Monday 19 August 2013

Singaporean Malays, are you all happy?

This was posted about the Singaporean Malays in the blog of DAP's supremo Lim Kit Siang,

The Malays in Singapore – no crutch mentality

and this is what I read in a report today,

Survey on plight of S'pore Malays

So, which one is the truth, Singaporean Malays are happy or not?

Two things I am sure the Singaporean Malays could be proud of are that the country's national anthem is in Malay and that the country's football team (which is currently the best in South East Asia) is predominantly made up of Malay players.

Nonetheless, this is what was highlighted in the survey about how Singaporean Malays feel,

GRIEVANCES: They feel their loyalty is being questioned, face widening income gaps and feel discriminated at work

Okay, I think there is some truth to this survey.

For instance, as for the Singaporean Malays' loyalty, I have been to the Istana three times in the past and at none of those occasions that I saw a Malay security personnel on duty there.

In contrast, you may see a lot of Malay policemen at the Singapore CIQ of the Causeway.

Are they trusted to only jaga those coming and going from and to Malaysia?

If there are any Singaporean Malays among readers of this blog, I hope they may enlighten us on whether they are truly happy with the social arrangement in their country.

Maybe, we Malaysian Malays could learn something from them.


  1. I remember several years ago during Tun M's administration and right after his resignation when Pak Lah won big in GE. Every time during GE, I asked my friends who did they vote, and they answered in a joke..."DAP" or "Rocket". Because that would never be a party to be voted. Then we all laughed as that party, I mean DAP was always being labelled as communist and very unclassy. Macam party tu bodoh sangat and tak guna! Malays used to joke about DAP in the past of how that party is so Chinese and party berak tak cebok and all. Time tu cina tak kurang ajar sgt macam skrg. Apa sudah jadi ni??

    1. Anon 10:39, apa lu tulis, tak faham lah !! Kalau nak bantai DAP, terus terang bantai, jangan jadi macam penakut. Annie suka laki yg pandai bantai DAP punya tahu !!

    2. Malay are SEA palestinians20 August 2013 at 02:31

      I read a sad story www gudangkuning com by a clever Malay girl who won the girl scout highest honour how the Chinese governemnt took her family land they used to live for 80 years.

      Should google gudangkuning to read how the chinese commit genocide on the native Malays in Singapore just like the Jews are doing to the palestin.

    3. hello Malay are SEA palestinians

      im visiting but it says "The page you are looking for is unavailable"

      so how

    4. Oops my mistake. Its GedungKuning. just google.

      She tell the story of Malays dispossesed in Singapore in her own gentle ways.

      My apologies.

  2. Yup....we are vely vely happy......Long live Lee kuan Yew .....

  3. Singapore Malays lost their voice and rights long time ago.. Even my relatives there nak congratulate my family members yang active in politics after BN winning the election pun takut nak post in facebook. In Singapore meritocracy = malay marginalization, period. Lebih baik mati dari sokong DAP, puih!

    1. DAP kat Malaysia-lah, yg kat Singapore tu PAP,paham.

    2. lu ni bolo la..anon 11.19 orang malaysia.mestilah rujuk pada DAPigs.tarak paham ka?

    3. Agreed with you. It's time for us (Singapore malay) to protest in a peaceful manners. Work discrimination happens almost every day

  4. Woi Annie, tak cukup bantai orang2 cina di Malaysia, sekarang singapork punya cina pon Annie bantai, memang terrer Annie.

    Bila Annie nak bantai cina kat Taiwan, philippine, Hongkong, Indonesia dan China ??

    1. you know why because singaporean chinese and malaysian chinese have a lot in common in the way they think compare to those chinese in taiwan etc.

      historically they also share the same issues concerning sino-malay relation..the different is in singapore they're the majority in malaysia they're the minority.

    2. Annie now goes international you know, can't wait Annie to bantai the Jews,an outstanding anti semitism muslim women from Malaysia, sure feature in NY Time or Huffington post punya.

