisma Melayu untuk membina masyarakat Melayu yang kuat dan kukuh berpandukan kemodenan.

      Kesultanan Melayu adalah sistem kerajaan dulu seperti di merata dunia. sekarang kita adalah Raja berpelembagaan dan setiap orang Melayu mesti bangun memikul tanggungjawab merebut semula Tanah Melayu dan kemudiannya Singapura dari pendatang Cina dan India.

      Merdeka!Merdeka! Merdeka kepada Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. 31 Ogos 1957.

    6. If you are referring to Dr.Mahathir many people perceive him as a genius with a heart trying to govern a society in which the post WWII Malays have been pulled from many different directions: economic consumerism, cyberspace liberties, religious radicalism, unbalanced inter-ethnic wealth distribution etc.etc. And my experience of my Kerala friends is that they are very much like good Malays in character: calm, congenial, and faithful to their religion.

    7. I definitely agree and would go along with what anon 04.49 have said about the three moron stoogers who know nuts other than their stupid comments indicating their low mentality and v little or no knowledge about country's history.They must belong to RBA of Dap, most spoiled son of Pap!!!!

  2. Utusan.....the right path...oh well.. Have fun...you are indeed juvenile.

    1. the star bintang tigalah the right path and all those cina none rasict only protecting cina interest newspaper also the only right path..anything support malay is path to hell..we the chinese..;P

  3. lousy spin story, can write something more stimulating to link PKR and DAP as pengkhianat or not ??

  4. Formerly Durian Vendor20 August 2013 at 22:17


    How are you?

    Utusan is the last bastion of Melayu as it championed the agenda Melayu.

    Chinese hates Utusan due to the above reason.

    Chinese news papers hates Utusan and therefore shaped the opinion of Chinese peoples.

    Therefore I can understand why Chinese hates Utusan.

    Chinese news papers advocates Chinese agenda.

    I can understand why and therefore I do not hates the Chinese Papers.

    Am I too tolerant or too stupid?

    1. Anon 22:17, you are stupid, period.
      what is agenda Melayu ?? There is no agenda Melayu but a agenda UMNO Melayu. Orang kaya-kaya Melayu semua datang dari mana ?? UMNO !!

      Agenda UMNO Melayu is to screw the country upside down, promote hatred among different races in the country (like what Annie being paid doing daily), discriminate against the minority and cheating the majority.

    2. Anon 22:17, you have wrote too many therefore, and therefore you are stupid ok. Now go read Tamil Nesan paper.

    3. Anon 23:06,

      Better go back to school. Your English is really terrible. Oh! I forgot. You are a product of Chinese vernacular school and you yourself are the product of a coolie and a prostitute!

  5. You are welcome Ani Gani.

  6. Anon 17:35, must be a UiTM classmate of Annie mangkuk, both failed their law paper, middle age and both are so so mangkuk trying to be a spin doctor.

    1. Anon 20 August 2013 22:22,

      Anda mesti pemengang ijazah Doktor Falasafah bukan?

      'Kebijaksanaan' anda hanya setakat menghina dan mencaci, "failed their law paper, middle age and both are so so mangkuk trying to be a spin doctor "

      Tidakkah ada kah ulasan ulasan yang ada 'class' untuk mematahkan pendapat pengendali blog?

      Jadi siapa yang lebih mangkuk dan fail dalam segala peperiksaan, kalau bukan anda. Kalau setakat hendak memberi komen seperti anda buat baik duduk diam diam saja!

      Anda membodohkan diri sendiri!

  7. A 'Real' lesson from the history of Singaporean & Malaysian Malays

    Lesson sebenarnya :
    1. Dulu,siapakah yg jual Temasek kepada British ??
    2. Masa kini, siapakah yg jual tanah kat Johor pada Singaporean ??

    Woi Annie, history already repeat itself lah, kalau nak buat cerita kelentomg pon kenalah pandai-pandai sikit.Melayu dah susah, janganlah Annie kelentong sama dgn orang melayu lagi.

    Ya, tolong tanya sama Ghani Othman dan Muyhiddin, berapa ribu ekar tanah di Johor telah pon dijual kepada cukong-cukong dari Singapork !! Apasal UMNO jual tanah kat Johor Annie diaaaaaaam aje ???????? Siapakah yg sebenarnya pengkianat pada bangsa Melayu ??

    1. "Lesson sebenarnya :
      1. Dulu,siapakah yg jual Temasek kepada British ??
      2. Masa kini, siapakah yg jual tanah kat Johor pada Singaporean ??"

      Sewaktu dijual, Temasek sudah dikenali sebagai Singapura. Raja Singapura sudah lari ke Melaka (Parameswara). So Singapura takde Sultan.
      British mengunakan tipu helah untuk "angkat" Hussein yang terdesak waktu itu sebagai "Sultan" bedek bedek dan bukan Sultan Johor yg sebenar waktu itu yang menjual Singapura.

      Lagipun "Sultan" Hussein menjual kepada British dan bukan kepada orang cina...
      Orang cina dapat Singapura kerana kebodohan melayu
      yg tak tahu sejarah, kepentingan diri sendiri dan ungkal!

      Oleh kerana Johor masih ade Sultan, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail ibni al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Iskandar...
      Dia anytime boleh ambil balik tanah milik orang Singapura di Johor?

      Apa mahu takut, brader????

    2. This comment is obviously written by one of those monkey malays who only recently learnt how to walk upright on terra firma. Such animals only want to point out the alleged indiscretions by UMNO leaders, but they lack the ability see past their own failings. Just judge his language-- full of unnecessary letters, poor punctuation and the worst form of 'bahasa pasar'.

      The undeniable fact is there are many of these monkey malays. They hurl their shit at anything they disagree with, and yet would ingratiate themselves to anyone who would offer them a banana. That banana sometimes comes in the form of free handouts or the promise of an afterlife full of buxom young virgins.

      I don't defend UMNO, but the reason why UMNO Malays sold land to the Chinese is because the Chinese are the ones who know what to do with the land. The Monkey Malays would only leave their droppings all over the place.

      Just look at Kampung Baru. It's the Monkey Malay home town. That place is so backwards, the older Chinese only go there to step back in time. The younger chinks won't even set foot there.

      THe Monkey Malays have only themselves to blame. They don't understand that the politicians got to their lofty positions because they worked for their own self-interest, which meant dealing with the hard-working Chinese.

      It's about time the Monkey Malays thought for themselves and carved their own path, instead of waiting for their alpha male to rise and lead their monkey troop.

      Monkey Malays should watch the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The apes in that show appear smarter than the Monkey Malays.

    3. Keruntuhan sesuatu tamaddun adalah akibat dari kerosakan dalaman bukan dari penaklukan dari luar.

    4. Ugly Chinese Dulang Washers28 August 2013 at 23:53

      I assume anon 1:55 is chinese. Bro, the struggle and achievements of the Malays are really remarkable. To just highlight a few, the Malays fought the Portuguese, British, Japanese, Chinese to form Federated Malay States! Thats a lot of wars. So we have come a long way. Then we abolish apartheid from commonwealth. Form Asean, form OIC. Not bad for Tunku. Then land reform Felda the largest in the world so fair and unheard of producing the likes of Mawi and Memey by Tun Razak before it was stopped by that indian fella Mahathir.
      Then Islamik banking, a new banking system for the world providing alternative to interest based system. Which other human achievement can compare with that. The western civilisation could never come up with interest free banking because that is just not their style of thinking then.
      The British stealing Singapore and Penang from the Malay Sutlans are facts of life at that particular moment in history. The British industrialisation made them stronger than other civilisation. That is why feudalism is dead as one man, the King will always has his weakness. That is why the Malays now have Constitutional Monarchy where the people rule through parliament. Understand.
      To go to war with Singapore to reclaim singapore can only be made by Parliament not the Sultan of Johor. Itu perkara lama. Giving scholarship to poor Malay Singaporeans may be a start.

      The progress of the Malays is due to the foresightedness of its leaders. And when things go wrong we have blogs to right things. Kampung Baru is beautiful. It may not be rich but its malay owned and its quaint. KL have many other land to develop, Kampung Baru should be a world heritage and for tourism. Malay nationalism find its place in Kampung Baru.

      Have you been to Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand?. They dont allow chinese or Indian ownership freely and they are not as well build as KLCC but its theirs! Understand?
      Its better to own your own small backyard then to be evicted from some foreign owned land. do you know there are no Malays business in KLCC? What is the use of KLCC if there are no Malays business in it?
      That is why the Malays are turning against Mahathir's UMNO robbing.
      Tak sedar diri punya leadership.
      UMNO was formed by Malays to help enrich Malays not build up Chinese Jalan Alor. That is what is wrong with current UMNO leadership.
      And that is what we (Annie and all) aim to change...hehe

  8. Woi Annie, bila pulak nak tulis buku 'The Malay Dilemma in Twenty First Century'??

  9. REF: "Today, the other party in Utusan that chose the right path and believe that the Sultan, like it or not, are the last line of defense for the Malay's interest...."