    3. yeah the jew and their anti semitism rhetoric..just like the LGBT..can't be bash...bullcrap

  5. It's hard to be happy when you are working your butt out to pay the bills and the car and house mortgages for tens of years until retirement at 65 maybe. All the time the gomen import more and more foreigners to compete with you cos the original Singaporeans don't want to produce babies anymore in this country with no kampungs - Malay or Chinese. Don't kid yourself that this is a Malay problem

    1. dont kid yourself with denial singapore a malaysian chinese stand a higher chances to get a job compare to the singaporean malay even if the malay guy can speak fluent's the preferably attitude of the majority chinese not all of them but mostly are like that and they tend to believe stereotype perception of malay as a lazy is deeply embedded in their my singaporen cousin singapore their gov dont ask much from the malay except to be an obedient minority..the sin gov will not let the malay die..they will provide what is necessary for the malay to survive..that's it..the malay are good only for showing the world how this minority can survive in ultra modern grow and groom the malay talent so they can contribute to the just need to survive for just one more show.

    2. Anon 14.57,

      You know all this how? Have you lived in Singapore? Are you talking from experience or through your arse?

    3. I am sure modern, progressive Malays in Singapore don't even view themselves as Malays, let alone Muslims. They probably drink and eat pork. They probably also see no repercussions from such behaviour. Quite the contrary, they would be admired by the Singaporean Chinese for being able to go against convention and 'backward' beliefs.

      The anti-Malay Malays probably rise to nice positions in Singaporean companies (not the top, however). They will maintain such positions for as long as they continue to 'kutuk' the normal, conservative, tudung/kopiah wearing Malays.

      The anti-Malay Malay creates animosity and disharmony among the Malay community, which is the hidden or subconscious intent of most Singaporean Chinese (and probably indians to a certain extent). This will ensure no prosperity through economic unity can ever happen among the Malays.

      The plight of the Malays in Singapore is similar to the plight of the Negros in USA. A few token 'white-sounding' Black people are given nice positions, while the rest are oppressed or downtrodden or totally ignored.

    4. anon comment is so easy to understand it's not some rocket science formula..still you ask how i know..bodoh punya orang..or maybe you afraid it will ruin the my comment carefully and you'll know where i get my inside story of singapore..stop commenting like a jackass.

  6. Maybe Penang Malays should read this article.

  7. Sometime in the near future, when Singapore finally decide to expand its terrritory into Johor and northward, who will they send? Surely not the malays.

    Who will open the door for the Singaporean invaders? surely, the chinese, especially the DAPsters.

    So, its a lessson to the Malays, trust your chinese friends at your own peril.

    ps. The malays will never have the balls to invade Singapore.

    1. Strangely enough it is trhe BN state Government through companies/organisations like Iskandar Development and UEM Land who are the ones selling Johor land to the Singapore Chinese for development and profit. So I guess we have to be wary of our own Government too?

    2. Anon 14:21, kalau nak kelentong pon tolong pandailah sikit, siapa yg jual tanah kat Iskandar pada orang2 Singapork ?? UMNO-lah, Bodoh !!

      The only person no balls is Anon 14:21,Okay. All Melayu have balls, kalau tak caya, tanya Annie.

    3. Melayu balls selalu kena hisap, sudah kecut la!

      kalau tak caya, ask Jib gor?

    4. shssh... do you know that Annie is also holding the cinabeng balls ? don play play ok !!

    5. Singapore spent S$12 BILLION on defence last year alone. You go ahead and try and invade, fucking chicken shit malay. Talk only very laut. You shitheads are a laughing stock of the world.

    6. Yes, the UMNO malays do seem to be throwing their own people under the bus by allowing Singaporeans to develop the land. However, as Malaysian Malays, we should be smart and find a way to counter it. Petition and call our local Malay leaders to encourage our Bumi investment vehicles to invest in those regions. Tell them to be aggressive about it. And ensure they follow through by attending the shareholder meetings, writing to the CEOs and malay media etc.

      Similarly, how many of you know of Malays who buy property in Chinese dominated residential or commercial areas? I, for one, know of no such Malays.

      I can afford to buy, but I am usually wary of buying from Chinese developers. My apprehension means that I lose out on economic opportunity.

      When I meet up with Malay friends, rarely does the conversation lead to concrete plans about how to buy property or invest my money. When I meet my Chinese friends, the conversation about money usually leads to very firm and realistic investment opportunities. It's usually I who finally backs down from investing, largely due to fear of risk and my belief that in the end the Chinese will find a way to upend my investment. That's my poor mentality.

      As Malays we need more introspection. We need to work together and learn how to invest together.

    7. Anon 22:12, masalahnya majority melayu tak ada wang nak labur kat Iskander, yg kaya-kaya tu semua wang mereka kini berapa di bank kat London. Kebanyakkan wang tu wang gelap.

      Melayu bodoh saje yg labur di Malaysia, yg pandai punya tu semua dah labur wang mereka kat London dah. Kalau tak caya tanya sama Najib.

    8. The No 1 bangsat yang jual tanah di Johor Bahru with the "assistance" of Lim Kang Hoo is no other than Annie's useless ex-MB, Ghani Othman.

    9. Majlis Tindakan Melayu20 August 2013 at 02:37

      Melayu perlu bangun dan merebut balek Singapura dari orang Tionghua.
      Ini adalah sumpah orang Melayu seperti orang Yahudi bersumpah untuk mengambil balek Baitul Muqadis.

      Bersedialah..dan bersedialah.

      Setiap langkah kita mesti didahului dengan peringatan musuh kita di hadapan. Pemimpin UMNO yang korup mesti diganti.

      Mereka telah mempersendakan sejarah dan maruah Melayu dan UMNO.

  8. Simple question. Why bother?

  9. Annie, no need to "busy-body" about Malay in Singapore Indonesia or USA or UK or Australia la makcik. Malay in Malaysia, are they happy in the first place?

    1. Malay here definitely happier than Malay in Singapore or Indonesia. How many Singaporean and Indonesian Malay now become Malaysian citizen? How many goes the other way round? Go check yourself.

    2. Anon 15:49, the hidden message of makcik Annie posting is to lead the malays to hate the cinabeng. That's why people label her Annie Mangkuk could be due to this reason.

    3. Rabbit,

      Are you sure so many Singaporean and Indonesian Malay now become Malaysian citizen? Please check the official statistics under new PR for Malaysia under Malaysia My 2nd Home. The biggest nationality that have been migrating into our countries over the years are China, Japan, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those Indons are here for work (and ended up overstay), but definitely not to give up their citizenship. And if your argument is based on the "sizeable" number of Indonesian Malays or Singaporean Malays that are working in Malaysia, how about those thousand Johoreans that have been commuting everyday to Singapore? They are not happy with Malaysia too? Rabbit, maybe it's time for you to stick one big carrot into you arse!!!!

  10. Who say the Malays have no balls to invade Spore?.The Malays know it is a waste of time to attack Spore as she had no natural resources and live and depends on financial market and in the events of war all these will be washed out and kaput as the players will run away.For point of interest do you know how many times our Commandos had penetrated their bases.Last but not least pse do not underestimate The Malays.Just wait and see the reaction of the Malays in the coming 14 GE after the lesson learned in GE 13 and determine whether they have balls or not.

    1. Eleh! Melayu berani cakap aja, bola kote dah kena isap china dolls. Nak tangkap gangster india curi besi lusuh pun tak berani, takut hindraf tak nak undi BN lagi.