    The liberal democracy of the west is not founded on the Islamic virtues of "hablun min ALLAH wa hablun min an-nas" ie. to have a proper relationship of submission to Allah Most High and Merciful, and also to strive for a harmonious relationship with our fellow human beings. Although western democracy has many virtues it is also far from being complete or functionally ideal.
    In Malaysia the Malay Sultan is the vested protector of universal Islamic values and thus serves the most important function of guiding the nation's democratic processes within the parameters of taqwa or God-consciousness. For example, Malay Sultans in upholding Islamic orthodoxy believe that it is wrong to champion lesbian and gay rights and same sex marriage, even in the face of opposition from other Malay political factions such as the "progressive" PKR and PAS who are now in league with the DAP. Even in the USA where gay parades have been held in several big cities, these issues are hotly contested as we saw in one of Annie's previous posting. However, morally conservative Americans are suffering under the onslaught of "progressive and liberal rights" disputes, and unfortunately the conservatives do not have any higher authority to refer to such as we in Malaysia are blessed with.
    May Allah preserve the Malay sultans of Malaysia and grant them wisdom and mercy, in order that our democracy will never lose the compass of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w..

    Remembering the Names of Muhammad the Light of all Lights:

  10. This is a good piece Annie.. To those yang choose not to "see" and all that they can see is others' faults, abai kan je lah..
    Majority of Malays are now aware of the plights shall the story repeats itself.. On my part, I started to talk to all my family members & friends especially the young ones of the importance to uphold Malay rights & privilege because itulah warisan pengorbanan of our ancestors.. and lastly we have to actually do something and be vocal about it.. I start with supporting the Bumiputera/Islam business first..

    1. Can you please detail what these "Malay Rights" are? Somewhere in some other post of Annie there was a 55 year old Malay-Widow complaining that she did not receive her 'rights'. I am just curious what these 'rights' that the Malays must defend are.

    2. The Malay Rights = UMNO Rules (forever), only UMNO can rules Malaysia.

  11. See what Singapore Malays do to better their lot:



    Do you know that they place top emphasis on education, provide pro-active help to families with income less than SD7500 (no typing error) a month, there are highly regarded madrasah schools there, that almost 90% of Malays live in own homes, and the speaker of parliament Halimah Yacob still lives in her HDB flat as she wants to live like most Malays in Singapore?

    'Some of these initiatives include greater help for lower and middle-income families as well as for larger families. In
    particular, families with a gross monthly income of $7,500 and below will receive more support in the form of an Additional Subsidy. Eligible families using full-day programmes will see an increase in their current child and infant care subsidies of at least $100 and $200 respectively, with lower income families receiving more. For larger families whose incomes exceed $7,500 may still qualify for the Additional Subsidy if their Per Capita Income (PCI) is $1,875 or less.'

    Between 2000 and 2010, Malay students have performed better in PSLE, and GCE ‘O ‘and ‘A’ levels, based on MOE data. In the same period, the percentage of Malay students admitted to post-secondary institutions has also increased from 74.6% to 86.2%. In 2010, 5.1% of the Malay population are university graduates (compared to 1.5% in 2005) while 11.6% have diploma and professional qualifications, according to Census 2010. However, there is a significant and persistent gap between the educational performance of Malay students and those from the Chinese and Indian communities.'

    'The median Malay household income increased by 1.9% (real average annual growth),from $2,709 to $3,844 between 2000 and 2010. While household income has increased over the years, Malays experienced a slower growth in their average and median monthly household incomes considering that the national median was $5,000 in 2010. Over a third of Malay households have household income under $3,000.'

    'Home Ownership and Types of Dwelling. Between 2000 and 2010, the home ownership of Malay households has dropped from 93.4% to 89.6%. All ethnic groups experienced a decrease in home ownership. Most Malay households stay in HDB estates, of which 40% of are residing in 4-room flats and 30% in 5-room or bigger flats. A recent study entitled “The Malay Underclass: An Exploration of a Uniquely Singaporean Issue” indicated that one in 10 Malays lives in rented housing.'

    1. The Singaporean Malays don't harp on any special rights.

      But based on Anon 10:16's post they are doing alright indeed!

    2. and yet they get sidelined by the cina mat salleh wannabe in singapore who prefers to import from their kind from resource country such as taiwan,hk,macau n some real mat salleh since they cant turn yellow to white. all in the name of cinatocrasy of singapore!


  12. 2013 Police Oversea Scholarships awarded to 1 Malay (Yale), 1 Indian (Oxford) and 2 Chinese (Oxford and Imperial).

    Thursday, Aug 22, 2013

    The Singapore Police Force Overseas Scholarship (SPFOS) has been awarded to four candidates this year.