    2. Singapore has been very worried about the Taliban ideology ever since the planned Yishun MRT station bombing was uncovered from video tapes salvaged from faraway Afghanistan years ago. Singapore has banned the radical writings of Syed Qutb which the PAS islamists teach to their followers. The violent Memali tragedy and the failed Mauna coup during the last 20 years have reinforced the belief that Malaysia harbours radical militants. Despite all the modernizing projects and educational advances of Malaysia, the Singapore government harbours a lingering suspicion that most Malays are affected by the radical idea of struggling for an islamic state based on the PAS hudud - does anyone recall Mas Selamat the jihadist from Singapore who broke away from jail and escaped to Malaysia?
      Why would any rational Malaysian want to invade Singapore? Isn't the Singapore-friendly, Anwar Ibrahim who executed the invasion of our own Sabah more of a headache for us? Singapore is where about 400,000 Malaysians of all races go to work every day and some go to school there . . .and come back home with a magnified salary that few people can deny helps out the Malaysian economy.
      As for us we are happy that Singapore does not have a sodomizing treasonous politician lingering anywhere near the parliament building, what more to say about power-hungry Talibani ostads..

    3. Bro or Sis,

      Don't think we will be united for GE14 either. Not with the current jokers helming our Government. Apasal la PM kita orang ni lembik dan pakai orang-orang yang sudah lepas tarikh luput. Policies bodoh bebal. Lepas tu letak orang-orang academically suspicious menerajui GLCs. Macam mana nak terus sokong. Ni lemau basi bermula dari dalaman UMNO. Muak la. Kita orang undi dia, dia terus angan-angan, busy enriching keluarga, kekawan, kekasih etc. PM dan co ni tak mengenang budi kita orang yang undi dia. Lepas tu dia tanya si sepet pulak apa dia orang mahu lagi. Kenapa tak tanya apa Melayu mahu? Diam tikus. Buat dunno. Memang patut mampus je la. Aku dalam dilemma serba-salah ni.

      Mamat kat Kg Baru

    4. Sir, it is anon 14:21 that said the Malays have no balls. Can we report Anon 14:21 accusation to Datuk Ibrahim for further action ?

    5. Betul - Betul - betul , Anon 17:17.

  11. I wonder why so many mainland Chinese immigrants are brought to work in Singapore. Why don't they bring the Indonesians? Is this racist or meritocracy?

    1. Bodoh Anon 17:22, no need wonder, just go ask Lee Hsien Loong.

    2. according to Rajagopal in Singapore, the mainland chinese are more skilled,educated,talented and economy well off than the Indonesian, so it is unlikely for them to create any social unrest in the island.

    3. Anon 21:15, read the blog like TR Emeritus and you can see lots of comments from 2nd & 3rd generation Sporean complaining about their new countrymen from China. Skilled, talented and educated my foot! The reason why they're bringing in chinaman is because the Lee family know they can't hold on to their reign any further after the next election, just google on their last election result. So they came up with this moronic issue saying Spore population is dwindling to bring in the Chinaman to vote for the Lee family to stay in power. I guess the phantom voters and the Project IC which Anwar, LGE talking about pre election was supposed to be directed to Spore. Do read this book from Lily Zubaidah Rahim, Yusof Ishak niece 5.31 million people in an island of just 710 square kilometers. Even penguins in antartica are more comfortable. Just browse through STOMP and see alot of Sporeans posting about the uncivilized attitude of the chinaman. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh?

    4. Anon 9:27, go ask UMNO to stop selling land and condo to Singaporean please.

    5. To maintain Singapore's racial composition %age.

  12. I have a Singaporean friend. He told me something very interesting. He asked me, "do you see so many Malays are working in the government sector in Singapore?". This is particularly true. Look at the custom and imigresen will give us a clear picture. The point is that why the government of Singapore is hiring Malay? Do they favor Malay or is it meritocracy or is it because of equality and fair share?

    What my friend told me is that the government is doing that in order to give job to the Malay. This implicates that otherwise, many of the Malays would be jobless. So either they are less competitive in the private sector or they are discriminated in the private sector.

    1. Yes, there are many malays in custom and imigration but how many malay supervisors are there, let alone the management/

      Malays are the collies, very obvious smokescreen.