    The prestigious scholarship, awarded by the Public Service Commission, is typically given to candidates who have outstanding academic performance and leadership qualities, and are keen to serve in the Singapore Police Force.

    SPF Overseas Scholars are sent to renowned institutions all over the world such as those in the United Kingdom and United States for their undergraduate studies. This scholarship grooms and develops bright and motivated young individuals for leadership positions within and beyond the SPF.

    This year's SPF Overseas Scholarship receipients are:

    (a) Adil Hakeem Bin Mohamad Rafee

    (b) Joshua Ebenezer Jesudason

    (c) Yap Wei Hang Timothy

    (d) Poh Yu Quan

    Mr Adil Hakeem studied at Guangyang Primary School, Rosyth School, and Raffles Institution under the Integrated Programme. He has left in mid August 2013 to read Ethics, Politics and Economics at Yale University, US. He was also awarded the President's Scholarship in 2012.

    Mr Joshua Jesudason studied at Fairfield Methodist (Primary), Fairfield Methodist (Secondary), and Anglo-Chinese Junior College. He will leave in September 2013 to read History and Politics at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. He is also awarded the President's Scholarship this year.

    Mr Timothy Yap studied at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, and Hwa Chong Institution under the Integrated Programme. He will leave in September 2013 to read Law at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. He is also awarded the President's Scholarship this year.

    Mr Poh Yu Quan studied at Bukit Panjang Primary School, and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. He will leave in September 2013 to read Biomedical Sciences at the Imperial College London, United Kingdom.

  13. And Farisha Ishak won the The Final 1 competition. She is an all rounder. She is a soccer player, a singer and a National University of Singapore undergraduate. She supports the English football club, Chelsea.

    She went to prestigious schools in Singapore like Marymount Convent, Raffles Girls' Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls' School and Victoria Junior College. She is trilingual (English, Malay/Indonesian and French).

  14. What's The Final 1? A Singapore tv song contest in which viewers voted by phone, sms or facebook. First price was SD50,000 plus a SD50,000 recording contract.

    Farisha is a Diva, not a wailer.

    SINGAPORE: After months of intense competition, "The Final 1" winner was unveiled on Wednesday night at the Star Performing Arts Centre.

    19-year-old National University of Singapore undergraduate Farisha Ishak won MediaCorp's TV reality singing competition with her diva-esque vocals.

    She was voted tops by viewers via the telephone, SMS and Facebook - beating 28-year-old Shaun Jansen, a carpet marketer.

    The finale was graced by Guest-of-Honour Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong.

    Also present were Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan and MP for Tampines GRC Irene Ng.

    They were there to support the two finalists - who live in their constituencies. Mr Khaw was rooting for Farisha Ishak, and Ms Ng for the male contender Shaun Jansen.

    Ms Farisha walks away with $50,000 cash and a $50,000 recording contract.

    Ms Farisha said: "It feels amazing. I wouldn't say I expected because everything was not what I expected in this competition. So, it feels so surreal. I will definitely give some of it (cash prize) to my parents because they have been there right from the very start. That's the tangible way I could repay them. And, I really need to go shopping and so I would probably spend some of that money on shopping as well."

    The Final 1 contestants were tested on not just their singing talents but also on their ability to be current in today's music industry.

    Mr Ken Lim, Judge for The Final 1, said: "When you are competing in the commercial industry, it is a different ball game altogether. You need to be able to compete with the professionals, so we will go through the whole entire process - groom her, guide her, teach her, make sure she has got the star quality material so that she is able to compete with our professionals. That is going to take a bit of time but I believe she is a very insightful person.

    "Honesty, it was pretty obvious to me all along. Quality - at the end of the day, viewers are going to look at firstly vocal ability, second - package. In that sense, Shaun has the advantage of having a better package but in terms of voice quality, it is obvious that Farisha has the nature of a hit."

    Mr Jansen said: "Naturally I am feeling a bit disappointed. But at the end of the day, I am also very happy to have already come this far. So I came out here doing this whole show. I made it feel like my own concert. I don't think I was nervous at all.

    "And, I enjoyed the whole thing. And, I am also very happy for Farisha because I think both of us deserve it. If either of us won, the other person would be very happy as well.

    "I am definitely going to continue doing music. I will probably go back to my job as a carpet marketer for a while at least. But my goal in life has always been to do a music career, if the band (Supernova) wants to go with me, we will take it all the way - probably try to cut a few albums, go regional and do the music thing."

    - CNA/de

  15. Hotel di singapura serves babi. Dapat free breakfast pun tak guna sebab tak boleh makan.