    2. Anon 18:55, I also have Singapore's friends. According to my Singapore friends, what you wrote is obviously incorrect.

    3. ya rite, very well paid collies.
      Anon 20:24, depa dapat berapa gaji sebulan ? Ringgit ataupon SGD ?

    4. bukankah di Malaysia pun sama?!

      siapa yg ramai jadi kakitangan kerajaan?!

    5. bodoh betul Anon 22:02, gaji depa dlm SGD lah duduk dlm SG makan-pakai bayar dlm SGD lah. depa nak buat apa dgn ringgit? kerja kuli cuti pun takdak

  13. ....‘manja’ and ‘malas’ - this so quoted 'Singaporean Mala'y must be talking while trying to escape from the fires of a dragon. In short, "manja and malas" kepala hotak kamu!

    .....Shouldn’t our friends and relatives across the Causeway be like us.... - probably if given a chance to visit my family, they will die on the spot, the things we are able to achieve here without anyone's help. Even my kids a little as 12yrs old are financially independent - earning income of their own.

    BTW I cannot afford to go around like them ladies using Aladdin-style fancy tudungs, face all dolled-up as we are too busy at work 24/7. LKS must be flying on their magic carpet to be so blinded with reality.

    Didn't realise LKS is a GHOST... lai lai (now ghost month yes) be the first to send me the magic Tongkat. I am a Malaysian Malay, a widow and my kids are orphaned Malays.

    1. for 55 years UMNO has given the Malays not only tongkat but candu to weaken and retarded them mentally.

      One fine example is our makcik Annie, age 42, daily posting of disparaging the non-muslim.

    2. I thought candu disappeared when the Brits left Malaya?

      Wasn't candu specially given to the coolies so they can work harder to please their Tuan Sahab? That's how the "chinese very hardworking" myth started.

    3. Anon 02:45, you thought is wrong, please go read more about candu and nor cendol.

  14. Eh, mesti la semua Melayu Singapore seronok, dua ronok, tiga ronok dan beronok-ronok suka tinggal kat negara mereka sendiri. Tak percaya? Cuba tanya kat Aaron Aziz, Aliff Aziz, Ady Putra, Hetty Sarlene, M Nasir dll. Diorang pun mesti akan cakap Singapore is the best. Nak cari tanah sendiri nak bina banglo kat sana pun senang kan...Melayu Singapore bukan cam Melayu Malaysia yang racist.

  15. Jika anda ke Singapura, jangan lupa mengunjung Muzium Melayu di Kg Gelam.
    Banyak pengajaran yang boleh di ambil, tetapi yang utama ialah mengambil iktibar kerana ada kemungkinan Muzium Negara akan ditukar kepada Muzium Melayu Kuala Lumpur sempena pupuskan warisan melayu di Malaysia tidak lama lagi. Inilah cita-cita cina2 malaysia, terutama ketua2 mereka LKS, LGE dengan bantuan Nuar dan Ajis.

  16. It is Singapore's policy to maintain the ratio of races. 70% of Chinese ethnicity. 30% others.... aaa... I can tell what certain people are going to say... :)

    Frankly, I don't think everyone will totally happy in any country. If a person wants to be happy, he will be happy, regardless of where he is, as long as there is peace, harmony and opportunities.

    Not sure about the Malay Singaporeans...

    Local Singaporeans are happier in western countries.
    Malaysians working in Singapore are happier in Malaysia.

    I think the happiest in Singapore are the ministers & expatriates. :P

    1. Singapore malays, especially the younger generations, remain malays just in names and perhaps to certain extend nose and skin colour. Deep inside they are no longer malays. I am not surprise some don't even speak malay.

      LKY had successfully made a race extinct within our lifetime.

    2. Anon 21:53, macam tu,if tak cukup wang beli rumah or gaji tak naik also blame it on LKY lah.

      That's the problem with the UMNO Malays mentality, particularly Annie types, good at blaming others on their own failure.

    3. Anonymous 19 August 2013 22:19

      You must be blinkered so as not to see what LKY had done to the malays in Singapore?

      You want LKS to do the same here?

    4. anon 22:27, exactly what LKY has done to the Malays in Singapore ?

    5. Anonymous19 August 2013 21:53

      "Singapore malays, especially the younger generations, remain malays just in names and perhaps to certain extend nose and skin colour. Deep inside they are no longer malays. I am not surprise some don't even speak malay.

      LKY had successfully made a race extinct within our lifetime."

      They have created a Bangsa Singapore. Just like what some people here who wants to create a Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian First, Malaysian Malaysia, Singaporean Singapore... they mean the same thing....

      Now that Singapore has successfully created a new race called Singaporean, the Malay Singaporeans feel their loyalty is being questioned. The Chinese no longer feels like a Chinese. There's an important lesson to be learned here...

  17. Dear Annie..

    Read this by a Singapore Malay journalist that depict the Malays living in Singapore as the least favorite child. Being the least favorite child,the Malays need to work doubly hard in order to impress his parent (Singapore Government). Being untrusted and less loved, what do you expect the treatment to the Malays over there.??

    Annie pernah dengar Singapore Eugenic policy in the 1970s, a racist policy designed to favour the rich and educated (aka non Malays) but prevent the poor and the un educated (aka Malays) from multiplying.

    LKY said this in 1969 ."Free education and subsidised housing lead to a situation where the less economically productive people in the community are reproducing themselves at rates higher than the rest. This will increase the total population of less productive people. Our problem is how to devise a system of disincentives, so that the irresponsible, the social delinquents, do not believe that all they have to do is to produce their children and the government then owes them and their children sufficient food, medicine, housing, education and jobs...We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two. We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic".

    How do you feel as Malays being regarded as "physically,intellectual and culturally anaemic"???

    1. REF: "Annie pernah dengar Singapore Eugenic policy in the 1970s, a racist policy designed to favour the rich and educated (aka non Malays) but prevent the poor and the un educated (aka Malays) from multiplying."

      My lady friend worked in the Singapore family planning unit during the years of "stop at two children" policy. The program was however so successful that during the early 80's the whole unit was disbanded and she got transferred to tourism dept. We Chinese never saw it as a policy against the Malay reproduction. In fact quite a few Chinese men underwent the vastectomy procedure - one of the elements of the family planning policy - in order to obtain the govt perks for stopping at two. We have always called it LKY's bedroom politics which backfired... the reality today is one Singapore woman can't even produce 1 baby per capita ...

    2. "We Chinese never saw it as a policy against the Malay reproduction"

      You tak kena.My mom had to abort her sixth child because of the fear government will imposed on the recaltrants; more tax, higher hospitalisation fees and schools outside your domicile areas.

  18. ..... by a Malaysian : depict the Chinese and Indian living in Malaysia as the least favorite child and most time being called pendatng. Being the least favorite child,the Chinese and Indians need to work doubly hard in order to survive from the brutal discrimination policy carried out in all fields coming from their parent (Malaysia UMNO Government).

    1. Ya..the Chinese n Indians were marginalised and heavily discriminated ..Only in Malaysia they have their own vernacular schools and only in Malaysia they owned condos n drive BMWs.

      If their parents had stayed in India , the low caste will be heavily discriminated in India.

    2. Anon 09:39...B O D O H !!

    3. Eh...we non-Chinese in Singapore pun sama kena "marginalised". At least in Malaysia millionaires from the non-Malays are many but sadly in Singapore there are hardly any Malay millionaires!
      And that is "true marginalisaton" in every sense of the word.

    4. Anon 09:39
      the bodoh one here is you
      stop replying every arguements with swearing words
      you are unhealthily defensive when it comes to singapore

  19. Annie,

    apo lak tampal gambar Melayu studio jalan ampas ni ?
    Dah maju singapore ni.
    Mano.ado Melayu Singapore rupo macam ni la'i
    "Kita orang bahagia di Singapore"
    Bilo lintas tambak bertambah bahagio
    Kato den lo tu
    Mano tau dia orang memang bahagio betul !
    Kito jangan salah sangko. rambut samo hitam, hati lain-lain kato orang tuo-tuo

    Nak jadi happy ni sonang jo, tak yah ambik pot
    gerenti happy

  20. 'Former Petronas chief executive Tan Sri Hassan Marican was also a high-profile Malaysian feather in Singapore’s cap, after he was named chairman of Singapore Power Limited (SP) in June last year.'

    How ungrateful after given the chance to run Petronas. Wonder will Singapore benefit from his insider knowledge of Petronas?

    'PETALING JAYA, July 24 ― State firm Petronas is expanding its search for a chief risk officer to Singapore, placing a half-page advertisement in a newspaper there to announce the vacancy for “a very senior position”.'

    No local Melayu can do the job? The advert is a disgrace. Must

  21. Dear Annie

    Pleaae check out this report about the concerns and aspirations of SG Malays.


  22. Some commentators here talk as if most Singaporean Malays are SUFFERING.

    If so, the immigration into Malaysia to find a better living (better income, living environment) should be a small avalanche. Perhaps something like the flow of Malaysian Chinese going Singapore.

    Instead, the flow of Malay Singaporeans into Malaysia is a little trickle. That says it all.

    1. The Singapore Malays can't stand the religious politicking of the Anwaritas and the Talibanis... play God over ordinary people's lives, last sekali hipokrit gabung dengan komunis DAPke atau gangster kapitalis?

  23. To understand the plight of the Singapore Malays..
    You need to understand the Modern History of the Malays

    You need to know who were the Malays in Singapore at that time.
    Who fought for the Malays interest,
    and what happened in the end?
    And what can we learn from this lesson.....

    Back then, most of the intellectuals and the talented of the Malays are in Singapore due to the urban environment and
    the British administration.

    During that time... the most "educated" of the Malays are in
    Singapore. They came from all over Malay archipelago to trade
    or to study eg; Mahathir,Samad Ismail,Yusof Ishak,etc
    It is also the place (Singapore) where Malay Nationalism took footing due to the knowledge and awareness.
    It is also where the First Malay Newspaper set up
    by the Malays for the Malays, Utusan Melayu (now utusan malaysia)

    Back then, the newspaper were run and funded by the
    Jawi Peranakan (indian muslim) and the Arabs and they
    are not interested in publishing Malay's agenda but more
    towards Islamic matters.

    Utusan Melayu was set up by Yusof Ishak to fight for the Malay agenda and Singapore Malay Union (KMS) by Mohamed Eunos Abdullah to represent Malay interests which later spread to Johor to form UMNO.
    It was important in the Malaysia History because
    they spread the hidden agenda of the Malayan Union which will
    take away the Malay interest in Malaya and the power of the

    To cut the story short.....
    Utusan Melayu later split into 2 groups
    One group believe that the Sultan is obsolete and the reason
    that cause the malays to be backward
    and the other believe otherwise.

    The one that believe that the Malays should fight against
    monarchy and compete fairly with other races joined PAP.
    Today, most of them are forever remembered as "Pengkhianat
    Melayu" such as Othman Wok.
    He spread propaganda of hate to the Malays in Singapore at
    that time of UMNO cronyism and corruption.
    (Today, history repeat itself as it is similar to PKR and Malay in DAP agenda)

    Sometimes whatever we do, it may leave a negative impact
    in the future. During that time, it may seems as its the right
    thing to do but let's not forget the reality in life.
    Not that the Malays are weak, but during that time the majority were not yet ready to compete. Today, the so called "multiracial" Singapore dream can only be seen as "Chinese" Singapore.
    Malay voices or interest are silenced.

    Today, the other party in Utusan that choses the right path
    and believe that the Sultan, like it or not, they are the last line of defense for the Malay's interest....

    Which is why, Mahathir keep on harping on about the plight
    Singapore Malays ..... "don't let history repeat itself!"

  24. I know the Singaporeans of Malay descent are very happy. :)

  25. Assalamualaikum. I’m starting a petition to allow Muslims to Pray 5 Times a Day at Work. I’m sure if we gain a lot of support InsyaAllah the Singapore Government will be willing to look into this matter. Please help, your signature is really important.

  26. I'm a Singaporean Malay. :)

  27. I'm happy. Only dumb Malays are unhappy about the government.

    1. Yeah because of that you don't tutup aurat. So happy with western life. Wonder how big is your block. Is it last lay or still got one more lay left.

  28. Majulah Singapura. Majulah orang melayu Singapura. 1824 population of melayu was 61 percent.

  29. Instead of being nosy on Singaporeans Malay, you should first ask the Malaysians Malay are they happy?Of course the 3.2 million lembu pemakan dedak UMNO will say yes including another appx. 800k kambing suruhan PAS.

    I read the news yesterday about a man being harassed by loan sharks although his son recently died in an accident and was said to have borrowed 3k from the loan shark.Last week there was another news on loan sharks.

    Ever wonder why the loan sharks are so daring that they have no worries at all to conduct illegal business and advertise them everywhere even in front of police stations? They have no fear at all in harassing and injuring their victims. In fact the loan sharks should be arrested and charged under AMLA and not the anti-crime NGO instead. Is this country upside down?

    Here are some clues why the loan sharks are free to do whatever they wish without any fear of enforcement;

    1) The loan shark menace became very rampant after 2009.Prior to 2009,it was on a smaller scale when the said person was a Deputy XX.

    2) Despite MCA losing badly in previous GEs,they are still given ministerial post.

    3) The previous IGP-Tan Sri Musa Hassan had announce publicly that he will clamp down on the illegal loan sharks. The next thing happened his contract was not renewed by the Home Minister at that time-Kerismuddin (cousin of #1).

    4) Victims of loan sharks can lodge hundreds or thousands of reports but not a single loan shark have ever been arrested and charged.They had to turn to NGO to help them deal with this menace.

    And yet you are worshiping the UMNO led government!

  30. The last few days there were news of about corruption scandal in DBKL and the said person is reported to owned 31 units of condominium in Klang Valley. Since his name is being kept away from press and is now referred as DBKL Official 1, we can safely assume it's someone from UMNO.

    Guan Eng of DAP bought his property with his own money yet they demonized and humiliated him despite being an MP & CM, only because he is from the opposition.But in the case of DBKL Official 1 who stole money belonging to the rakyat and bought a whopping 31 units of Condo but name is name is not revealed.

    Even Annie still has the story of Guan Eng not removed from her blog. Aren't you ashamed that you have been protecting a crooked and despicable government led by a party made up of criminals? Supporting criminals means that you are an accomplice to a crime. When i read some comments calling various degrading names here, on one hand i feel pity but on the other hand i think you deserve it because you have no moral by supporting thieves that stole money from the poor and live lavishly and most likely you are paid from this ill-gotten means aka duit haram.

  31. Such a pity when a majority group turn into minority after a bunch of chinese exodus in singapore... one of my colleague from malaysia told me back then when 1st election happen in singapore, the pm candidate (you know who) tried to play nice with malays community,making a group discussion with the elders, even dressing in muslim clothes... but after he became a pm, they (malays) got pushed away from politics and goverment. I'd also read some article, maybe around 3-4 yrs ago, the article tell an issue about the late pm of singapore really hate malay and muslim.... it must be hard being malay and muslim in singapore... May God protect all of you

  32. singapore become history..malay should defend its own land..especially more chinese tsunami..chinese place only in china..not in malaysia..indonesia..vietnam..thailand..singapore..ask them to balik tongsan..